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Tunic - Exhaling
LP | 2021 | CA | Original (Artoffact)
18,99 €*
Release:2021 / CA – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Das Hardcore-Noiserock-Trio TUNIC aus Winnipeg, Manitoba veröffentlicht am 9. April ihr neues Album "Exhaling" via Artoffact. Die Platte der Noisepunks wird 23 Songs enthalten - erste Single/erstes Video "Exhaling" ist ein kompromissloser Vorbote, Frontmann / Gitarrist David Schellenberg kommentiert: "Ich kann gar nicht über Situationen schreiben, die ich nicht selbst erlebt habe. Ich brauche die Katharsis, diese Dinge immer und immer wieder aus mir herauszuschreien. TUNIC sind mein Ventil."Du magst CONVERGE, DAUGHTERS, METZ? - CD und gelbes Vinyl (Erstauflage)!"Tunic was born of spite in- formed after founder David Schellenberg was told he "wasn't good enough" for another band leading to a subsequent decision to follow his own path. From there, Tunic sought out a sound inspired by the melodic approaches of Quicksand and Superchunk, venom and heartache in Converge and controlled chaos behind Botch. Since their 2016 debut 7", Tunic have criss-crossed the globe relentlessly, zigging and zagging as part of more than a dozen jaunts in North America and Europe while logging shows with a varied lot like Ken Mode, Single Mothers and even Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Tunic's touring bloodlust eventually conjured a debut LP in 2019, Complexion and not surprisingly, the band followed its release with eleven weeks of touring. Now Winnipeg's Tunic explores that darkness on the band's new album Exhaling. Across songs like the title track, "Invalid" and "Fade Out," the trio of David Schellenberg (Guitar / Vocals), Rory Ellis (Bass) and Dan Unger (Drums) use their visceral art punk approach to explore themes related to coping with the illness of a loved one, the dark side of creativity and dealing with toxic friendships." -Artoffact Records Labelinfo
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