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Submerse - Algorithms And Ghosts

Submerse Algorithms And Ghosts

Vinyl 12"
EU – Original
A1 Truth
A2 Algorithms and Ghosts
A3 This Combo Could End Us
B1 Here's Looking At You
B2 Dim Lights and Meteorites (featuring Sorrow)
B3 Monochrome
B4 Blips In December
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Submerse - Algorithms And Ghosts
Submerse - Algorithms And Ghosts
Zum Label
Artist Submerse
Titel Algorithms And Ghosts
Label Project: Mooncircle / hhv.de
Katalog-Nr PMC112
Format 12", Vinyl, Singles
Pressung EU – Original
Release Date 2013
Genre Electronic / Dance
Style Downbeat / Electronica / Leftfield
Erhältlich seit 14.02.2013
Artikel-Nr 303445
Zustand Neuware
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Submerse - Algorithms And Ghosts
This EP is the outcome of a five month spanning transition between warm and bright summerdays to dark and dusky winterdays resulting in a change of moods that accompany this shift from lights, colours and sounds perceived everyday. It is a soundtrack made for commuting between different places in large urban spaces, filled by swarms of people shoaling and funneling across intersections, subway stations and central hubs like corpuscles pulsating in the cities veins, conducted by invisible algorithms in the symbiotic superorganism that is a metropole.

“I took a lot of inspiration from 3 main points of Tokyo City. There are traditional parks and shrines/temples that really take you away from the high rise buildings and make you feel like you could be in the countryside. Next, there are typical shops, neon lights, offices and general city life, and lastly, there is the red light area which is a great place to see all walks of life, from gangsters, working girls and strange things behind closed doors. I’m fascinated by this place, It seems like another world to me, I’m always drawn to it out of curiosity and the feeling I get while passing though is really inspiring.”

The EP also features a collaboration with Sorrow from Birmingham, UK, who has been making a name for himself in the scene since 2010.
Project: Mooncircle / hhv.de
Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle is an official label from hhv.de. It was founded in 2002 by Gordon Gieseking and is specializing in the conjunction between electronic and organic music. Being interested in music from his earliest childhood on, it eventually became more than just a passion to him. The label, at first envisaged as a compilation project only, found the perfect partner with Thomas Ulrich and his mail-order hhv.de in 2004, later being joined by Jinna Morocha from Moscow. This led the way for the first instrumental and vocal solo releases by such artists as Mr Cooper, 40 Winks, CYNE, Jahbitat, John Robinson, MF Doom, Lambent, Lewis Parker, Non of Shadowhuntaz, Graciela Maria, Strand, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Ta-Ku, Mika Gao, Onra, Obba Supa, fLako, Sina., 1000 Names, DZA, Krts, Long Arm or Glen Porter. In 2009 the sub-label Project: Squared, run by Paul Cooper and Peter Schachmann, two long-standing companions and co-workers, was founded. Project: Squared releases mainly Dubstep and Techno 12” records from such artists as Asusu, Furesshu, AnD, L-OW, Tom Diccico, Shifted and others. Another sub-label, Finest Ego, was added in 2010. Run by Malte Tarnow, its aim is to consolidate the versatility of instrumental beats, glitch or wonky and anything in between or beyond. The outcome are compilations with such producers as Daisuke Tanabe, Isaac Aesili, Om Unit, Lapalux, RLP, ichiro_, Himuro Yoshiteru, Pixelord, Monky, Christoph El Truento, and various others. The work of illustrators and graphic designers such as Bioniq, Dan May, Iain McArthur, Ima One, LNY, Gordon, 44 Flavours, La Mano Fria, and The Binh create images that accompany the acoustic spaces. Project: Mooncircle with its various producers & vocalist shall be an interesting experience for anyone looking for the extraordinary.

Artikel von Project: Mooncircle / hhv.de
Patrick Cavaleiro, 26.04.2013

Die Beats sind gebrochener und ruhiger geworden. Sie begleiten nun den Trubel der Stadt, anstatt zu versuchen, mit zackiger Oldschool-Garage-Thematik darin hervorzustechen. Submerse hat es nach seinem Aufenthalt in Tokio nach Berlin gezogen und somit die Wandlung abgeschlossen, die er mit seinen letzten EPs »They Always Come Back« und »Tears« begonnen hatte. Darin hatte sich der eigentlich aus dem englischen Cheshire stammende Produzent musikalisch deutlich von seinen frühen Songs entfernt, in denen seine Begeisterung für das urbane Japan und die damit verbundenen Gegensätze stärker zum Vorschein kamen. Doch auch seine neueste EP, »Algorithms and Ghosts« kann man als »Stadtplatte« sehen, bloß mit dem Unterschied, dass die Musik, vormals mehr aktiver Teilnehmer, den Platz des selbstreflektierten Außenstehenden eingenommen hat: »I took a lot of inspiration from 3 main points of Tokyo: traditional parks and shrines that make you feel like you could be in the countryside. Next, there are typical shops, neon lights, offices and general city life, and lastly, there is the red light area which is a great place to see all walks of life, from gangsters, working girls and strange things behind closed doors«, erklärt der Neu-Berliner. Das Sphärische hat Einzug gehalten in der Musik von Submerse und observiert nun, ruhig und unbeobachtet, mit ausgewählten und verfremdeten Soul-Samples und an Dilla gemahnende broken Beats das Treiben um sich herum. Es ist fast wie bei Michael Endes »Momo«: Wenn die Protagonistin versucht, schnell den grauen Herren auf dem Weg zu Meister Hora zu entkommen, tritt sie auf der Stelle. Doch rückwärts und mit ruhigem Schritt entflieht sie ihnen spielerisch und sieht bloß alles um sie herum verschwinden.

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