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Carhartt Heritage

Inspired by Carhartt’s extensive legacy, the Carhartt Heritage line represents a reinterpretation of the brand’s workwear heritage, providing classic products in a contemporary fit, using only superior quality fabrics. With over 120 years of experience in creating products in an outstanding quality and elaborate design, the company is turning back to take a look at a vintage selection of their iconic classics. Join them in celebrating their legendary history with the Carhartt Heritage line. Made from a choice of classic materials and colors with vintage production methods, the items in the Carhartt Heritage line strike the perfect balance between reproducing the authentic vintage look and feel while taking a distinctly modern approach. The Heritage line is easily recognized by its unique label – a train car superimposed on a heart for Carhartt – which is a replica of the brand’s very first logo. Coming from a long history of providing Best in Class apparel for the active worker, Carhartt Inc. was established in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan, USA by Hamilton Carhartt. For over 120 years Carhartt has been dedicated to its mission of providing Best in Class apparel for the active worker. Standing for rugged construction, innovative design and exceptional standards of quality, durability and comfort, Carhartt workwear has become a legend in the skilled trades. Coming from this long history of workwear that stood the test of time, we pay tribute to our roots by picking up the best designs and materials of the early beginnings of Carhartt in our new heritage collection. The first products manufactured by Carhartt were overalls in duck and denim fabrics, and the intention was to set a standard of excellence to which all others would aspire. 120 years later the brand is a legend in the skilled trades and still provides the most functional and durable clothing for generations to come. Bringing back classic materials and colors that doubtlessly reflect Carhartt, like brown duck, are the basis of the collection.