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Since he launched the line in 2001, Aaron Bondaroff envisioned aNYthing as a kind of “uniform for downtown NYC”. Born from the same music-art-fashion culture that spawned the likes of Supreme, ALife, and Opening Ceremony, aNYthing drew from streetwear, pop culture iconography and the burgeoning art scene on the lower east side to create something quintessentially NYC. From the onset, aNYthing was characterized by a kind of DIY spirit of collaboration that managed to draw in many of the best and brightest that NYC had to offer. Originally the line was primarily comprised of tees and hats, and it quickly established itself as a kind of touchstone for downtown and established Bondaroff (better known to friends as A-Ron) to be one of the most charismatic curators in the world of fashion and design. Nowadays, the world of aNYthing is still characterized by the same spirit - forward thinking and decidedly anti-establishment - that infused the line at its very beginning. According to Bondaroff and the creative minds behind aNYthing, the line might be expanding to a wider audience, but the countercultural spirit of the company remains the same. “It’s about more than just making clothes,” says Bondaroff, “It’s about preserving the cultural history of New York City, respecting lots of different subcultures, and it’s about giving people access to art and images that they might not otherwise have access to. Most of all, aNYthing is about merchandising the creative community of New York City and bringing it to the world.”

aNYthing - Infamous 5 Panel Cap
Infamous 5 Panel Cap
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