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The first X-Large store had opened its doors in November of 1991, just as the finishing touches were being added to the Beastie Boys album „Check Your Head“. Yet it would months later until the masses would hear about its existence. Thanks to a mention here and there, the word quickly swept across the United States that Mike D was heavily involved with the stylish clothing outlet. From there rumors began to fly stating that X-Large was "owned" by the Beastie Boys. Over the last ten years, that rumor has rather helped than hurted X-Large and to this day many fans are still not clear as to just how exactly X-Large and the Beastie Boys are linked. For starters, the Beastie Boys do not now nor have they have ever owned X-Large. However, Mike D continues to be a share-holder and was indeed one of a handful of men who formed the idea for X-Large. Mike’s role in the X-Large has varied over the years, due to the fact that he has been busy recording, touring, and at one time acting as Grand Royal’s CEO. The very first store was located on Vermont Street in Los Angeles, California. It came about right at a time when skateboarding was coming back into vogue. The store carried a few original X-Large design products, but also stocked other brands. X-Large tees hung right next to Ben Davis shirts, and soon the store had developed a reputation as the best place in town to obtain vintage as well as new gear. The big three Mike D, Eli Bonerz, and Adam Silverman discovered that it was a lot easier and more profitable to sell new X-Large t-shirts than it was to restock rare footwear. Mike D was often said to be a walking billboard for the brand, and everytime he was photographed or filmed there was the famous X-Large gorilla logo. After opening a few additional stores, 1-800-XLARGE1 was the phone number to call in 1996 – back then, X-Large started to do mailorder business and shipped printed catalogues. In 1997, the X-Large website followed to save the trees. The question has often been asked what makes X-Large clothing worth buying. The garments traditionally seem to be long lasting, which accounts for why many previously worn items have turned up for sale . Others look to X-Large as an less expensive alternative to A Bathing Ape clothing as both brands feature simians in reoccuring design themes. X-Large’s reason for selecting the gorilla was not as apparent. Some speculate that X-Large’s gorilla logo was a kind of hybrid between Nigo’s Ape and the Ben Davis monkey. In the scheme of things, it really does not make much difference the X-Large clothing seems to sell very well despite minimal advertising. It is good to see that X-Large continues on season after season...