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Long Arm - The Branches Deluxe Edition

Long Arm The Branches Deluxe Edition

Vinyl 2LP
EU – Original
A1 Power Of Rain
A2 The Waterfall Inside Me Long Arm
A3 Double Bass In Love
A4 After 4AM
A5 Perfect Morning
B1 When Children Sleep
B2 Key Door
B3 The Roots
B4 Dummy
B5 The Branches (Instrumental)
B6 Thank You
C1 Blue Birds Red Flowers (Bass by Sneaky of Fingathing)
C2 Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
C3 Perfect Morning (Dday One Remix)
C4 The Roots (40 Winks Remix)
D1 The Waterfall Inside Me (Robag´s Bad Bocklet Revolut - Robag Wruhme Remix)
D2 The Branches (Sieren Remix)
D3 When Children Sleep (Yoko Duo Remix)
E1 Digital Bonus Key Door (Berry Weight Remix)
E2 Digital Bonus When Children Sleep (Empt Remix)
E3 Digital Bonus Perfect Morning (Speck from CYNE Remix)
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Long Arm - The Branches Deluxe Edition
Long Arm - The Branches Deluxe Edition
Long Arm - The Branches Deluxe Edition
Long Arm - The Branches Deluxe Edition
About Label
Artist Long Arm
Titel The Branches Deluxe Edition
Label Project: Mooncircle /
Catalog-No PMC110
Format 2LP, Vinyl, LP
Pressing EU – Original
Release Date 2012
Genre Hip Hop, Electronic / Dance
Style Downbeat / Electronica / Leftfield, Instrumental Hip Hop
Available since 17.01.2013
Item-No 294986
Condition New
Availability Ready for Shipment
Price 18,95 €
Weight 500g (plus 250g Packaging)
Long Arm - The Branches Deluxe Edition
When listening to "The Branches" it will stimulate diverse brain areas, creating short movies and stories in your mind's eye. From Soviet era hand-drawn animated fairy tales in winterly forrest-landscapes to narravites of urban struggle or even classical tales in dark and gloomy basement bars – let the record spin and your mental cinema flow.

This album made it into the radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbs (XFM) as well as Gilles Peterson‘s “All Winners” show on BBC Radio 1, his personal list of favorites of the year 2011, alongside various other highly respected stations across the globe.

For the 2012 winter season we decided to give "The Branches" a proper repress treatment, not only pressing a new batch for all our listeners that weren't able to acquire a copy yet but also spicing it up and making it a true collectors item for anyone that already owns a copy.

Therefore, the – now gatefold – artwork / transparent 2LP vinyl version, originally drawn by Bioniq was colourized by Roman Pokrovsky and, besides everything being remastered and including new work from Long Arm himself, we also added a second vinyl with various remixes by on the one hand like-minded artists like Hidden Orchestra, Dday One and 40 Winks, with whom Long Arm also shares artistic relationships and friendships, and on the other hand more genre-overarching and experimental remixes from such acclaimed artists as Robag Wruhme, Sieren, Yoko Duo, Berry Weight, Empt and Speck from CYNE, which will surely make for a unique listening experience.
Project: Mooncircle /
Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle is an official label from It was founded in 2002 by Gordon Gieseking and is specializing in the conjunction between electronic and organic music. Being interested in music from his earliest childhood on, it eventually became more than just a passion to him. The label, at first envisaged as a compilation project only, found the perfect partner with Thomas Ulrich and his mail-order in 2004, later being joined by Jinna Morocha from Moscow. This led the way for the first instrumental and vocal solo releases by such artists as Mr Cooper, 40 Winks, CYNE, Jahbitat, John Robinson, MF Doom, Lambent, Lewis Parker, Non of Shadowhuntaz, Graciela Maria, Strand, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Ta-Ku, Mika Gao, Onra, Obba Supa, fLako, Sina., 1000 Names, DZA, Krts, Long Arm or Glen Porter. In 2009 the sub-label Project: Squared, run by Paul Cooper and Peter Schachmann, two long-standing companions and co-workers, was founded. Project: Squared releases mainly Dubstep and Techno 12” records from such artists as Asusu, Furesshu, AnD, L-OW, Tom Diccico, Shifted and others. Another sub-label, Finest Ego, was added in 2010. Run by Malte Tarnow, its aim is to consolidate the versatility of instrumental beats, glitch or wonky and anything in between or beyond. The outcome are compilations with such producers as Daisuke Tanabe, Isaac Aesili, Om Unit, Lapalux, RLP, ichiro_, Himuro Yoshiteru, Pixelord, Monky, Christoph El Truento, and various others. The work of illustrators and graphic designers such as Bioniq, Dan May, Iain McArthur, Ima One, LNY, Gordon, 44 Flavours, La Mano Fria, and The Binh create images that accompany the acoustic spaces. Project: Mooncircle with its various producers & vocalist shall be an interesting experience for anyone looking for the extraordinary.

Items of Project: Mooncircle /
Simon Segieth, 14.02.2011

Thrilled by various DJs he had seen on TV, Long Arm from Russia – who had played the piano until then – started collecting records together with a friend of his and developed a passion for jazz. Writing songs, listening to music and playing in various bands, it’s his love for music that has defined his whole life. Now, he has arrived at a mixture of HipHop, electronica, jazz and downbeat. Long Arm has found a musical home on Project: Mooncircle, and since he perfectly fits into the label’s roster, he’s now released his debut: The Branches. The press releases agreed: »The Branches album is a reflection of a world, where human feelings and natural powers are bound together. Everything is correlated in this world«. And there’s absolutely nothing else to add, really. Long Arm has created an album almost impossible to beat in its homogeneity. Thoughtful, sometimes melancholy, instrumental HipHop, humming drums, dreamy melodies and and mystical vocal samples. With Key Door, the album reaches its peak tempo-wise and even brings up a few memories of Hidden Orchestra. The only guest to appear on the record is Teknical Development of Obba Supa in the title track. Long Arm – more of this, please!

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