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Bruno Spoerri - Voice Of Taurus
Bruno Spoerri
Voice Of Taurus
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want)
20,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Bruno Spoerri’s masterpiece VOICE OF TAURUS LP available for the first time on vinyl since 1978. housed in 350g sleeve and contains all new liner notes by Bruno Spoerri himself, printed oin double side poster inlay - Bruno Spoerri who came to recent attention over his sampling dispute with Lay Z and Timbaland (that he won) plays the 1978 cult classic The Sounds Of The UFOs live at the bluedot Festival (in conjuction with Finders Keepers) wich together with our equally cult classic companion Voice Of Taurus are to be reissued here now! - For fans of electronic music, jazz, early techno , movie soundtracks, library music, cosmic oddities, ambient, sci-fi disco, synthesizers, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Wendy Carlos, Nino Nardini, Yello, Encounter of the Third Kind, UFOs, meditation, and unknown galaxies. Tracklisting: A1 Hymn Of Taurus (Taurus Is Calling You!) A2 Galactic Acid A3 Saucers Over Montreux A4 Hallo World A5 Méditation B1 Space Cantata B2 Cosmotoxology B3 Saxellite B4 Quiet High We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records is overjoyed to announce the reissue of highly sought-after electronic/sci-fi disco/proto-techno/ambient masterpiece VOICE OF TAURUS by Swiss music pioneer and synth super wizard Bruno Spoerri, available on vinyl for the first time since 1978, housed in a 350g jacket and packed with all new liner notes. Surrounded with a formidable family of legendary synthesizers, primitive modulators, and audio gear transformed and customized à la Spoerri, armed with an extraordinary talent for improvisation, and deeply inspired by the likes of Wendy Carlos, Pierre Schaeffer, and the then freshly released Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Bruno Spoerri envisioned VOICE OF TAURUS as "electronic pop conceived using an experimental and jazz approach".
Bruno Spoerri - Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12
Bruno Spoerri
Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Finders Keepers)
18,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
From his seemingly bottomless well of unreleased conceptual pop, jazz and pioneeringelectronic experiments, Swiss composer Bruno Spoerri, in conjunction with long termcollaborators Finders Keepers, finally unleashes the master tapes to an obscure 1972 featurelength documentary called Langstrasse Zwischen 12 und 12 (Long Street Between MiddayAnd Midnight). Directed by Gianni Paggi (who had also worked on Swiss pop music weeklyHits A Gogo) and radio host and author Max Rüeger this seldom seen film studied the starkcounter balance between the lifestyles of the inhabitants of Zurich’s famous Langstrasse - avaried and vibrant stretch of road in centre of the city which played host to a unique mixof contrasting cultural and social groups, working class families and energetic creatives.Langstrasse Zwischen 12 und 12 explored real-life stories of family run businesses, schools,nine to five commuters and the contrasting nightlife scene including the city’s liberal afterhours red light district. To accentuate the ironic and slightly schizophrenic nature of theproduction Paggi and Rüeger called upon Spoerri as one of the country’s most versatileinstrumental composers to share a first-hand impression of the area as a local himself.Exploring a wide range of musical disciplines from early modified synthesisers to rock rhythmsvia found sounds, jazz, folk and traditional Greek music, Spoerri successfully infused vibrantbursts of sonic colour into the monochrome imagery of the programme, creating a floatingnarrative undercurrent quite unlike anything heard on regular Swiss TV during the era.In scoring such a project to a precise deadline Spoerri would require a trusted group ofregular musicians, many of whom would appear on collectable records by Swiss groupssuch as The Metronome Quintet, The Rainbow Orchestra and Emphasis. As a leader ofThe Metronome Quintet himself Bruno was comfortable working alongside reliable membersFernando Vicencio (sax and flute), Ueli Staub (vibes, keys and percussion) and drummerRolf Bänninger - who’s prominent playing is best exemplified on the previous FindersKeepers/Spoerri LP Hommage Au Fromage. Other players on this session include Latinmulti-instrumentalist Antonio Conde who had simultaneously bonded with Vincencio in thejazz rock super group The Rainbow Orchestra under famous guitarist/soundtrack composerPierre Cavali (see record FKR008). Another Cavali/Vincencio collaborator to appear on thisalbum is pianist Renato Anselmi who would later join both musicians in the band Emphasis -vital to this session Renato Anselmi would provide extra keyboards to Bruno’s experimentaland textural synthesiser tones. Later in the 1970s Spoerri would also enlist Anselmi to playon the soundtrack to art house film Lilith (recently sampled by US rapper Jay Z. For hardcorecollectors of European jazz the appearance of trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti might warrantsome deserved attention. A firm fixture on the Swiss jazz scene alongside Spoerri andregularly playing with George Gruntz, Ambrosetti’s earlier work on records alongside playerslike American sax man Shahib Shihab or French saxophonist Barney Wilen remain some ofthe most expensive original items on the collectors market. The final icing on the cake for thissession would be the inclusion of Switzerland’s leading harmonica player Heinz Pfenninger,a welcome addition to the group having played with Ueli Staub in the award-winning RobyWeber Quartet (Pfenninger can also be heard playing bass alongside Rolf Bänninger onSpoerri’s aforementioned Hommage Au Fromage LP).Like most of Bruno’s releases on Finders Keepers Langstrasse Zwischen 12 und 12 sees theartist explore unique new territories, combining the skill of incredibly talented musicians andcombining his own discoveries in the realms of electronic music and his own brand of postconcrètefound sound application which would appear on his rare postcard records made forindustrial companies utilising wristwatches, pneumatic drills and forklift trucks as essentialparts of his orchestral palette. This early 70’s glimpse into Spoerri’s narrative compositionfor the small screen captures an important European artist-cum-scientist treading a seldomtrodden path between experimental pop, jazz and music technology in its infancy.
Bruno Spoerri - Memories
Bruno Spoerri - Teddy Bär / Lilith
Bruno Spoerri
Teddy Bär / Lilith
LP | 2013 | UK | Original (Cache Cache)
17,99 €*
Release:2013 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Comprising two of the most complete bodies of work from innovative Swiss electronic jazz pioneer Bruno Spoerri this combined archival release delves into a deep vault of commercial and experimental film music revealing the vibrant versatility of the composer in collaboration with two important Swiss directors. Mastered from original studio tapes this compendium comprises an expanded range of instruments and studio techniques placing the artist on either side of his comfort zone parameters. Utilising vocals in both a reated/experimental form as well as in a formal song based capacity this release instantly reveals two new sides to Spoerri’s personality. The two soundtracks also reveal the natural progression of Bruno's interaction between live bands and jazz musicians working alongside industrial field recordings and concrète tape experiments (previously exemplified in his work forforklift truck manufacturer Lansing Bagnall). Spoerri's broad palette of electronic instruments is widely utilised within these recordings revealing Bruno's home studio as one of the early exponents of the Lyricon wind synth and various modular synthesisers developed and re-customised as part of a wider creative relationship with the creators of Buchla and Arp instruments.
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