hhv.de - Gutschein / Voucher - 25 EUR
hhv.de - Gutschein / Voucher - 25 EUR
hhv.de - Gutschein / Voucher - 25 EUR

hhv.de Gutschein / Voucher - 25 EUR

Item No: 250547
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25,00 €
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hhv.de - Gutschein / Voucher - 25 EUR
Just looking for a reasonable gift, but nothing concrete in mind? Well, here's the solution: the voucher for a purchase at hhv.de. Actually everybody likes music, anyone needs shoes at the prevailing ground conditions and there are hardly any people walking around the way God created them. And then there's still enough stuff to read, admire, hang on the wall, collect, exchange, love, cuddle, etc. Clear case, with the voucher from hhv.de you're always on the safe side!
Vouchers are available for the following amounts: 25, 50, or 100 EUR.

You can only redeem one voucher per order. You can convert the voucher in an order whose value is equal or higher than the voucher-credit.The voucher has a validity period of 3 years.

Please note: vouchers cannot be returned and can only be delivered in Germany!
Artist: hhv.de
Item: Gutschein / Voucher - 25 EUR
Available since: 26.08.2011
Item No: 250547
Availability: Ready for Shipment
Price: 25,00 €
Weight: We do not have any information about the weight of this item. Therefor we assume a weight above 1kg for any shipment.
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