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Danko Jones - Fire Music Gold Vinyl Edition
Bad Company UK - The Fear
Bad Company UK
The Fear
12" | 1999 | UK | Reissue (Bad Taste)
10,99 €*
Release:1999 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Repressed on Limited Edition 180gram Vinyl - two of the most requested and rewound tracks from the Bad Company UK catalogue.
Cunninlynguists - Oneirology
CD | 2011 | EU | Original (Bad Taste)
13,99 €*
Release:2011 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Everyone's favorite Punani connaisseurs are back with yet another deeply emotive and well-produced album. Tip!
ELWD - All Good Things
All Good Things
LP | 2017 | US | Original (Bad Taste)
23,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Prolific UK producer ELWD (pronounced Ellwood) is back with his latest beat odyssey “All Good Things”. The new LP continues his trademark lo-fi, soul-drenched production. Not one to follow conventional song structures or methods, ELWD focuses more on loops blended with live instrumentation and abstract directions, to evoke a feeling that ends whenever it feels right. Sometimes merging two beats into one, his dynamic approach gives every project a fresh flow that has you engaged from start to finish. Opener ‘dreamdntsleep’ sets the soulful spirit instantly, the common thread throughout the record’s narrative. ‘inbloom’ continues this upbeat feeling, with heavy hitting drum breaks and mashed up samples. But things get gradually more mellow and then eerie towards the end of side one, rolling effortlessly into side two with a reflective and conscious edge. The degraded saxophone on ‘lottalivin’ gives the melody a more haunting feel while still remaining infectious and ‘yemaybe’ features a distant contemplative voice over live keys and drums, feeding furtherinto the album’s unique theme and direction. Ambient music also plays a part in ELWD’s influences and closing tracks ‘newcolours’ and ‘noicecream’ offer weightless, meditational pieces that end the album on an optimistic note. To close, in ELWD’s own words: “I tried to narrow down many feelings and thoughts from the past year. It’s very personal to me and I hope the people dig it.”
Danko Jones - Wild Cat Yellow Vinyl Edition
Danko Jones - Wild Cat Orange Vinyl Edition
Danko Jones - Wild Cat White Vinyl Edition
Danko Jones - Wild Cat Black Vinyl Edition
V.A. - MethLab // 2
MethLab // 2
2x12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Bad Taste)
16,19 €* 17,99 € -10%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
* Energy grid interference detected // signal source causing space-time distortion beyond the outer-rim. Low-frequency distress beacons triggered in nearby colonies - BT probe dispatched to investigate possible Outside Context Problem. Primary scanner report of the anomaly response // matte-black stealth profile, close-promixity to dimensional layer…Dark matter contact beam extended, attempting connection // … // established // commence broadcast.* Bad Taste Recordings and the MethLab entity meet once again to deliver 'MethLab // 2' - pushing the envelope to the extreme with an array of 7 tracks from across the agency’s roster of the most exciting names currently operating in tech dnb and bass music.Featuring new and highly anticipated solo tracks from Current Value and Billain, alongside brand new collaborations between Disprove-Signal-Audeka and Optiv & CZA.
Danko Jones - I'm Alive And On Fire
Danko Jones - We Sweat Blood
Danko Jones - Born A Lion
Billain - Colossus EP
Colossus EP
2x12" | 2014 | UK | Original (Bad Taste)
21,99 €*
Release:2014 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
One of the DNB scene's most innovative producers, Billain is a name synonymous with the cutting edge of music production. Known in Neurofunk circles and beyond for his organic, complex and totally original style - Billain has been smashing clubs worldwide, ever since he truly destroyed the scene in 2012 with the releases of the chilling ‘Total Darkness' on Rise Audio and the massive ‘Batbots' on Bad Taste Recordings.Already lightyears ahead of the game, Billain continues to hone his innovative sound, this time taking proceedings to an arid, ancient Martian landscape. The centrepiece of Billain's latest, ‘Colossus' features a contorted, epic build up, lurching forward to life in another Billain-powered juggernaut. Featuring huge, barking bass and foreboding synths ‘Colossus' sets the stage for the rest of the EP. Next up retro stabs are turned on their head, with ‘Terminal' propelling them into the future with vintage Billain basslines and percussion. Defying convention and breaking the mould once again, the experimental ‘Autonomous' chugs forward whilst simultaneously spinning back - without a kick drum in sight. Skimming an alien landscape, ‘Red Surface' sees Billain put his own spin on the classic roller. Combining an iconic bassline with the production skills of one of DnB's most original producers, the last track is sure to slay the dancefloor. Featuring four groundbreaking tracks from the Bosnian maestro, the Colossus EP is the most innovative work yet from the deadly Bad Taste and Billain combination.
Danko Jones - Below The Belt
Upbeats, Uman & No Money - Tor / Requiem
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