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Versalife - Collision With The Past I
A1Before The Interrogation
A2Utilize The Secondary Suspensor
B2I See Myself

Collision With The Past I

Frustrated Funk | Artikel-Nr: 381651
Vinyl 12" | 2014 / EU – Original | Neuware
8,99 €
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Harbour City 2014. Sometimes people from different environmental backgrounds cross paths with one another through similar interests, and they notice that they have more in common then a certain taste in music alone. Boris Bunnik (aka Conforce) is hailing from the small scenic Dutch island Terschelling, that can be seen as the complete opposite environmental background as the dirty streets of Rotterdam’s South Side that drew the first guidelines for Frustrated Funk's watchword: Mad Drama From Everyday Life. Although the background is opposite, the drama and struggle of daily life seem to have more similarities then one would expect. Struggling creative minds searching for correct paths, fighting to keep focused with daily routines, burning ships, moving forward, trying to bend negativity into something positive, writing music as an outlet for their compulsive need to create. This is our game. No hits, no hype, no bullshit, just the real deal, bringing timeless techno fr om the heart that will always stay untouched. So here's FR029, experimental techno from the young master mind that’s Versalife. Small batch on crystal clear green mixed vinyl. Check!
Titel:Collision With The Past I
Label:Frustrated Funk
Format:Vinyl 12", Vinyl, Singles, 12"
Pressung:EU – Original
Release Date:2014
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Erhältlich seit:19.09.2014
Preis:8,99 €
Gewicht:250g (plus 250g Verpackung)
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