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Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Urbanears is a company dedicated to creating headphones that combine vintage silhouettes and contemporary technology with fresh colors. These guys dig a little deeper than your average and perfectly combine lifestyle and fashion aesthetics with the sound the youth of today is looking for. Besides developing the Urbanears brand, Zound Industries has alredy partnered with Marvel, Hello Kitty, Fame, and Star Wars to design headphones that fans might wear as a reflection of their personality. At first, Urbanears only offered three headphones: The Plattan, a sleek, classic headphone that folds down to the size of a fist, the Tanto, an over-the-ear headphone reminiscent of the 80s style with no special features but good sound and practicality, and the Medis, an in-ear headphone with a fabric cord and structure that anchors the earpiece securely.