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V.A. - The Moon Comes Closer Bundle

V.A. The Moon Comes Closer Bundle

EU – Original
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A1 Tmcc - John Robinson
A2 After 4am - Long Arm
A3 Cosmic Apple - Kan Sano
A4 3rd Mirror - Portformat
A5 Regardless - Sense Of The Q4 & Sotu The Traveller
B1 Untitled (Far Away) - Dela
B2 Mbira Spirit - Juj
B3 Telescope - Dexter
B4 Solar Midnight - Pavel Dovgal
B5 Definition - Skyence
C1 The Moon Comes Closer - Comfort Fit & Jinna Morocha
C2 The Last Astronaut - Robot Koch vs Flako
C3 Underwater - Graciela Maria
C4 Cold Yesterday - Daisuke Tanabe
D1 Quencht - Puzzle
D2 Van Dijck Brown - Killing Skills
D3 Tit Tit Tudi Tit Tit - Myown
D4 Invisible (Mr Cooper Remix) - Andy Kayes
D5 Left - Nienvox
E1 Gang Starr's From Another World - Abnormal (Digital Bonus)
E2 Chappaqua (40 Winks Remix) - Brazzaville (Digital Bonus)
E3 My Way - Capella (Digital Bonus)
E4 Polaroid Of Love - V. Raeter (Digital Bonus)
E5 Relief - Gards From Kc (Digital Bonus)
E6 Drip Something On Your Palette - Himuro Yoshiteru (Digital Bonus)
E7 Berlin - I. D. 4 Windz (Digital Bonus)
E8 Ddttt - Lambent (Digital Bonus)
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V.A. - The Moon Comes Closer Bundle
V.A. - The Moon Comes Closer Bundle
V.A. - The Moon Comes Closer Bundle
V.A. - The Moon Comes Closer Bundle
About Label
Artist V.A.
Titel The Moon Comes Closer Bundle
Label Project: Mooncircle /
Catalog-No PMC069
Format 2LP+S, Vinyl, LP
Pressing EU – Original
Genre Hip Hop, Electronic / Dance
Style UK Hip Hop, US Hip Hop, Downbeat / Electronica / Leftfield, Dubstep, Instrumental Hip Hop
Available since 15.11.2010
Item-No 212142
Condition New
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V.A. - The Moon Comes Closer Bundle
This is a story about a young Russian girl named Jinna Morocha who had a vision of one day flying to the Moon.
Many years ago during the hard times of life in Moscow, the young girl saw the Moon consciously for the first time and at that very moment the dream began. These vivid thoughts remained in her mind and she started to ask herself “How can I get to the Moon?“. Soon she found the label Project: Mooncircle over the internet and told them her story, at once she saw a chance to come a few steps closer to her dream. By now Jinna lived in Germany and it was possible for her and the label to meet, her key question was “Can you bring me to the Moon?“. The answer was a faltering “No, but maybe we can let you fly to the Moon in your mind. Let’s build the soundtrack to this vision, close your eyes, clear your thoughts and let us begin on your journey“.

That was the beginning of “The Moon Comes Closer“, come embark upon this voyage with us lead by the next level soundscapes of:

Robot Koch, fLako, Pavel Dovgal, I.D. 4 Windz, John Robinson, Lambent, 813, Nienvox, Juj, Mr Cooper, MyOwn, Long Arm, Daisuke Tanabe, Graciela Maria, Scienz Of Life, Andy Kayes, Abnormal, Capella, Comfort Fit, Kansano, Gards From KC, Puzzle, Sense of The Q4, Sotu The Traveller, V. Raeter, Himuro Yoshiteru, Skyence, Dexter, Portformat, 40 Winks, Dela, Brazzaville & Killing Skills.
Project: Mooncircle /
Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle is an official label from It was founded in 2002 by Gordon Gieseking and is specializing in the conjunction between electronic and organic music. Being interested in music from his earliest childhood on, it eventually became more than just a passion to him. The label, at first envisaged as a compilation project only, found the perfect partner with Thomas Ulrich and his mail-order in 2004, later being joined by Jinna Morocha from Moscow. This led the way for the first instrumental and vocal solo releases by such artists as Mr Cooper, 40 Winks, CYNE, Jahbitat, John Robinson, MF Doom, Lambent, Lewis Parker, Non of Shadowhuntaz, Graciela Maria, Strand, Robot Koch, Pavel Dovgal, Ta-Ku, Mika Gao, Onra, Obba Supa, fLako, Sina., 1000 Names, DZA, Krts, Long Arm or Glen Porter. In 2009 the sub-label Project: Squared, run by Paul Cooper and Peter Schachmann, two long-standing companions and co-workers, was founded. Project: Squared releases mainly Dubstep and Techno 12” records from such artists as Asusu, Furesshu, AnD, L-OW, Tom Diccico, Shifted and others. Another sub-label, Finest Ego, was added in 2010. Run by Malte Tarnow, its aim is to consolidate the versatility of instrumental beats, glitch or wonky and anything in between or beyond. The outcome are compilations with such producers as Daisuke Tanabe, Isaac Aesili, Om Unit, Lapalux, RLP, ichiro_, Himuro Yoshiteru, Pixelord, Monky, Christoph El Truento, and various others. The work of illustrators and graphic designers such as Bioniq, Dan May, Iain McArthur, Ima One, LNY, Gordon, 44 Flavours, La Mano Fria, and The Binh create images that accompany the acoustic spaces. Project: Mooncircle with its various producers & vocalist shall be an interesting experience for anyone looking for the extraordinary.

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