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Harry Partch Vinyl, CD & Tape 5 Artikel

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Harry Partch - Plectra And Percussion Dances
Harry Partch
Plectra And Percussion Dances
LP | 1953 | EU | Reissue (Jeanne Dielman)
15,99 €*
Release:1953 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Klassik
Born in Oakland, CA, but raised in New Mexico, Partch learned mandolin, violin, piano, reed organ, and cornet as a child. Clearly a unique talent, even that early on, Partch went to USC Music School but was dissatisfied with his teachers, and instead studied music on his own where he learned to reject many of the Western constructs of music and began experimenting withusing scales of unequal intervals in just intonation, and was one of the first Western composers of the 20th century to use microtonal scales. These recordings were some of the first made after Partch settled in Sausalito and founded his legendary Gate 5 studio. Debuted in 1953 on KPFA radio, these compositions still sound otherworldly and cutting edge today. Essential American 20th Century composer Harry Partch, on Jeanne Dielman.
Harry Partch - Delusion Of Fury
Harry Partch
Delusion Of Fury
2LP | 1969 | US | Reissue (8th)
33,99 €*
Release:1969 / US – Reissue
A composer, a theorist, and an innovator, Harry Partchstands out among so many other American classical artistsas one of the most eccentric. He notably rejected thetradition of composers like Beethoven and Bach for a lack oftheatricality and drama, and took his greatest inspirationsfrom Eastern Noh theater, frequently incorporating speechand dance into his pieces, as well as requiring participantsto perform multiple parts. His theories reflected thisdismissal, which sought to return musical tradition to thoseof the pre-Classical era, with a heavy focus on microtonality,and octave intervals beyond what was traditionally utilized.Many of the pieces he composed would prominently featureinstruments of his own invention, including heavily modifiedstring instruments, mallet instruments, and pipe organs.Over the course of his life, Partch released a number ofrecords, soundtracked numerous films by MadelineTourtelot, and wrote the highly influential text Genesis Of AMusic, which would introduce his theories to acontemporary audience, and inspire fellow avant-gardecomposers as Lou Harrison, Ben Johnston, James Tenney,and even the famed experimental collective The Residents.One of his most famed works was the stage play DelusionOf The Fury, a piece of performance art based upon theJapanese Noh drama Atsumori, while also taking cues fromEthiopian folk tales, Shakespearean tragedy, and ancientGreek traditions. Delusion Of The Fury is looked backupon by critics and historians as one of Partch's seminalworks, making heavy use of his signature micro-tonalcompositional style, as well as many of his own inventedinstruments. It is considered his confrontation with his ownanger towards a world that frequently rejected him, anddealt him hardship. The play first premiered at the UCLAPlayhouse in 1969, whereupon it was recorded by ColumbiaRecords, and presented in a double LP format.
Harry Partch - A Portrait
Harry Partch
A Portrait
LP | 2016 | US | Original (New World)
20,39 €* 23,99 € -15%
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Klassik
The Harry Partch Ensemble, The Gate 5 Ensemble. Limited Edition LP release (180g vinyl) + free download card. Selecting illustrative works from the lifetime of a creative person is a daunting task; doing so with a singularly individual artist like Harry Partch is all the more difficult. In the more than four decades since Partch's death, interest in his both his life and his compositional output has continued to grow, and there remains a place for documents that can offer insights, suggest paths, and give new life to that creator's endeavors.Even as duplicate instrumental ensembles are beginning to appear, and the original Partch instrumental resources have found a new home for performance and study, there is considerable value in returning to the many recordings he crafted over his lifetime of composition and performance. These are recordings that carry not only the stamp of the author, but his voice as well - Partch himself appears in every single track of this record, either as singer, instrumentalist, or both.This remastered version of The Dreamer That Remains has never been available before and is making its first appearance in any format. The 12-page booklet includes an essay by the Harry Partch Foundation's Jon Szanto and numerous rare photographs provided by the foundation and other sources. An invaluable document for both Partch enthusiasts and neophytes! Limited to 700 copies.
Harry Partch - The World Of Harry Partch
Harry Partch
The World Of Harry Partch
LP | 1969 | US | Reissue (Columbia)
16,99 €*
Release:1969 / US – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
180 gram vinyl!A composer, a theorist, and an innovator, HarryPartch stands out among so many otherAmerican classical artists as one of the mosteccentric. He notably rejected the tradition ofcomposers like Beethoven and Bach for a lackof theatricality and drama, and took his greatestinspirations from Eastern Noh theater,frequently incorporating speecn and dance intohis pieces, as well as requiring participants toperform multiple parts. His theories reflectedthis dismissal, which sought to return musicaltradition to those of the pre-Classical era, with aheavy focus on microtonality, and octaveintervals beyond what was traditionally utilized.Many of the pieces he composed wouldprominently feature instruments of his owninvention, including heavily modified stringinstruments, mallet instruments, andpipe organs.Over the course of his life, Partch released anumber of records, soundtracked numerousfilms by Madeline Tourtelot, and wrote the highlyinfluential text Genesis Of A Music, which wouldintroduce his theories to a contemporaryaudience, and inspire fellow avant-gardecomposers as Lou Harrison, Ben Johnston,James Tenney, and even the famedexperimental collective The Residents.
Harry Partch - Delusion Of The Fury
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