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Established in 1991, Los Angeles-based legend FUCT™ is the brainchild of artist/graffiti writer Erik Brunetti aka Den One. Since it’s humble beginnings out of Brunetti’s Venice Beach bedroom, FUCT™ has single-handedly provided a basis for an entire generation of streetwear labels and designers. Responsible for introducing the "Planet of The Apes" t-shirt back in 1993 to using Vietnam war plus WWII inspired graphics to hand-drawn rock’n’roll iconography pieces, FUCT™ may well be considered the predecessor of subversive street-wear. Drawing it’s roots in early skate-boarding and graffiti culture as well as punk rock music, FUCT™ has maintained a steady cult following over the years. ÚÚWith a reputation for causing trouble through provocative graphics and bold add campaigns, FUCT™ has never crossed the thin line into self-parodic overkill. Authenticity behind every idea and design has proven to be the driving force and the secret to it’s ever-growing commercial success. Today, FUCT™ has managed to remain synonym of anti-consumerism and progressive thinking by leading the path of decadent and counter-culture aesthetics.