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V.A. - For The Birds The Birdsong Project
A1Wood Dove - Performed By Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
A2Archangel - Performed By Beck
A3Seeds - Performed By Alaska Reid And A. G. Cook
A4The Morning - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By Danielle Haim
A5Fly On - Performed By Karen Elson
B1Fly Away (With The Songs) - Performed By Michael Rother & Vittoria Maccabruni
B2On The Wing - Performed By Jim James
B3Honey, In The Wild - Performed By Josh Kaufman Feat. Annie Nero
B4Unbroken Wing - Performed By Mike Campbell
B5Migration Of Birds - Written By Gary Snyder. Read By Wally Wolodarsky
B6May 18th 1929 Lost - Performed By Alex Somers
C1Bird Calling - Performed By Mark Ronson Feat. Damon Albarn & Wale
C2One For Sorrow - Performed By Unkle
C3Once Let Free - Performed By Emily Cross
C4Kyoto: March - Written By Gary Snyder. Read By Jelani Cobb
C5Sanctuary - Performed By Beach House
C6Welcome Morning - Written By Anne Sexton. Read By Natalie Bergman
D1Mine Is Not Your Beauty - Performed By Uwade
D2Birds For Phil - Performed By Spring Summer
D3Una Melodía - Performed By El Búho Feat. Emilie Basez
D4Bone’s Lament - Performed By Darius Christian & Reginald Chapman
D5Nouns Of Assemblage - Performed By Blake Mills
D6Elsewhere Bird - Performed By Richard Reed Parry
D7The Garden - Written By Mark Strand. Read By Tennessee Thomas
E1Counting Birds - Written By Jim Harrison. Read By Sean Penn
E2Kachofugetsu - Performed By Kaoru Watanabe
E3St. Francis And The Birds - Performed By Terry Riley
E4Birdsong - Performed By Tawiah
E5Crow Dialectic - Performed By Elliot Bergman
F1A Grandchild's Song For Robins In Year Two Of Pandemic - Performed By Ray Young Bear
F2When The Birds Were Banished From The Palace - Written By Saoirse Stice. Read By Jack Kornfield
F3Birds Return - Performed By Hatis Noit
F4Salt Point - Performed By Tyondai Braxton
F5Forty Songs - Performed By Lee Ranaldo. Lyrics By Michael Mcclure
F6Wounded Bird - Performed By Kurt Vile
G1Cuckoo Song - Performed By Jarvis Cocker
G2Cuckoo Bird - Performed By Haden Triplets
G3Hummingbird - Written By Raymond Carver. Read By Donald Ray Pollock
G4Hum Hum Hum - Performed By Karen O
G5Whistling In The Dark - Performed By Molly Lewis
G6Sparrow - Written By Norman Maccaig. Read By Tilda Swinton
H1Oreals - Performed By Rudresh Mahanthappa
H2Fly Catcher - Performed By James Mcalister
H3State Bird - Written By Ada Limón. Read By Mickey Sumner
H4The Calling - Performed By Nick Rhodes & Wendy Bevan
H5Bluebirds (2021 Acoustic Version) - Performed By Adam Green
H6Why Does The Girl Bird Sing - Performed By Suzzy Roche
I1Birdsong For Randy - Performed By Dan Deacon
I2When The Sun Explodes - Performed By Very Nice Person
I3Weird Bird - Written By Shel Silverstein. Read By Bobby Cannavale
I4And Your Bird Can Sing / The Birds Will Be Singing - Performed By Elvis Costello
I5Lucifer Hummingbird - Performed By The Flaming Lips
I6Who (Don't Look Back) - Performed By Andrew Wyatt
I7California Towhee - Written And Read By Jonathan Franzen
J1Open Window - Performed By Michael Uzowuru
J2Tori No Uta - Performed By Aska Matsumiya
J3Two Arms - Performed By Le Ren
J4Sparrow, Sparrow, What Did You Say? - Written By Ada Limón. Read By Molly Rosen
J5Your Birthday At The Huntington - Performed By Mary Lattimore
J6Are We - Written And Read By Jorie Graham
K1The Hawk & The Crow - Performed By Olivia Chaney
K2Bell Minor - Performed By Jeff Tweedy
K3Broom - Written By Jim Harrison. Read By Matthew Mcconaughey
K4Godswits - Performed By Mark Mulcahy
K5Red Tailed Hawk - Performed By Inara George And Van Dyke Parks
K6Great Blue Heron - Performed By Calexico
L1Trying To Get Out - Performed By Siddhartha Khosla
L2Hope Is A Feather - Performed By Ganavya
L3Birdsong - Performed By Ramesh & Jason Chronis
L4Black Cherries - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By Alice Waters
L5Stations Parallel - Performed By Sam Prekop
L6Kwitaro Backbone - Performed By Shearwater
M1Wild Geese - Written By Mary Oliver. Read By Florence Welch
M2Overview - Performed By Cup (Yuka C. Honda & Nels Cline)
M3The Gospel Of Oke - Performed By Ebe Oke
M4One Eye Open - Performed By Douglas Dare Feat. Eera
M5Theme For Flight - Performed By Cecile Believe
M6Hyper Happy - Performed By Eleanor Friedberger
M7Good Bones - Written By Maggie Smith. Read By Natasha Lyonne
N1V Formation - Performed By Buzzy Lee
N2The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write - Written By Gregory Orr. Read By Ann Beattie
N3Tinseltown - Performed By Girlpool
N4If I Were A Kookaburra - Performed By Stephin Merritt
N5Ostrich Walk - Performed By Vince Giordano And The Nighthawks
N6The Hidden Singer - Written By Wendell Berry. Read By Bob Balaban
N7Birds And Piano - Performed By Michael Penn
O1A Dark Thing Inside The Day - Written By Linda Gregg. Read By Robert Pattinson
O2Tomorrow - Performed By Hania Rani
O3In The Gale - Performed By Yo-Yo Ma. Composed By Anna Clyne
O4Winter’s Blessing - Written By John Kelly. Read By Brady Corbet
O5The Maddening Hour, Or Ode To Owl - Performed By Isabella Summers
O6Evening Chorus (Live In The Bluebell Woods) - Performed By Cosmo Sheldrake
P1Lsd - Written By Alex Dimitrov. Read By Jeff Goldblum
P2Strong But Fail - Performed By Roddy Bottum
P3Love High Noon - Performed By Claude Fontaine
P4Good To See - Performed By Seu Jorge & Flor
P5Wefoch (Birds) - Performed By Dexter Story
P6The Sparrow - Written By William Carlos Williams. Read By Tim Blake Nelson
Q1Turiya (For The Birds Remix) - Performed By Alice Coltrane
Q2The Bird - Written And Read By David Cale
Q3Of Mere Being - Performed By Thomas Bartlett
Q4Hanover Birds - Performed By Poppy Ackroyd
Q5The Day Is Done - Written By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Read By Chelsie Diane
R1Hymn For Four Birds - Performed By Paul Cantelon
R2Dawn Chorus - Performed By Sqürl
R3Sonic Woodland: Dawn Chorus (Excerpt) - Performed By Hidden Orchestra Feat. Tim Southorn
R4Wild Swans - Written By Edna St. Vincent Millay. Read By Lorrie Moore
R5Birdies For Rp - Performed By Emile Haynie
R6To The New Year - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By Regina King
S1The Conditional - Written By Ada Limón. Read By Wendell Pierce
S2Strictly For The Birds - Performed By Hawley & Lozac'h
S3The Little Bird - Performed By Natalie Bergman
S4Pinions Of A Dove - Performed By Rayna Gellert
S5Little Birdie - Performed By Loudon Wainwright Iii
S6Black Cherries - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By Greta Gerwig
S7My Dove, To Sleep - Performed By Vanbur
T1Carolina Turtledove - Performed By Joachim Cooder
T2The Sandhill Cranes Of Nebraska - Written By Billy Collins. Read By Conor Oberst
T3Thornbird - Performed By Daniel Lanois
T4Ka - Performed By Devendra Banhart
T5Highway Psithurism - Performed By Meg Baird
T6Far Rockaway - Performed By Stuart Bogie
T7Looking For Mushrooms At Sunrise - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By Antonio Campos
U1Seven In The Woods - Written By Jim Harrison. Read By Jason Schwartzman
U2136 Syllables At Rocky Mountain Dharma Center - Written By Allen Ginsberg. Read By Larry Ratso Sloman
U3Perth To Melbourne - Performed By Stella Donnelly
U4Flight To The Sun - Performed By Koa Kalish
U5Skylark - Performed By Wyldest
U6They Ask Me - Written And Read By Jorie Graham
U7For Octavia Butler - Performed By Atlas Sound & L’rain
V1Pasadena Parrots - Performed By Adrock
V2Morning Maggie - Performed By Carla Dal Forno
V3Noah's Raven - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By John Burnham Schwartz
V4Diamond Dove - Performed By Gyða Valtýsdóttir
V5Kookaburra Boogie - Performed By Thurston Moore & Wobbly
V6Nightbird - Performed By Marcelo Zarvos
V7In May - Written By Adam Zagajewski. Read By Sandor Katz
V8For The Birds - Performed By Makaya Mccraven
W1Before The World - Performed By Laurie Anderson
W2Mr. Sparrow - Performed By John Cale
W3Dawn Revisited - Written And Read By Rita Dove
W4Altamira Oriole - Performed By Woodkid
W5Baepholus - Performed By Ben Lukas Boysen
W6How Many Nights - Written By Galway Kinnell. Read By Michelle Williams
X1Goldfinch Yodel - Performed By Arthur Jeffes
X2Birds - Performed By Koreless
X3Feather - Performed By Masayoshi Fujita
X4Loon Song - Performed By Eluvium
X5Secret Life - Written By Li-Young Lee. Read By Nana Mensah
X6Arada - Performed By Meara O'reilly
Y1Not-Yet - Written By Jane Hirshfield. Read By Victoria Legrand
Y2Monteverde September 08 - Performed By The Album Leaf
Y3Birdsong Call - Performed By Nick Zinner
Y4Rare Birds - Performed By Andrew Bird
Y5Bobcats, Beetles, Owls - Written By Jane Hirshfield. Read By Jane Alexander
Z1Diary - Performed By Juliette Commagere
Z2Cuckoo - Performed By Sam Amidon
Z3Sorrow Is Not My Name - Written By Ross Gay. Read By Suzan-Lori Parks
Z4County Route 41 - Performed By Cassandra Jenkins
Z5Birdsong - Performed By Steve Gunn
1Bye Bye Birdy - Performed By Mark Mothersbaugh
2The Sparrows Of Butyrka - Written By Irena Ratushinskaya. Read By George Saunders
3Alula - Performed By Georgia
4Mourning Dove In Buoyancy - Performed By Haley Fohr Feat. Rob Frye
5The Ayaymama Bird - Performed By Elvis Perkins
6Boy With A Headset - Written And Read By Edward Hirsch
7Wild Birds In An Imagined Canoga Park With Lakes And Trees In Place Of Streets And Buildings - Performed By Carlos Niño
1Intone - Performed By Midori Hirano
2In Wiry Winter - Written By James Schuyler. Read By Graydon Carter
3Avi Sinistra - Performed By Rob
4Central Park - Performed By Doug Wieselman
5Birdy - Performed By Daniel Blumberg & Billy Steiger
6Birdsland - Performed By Arturo O'farrill
7To This May - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By Cazzie David
1Aure, Deh, Per Piertà - Performed By Anthony Roth Costanzo
2Hope Is A Thing With Feathers - Performed By Angela Mccluskey & The Cantelon Ensemble
3Coming - Written By Philip Larkin. Read By Sam Mendes
4Many Worlds - Performed By Robert Ames
5I Put On My Fur Coat - Written By Jane Wong. Read By Sofia Subercaseaux
6Planeaciones - Performed By Angélica Negrón
1Wingspan - Performed By Briana Marela
2Poems - Written By Ruth Stone. Read By Edwina Von Gal
3Jacob Riis - Stuart Bogie And Domenica Fossati. Performed By Domenica Fossati
4Used Beak - Performed By Craig Wedren
5‘sweet Spring Is Your - Written By E. E. Cummings. Read By John Lithgow
6Pettirosso - Daniele Luppi. Performed By Giacomo Bianchi
1Voice & Birds - Performed By Anton Pearson (Squid)
2Lies About Sea Creatures - Written By Ada Limón. Read By Olivia Wilde
3The Owl Of Cranston - Performed By Julian Lage & Bill Frisell
4Tanager Time - Performed By Mac Mccaughan
5Montezuma Oropendola - Performed By Chris Watson
6In The World - Written By Brigid Lowry. Read By Toni Collette
1Tweetstorm - Performed By Chilly Gonzales
2Abide - Written By Jake Adam York. Read By Jarvis Cocker
3Keep Me Warm (Crèche) - Performed By Julia Holter
4Migration - Performed By Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
5Kría - Performed By Jana Winderen
6The Wild Geese - Written By Wendell Berry. Read By Michael Pollan
1For The Robin On My Porch - Written By Andrea Potos. Read By Bette Midler
2May Birds - Performed By Nico Muhly
3Etude No. 2 (Thomas Bartlett Remix) - Composed By Philip Glass. Performed By Maki Namekawa
4Beginning - Written By W.S. Merwin. Read By Stephen Park
5Passerine - Performed By Balmorhea
1Here - Written By Kim Addonizio. Read By Odessa Young
2Mourning Dove - Performed By Holland Andrews
3One Heart - Written By Li-Young Lee. Read By Christiane Amanpour
4Perched - Performed By Anna Clyne Feat. Nathalie Joachim
5Syrinx - Performed By Daniel Thorne
6Toy Boat - Written And Read By Ocean Vuong
1I Was Popular In Certain Circles… - Written And Read By Gabrielle Calvocoressi
2Strange Signals From Jerry The Wood Pigeon - Performed By Peter Broderick
3Birdbrain - Performed By David Van Tieghem
4Ode To The Hummingbird - Written By Pablo Neruda. Read By Daryl Hannah
5Bells And Birds - Performed By Alexandre Desplat
6Skylarks & Magpies - Performed By Bibio
1End-Of-Summer Haibun - Written By Aimee Nezhukumatathil. Read By Winslow Bright
2Screech For Scratch - Performed By Annie Gosfield
3Rørsanger - Performed By David Rothenberg And Benedicte Maurseth
4Sandpiper - Written By Elizabeth Bishop. Read By Michael Keaton
5Silver Horns - Performed By Sarah Davachi
1An Exercise In Love - Written By Diane Di Prima. Read By Riley Keough
2Brown Thrasher - Performed By Animal Collective
3Chant For The Swinging Swallows - Performed By My Cat Is An Alien
4Coast - Written By Alice Jones. Read By Grace Gummer
5In Her Secret Garden - Performed By Julianna Barwick
1Emu808 - Performed By Sam Gendel
2Now Is The Time - Performed By Money Mark
3Cocoa Morning - Written By Bob Kaufman. Read By Adrien Brody
4Calthra - Performed By Tommy Guerrero
5Morning Rituals - Performed By Shabaka Hutchings Feat. Esperanza Spalding
6Redbird Love - Written And Read By Joy Harjo
7The Ruined Spring - Performed By Zander Schloss
1I Love You Earth (Thomas Bartlett Remix) - Performed By Anohni & Yoko Ono
2Murmuration - Performed By Robert M Thomas X Daisy Chute
3St Kevin And The Blackbird - Written By Seamus Heaney. Read By Liam Neeson
4Thirow Dio - Performed By Mamadou Kelly
5Grus Grus - Performed By Evan Parker & John Coxon
6Star And Crescent - Written By Kenneth Rexroth. Read By Elliot Bergman
1Mockingbird Song - Performed By Saunder Jurriaans & Danny Bensi
2Morning Calls - Performed By Carter Burwell
3[“always In The Distance”] - Written By Wendell Berry. Read By Randall Poster
4[“the Cherries Turn Ripe, Ripe,”] - Written By Wendell Berry. Read By Lili Taylor
5Serenade At 2 - Performed By Anne Müller
6Paired: Unpaired - Music By Oliver Coates. Performed By Rosa Arnold And Jeanita Vriens Of The Ragazze Quartet
7Re: Happiness, In Pursuit Thereof - Written By C. D. Wright. Read By Hailey Benton Gates

For The Birds The Birdsong Project

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