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Flako - The Mesektet HHV Bundle
Cyne - Water For Mars Deluxe Colored Vinyl Edition
Flako - Mesektet 10th Anniversary Edition
Long Arm - Darkly Grey Vinyl Edition
Project: Mooncircle - 10th Anniversary Box Compilation HHV Bundle
Olof Melander - Finest Ego | Inner Worlds
Long Arm - Silent Opera Red Vinyl Version
Soarse Spoken - Leadership Midnight
Mr Cooper - Inertia EP
Mr Cooper - Amongst strangers
Seven Star - Alternate invention
40 Winks - Field Recordings
Seven Star - Trojan Horse
Takeleave - Belonging Gold Vinyl Version
Botanica Del Jibaro & Project Mooncircle - Calderas of mind
Botanica Del Jibaro & Project Mooncircle - Calderas of mind
Submerse - See You Soon
Submerse - See You Soon Gold Edition
Submerse - See You Soon Gold Marbled Vinyl Edition
Cyne - Time Being Deluxe Edition
Botanica Del Jibaro & Project Mooncircle - Calderas of mind EP
Takeleave - Inner Sea Blue Vinyl Edition
Mitch von Arx - Pyramids Colored Vinyl Edition
Groeni - Nihx Colored Vinyl Edition
1954 - A Part Of Me
Jilk - Joy In The End
Cyne - Time Being Deluxe Green Vinyl Edition
Kafuka - Laws Of Nature
Nuage - WILD Pink Vinyl Edition
Submerse - Are You Anywhere Green Vinyl Edition
Submerse - Are You Anywhere
Kafuka - Laws Of Nature
Submerse - Works Orange Vinyl Edition
Pavel Dovgal - The Aura Colored Vinyl Edition
Barnaby Carter - While It Still Blooms Splatter Vinyl Edition
Rain Dog - There Be Monsters Natural-Marbled Vinyl Edition
Project: Mooncircle - 15th Anniversary Box
Parra For Cuva - Darwis
Parra For Cuva - Darwis Cyan Vinyl Edition
Submerse - Awake EP
Long Arm - Drafts & Lost Tracks (2010-2014)
Jilk - In Need Of Tess Grey Vinyl Edition
Olof Melander - The Path Cyan Vinyl Edition
40 Winks - Sound Puzzle Deluxe Edition
40 Winks - Sound Puzzle White Vinyl Deluxe Edition
KRTS - Close Eyes To Exit White Vinyl Edition
Erik Luebs - Absolute Presence Pink Vinyl Edition
Fat Jon - Hundred Eight Stars Red Vinyl Edition
Nuage - Neida
Deceptikon - Presidio
Robot Koch - Death Star Droid Deluxe Edition
Long Arm - Kellion / The Stories Of A Young Boy
Long Arm - Kellion / The Stories Of A Young Boy
Submerse - Stay Home
Long Arm - Kellion / The Stories Of A Young Boy
KRTS - Hold On
Hold On
12" | 2011 | EU | Original (Project: Mooncircle / HHV)
9,99 €*
Release:2011 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Electronic / Dance
Used Vinyl
Medium: Near Mint, Cover: Near Mint
My Panda Shall Fly - Too
My Panda Shall Fly - Too Red Vinyl Edition
My Panda Shall Fly - Too
Michal Lewicki - Ton Vinyl Edition
Submerse - Slow Waves White Vinyl Edition
Groeni - Hewn EP
Groeni - Hewn EP
Monsoonsiren - Falstrati
Monsoonsiren - Falstrati
Deft - Blue Jasmine White Vinyl Edition
V.A. - Explorations
memotone & Soosh - Memoosh Deluxe HHV Bundle
My Panda Shall Fly & Mau'lin - Push White Vinyl Edition
memotone & Soosh - Memoosh
memotone & Soosh - Memoosh
Olof Melander - Finest Ego | Inner Worlds
Submerse - Slow Waves Black Vinyl Edition
Submerse - Slow Waves
Submerse - Slow Waves
kidkanevil - My Little Ghost
kidkanevil - My Little Ghost
kidkanevil - My Little Ghost
Barrio Lindo - Menoko Purple Tape
Barrio Lindo - Menoko Purple Vinyl Edition
Joe Kickass - The Average Joe Gold Vinyl Edition
IIIII (Five Eyes) - Finest Ego | Mother Love
Walrus Ghost - Uplifting Themes For the Naysayer
Rain Dog - Two Words
Blossom - Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey
KRTS - The Foreigner
Robot Koch - Unpaved
Submerse - Melonkoly
Range, The - Nonfiction
Project: Mooncircle - Uprising
Deft - Voight Kampff
Tendts / Daixie / Hanami - Finest Ego: Faces 12
Fat Jon - Repaint Tomorrow Orange Vinyl Edition
Fat Jon
Repaint Tomorrow Orange Vinyl Edition
2LP | 2013 | EU | Original (Project: Mooncircle / HHV)
17,99 €*
Release:2013 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Available on orange coloured double vinyl for the first time this summer: "Repaint Tomorrow“ by Five Deez producer Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician

"Repaint Tomorrow" is Fat Jon's 6th studio album. It sounds completely different from his other works, while still combining all the elements he's known for, such as emotional soundscapes and hard drums. Yet he combines these with other live and electronic elements to create something completely unique, special and new. Not only is this album a breath of fresh air into the music industry in general but also instrumental hip hop at it's very best.

Fat Jon is the producer of Five Deez (K7), half of 3582 & Rebel Clique, producer of J-Live, Dose One, Venus Malone, Mr. Dibbs, J. Rawls, Panda One, Bukue One, Substantial, Samurai Champloo animated TV series and many more. MC for Five Deez, Styrofoam, Pole, Kabuki, Nujabes, Dj Duct, Nomak and Dj Kentaro. His discography includes renown work like Koolmotor, Humanoid Erotica, Wave Motion, Kinkynasti, Lightweight Heavy, Kommunicator,The Living Soul, Situational Ethics, Afterthought, Unique Connection, Kommunicator, Still Curious and Rapture Kontrolle... just to name few!
V.A. - Eclipse
Flako - Mesektet Extnd
Sweatson Klank - You, Me, Temporary
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Project: Mooncircle / HHV HHV Records

Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle is an official label from HHV. It was founded in 2002 by Gordon Gieseking and is specializing in the conjunction between electronic and organic music. Being interested in music from his earliest childhood on, it eventually became more than just a passion to him. The label, at first envisaged as a compilation project only, found the perfect partner with Thomas Ulrich and his mail-order HHV in 2004, later being joined by Jinna Morocha from Moscow. This led the way for the first instrumental and vocal solo releases by such artists as Mr Cooper, 40 Winks, CYNE, Jahbitat, John Robinson, MF Doom, Lambent, Lewis Parker, Non of Shadowhuntaz, Graciela Maria, Strand, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Ta-Ku, Mika Gao, Onra, Obba Supa, fLako, Sina., 1000 Names, DZA, Krts, Long Arm or Glen Porter.
In 2009 the sub-label Project: Squared, run by Paul Cooper and Peter Schachmann, two long-standing companions and co-workers, was founded. Project: Squared releases mainly Dubstep and Techno 12” records from such artists as Asusu, Furesshu, AnD, L-OW, Tom Diccico, Shifted and others.
Another sub-label, Finest Ego, was added in 2010. Run by Malte Tarnow, its aim is to consolidate the versatility of instrumental beats, glitch or wonky and anything in between or beyond. The outcome are compilations with such producers as Daisuke Tanabe, Isaac Aesili, Om Unit, Lapalux, RLP, ichiro_, Himuro Yoshiteru, Pixelord, Monky, Christoph El Truento, and various others.
The work of illustrators and graphic designers such as Bioniq, Dan May, Iain McArthur, Ima One, LNY, Gordon, 44 Flavours, La Mano Fria, and The Binh create images that accompany the acoustic spaces.
Project: Mooncircle with its various producers & vocalist shall be an interesting experience for anyone looking for the extraordinary.

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