Death - For The Whole World To See
1Keep on Knocking
2Rock-N-Roll Victim
3Let the World Turn
4You're a Prisoner
1Freakin Out
2Where Do We Go from Here???
3Politicians in My Eyes

For The Whole World To See

Drag City | Artikel-Nr: 868544
Tape | 2021 / US – Original | Neuware
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Death is the three Hackney brothers, fueled by the raucous sounds of Iggy & Co., creating their own take on the emerging sounds of punk. Socially conscious lyrics mixed with a sky-cracking combination of guitar and vocals, all recorded in raw fashion with little in the way of polish.Their time in the studio was overseen by engineer Jim Vitti, whose work with Parliament/ Funkadelic seems to have informed his decision to record Death in raw fashion with little polish, showcasing the organic power relationships within the trio. The songs recorded there make up "...For the Whole World To See", which today blasts from the speakers as a fresh and inspired early entry in the category of punk rock.Death had a single pressed, "Politicians in My Eyes" b/w "Keep On Knocking," selling them at their shows and on the street. Things weren't really going anywhere when they heard from Columbia Records' president Clive Davis. He was interested, but he had one demand - they'd have tochange their name. David, acting as the band's leader, would have no part of it, a decision that ultimately brought an end to Death. Moving to New England, David, Bobby and Dannis reconnected with their faith, forming the Christian Rock-N-Roll band The 4th Movement, whose self-releasedearly-80s album joined Death's 45 as a sought-after obscurity for the next generation. 2009 is the time that Death is finally here ...For the Whole World to See."The first time the stereo played "Politicians in My Eyes," I couldn't believe what I was hearing. When I was told the history of the band and what year they recorded this music, it just didn't make sense. Ahead of punk, and ahead of their time." Jack White
Titel:For The Whole World To See
Label:Drag City
Pressung:US – Original
Release Date:2021
Genre:Rock & Indie
Style:Indierock | Alternative
Erhältlich seit:10.01.2022
Preis:13,99 €
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