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Andrew Hargreaves - Pose Plastique
Andrew Hargreaves
Pose Plastique
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Other Ideas)
18,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Andrew Hargreaves (The Boats, Tape Loop Orchestra) presents his striking first works for dance with Pose Plastique; an unrequited musique concrète score to choreography by Belgian dancer Anaïs Ureel. Hugely recommended if you’re into anything from Tony Conrad to Demdike Stare, GRM or Emptyset.Pushing himself beyond his usual comfort zones, and using a kinetograph score of movements which was effectively illegible to him, the results of Pose Plastique reveal a keen sensitivity towards supple and super spacious sound design, eschewing any sort of ‘incessant pounding’, as he initially feared he was supposed to, in favour of a series of diffused rhythmic triggers and physical gestures that mirror elements of Ostgut Ton’s Masse works for dance as much as Jeff Mills’ most abstract techno navigations and the plonging, weightless meters of Bernard Parmegiani’s seminal GRM works.As these things go, the commission never fully manifested. Anaïs ended up disenchanted by dance (not due to Andrew’s music, we might add!) and eventually moved to New Zealand. Fast forward a few years and Andrew made the decision to edit the recordings for this extended release, simultaneously offering encrypted instructions for movement to any willing bodies, while its free-floating sequence of rhythmic and tonal structures act as a hugely absorbing listen in their own right. It’s perhaps testament to Andrew’s gifted, mutable compositional skills and musical vision that Pose Plastique works in its own right, he’s clearly attuned to the integral connection between living bodies and machines, and the way they’ve become conditioned by electronics ever since the explosion of avant-garde electronic music in the ‘60s, to the impulses of disco and new wave, and its contemporary application.Gorgeous, absorbing music.
Boats, The - Abstraction
Boats, The
LP | 2015 | UK | Original (Other Ideas)
20,99 €*
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Abstraction' continues The Boats' industrial cycle with a remorseless instalment. Quite possibly the most potent of all their releases so far, it finds the usually gentle souls of Andrew Hargreaves and Craig Tattersall revealing what they get up to when no-one is listening -- you'd think they're out bothering fields and folding paper until the candles run out but, oh no, they're actually cranking out thunderous industrial beat-offs and dry stone walls of noise. This one is a meaty beast, piling the kicks and distortion higher than a VIP plate at Toby's carvery but, not without glimpses of their vulnerable selves, chore jackets on and faces fixed on the machinery. From the glancing bass drum blows and grunting noise of opener 'P Versus NP' they sustain a stoic resolution thru the blitzed pounding of 'Section Conjecture' and acidic bog monster roil of 'Parabolic Type' on the A-side, before allowing the machines to cool off on the B-side; 'Inverse Galois Problem' flushes the system with a swill of industrial fluids precipitating a proper piece of death-techno necrophilia, and 'Lonely Runner Problem' arches up from clammy fuzz to an excoriating expanse of noise techno that would put the sh*ts up Huren on a good day.
Beppu - Persuasion
LP | 2015 | UK | Original (Other Ideas)
14,29 €* 21,99 € -35%
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Beppu (The Boats) ratchets the industrial levels on the second part of an album trilogy that started with ‘Coercion’ in 2014. With ‘Persuasion’ he allows the machines to lead the compositional process, letting himself be taken into the red by unrelenting, Vainio-style noise pulses and four-to-the-floor kicks with rail- gun 16ths side-chained to near-oblivion with a bone-head momentum.
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