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Gene Clark - White Light
Matthew Sweet - Altered Beast
Billy Squier - Don't Say No
Flying Burrito Bros, The - The Gilded Palace Of Sin
Matthew Sweet - 100% Fun
Murray Head - Nigel Lived
Marshall Crenshaw - Field Day Expanded Edition
Judee Sill - Judee Still
Judee Sill - Heart Food
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!
Joe Jackson - I'm The Man
Joe Jackson
I'm The Man
LP | 1979 | US | Reissue (Intervention)
43,99 €*
Release:1979 / US – Reissue
Astonishingly released within months of Jackson's 1979 debut album "Look Sharp!“, "I’m The Man“ is another tight and inspired set of power-pop that features some of Jackson’s best and most timeless tunes. Many of the songs here like “On Your Radio”, “Kinda Kute”, and the title track “I’m The Man” fall right in line with the punchy guitar riffs and pounding bass that made "Look Sharp!" such a driving force. Jackson followed "I’m The Man" with only one more album featuring the tight ensemble featured here and creatively restless soul that he is didn’t return to this brand of power pop until reuniting that lineup for 2003’s underrated "Volume 4". I doubt it was possible to listen to "I’m The Man" in 1979, and predict the subsequent ska-inspired "Beat Crazy" or 1982’s ode to jazz, "Night And Day". But we do hear the songwriter growing into his powers with “It’s Different For Girls”, one of his strongest and most lyrically perceptive songs, and one with decades of staying power; one of Jackson’s great live set pieces today is a solo piano arrangement of that song that’s as arresting as the original in some ways. Jackson would famously broaden his influences in later albums and his catalog is nothing if not diverse. While Jackson’s greatest commercial success was "Night And Day", "Look Sharp!" and "I’m The Man" are new-wave classics that improve with every listen!"I'm The Man" is sourced from the best analog tape currently available, a beautifully preserved ½” 'safety copy' of the original stereo master. When mastering this LP we compared what we were getting off the tape to an original A&M UK LP. While great sounding overall, the original LP is of course a very edgy sounding New Wave, post-punk record with a brashness that borders on being outright bright sounding. Where the aggressive top-end energy is concerned, the tapes showed no discenible age! We were able to maintain that grungy edge, but also restore the driving bass lines and bottom-end foundation that were on these tapes. The result is the best-sounding "I'm The Man" anyone's ever heard, with all the drive and pop of the original UK release, but with superb tonal balance, imaging and clarity. The definitive issue of this iconic New Wave classic!
Joe Jackson - Night & Day
Joe Jackson
Night & Day
LP | 1982 | US | Reissue (Intervention)
46,99 €*
Release:1982 / US – Reissue
Joe Jackson went to New York looking for new inspirations and sounds, and found his greatest commercial and critical success with "Night And Day", an album redolent of the glitz and glamour of the city. These superbly crafted and arranged pop songs are inspired by the grandeur of Cole Porter and George Gershwin, and confidently infused with elements of jazz, swing and salsa. A genre-jumping crossover hit that virtually no one who heard the edgy power-pop of Jackson’s first 1979 efforts - "Look Sharp!" and "I’m The Man" - could ever claim to have seen coming. Perhaps the fearless Jackson’s finest hour in the studio."Night And Day" is mastered 100% AAA analog and sourced from the best analog tape currently available, a beautifully preserved and gorgeous sounding ½” 'safety copy' of the original stereo master. When mastering this LP we listened to an original A&M US pressing, which we believe to be the best sounding version previously available in spite of numerous reissues (we had them all on hand), for comparison and level matching. The tapes sounded simply phenomenal, with full bass, lots of midrange and treble detail and a very lively and punchy dynamic. IR's release maintains the richness and punch in the bass without exagerating the low end, and since we didn't push the treble the glorious midrange is fully revealed, maintaining the tape's beautiful top-end shimmer without tipping the balance toward brightness. One of those rare recordings where the sonics are a match for the performance!
Stealers Wheel - Ferguslie Park
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