Capcom Sound Team OST Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Laced | Artikel-Nr: 818609
Vinyl 4LP | 2021 / US – Original | Neuware
108,99 €
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Artikel-Nr: 818609
Artist: Capcom Sound Team
Titel: OST Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Label: Laced
Katalog-Nr: LMLP047
Format: Vinyl 4LP, Vinyl, LP
Pressung: US – Original
Release Date: 2021
Genre: Soundtracks
Style: Games
Erhältlich seit: 16.03.2022
Zustand: Neuware
Preis: 108,99 €
Gewicht: 1000g (plus 250g Verpackung)
A1 Go Tell Aunt Rhody - Resident Evil (Full Version)
A2 A Loving Message
A3 On The Road
A4 Atmosphere - Swamp Encounter -
A5 Lost Memories
A6 Sinking Feeling
A7 Into Madness
A8 Kill Or Be Killed
A9 Haunted House
A10 Back For More
B1 Love To Death
B2 Welcome To The Family
B3 Dinner Time
B4 Out Of Sight
B5 Out In The Open
B6 Garage
B7 Main Hall
B8 A Curious Light
B9 Hide & Seek
B10 Daddy's Back
C1 Molded I
C2 Tearing At The Flesh
C3 Claws Of Death
C4 Into The Night
C5 Saferoom
C6 Atmosphere - The Nest -
C7 Brief Reunion
C8 Escaping The Pit
C9 Unholy Shrine
C10 Keeper Of The Greenhouse I
D1 Keeper Of The Greenhouse Ii
D2 The Forbidden Room
D3 Tatari
D4 Molded Ii
D5 Bad Boy Games
D6 White Room
D7 The Sewer Gatorz - Sacrifice
D8 Apprehension
D9 So Close Yet So Far
E1 Face To Face
E2 The Beast
E3 Not Over Yet
E4 The Choice - Love -
E5 Go Tell Aunt Rhody - Resident Evil (Short Version)
E6 Main Menu
E7 Short-Lived Escape - Torn Apart
E8 Into The Wreckage
E9 E-001 I
E10 E-001 Ii
E11 Proceed With Caution
F1 Molded Iii
F2 E-001 Iii
F3 Dire State Of Affairs
F4 The Breaking Point
F5 Sense Of Dread
F6 Death Of A Friend
F7 Calm Before The Storm
F8 Biohazard
F9 Determination
F10 The Sad Truth
G1 Selfless Act
G2 Salt Mine
G3 Molded Iv
G4 Ascending From The Darkness
G5 Molded V
G6 Floating In-Between
G7 Temper Tantrum
G8 Daidara - Bocchi
G9 Ending - Reunited -
H1 The Choice - Freedom -
H2 Short-Lived Escape - Lost Freedom -
H3 The Grudge
H4 Ending - Last Goodbye -
H5 Title Menu - Beginning Hour -
H6 A Presence - Beginning Hour -
H7 Phone Call - Beginning Hour -
H8 You're Next - Beginning Hour -
H9 Thank You For Playing - Beginning Hour -
H10 Vr Tutorial
H11 Happy Happy Birthday
H12 You Are Dead
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