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In 1992, the Element seed was planted by Johnny Schillereff as a collaboration called Underworld Element Skateboards. The goal was simple: To be the best they could be in the most honest and ethical way possible. The Element guys joined together to elevate what they all truly believe in. Today, Irvine, California-based Element (formerly known as Underworld Element Skateboards) continue to create the art, direction, and message on a constant path to bring progress to skateboarding. Element is more than business; they are family, all on the same journey for the growth within themselves, the company and all that surrounds them. From the start, Element portrayed itself as active in eco-friendly endeavors, community causes and attempts to raise awareness of environmental causes through its "Power to the Planet" initiative. Wind, water, fire, and earth are elements used as metaphors to describe the impulses and influences of Element. Unity is strength.