R. Stevie Moore Freedom Vs. Fate Record Store Day 2021 Edition

O Genesis | Artikel-Nr: 831013
Vinyl 3LP | 2021 / | Neuware
31,99 €
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Record Store Day 2021 Release. Limitierte Triple-LP auf olivgrünem Vinyl mit 48 unveröffentlichten Raritäten des Singer/Songwriters R. Stevie Moore aus Nashville, der traditionelle Popsongstrukturen - wie Beatles-Melodien und Beach Boys-Harmonien - mit av
Artikel-Nr: 831013
Artist: R. Stevie Moore
Titel: Freedom Vs. Fate Record Store Day 2021 Edition
Label: O Genesis
Katalog-Nr: OGEN110
Format: Vinyl 3LP, Vinyl, LP
Release Date: 2021
Genre: Rock & Indie
Erhältlich seit: 13.07.2021
Zustand: Neuware
Preis: 31,99 €
Gewicht: 750g (plus 250g Verpackung)
A1 Anytime You Can Listen
A2 Waiting For Life To Stop
A3 Freedom vs Fate
A4 The Struggling Artist
A5 Deluged With Advice
A6 Want From Me
A7 Sketch For Sandy V
B1 Call In Sick
B2 Mix Decision
B3 Thousands Of Days
B4 I Missed July
B5 Automatic Understanding/Neurosis 10
B6 I Have The Mail! I Have The Mail!
B7 Lrt
C1 Time Stands Still
C2 746-0531
C3 And I Thought Of You
C4 Persevere
C5 Bad Posture
C6 I'm Scared
C7 Running Water
C8 Full Speed Ahead
C9 Tylenol Fall
C10 Id: Og
D1 Where Do I Come From
D2 New Girl/Close Yet So Far
D3 Talk Alone
D4 I Thought I Loved You
E1 Manufacturers
E2 Time To Leave
E3 Bigger Than The Beatles
E4 Fni
E5 I Am The Best For You
E6 Oh Yeah
E7 Radios
E8 Let's Rest Together
E9 Srerutcafunam
F1 The Right Words
F2 Amoeba/Customers
F3 Compostable Bag
F4 The Man In The Park
F5 I Feel So Bad I Feel Good
F6 Broke Up
F7 No One Happens/Saturdays
F8 You Became To Me
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