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Rabit - Life After Death
Life After Death
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Halcyon Veil)
19,94 €* 20,99 € -5%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Rabit resets his sound in kaleidoscopic, cinematic dimensions on ‘Life After Death’, an absorbingly psychedelic, pop-wise and fractally refined follow-up to his trio of boundary-pushing albums that bridged the gaps between DJ Screw and Coil, grime and the GRM. Divined and constructed over the last two years between studios in Houston, TX and Paris, France, ‘Life After Death’ is Eric C. Burton a.k.a. Rabit’s most concerted effort at working deeper into the cracks between genres, so deep in fact that stylistic taxonomy becomes obsolete and sonic alchemy is now firmly the aim of the game. Across its 12 tracks Rabit essentially offers himself as a conductive vessel between dreams and machines, a kind of dark interpreter and interlocutor between metaphysical spirits and the material world.
City - A Goal Is An Image
A Goal Is An Image
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Halcyon Veil)
19,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
A Goal is an Image is an elusive hybrid of experimental metal and weightless electronics distilled into 11 naturally tempestuous takes on the digital zeitgeist, ripping away its hi-fi sheen to reveal a reactive ecology of overgrown, semi-organic textures and pranging rhythms wrapped up in chaotic harmony.Will Ballantyne has realised a mean contribution to the conversation around peripheral club music and its electronic production, morphing its perimeters between computer game and film soundtrack tropes, soundsystem-testing prangs, and styles foreign to the putative club experience. The effect is simultaneously hyperreal and severed from the daily grind; a simulacra of impossibility animated with physically reactive impact.Across the album listeners are torn in and out of ‘the box’, perpetually reframing the sound between naturally elegant and digitally unreal environments in a way that resonates with the LP artwork. He establishes this upending uncertainty with the whorl of field recordings, processed textures and floating, Coil-like harpsichord motifs in Provinces and Your Stream, harnessing a sense of struggle against gravity in the buckshot-riddled mass of Pain/Power and with searing trance riffs nailed into place on End Zone like Lorenzo Senni running a gauntlet of snipers.City’s experi-metal impetus bleeds thru most strongly in the glowering poise of Inevitable, and with needling bite in the towering recursive riffs of Ffaith, quite literally galvanised thru electronic process, leading to the record’s most captivating, expansive pinnacle with field recordings and sample pack presets diffused into the otherworldly detachment of SAR and his trance dress-down, Immaculate.As Halcyon Veil’s first full length feature album, A Goal is an Image arguably epitomises the label’s aesthetic - unflinchingly upfront and uncannily emotive - and gives voice to a true outsider spirit.
IVVVO - Good, Bad, Baby, Horny
Good, Bad, Baby, Horny
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Halcyon Veil)
11,69 €* 12,99 € -10%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
On his thrilling, wide-eyed debut for Rabit’s Halcyon Veil, London-based IVVVO gets deep under the hood of rave music’s emotive mechanics and reasserts his crucial role in the borderland between lonely bedrooms and heaving clubs.Good, Bad, Baby, Horny is a distressing but necessary distillation of contemporary worries in the bedroom and the dance. Largely shy of beats but heavy on symbolic, contorted references to ‘90s and ’00s pop, rave, and video games, as much as the current ecology of effluent news feeds and rampant social anxiety, it plays out like a frazzled AI attempting to parse the confusion of memory thru state of infinitely up-to-the-second hyperreality.Its four tracks fuse visceral and highly visual sonic cues in synaesthetic rushes that mirror our sense of physicality within the framework of daily digital experience; somehow isolating themotion sick feeling of hurtling toward a shared endgame with life flashing before our eyes, whilst simultaneously remaining static at the centre of a rave and resisting the perceived tempo ofreality.Scaling from the intensely queasy sensuality of the title track’s gasps and deathly synth drop, thru the the sky-kissing guitar licks off Self Rape, to the frozen Eski shoegaze burn of I Fucked It Up and an elusive glimpse of ecstasy in Tongue Kiss Crying, the mood is perpetually high-strung yet melancholic, violent yet compassionate, perhaps best considered in terms of MDMA as a bitter salt or prism for reflective, therapeutic purposes.It’s definitely Ivo Pacheco’s strongest work yet, and a hugely timely dispatch from one of rave’s visionary contemporary se’ers.
Why Be - Snipestreet
Why Be
12" | 2015 | EU | Original (Halcyon Veil)
11,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Rabit’s Halycon Veil label swerves left with a freakish 2nd release coming from the Korean-born, Danish-raised Why Be - a member of DJ Hvad’s Syg Nok squad, Janus regular and contributor of Total Freedom’s ‘Blasting Voices’ compilation.Equal measures grime, bumpy techno and internet-world electronics tot up to a frictional but fluid batch tripping across imagined ‘floor-spaces and the stranger black holes between their cracks.‘Heroin Hat’ crosses wires between ersatz Afro melodies and sublow techno with the playful dexterity of Physical Therapy whereas the massive blackened mass of ‘Whalin (Kyselina OST)’ proves an impressive aptitude for beat-less, abstract sound design on a majestic, show-stopping scale.Back to the ‘floor on the B-side, he glances askew at ballroom house from the midst of a gif-like loop vortex with ‘Deeq’ and its b*tch-slapping, c*nty counterpart ‘Late (Laser Ha)’ throwing down limb-synched edits for the voguers.Very safe to say: if you’re into Physical Therapy, Total Freedom or Rabit - this 12” is a strong look.
Myth - Evaporate
12" | 2015 | EU | Original (Halcyon Veil)
12,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
‘Evaporate’ is the first issue from Rabit’s highly promising Halcyon Veil label, and also the exceptional solo debut from 21 year old s.w. Londoner, Myth. Infectiously emotive and nimbly weightless, it rotates seven slick grime and 2-step instrumentals.
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