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Enjoi is a skateboarding company that was originally introduced by Dave Mayhew and headed by none other than skateboarding pro Marc Johnson and his partner in crime, Rodney Mullen. Back in 2006, Enjoi released their video debut entitled „Bag Of Suck“ which won the Transworld Skate Video Of The Year award. Enjoi's core business includes skateboard decks, but they also skateboarding accessories as well as streetwear apparel branded by the cute panda mascot. Enjoi is mainly known for their bright, humorous graphics that earned 'em a spot amongst hardcore skateboarders as well as streetwear connaissoirs who don't fake the funk. Today Enjoi Skateboards is distributed by Dwindle Distribution, a company owned by Globe International. The current Enjoi pro team consists of Jerry Hsu, Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Wieger Van Wageningen, Louie Barletta, Jose Rojo, Clark Hassler, Nestor Judkins, and Ben Raemers.