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Voiceless - Charivari EP
Charivari EP
12" | 2014 | EU | Original (III Rivers)
8,09 €* 8,99 € -10%
Release:2014 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
The III Rivers juggernaut sets forth once again, release number 4 The Charivari EP, putting Voiceless in the cockpit and leading the charge. Second Nature sets a dark, sultry and ominous tone as Voiceless deploys a plethora of sounds and moods that resonate with all the tense drama of the label's affiliated club night, Bohemian Grove. Big laser beam synths dart through a thick pitch black haze while a factory line percussion section hammers on. Always keeping a foot in the sonic warfare division, we get three locked grooves loaded and ready for battle; funky, electrified technoid wobblers that should fight off most opposition with ease. Flip the disc and Opt-out opens with a controlled urgency as a barrage of kick drums sets the train in motion. Voiceless layers up rich, untreated piano chords against the backdrop of dark industrial chaos; percussion artefacts career around the mix and various elements are put through an aural meat grinder before the familiar and welcoming piano motif returns like a long lost friend; guiding us through the smoke hand-in-hand. A beautiful juxtaposition of soulful melancholy and cold, glacial machines. Final track Charivari really hits the accelerator as a tough and mechanical rhythm jolts against blurred, radioactive pads and searing string lines before collapsing into a fractal breakdown introducing mystical, weaving high end leads. An eyes-down fist pumper of the highest order and one that commands excessive smoke & strobe light abuse late, late into the session. One to close off one of their infamous soirees in style, hoards of mutant dancers leaving the industrial backdrop of the club's venue and crossing paths with the early morning dog walkers and Sunday strollers. Four releases in and we've lost none of the quality control, unique drive and free minded "true spirit" (to quote Tresor's legendary catchphrase). The label goes from the strength to strength and with it, brings a whole new generation of techno shamans under their wing.
Mark Forshaw - Sequester Ep
Mark Forshaw
Sequester Ep
12" | 2014 | EU | Original (III Rivers)
8,99 €*
Release:2014 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Mark Forshaw providing the subterranean transmissions on this latest space nugget. With Shulgin gone, secret tales of him dosing up the clientele at Bohemian Grove have surfaced, with this record surely soundtracking the ensuing all night discotheque?! The north-west UK based artist provides 3 tracks of smoky, hardware-based Techno infused with narcosis throughout. A1/Change Request - rides a glistening, arpeggiated crescendo of luminescent goodness. All eyes-wide-shut dancing under industrial backdrops. A2/Fantastic Flake - could well be what happens after smoking one of Ron Hardy's sherm sticks at Islington Mill. Muzik Box-inspired repetition and a concentric acid bassline mean this baby is crying out for a 2-copy, extended workout and destined to send dancers spiralling out of control into the speaker stacks. Track 3 occupies the whole of the B-side-Where Did You Go - a cavernous 303 workout which lends itself to ADHD-levels of smoke 'n' strobe abuse. Journeying deeper and deeper into the rave cave as the track progresses, expect a hoard of lysergic gremlins and machine-elves leading the charge.
Hakim Murphy - Freeform Terraforming EP
Hakim Murphy
Freeform Terraforming EP
12" | 2013 | EU | Original (III Rivers)
5,99 €*
Release:2013 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
More extra-terrestrial, technoid vibrations from the Ill Rivers nucleus. This latest transmission delivered by the one and only Hakim Murphy; and received through biosynthesized artefacts planted on Earth by the higher civilizations during the Great Experiment. Reports of strange noises in the sky have been circulating since 2010, posing many questions as to their origin. Secretly, III Rivers have been communicating with the space beings, securing their place in the interstellar Shangri-la when at last we finally transcend the cosmos.
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