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WeSC was founded in 1999 in Örebro, Sweden. Spearheading the new wave of Swedish fashion brands, the guys at WeSC always did a great job producing high-quality casual streetwear style for your pleasure, but they always knew about the importance of accessories, so they felt the world was ready for the next step: the mighty WeSC headphones, a retro line that incorporates WeSC's colors of the season and the design services of famed artists/DJs/labels. WeSC represents a group and family of good people working towards the same ideals and goals with the Superlative Conspiracy as the philosophy behind the brand. True to the motto get at 'em while they don't expect it. They aim to address like-minded folks who are awake and aware, regardless of race, religion or financial background. People within the Superlative Conspiracy share the values and lifestyle of the WeSC founders who ware all avid skateboarders, snowboarders and, above all, creative minds. Today it's impossible to ignore the impact of the Atari-inspired Icon logo and WeSC color schemes if you live in the big city.

WeSC - Eric Comfort Fit Shirt
Eric Comfort Fit Shirt
28,95 €  74,95 €  -61%
WeSC - W 59fifty Cap
W 59fifty Cap
12,95 €  34,95 €  -62%
WeSC - Valle Tank Top
Valle Tank Top
13,95 €  36,95 €  -62%
WeSC - Zebraffger 5-Panel Cap
Zebraffger 5-Panel Cap
11,95 €  29,95 €  -60%
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