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Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins UK Hip Hop 3 Artikel

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Specifik & Project Cee - Defcon 1 / Sometimes
Specifik & Project Cee
Defcon 1 / Sometimes
7" | 2016 | EU | Original (Britcore Rawmance 7 Deadly Sins)
9,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Get busy on ‘em, I swarm on the beats, swarm over the streets under the guise of peace, it’s time to release home truths, I hear crying, and mewl- two lines they drool and I’m frying, beans in pans served smartly. I’m hearty, and at large see remember thee that illuminates brightly and spangles dazzle dips, sharp shards I chips, the real steel I crush your battleships, fixed with rivets, divets and dings and dents, chemical remedy get with me its making sense, lyrically rolling over hills, expensive thrills, ha-left with little to pay bills, I need to flex, emotionally charged by Brexit, life be hectic, tragic, watch the next sit. Shtum with no words, like cats with cream, the facts they gleam no wonder we missed the scene.Flash floods, trashed pubs, traipsing mud, morphs into spilled blood, dandling, over dank and dark, rolling ramps, my styles dapper, outlasted slacks. That only raps for slappers – Keys triangulate turn like flat iron, point breaks we achieve by digging deep and dying in the dirt, to the core of the big score I’m shafting, ha ha, now who’s laughing, every joke spun is propped up with facts and each fact tracks back, each fact is packed, with many tomes, I smashed your Pamphlet. Damn – I slam it in cement, it’s now bent, your prolix don’t fix, the project’s def prologue, I progress you retreats into the fog, milky ghost, you’re lost, transfixed in the mist. Doubly crisp as I orientate- this. Much speech I will eek through the amps, I bring the light and ignite the night lamps, I don’t appear on stamps but hand deliver hands severed at wrists for reaching my mike stand, don’t risk your digits dial-up you’re too slow, can’t comprehend the speed of my lyrical flow which changes, rearranges, switches and chops, synergised the syntax when the beat- drops, the rudiments they’re adrift from, like Isaac from his flock children of the corn, melt wax like candles, harvest the liquid, inhale the gases unmasked for a few quid, watch me spin on your platter – it’s all nice, splice the mean somewhere between fire and ice and elements twist while compounds are released, supersede disease and raise the deceased. (www.undergroundunited.de)
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