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Hakimonu - Insular Realms Remixes
Insular Realms Remixes
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Black Crow)
8,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
For the label's ninth release, Deep'a & Biri's Black Crow Records revisits one that helped establish the label's direction back in the imprint's first year. BCR003, ‘Insular Realms' by fellow Israeli producer Hakimonu, was praised by many including Resident Advisor, who said the EP proved “his off-kilter take on techno and house is as vibrant and inviting as ever". Now in 2017, Deep'a & Biri have invited Mind Against, Luigi Tozzi and Echologist (aka dub techno veteran Brendon Moeller) to all rework the original version of Insular Realms for 2017. First up are Life & Death's Mind Against, with one of the Fognini brothers most direct techno productions yet, with a mid-track moment of calm before the intensity resumes. Luigi Tozzi, the Rome-based producer who has had previous outings on Dynamic Reflection and Dino Sabatini's Outis Music, contributes the second remix. Taking the lead from the original's more ethereal moments, his version is dreamy & almost wistful as it propels along its shaking rhythm. The B-side offers two takes from Brendon Moeller in his Echologist guise, with a Dub mix that twists the original into an acid-inflected track that slowly ratchets up the tension over its seven minutes, while the Reshape breaks things down into a churning rhythm peppered with flashes f off kilter sonic details. Completing the package is a digital-only new rework by Hakimonu himself - a slowed down, marching rhythm that foregrounds Insular Realms's jazz influences with the addition of live brass instrumentation that compliment things wonderfully.
Deep'a & Biri - Basic Cycle
Deep'a & Biri
Basic Cycle
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Black Crow)
8,54 €* 8,99 € -5%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Following two staggering contributions from The Analogue Roland Orchestra and 2030 that illustrated to boundless sonic possibilities for the label, Deep’a & Biri return to their Tel Aviv-based Black Crow label with a pair of powerful, emotive techno cuts in the style for which the duo long since become admired. For a long time one of those admirers has been Detroit techno founding father Derrick May, who has been on a mission to push the new 12″s A-side, ‘Basic Cycle’, into instant classic territory through his unwavering commitment to making the track a highlight of his sets. May has been far from alone, with the track being one that D&B have been asked about, if not outright begged for, over the past year or so. It finally becomes available to techno fans worldwide in January 2017, backed by the pummelling rhythms of ‘OverDrum’, which itself has the potential to turn heads and drop jaws all by itself.
Deep'a & Biri - Lightsdown
Hakimonu - Insular Realms
Insular Realms
12" | 2014 | EU | Original (Black Crow)
7,99 €*
Release:2014 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The third release on Tel Aviv duo Deep'a & Biri's Black Crow label comes from Israeli talent Hakimonu. Having first emerged in 2007, Hakimonu has since initiated his own self-titled imprint, with over twenty releases from him and his close circle of like-minded friends since 2010. With a stated intention to "explore the experience of infinity through sound & music", Hakimonu's debut Black Crow release should bring his intelligent fusion of techno, ambient, dub, jazz and acid to wider attention. Far more than a pair of dub techno excursions, the EP's original tracks Insular Realms and Jiriki retain a tougher, more experimental edge while encouraging listeners to explore the minute details in the spaces between the more prevalent elements of the tracks. The EP enlists Ed Davenport (under his Inland guise) and Black Crow bosses Deep'a & Biri for remix duties, with Davenport's dancefloor-rework of Insular Realms continuing his impressive run of form which has included hugely accomplished releases for Mosaic, his own Counterchange label and, as Inland, his collaboration with Function on their co-run Infrastructure New York. Deep'a & Biri meanwhile maintain their own high standards with their propulsive remix of Insular Realms, offering a less rough-hewn yet no less effective club-ready version.
Analog Roland Orchestra, The - Aftermath 2
Analog Roland Orchestra, The
Aftermath 2
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Black Crow)
7,19 €* 7,99 € -10%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Deep’a & Biri’s Black Crow Records further expands its horizons with its seventh release, welcoming another new artist to the family following appearances by 2030, Aril Brihka, Hakimonu, Luke Hess, ROD, Inland and Markus Suckut. The Analog Roland Orchestra’s label debut follows the widely acclaimed 2030 EP and shares with it a widening of the label’s sonic scope to once again showcase Deep’a & Biri’s desire to reach beyond techno and explore ambient and cinematic musical textures. Michal Matlak’s Analog Roland Orchestra finds the Poland born & Berlin based producer in the conductor role among an array of classic electronic hardware, taking on the role of shaping & directing a free flowing sound that moves across genres, whether in a studio or live setting. His previous releases for labels including Ornaments, Rotary Cocktail Recordings and Pastamusik have seen the project indulge in an array of sounds across the techno spectrum. ‘Aftermath II’ is no different, moving from the classic roots techno sounds of ‘Plant’ and ‘Father Detroit’, through the dub excursion of ‘Urei Dub’, to the cinematic, Boards of Canada & Tangerine Dream-recalling pair ‘Her’ and ‘Aftermath. For those with a taste for electronic music’s widescreen possibilities, TARO’s arrival on the Tel Aviv imprint will be a long term favourite.
2030 - Timeworm
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