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Alexis Tyrel - Return To Planet Alpha
Alexis Tyrel
Return To Planet Alpha
2LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Lessismore)
18,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Lessismore record label, founded in 2003 by the Dutch DJ and producer Alexis Tyrel together with MBC, has been home for mostly his own releases under all his monikers and 'various artist' compilations. 'Return To Planet Alpha' continues in this tradition, being a second long-player of Alexis Tyrel after his debut 'Newtradition' from 2011.Return To Planet Alpha is a collection of elegant techno tracks which instead of following the now so popular dark and destructive path focuses on daily moods and airy atmosphere, which is closer to open air and lounge than to sweaty pits of contemporary rave. But that doesn't mean that the twelve tracks are just indistinctive background music. For one thing, Tyrel is a master of slick and tight beat foundations of kick drums and bass, often smoothed out with cool synth pads, onto which he layers all kinds of rhythmical chains, subtle melodic ideas and sounds ranging from vintage synths and industrial bits to organic textures and even field recordings.Another distinctive feature of Alexis Tyrel is diversity and playfulness. The sound environment of the LP, which is obvious from the album and track titles, inclines to a space theme, mainly thanks to the synthesizers recalling the 1980s. But instead of just recreating that sound, Alexis Tyrel uses the associative effect of the vintage synths and puts them in his own contemporary context.Many tracks also have a physical vibe of playing live, real time manipulation and improvisation, like Concurnation or Homeboy. The opening track Plant DeltaGema Process and Orbiting Planet Alpha are synth showers of all colors, shapes and rhythms, from acid prods to shimmering nebulas. For All You Flonkers is a cheeky and spry tune with a blithe motive hopping above an energic beat. Its remix is based on a distorted synth and a perfectly smooth groove as a base, which lets turbulences of synths and bubbling water recordings seep through it. Potential of the Lonely Star is a sweet, sparkling gem working with string instruments, from violin to harp. The closing track Nothing In Between is the most minimalistic piece of the album, revealing various synth sounds one by one, as if they would be saying goodbye in the end of a jazz concert.Return To Planet Alpha is a magician's hat for a DJ, from which you can always pick the right tune in various moments and locations. Both on Earth and in a space bar.
Alexis Tyrel - Know It When You See It
Alexis Tyrel
Know It When You See It
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Lessismore)
8,79 €* 10,99 € -20%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Alexis Tyrel's Man in the Sky introduces itself as a no-nonsense kick and riff driven track. Although simple in nature, it is a bold and distinct. The track zeros in on the very memorable riff and the different adaptations of it that play throughout. Changes in key, timbre and depth give this piece an eerie vibe in places and a funky vibe in others. Cynical Slaps is a funk and percussion infused brew that slowly builds over much of the track. The blend, once more, is straight forward enough but the three main elements - dirty drums and percussion, a funky bass and a galloping synth stab all work so well together to give a sublime grooviness to this track.Less is definitely more with Alexis' solid and compelling Brick House. It is both straightforward and unremitting. Greater than the sum of its parts, it is a thumping example of how a few drum sounds and a catchy sample is sometimes all that a track needs to get a place moving. The Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile remix of Alexis' New Religion brings with it subtle rhythms, short punchy bass notes and soaring atmospheres. The shimmering high strings lift the listener into new heavenly realms and give the track a gorgeous expectancy. Alexis Tyrel's original mix of New Religion is filled with a beautifully tense and anticipating air. A percussive bassline gives the track the fundamental groove, reverb soaked short pads cantillate while nervous synth stabs dance around like the agitated chatter of a congregation that's awaiting the revelation of their electronic god.
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