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Mishka Urban Fashion Men

First of all, MISHKA means “Bear Cub” in Russian that’s why the use the funky Bear Mop logo. It all started on a gloomy day back in 2003 when Greg stayed over Mikhail’s house in Brooklyn, NYC. Greg just got home from Europe where he purchased a very obscure Black Metal record from a band called Sacrifyx, a band that’s rumored to die in a plane crash the night after recording this Black Metal opus. According to legend they buried a powerful incantation on the record, so of course the Black Metal-trained guys decided to play the record backwards. Soon after, a gateway opened up in Mikhail’s bedroom. What happened after, not too many people are certain, but soon MISHKA was born. From day one an uncompromising attitude as well as an unorthodox approach is what MISHKA clothing is known for. The duo loves comics, b-movies, bootleg toys, punk, hip hop and obscure metal, and all these influences are reflected by the advanced designs of their weird, colorful and inspiring styles that always feature hidden, semi-hidden or abvious musical references. Although MISHKA already built up a reputation, they never hesitate to collaborate with the trendsetters of the streetwear industry which resulted in eye-catching joint ventures with Ssur, Mad Decent/Diplo, House 33, Span of Sunset, Mighty Healthy, Actual Pain, King Stampede, Reason, Ed Repka, Derek Riggs, Richard Kern, Kid Robot & Mackdaddy among others. And the saga continues…

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