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Hobo Camp Vinyl, CD & Tape 11 Artikel

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Hotthobo - Soft Serve
Soft Serve
Tape | 2017 | US | Original (Hobo Camp)
12,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Soft Serve is a 60 minute cassette mix by Randy “Hotthobo” Ellis with a Jazz-Funk-Library vibe... be the guy or gal that brings this mix to a summer rager or pool party and just happens to pop it into the boombox that will also be there, because its 1987 (or maybe just 30 years later).
Adam Chini - Don't Tempt Me / Let The Night Slip Away
Adam Chini
Don't Tempt Me / Let The Night Slip Away
7" | 2016 | US | Original (Hobo Camp)
13,99 €*
Release:2016 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
The debut 7” release from Hobo Camp and 2nd release as a labelcomes from Adam Chini from San Diego, California. Adam is thelead keyboard player in Brian Ellis’ Reflection, and this release is asolo journey into a world of synth-ed out modern funk with a tingeof psychedelic bliss. Made using all analog equipment and vintagedrum machines, Chini channels the vibe of lo-fi boogie funk raritiesand creates a private press style release that could have beenreleased at any point in time (is this from 1982, 1994 or 2016?)
Hotthobo - Big Name
Panavision - Time Raft EP
Time Raft EP
LP | 2018 | US | Original (Hobo Camp)
27,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Blue pearl sky, golden sand, industrial particulate solution like an LA sunset surround a titanium hover bike speeding along the dusty horizon, silhouetted against an off-world sunset where nature and machine capture each other in a temporary spiral dance. “Time Raft” from Panavision is a soundtrack to an imagined future, from the past. Channeling it’s influences, part melody talisman blessed by the sorcery of Dan Judd (aka Sorcerer) and fused to a bottle of fine Chablis with sticky strips of Luke Vibert’s beard, one could almost hear the clear punchy thwack of an Oberheim DX on an early 80’s Whispers track in the distance, surrounded by optimistic synthesized chords, expansive and reminiscent of a Future World Orchestra number. This is the vision of a crying civilization.
Coming Soon
Danny Doppler - Drippin’ Wet With Danny Doppler
Danny Doppler
Drippin’ Wet With Danny Doppler
Tape | 2018 | US | Original (Hobo Camp)
11,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
On Drippin' Wet, news anchor/DJ Danny Doppler, (aka Danbone of Austin Boogie Crew) invites you to experience changing weather patterns with the rest of us in real time. A mix of forecast funk and kitchen jazz.
V.A. - Run The Length Of Your Wildness EP
Run The Length Of Your Wildness EP
12" | 2017 | US | Original (Hobo Camp)
11,49 €* 22,99 € -50%
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Run The Length Of Your Wildness is a weekly dance party held every Monday night at Underground SF in San Francisco, which initially launched on August 24th, 2015 in a small rave cave known as The Basement — formerly and infamously known as 222 Hyde — in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. Friends and 100% Silk labelmates Cherushii (Chelsea Faith) and Roche (Ben Winans) started the night as an opportunity to DJ more often, honing their skills in the process. But thanks to the intimate setting, The Basement’s supportive owner and staff, and the wonderful crowd who attended on a regular basis, Run The Length Of Your Wildness became so much more than that: a community of music-obsessed weirdos, nerds, scene fixtures, first-time ravers, and eccentrics, leavened by the occasional random partygoer passing by, taking a chance, and finding themselves hooked on their new Monday night mainstay. We book primarily local DJs and live acts, and make an effort to book artists and DJs who have never performed out before. We encourage experimentation, and we’re proud to say Run The Length Of Your Wildness has become a place for electronic musicians and DJs to showcase their expressive freedom and GO WILD! On December 2, 2016, Cherushii, Nackt (Johnny Igaz) and several other beautiful souls were lost in the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire. The loss is beyond devastating — we miss our friends dearly. The San Francisco electronic music community has come together to do whatever we can to champion their legacy, and Run The Length Of Your Wildness is proud to be an enduring part of that legacy. Hobo Camp is proud to be able to partner with Run The Length Of Your Wildness to produce a release containing music from Cherushii and Nackt, to preserve their legacy and contributions.
Boy Dude - Cassette For You
Boy Dude
Cassette For You
Tape | 2017 | US | Original (Hobo Camp)
12,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Multi-instrumentalist and Music Producer Jordan Chini armed with an array of guitars, basses, drum machines, and vintage synths has fused the spirit of lo-fi songwriting and psychedelia with the aesthetics of experimental funk and soul under his brand-new guise “BOY DUDE”. Sculpted using peculiar studio techniques, “Cassette For You” garnished its title, and was ultimately mixed and rendered through a Tascam Portastudio 4 track recorder, granting the album a warm and classic tape compression vibe. As a result, there is a distinct mood and atmosphere to his music, which traverses seamlessly through many eras and styles of music, without any specific destination in mind. The LP was initially influenced by Jordan digging out some of his Fathers’ (Robert Chini – former Songwriter for Motown Records) recordings from the late 70’s, which inspired Chini to begin writing and experimenting in a similar vein. The result was a stunning marriage of vintage moods with modern songwriting sonics, which transformed into the “BOY DUDE” project. Additionally, this LP is a result of Chini reaching a turning point in his own musical development: experimenting with blending his songwriting background with his “funky” side and his increasing love and understanding of vintage synthesizers. Each tune on the LP delves deep into the world of BOY DUDE, which can be fuzzy, emotional, trippy, dreamy, and well, let’s leave the rest up for you to decide
JONE$ - Double Dose
Double Dose
Tape | 2017 | US | Original (Hobo Camp)
13,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Memphis Tennessee’s JONE$ digs extremely deep to find the most epic soul records ever put to wax. As ½ of the infamous Pressure World Crew (an elusive DJ crew dedicated to showcasing the rarest, obscurest, and highest quality soul tunes) and also of Memphix Records, JONE$ is more than a few notches above some of the most seasoned collectors on the digging scene, and is known to harbor a few of the rarest and most in demand soul records on the planet. This cassette mix was created on the solo tip, clocking in a sublime 60 minutes of all 7” format cuts from his collection. The result is the entirely purple “Double Dose” Mix. As fans of the Pressure World sound, Hobo Camp is extremely proud to present this diggers manifesto, with amazing artwork by Travis Gire (aka @myworldizblue), and cassette layout by Michael Steffen.
Roche - Sity To Sky EP
Reggie Blount & Zackey Force Funk - Space Bitch / Stimulant
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