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SSUR was founded by Ruslan Karablin who started to design graphic t-shirts to promote his art back in the late 1980s. Born in Odessa, grew up in Coney Island, Brooklyn, Ruslan Karablin was inspired by the fine arts of Keith Haring and Shawn Stüssy, and is one of the best kept secret pioneers of the street-art-meets-apparel game. Incorporating dark aesthetics and subversive graphic details, SSUR’s main influences range from politics to conspiracy theories to pop culture references. Thanks to his iconic artworks, the SSUR following is steadily growing, even well-known artists like A$AP Rocky support Ruslan Karablin‘s brand. Without a doubt, SSUR is facing the big break within those advanced minds in the know. Just to let you know, when Ruslan Karablin recently established his West Coast Studio, Bobby Hundreds was one of the first visitors. Just to give him credit for being one of The Hundreds’ major influences.