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Sixpack France

Remembering the madness of the early days, the first raves and the silliness of old. It was a time without high speed internet, with only international news dealers where you had to rummage through the magazines to find The Face and especially NME or Melody Maker. It was a time of treasure hunts in the small town of Avignon in search of the latest albums, unknown by the average Parisian : indie rock, weird pop, rap (obviously) and electronic (inevitably). From Aphex Twin to Mo'Wax to Grand Royal to the Wu Tang Clan to Tortoise and Stereolab. Tons of graffiti, indelible brothers, fun and adrenaline, this obsession for graffiti is going to leave a deep impression on the yet to be formed Sixpack. In 1998, they know they're avant-garde, that one day everyone will understand ; and in 2008, everyone does. In 1998, no more fooling around, enough with the games and messing around, the first Sixpack store opens. This first store, next to old time whores, quickly becomes a well known crossroads to writers and DJs. Combining business lucidity with personal pleasure, the first Sixpack tee is made. The Rollerball image printed on it appears as a referent and subliminal message : it's going to fight, sweat, bleed, and cry. Step by step, t-shirts made among friends begin to look like real collections. Co-branding with French, English, German or American artists ; they thought they were all alone in their hole, but actually, there exists a whole community with similar tastes. With the creation of a logo, seamstress and tags, Sixpack France starts emerging as a brand, but a brand different from the rest. 1998 to 2008: this art of living awake spread, barriers exploded as well as distinctions, underground is overground, hip hop is hi pop. The Sixpack decade is one of transition, Usenet became web 2.0. The old world is dead, but it doesn't know it yet. Sub-cultures from the past govern the living world. Sixpack isn't tired yet. Time to flip the hourglass again.