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Joshua Groß
10,00 €*
Joshua Groß ist mit dieser 106 Seiten starken Erzählung Erstaunliches gelungen:Eine Darstellung unserer alltäglichen Gegenwart, in der die analoge Realität der Körper und die digitaleRealität der Datenströme konstant ineinander verwoben sind, in Literatur zu übersetzen. Vielleicht ist»FLAUSCH kontraste « eine der ersten Postinternet-Erzählungen überhaupt... oder?Auf jeden Fall ist es eine Erzählung, die seine vielen literarischen und musikalischen Fixsterne – dermagische Realismus von Jorge Luis Borges und Robert Bolano gehört dazu, aber auch Jean Baudrillard unddessen Idee von einem Zeitalter der Simulation, sowie Qu Yuan, Uropa der chinesischen Dichtkunst, und dieNew Yorker Rapper Jay-Z und Sean Price mittels direkter Zitate offenlegt.Joshua Groß’ verzweigte Erzählung wartet mit vielem auf, an dem man sich festbeißen kann:Einhornkopf-Frauen. Reflektionen über die Realitätsverschiebungen, die mit der fortschreitendenDigitalisierung einhergehen, bayerische Kartoffel-Fastfood-Lokale, die auf Tiefladern über die Autobahnrasen und vieles mehr, das ganz ohne eine realistische Sprache der Zukunft oder verklärendeRomantisierung der Vergangenheit auskommt, aber dennoch trotz seiner magischen Elemente sehrtreffende Diagnosen unserer Gegenwart entwickelt.Dieses Buch gibt sich nicht damit zufrieden, dass Literatur heute oft so ist wie ein Nutellabrot:» Rindenlose-kleingeschnittene-mit-Gabel-servierte-Ambitionslosigkeit & irgendwann beginnen dieFeuilletonisten & Leser zu stöhnen, wenn vergessen wurde, zum Buch eine Gabel mitzuliefern. «FLAUSCH kontraste ist in Opposition zu dieser im Text getroffenen Zustandsdiagnose derGegenwartsliteratur – soviel Pathos sei erlaubt – eine Liebeserklärung an die Zauberkraft der Sprache.Eine Liebeserklärung, die keine Angst davor hat, seinen Leserinnen und Lesern »zu viel« zuzumuten. Werdavor keine Angst hat, hat die Chance mit Frank Tur zusammen – ganz am Ende, »im unwahrscheinlichstenaller Augenblicke« – die Rovnitz zu erkennen und den Glauben daran zurückzugewinnen, dass Literaturmehr schaffen kann als Abziehbilder einer ohnehin öden Realität.
Vice Magazine - 2017 - 12 - Dezember
Quintron - Europa My Mirror
Europa My Mirror
26,99 €*
This is the first book from New Orleans organist and inventor, Quintron: a multi-layered tome that pays tribute to the perilous world of devoted musical road-dawgs. The setting is Europe, but the book is just as much about the myriad illusions of American identity. A not-so-glamorous life in rock gets pulled apart to reveal vivid blood vessels running beneath the obvious. The tales are funny and thrilling—and mostly true. Someone almost dies on every page!Renowned puppeteer Panacea Theriac (aka Miss Pussycat) has contributed drawings throughout. Foreword by novelist and psychoanalyst Timothy Lachin.“If Dr. Frankenstein were working with raw material from Madame Curie, Delia Derbyshire, James Brown, and Wilhelm Reich, the result might be something like Quintron. Underground inventor, composer, record maker, impresario, and performer par excellence. There is nothing and no one like him and this is his first book and it’s a gas!” —Ian Svenonious “Great reading! Microtel description was right on. Stockholm to Helsinki ferry was always a Dead Moon curse. How do you get 86’d out of a cafeteria? Way cool.” —Fred Cole, Dead Moon
Fader Mag - 2017 - Fall - Issue 111
Juxtapoz - 2017 - 12 - December
2017 - 12 - December
8,99 €*
We can all admit, 2017 was a bit tumultuous no matter where you lived in the world. For the December 2017 issue, we went with a reflective pose, a piece of paradise in the distance vibe. Jules de Balincourt is the artist behind the December 2017 cover of Juxtapoz, and the NYC painter has been mastering the lush, adventure style paintings, transforming the rural and urban into a dreamlike setting. Sitting down with fellow NYC artist, Marcel Dzama, de Balincourt discusses community, Vincent Price and the surfing in Costa Rica. Also in the December 2017 issue:—Amir H Fallah on the art of intervention—Genieve Figgis on play—A look back on the influential and illustrious career of Robert Rauschenberg —APEXER on being a San Francisco staple—Sainer of Etam Cru finds the road to harmony—We follow John Wentz on his journey around NYC—Eddie Martinez gets the institutional credit at Wellesley College—Maria Svarbova finds the perfect color and balance in her photography—Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend on his Netflix show, "Neo Yokio" —The MoMA asks the question, "Is Fashion Modern?"...—... and Robert Williams pens a tribute to his late friend, Juxtapoz co-founder, Greg Escalante
High Times Magazine - 2018 - 01 - January
High Times Magazine
2018 - 01 - January
8,99 €*
Ideal AtmosphereGarden atmosphere is an oft-overlooked aspect of home growing. Get expert advice that will help you dial in your environment and achieve higher levels of yield and potency. By Nico EscondidoJuggalos Vs. the FBIInsane Clown Posse led a march on Washington to protest the FBI designating their followers as a gang. Find out what happens when thousands of Juggalos take the nation’s capital. By Nathan RabinInside sofresh farmsOregon boasts some incredible cannabis farmers who are at the forefront of growing organic craft-quality flowers. We report on one such facility producing perfectly pristine pot. By StinkBudDrug Testing 101Since its rise to prominence in the 1980s, the drug-testing industry has become a multi-billion dollar business at the expense of the working class. We investigate the industry’s origins and how it continues to operate despite widespread cannabis legalization. By Joel Warner Cloning the EZ WayAeroponic cloning results in successfully rooted cannabis cuttings quickly and easily. Learn tips and tricks for prosperous cloning from industry pioneers, EZ-Clone. By Erik BiksaA Tale of Two CupsWe take a look at two Cannabis Cups—a return to one of our favorite locations in the Midwest, and a first-ever trip north of the border to beautiful British Columbia.
Joseph Rodriguez - Spanish Harlem: El Barrio In The '80s
Joseph Rodriguez
Spanish Harlem: El Barrio In The '80s
34,99 €*
To live in Spanish Harlem, New York’s oldest barrio, is to confront some of the city’s most endemic problems: crime, drugs, AIDS, and chronic unemployment. Yet the mecca where Puerto Ricans first established themselves in the 1940s is now the “capital of Hispanic America” – home to 120,000 people, half of whom are Latino. Shot in the mid-to-late ’80s, Joseph Rodriguez’s superb photographs bring us into the heart of Spanish Harlem, capturing a spirit and a time that survives despite the ravages of poverty. In a now-distant landscape littered with abandoned buildings, ominous alleyways, and plagues of addiction, the residents of Spanish Harlem persevered with flamboyant style and gritty self-reliance. From idyllic scenes of children playing under the sprinklers on the playground, or performing the Bomba Plena on “Old Timer’s Day,” to shocking images of men shooting up speedballs and children dying of AIDS, Rodriguez showcases a day in the life of the barrio.Joseph Rodriguez is a documentary photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Recent exhibitions of his work have appeared at Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm, Sweden; The African American Museum, Philadelphia, PA; The Fototeca, Havana, Cuba; Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, Alabama, Open Society Institute’s Moving Walls, New York; Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery at the Walter Reade Theater at the Lincoln Center; and the Kari Kenneti Gallery Helsinki, Finland. Joseph teaches at New York University, the International Center of Photography, New York and has also taught at universities in Mexico and Europe, including Scandinavia. Rodriguez won an Alicia Patterson Journalism Fellowship[2] in 1993 photographing gang families in East Los Angeles. Rodriguez is the author of six photography monographs, including the widely acclaimed, East Side Stories: Gang Life in East LA (powerHouse Books, 1997).200 pages, 11,75 x 9,25 inches, hardcover.
Ed Grazda - Mean Streets: NYC 1970 - 1985
Ed Grazda
Mean Streets: NYC 1970 - 1985
30,99 €*
The black and white photos in Mean Streets, collected here in print for the first time, offer a look at the infamously hardscrabble NYC in the 70s and 80s captured with the deliberate and elegant eye that propelled Grazda to further success.In the late 1970s and early 80s, the institutions of power in New York had failed. A bankrupt city government had sold its power over to the banks, and the financiers’ severe austerity programs gutted the city’s support systems.Most of the city’s traditional industries had already left, and those power brokers in charge of the new system retreated to their high rises and left the streets to the hustlers, preachers, and bums; the workers struggling to get by; and a new generation of artists who were squatting in the empty industrial buildings downtown and bearing witness to the urban decay and institutional abandonment all around them.For the tough and determined, the quick and the gifted, the prescient and the prolific, a cheap living could be scratched out in the mean streets.Renowned photographer Edward Grazda began his career in that version of NYC. The black and white photos in Mean Streets, collected here in print for the first time, offer a look at that hardscrabble era captured with the deliberate and elegant eye that propelled Grazda to further success. It’s a version of New York that has been all but scrubbed clean in the financially solvent years that have followed, but the character of the city has been indelibly marked by the scars of those years.Edward Grazda is the author of A Last Glance (powerHouse Books, 2015), Afghanistan Diary 1992-2000 (powerHouse Books, 2000), and Afghanistan 1980-1989 (DerAlltag, 1990). His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Double Take, and Granta and is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and MoMA, New York among others. He has received grants from The New York Foundation for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, and has been a MacDowell Colony Fellow four times. NY Masjid: The Mosques of New York with text by Jerrilynn Dodds and photographs by Edward Grazda was published by powerHouse Books in May 2002. In 2009, with Jeff Ladd and Valerie Sonnenthal, Ed founded Errata Editions–a publishing company dedicated to making important rare photo books accessible with its Books on Books series. Grazda teaches at The International Center of Photography in New York.112 pages, 7,5 x 9 inches, hardcover.
Madvillain - 8-bit Villain Poster
8-bit Villain Poster
14,99 €*
Preorder 15.12.2017
A "remix" of the Madvillainy cover, created for the Four Tet Remixes album by Chris Hund, based on the original cover by Eric Coleman & Jeff Jank. Size: 27x27 inches (69x69 cm)Type: Printed poster on semi-gloss paperPrints will be delivered in tubes
CYPI - Remarkable Sneakers
Remarkable Sneakers
31,90 €*
A must-have book for any sneaker enthusiast or shoe designer, this title collects more than one hundred limited edition pairs in five chapters: Tongue, Upper, Outsole, Technology and Series. Each section emphasizes the aspect of the shoe for which it gained notoriety among collectors. A behind-the-scenes look at how some of the iconic designs came to be and recent controversies, Remarkable Sneakers also captures the passion of the author for collecting and photographing his amazing finds and sharing them with the world at large. With over 300 beautifully staged action, still and detail shots, the sneakers take on lives of their own with confidence and personality. Sneakerheads unite!
Vinyl Stories - Ausgabe 3
Vinyl Stories
Ausgabe 3
12,00 €*
Vinyl around the world: In dieser Ausgabe geht es auf Hausbesuch bei Musikmanagement-Legende Shep Gordon auf Hawaii, auf Studiobesuch in Hamburg bei Johann Scheerer in seinem analogen Clouds Hill Loft, nach Norwegen in Axel Vindenes Atelier, nach Bad Salzuflen – dort, wo eine Clique Jungendlicher in den 80ern die Hamburger Schule begründete, zu Matt Werth in New York und seinem experimentellen Electro Label RVNG intl.Dann machen wir auch noch einen Konzertbesuch bei den Berliner Philharmonikern, die Brahms im Direct to Disc Verfahren auf Platte aufgenommen haben und in der Musikkolumne von Melanie Gollin ergründen wir den Sound of Brasilien.Mit dabei sind Reportagen, Porträts, Essays und Interviews u. a. mit Sophia Kennedy, Alice Cooper, Berliner Philharmoniker, Johann Scheerer, Dan Dombrowe, Tobias Rapp, Thomas Venker, Nilz Bokelberg, Frank Berzbach, Gereon Klug.
Marlon Sassy - Gangster Doodles
Marlon Sassy
Gangster Doodles
49,99 €*
Preorder 15.12.2017
Gangster Doodles Book is a 336 page collection of drawings from the past 3 years. Featuring rappers, ballers, players, thugs and gangsters. “Four years ago, a Post-it note changed Marlon Sassy’s life. Using the supply cabinet at his office manager job, Sassy started drawing 3×3 doodles of rappers using Sharpies and posting them on Tumblr. First up was Snoop. Next was everyone from Bart Simpson and Biggie to Yams and Yeezy. Sassy’s compiled his Gangster Doodles into a 48-page zine in 2014. Now, he’s self-published a new iteration, a 336-page hardcover book with 24 foil inserts and a foreword by Stones Throw’s art and web director Jeff Jank. There’s also an intro by actor Shia LaBeouf, who has five or six of Sassy’s doodles tattooed on his legs. In it, LaBeouf writes, “I hope you’re alone in a room, and that every page makes you smile like a fucking clown.” - Mass Appeal7 x 7 inches, 336 pages, hardcover.
Björn Almqvist & Tobias Barenthin Lindblad - Graffiti Style Coloring Book
Björn Almqvist & Tobias Barenthin Lindblad
Graffiti Style Coloring Book
8,99 €*
Colour the world’s most prominent graffiti styles on marker friendly paper!Young and old all over the world love the coloring books published by Dokument Press. This new title: GraffitiStyle Coloring Book features improved paper and format. Use your markers and paint on both sides of the pagewithout bleeding.The Graffiti Style Coloring Book covers a range of styles from naïve, playful lettering to razor-sharp wild styles.Cover artist is the legendary Copenhagen graffiti writer Cave. All illustrations are original artworks made byexperienced graffiti kings worldwide.The Graffiti Style Coloring Book is the real thing – it’s not copying a graffiti “style”, it’s real graffiti.This coloring book is an excellent way to start out in graffiti. Explore the medium, be creative, make an impactand immerse yourself in the world of graffiti. The Graffiti Style Coloring Book offers a relaxing approach tocoloring at the same time as it is an informative art collection.
Ricky Powell & Brian Nobili - NYC Street Photography - It's The Joint
Ricky Powell & Brian Nobili
NYC Street Photography - It's The Joint
28,99 €*
NYC Street Photography is a prolific collection of authentic New York City images brought together by Brian Nobili and Ricky Powell. Their lifetime relationship with the neighborhoods of New York and the people within these communities enabled them to assemble 12 New York City street photographers that capture the rhythms, movements and landscape of one of the worlds most complex urban environments. This collection of photographers reflects the city as only someone can that is truly a part of the surrounding culture and possibly even influencing the culture. This is a must have collection of unfiltered unapologetic imagery. - Jay McMichael, Senior Photojournalist, CNN NYC Street Photography captures the soul of the city, from grime to glitter. Stars, villains and everyone in between, people who together make New York what it is. Brian Nobilis and Ricky Powells first book as authors with Dokument Press is also the first volume of their NYC Street Photography book series. This book includes images by highly acclaimed street photographers Jamel Shabazz, Joe Conzo, Sue Kwon, Estevan Oriol, Cheryl Dunn, Craig Wetherby, Akira Ruiz, Peter Pabon and SDJ.With the hardcover's overall concept created by the world renowned Bronx artist CES even this book's exterior is a work of art.NYC Street Photography presents a strong group of all-star photographers with all 5 of NYC Boroughs represented through carefully curated pictures. Coming from different ethnic backgrounds, religion, gender and age only enhances this humble presentation of NYC Street Photography, and Its the Joint!
Mixmag - 2017 - 12 - December
Jack White / Elinor Blake - We're Going To Be Friends
Jack White / Elinor Blake
We're Going To Be Friends
17,99 €*
We're Going to be Friends is one of The White Stripes most enduring and loved songs. With the help of illustrator Elinor Blake (aka April March), the perennial favorite feels right at home on the page as a children's book. Coming this November, children, adults, and you, too, can join Suzy Lee as she goes to school with her books and pens, looks for bugs, shows and tells, and finds a friend.The original White Stripes song along with new versions by April March and also The Woodstation Elementary School Singers will be included via download with the book.Illustrator Elinor Blake was an animator for The Ren and Stimpy Show, Pee Wee's Playhouse & more. As a musician, she is known as singer April March, who's song ''Chick Habit'' was featured in Quentin Tarantino's movie Death Proof.32 pages, hardcover.
Paolo Hewitt - Bowie: Album By Album
Paolo Hewitt
Bowie: Album By Album
18,99 €*
David Bowie is a shape-shifting, genre-twisting genius whose 27 albums over 40 years reveal a creative bigamist marrying pop and art, theatre and rock, fashion and film, sound and style. Bowie: Album by Album is the ultimate celebration of the entire career of the icon. Longtime fans and new followers alike can explore in detail every album and every track—from his eponymous 1967 debut album, through his unbeatable rise of seventies classics including The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Station to Station, Low, and Heroes, to rare gems like The Buddha of Suburbia and his critically acclaimed 2003 album Reality.The illustrations present a galaxy of rare and iconic images from the world’s leading photographers. Fans will love iconic images from album covers and performances, of Bowie wearing outrageous outfits and surrealist makeup from across the decades. These are combined with more intimate, behind-the-scenes images that reveal the musician at work. Written by acclaimed music critic Paolo Hewitt, the text assesses the writing and recording of each release, and reflects on their impact and influence on the art of popular music. Featuring a discography of studio albums, live albums, notable compilations and soundtracks, this is the essential companion to David Bowie’s legendary achievements.
Matt Anniss - Vinyl Manual: How to get the best from your vinyl records and kit
Matt Anniss
Vinyl Manual: How to get the best from your vinyl records and kit
29,99 €*
The Vinyl Manual is the 21st century companion for anyone who is bringing their vinyl music collection back to life or discovering the joys of vinyl for the first time. With chapters on turntables and audio kit, it is a step-by-step guide to getting the most from your vinyl collection and understanding the technology behind it. We explain how vinyl deliversthe unique sound so loved by audio enthusiasts and its evolution over 100 years, from the 78s of the late 19th century to today’s advanced electronic formats.As well as expert insight into setting up your system correctly and guides to choosing the right hardware for your music, the Haynes experts take you behind the scenes of the vinyl industry, including the super-clubs of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. We tell you the best way to build and curate your collection, from dance to rock to classical, and provide tips from the world’s most respected professionals. Whether you are collecting, recording or just playing, the Vinyl Manual is the essential companion for any vinyl enthusiast.
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur - Ausgabe 16 - November 2017
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur
Ausgabe 16 - November 2017
5,90 €*
Titelstory: Schwarzwald – Deutschlands HiFi-HerzkammerBlumen am Balkongeländer sind ein beliebtes Schwarzwald-Klischee, doch wer sich der Region aus MINT-Sicht nähert, stellt sich besser auf andere Eindrücke ein: Die einen lassen zu Forschungszwecken Lautsprecherkabel vom Balkon baumeln, die anderen erheben sie gleich zum Luxusartikel, für den sich andere einen Kleinwagen kaufen. Und dann haben wir noch nicht über Dual, P.E., Revox und die kleinen HiFi-Manufakturen gesprochen, die sich im äußersten Südwesten Deutschlands aneinanderreihen. Kein Zufall, wie wir nach einer Rundreise durch den Schwarzwald erfahren haben.MPS-PorträtDer Schwarzwald ist für viele Jazzfans ein Sehnsuchtsort. In Villingen befindet sich das MPS-Studio, in dem Musiker wie Oscar Peterson, George Duke und Friedrich Gulda aufgenommen und auf dem angeschlossenen Label Musik Produktionen Schwarzwald, kurz MPS, veröffentlicht haben. Während die Plattenfirma nach etlichen Verkäufen nach wie vor aktiv ist, stand die Zukunft des Studios lange Zeit in den Sternen. Wir haben es besucht.Kuriose KonzeptalbenFlugzeuge, Züge, Autos. Gefühle, Geheimnisse, Gartenbau. Einzelschicksale, Massenmorde, Naturkatastrophen. Tote, Tiere, Tyrannen. Haare, Hosen, Haarschnitte – Konzeptalben kennen thematisch keine Grenze. Wir stellen 30 besonders kuriose Exemplare vor – von Johnny Cash über Frank Zappa bis zu David Bowie, von Genesis über Die Ärzte bis zu Mike Patton.Casper BoslandEr ist ein nimmermüder Charismatiker, und sein ereignisreicher Lebensweg würde auch für zwei reichen. Zusammen mit seiner Partnerin Marjolein Lubbers ist Casper Bosland der Hauptorganisator der größten Plattenbörse der Welt: Die Mega Record & CD Fair findet zweimal jährlich in Utrecht statt und zieht Tausende Besucher an. MINT hat Bosland im westfriesischen Hoorn besucht und erfahren, woher seine Leidenschaft für alles rund um die Schallplatte kommt.Cover & ComicsZwischen beiden Kunstformen gibt es viele Verbindungen und Analogien. Die Kulturen beeinflussen sich gegenseitig, sie ähneln sich in ihren Strukturen und Zielgruppen, sogar die Entwicklung verläuft häufig synchron. Der Kölner Wissenschaftler Felix Giesa liebt Musik und forscht über Comics. Damit war er der richtige Experte, um mehr über das Verhältnis von auf Vinyl gepresster Musik und über gezeichnete Panels erzählte Geschichten zu erfahren.Technik-Special: LautsprecherIm ersten Teil unserer großen Boxentests nehmen wir uns acht besonders schöne, gute, laute oder hochauflösende Modelle zwischen 1.400 bis 2.000 Euro pro Paar vor.The Soundtrack Of My LifeDer frühere Oasis-Sänger Liam Gallagher über das Album, das sein Leben verändert hat: „Rubber Soul“ von den BeatlesDr. MINTDer allwissende Ratgeber geht der Frage nach, warum unterschiedliche Plattentellerauflagen Einfluss auf den Klang nehmen.Weitere Themen der AusgabeÜber 100 LP-Besprechungen, die Rubrik „33 1 / 3-Cover“, diverse News-Features, das Sleeveface des Monats und vieles mehr.
Monster Children - 2017 - Issue 56
Monster Children
2017 - Issue 56
14,99 €*
In his own words, Stanley Donwood is not many things: a clear thinker, a forward planner, a smart operator, an astute businessperson, a public speaker, or a responsible parent. He is, however, the art director (for want of a better title) of the well-known musical group called Radiohead, a gracious host, a talented, hilarious wordsmith, and a wonderful guest editor.Issue 56 has been entirely curated by Stanley Donwood and features: a walk down memory lane as Stanley talks us through the cover art for his eight of the nine Radiohead album releases, excerpts from two of Stanley’s favourite authors (both dead) Richard Brautigan and Pascal Garnier (as well as two as yet unpublished short stories from your host), a chat with designer and music video director Chris Hopewell in his print shop in Bristol, and a journey through the influential and political leaning work of collective kennardphillipps, and much more.
Juxtapoz - 2017- 11 - November
2017- 11 - November
8,99 €*
—We sit down with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails to discuss a life of art within his music—Christian Rex van Minnen exposes his inner-self and a stunning series of new works—Matthew Palladino gives us a review of his reliefs—Saner goes beyond the mask—Adam Neate takes us deep into his Dimensionalism —Axel Void opens up about his personal works and life-affirming murals—We visit and review two great street art festivals at opposite ends of the world: Nuart in Stavanger, Norway and The Unexpected in Fort Smith, Arkansas—We preview and review the comprehensive Walker Evans exhibition at SFMoMA—Ryan McGinness and Tony Hawk teamed up for a new skate park in Detroit, and we got the lowdown—Danielle Colen of Waltz Studio shows us her new fashion line... .... plus, Obi Kaufmann wanders the mountains and trails of California and shows us how to make a Field Atlas.
High Times Magazine - 2017 - 12 - December
High Times Magazine
2017 - 12 - December
8,99 €*
How To Select Perfect Pot Products Our handy guide will help you become an educated consumer by teaching you what to look for prior to purchasing pot and hash. By Sean BlackMagic Mushrooms in OaxacaThe indigenous wisdom of magic mushrooms has brought economic prosperity to a Mexican town, accompanied by some serious problems. By Nathaniel JanowitzTop 10 Strains of 2017Feast your eyes upon the award-winning cannabis varieties that wowed the weed world in the past year. We reveal our illustrious list of the best currently available strains. By Danny Danko and T.H.CaeczarSpace BucketsCheck out the latest cultivation trend: growing lush pot plants in tiny grow chambers. Learn step-by-step instructions to make your own space bucket. By Jon ChristianControlling Marijuana: A Brief HistoryThe Controlled Substances Act has transformed federal pot laws. Find out how the CSA came about, why it has failed and what should be done about it. By Jon GettmanThe High Times Interview: Joss StoneSoul singer Joss Stone gained her freedom from her record company. Now, she opens up to High Times about her love of weed, how it influences her music and why she’ll never let anyone tell her what to do. By Chris Parker
Dazed And Confused - 2017 - Autumn / Winter
Shea Serrano - Basketball (And Other Things)
Shea Serrano
Basketball (And Other Things)
16,99 €*
Who had the greatest dunk of all time? Which version of Michael Jordan was the best Michael Jordan? What is allowed and absolutely not allowed in a game of pickup basketball? Basketball and Other Things takes readers through the most pivotal and ridiculous fan disputes in basketball history, providing arguments and answers to basketball’s greatest questions, explained with the wit and wisdom that is unique to Shea Serrano. Serrano breaks down debates that all NBA fans have considered, from the classics (Which years was Kobe at his best?) to the fantastical (If you could assign different values to different shots throughout basketball history, what would they be and why?). With incredible art from Arturo Torres, this book is a must-have for anyone who has ever stayed up late into the night debating basketball’s greatest moments, what-ifs, stories, and legends.Illustrated by Arturo Torres, foreword by Reggie Miller.Shea Serrano is an award-winning writer, author, and illustrator. His most recent book, The Rap Year Book, reached the bestseller lists of the New York Times and Washington Post, topped the Arts and Entertainment iBooks bestseller list, and was chosen for the Pitchfork book club. Currently, Serrano is a staff writer for The Ringer. He lives in Houston, Texas.22,9 x 19,1 cm, 240 pages, paperback
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur - Gutscheinbuch 2018
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur
Gutscheinbuch 2018
19,90 €*
Über 250 Gutscheine für die schönsten Dinge der Welt.Bis zu 25% bei über 200 Plattenläden und Mailordern sowie auf mehr als 50 HiFi-Marken und Regalsysteme.
Action Bronson & Gabriele Stabile - F*ck, That's Delicious - An Annotated Guide To Eating Well
Action Bronson & Gabriele Stabile
F*ck, That's Delicious - An Annotated Guide To Eating Well
22,99 €*
Part cookbook, part memoir, part travelogue, and wholly original, F*ck, That's Delicious is rapper Action Bronson's comprehensive guide to the food, chefs, food makers, regions, neighborhoods, and restaurants that every food obsessive should know. Organised as a full-colour illustrated guide with 100 entries, the book captures all the foods that getto him: When his mama makes him a good ol’ bagel and cheese with scrambled eggs. The tacos in LA. Dominican chimis. Jamaican jerk. Hand-rolled pasta from Mario Batali and Michael White. The best Chinese red-pork char siu buns in the world, found in London. And more, lots more. F*ck, That's Delicious also includes 40 recipes inspired by Action’s childhood, family, tours, and travels—like the Arslani Family Baklava and Bronson’s Original Lamb Burger—and adapted from namebrand chefs and street cooks he’s met on his show. Richly visual, the book is layered with illustrations and photographs of Action’s childhood, food excursions, tours, lyric notebooks, and more.Action Bronson is a rapper, chef, and the television host of Vice F*ck, That's Delicious. He lives in New York City.25,4 x 20,3 cm, 224 pages, hardcover.
Beth Lesser - Dancehall - The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture
Beth Lesser
Dancehall - The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture
31,99 €*
New edition on Soul Jazz Books/Records of this classic large format book – the definitive photographic book andessential guide to Jamaican Dancehall in the 1980s, featuring hundreds of amazing photographs with accompanyingtext, interviews and biographies. This book captures a previously unseen era of musical culture, fashion and lifestyle.Dancehall is a culture that encompasses music, fashion, drugs, guns, art, community, technology, and more. Many oftodayʼs music and fashion styles can be traced back to Dancehall culture and continue to be influenced by it today.Born in the 1950s out of the neighbourhood soundsystems of Kingston, Dancehall grew to its height in the 1980s beforea massive influx of drugs and guns made the scene too dangerous for many. Dancehall remains at the centre ofJamaican musical and cultural life. From its roots in Kingston in the 1950s to its heyday in the 1980s, Dancehallconquered the globe, spreading to the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Europe and beyond.Dancehall is an essential reference book for anyone interested in Reggae, as well as a unique photographic and textualsource book of the musical, cultural and political life of Jamaica.In the early 1980s as Jamaica was in the throws of political and gang violence Beth Lesser ventured where few otherdared and this book is never before seen record of the exciting, dangerous and vibrant world of Dancehall. Beth Lesserʼsbook tells this story from its roots to its heights. Living in Jamaica in the late 70s and early 80s she photographed anddocumented a cultural explosion as producers, singers, DJs and soundsystems who all made a living out of the slums ofKingston. With unprecedented access to the incredibly vibrant music scene216 pages, 30 x 30 cm, paperback.
Lodown Magazine - Issue 106 - Vandals
Lodown Magazine
Issue 106 - Vandals
9,00 €*
“Vandals“ by Lodown Magazine is an artistic exploration of how to do things differently and civil disobedience. Highlights include… - JOHN DIVOLA... As he nears 70, the legendary LA-based artist might have quit spraying symbols inside abandoned buildings, but his artistic acts of vandalism still feel irritatingly fresh after forty years.- DAVE RIMMER... The former British music journalist and Smash Hits! editor talked with us about his forgotten masterpiece “Once Upon A Time In The East“, in which he tells true tales about mischief in West/East-Berlin before the Wall came down - his classic “Eastie Boys“ prank included. - HARIS NUKEM... The celebrated photographer just had a solo show titled “Humans“ at the NR Project art space London in late summer, proving once again that “good vibes“ is a very flexible expression, as the very majority of his stunning portraits capture individuals consciously on a collision course with society and its established norms. - plus more elaborate features and visual awesomeness from the likes of: ERIC BRUNETTI, KIDULT, MATIAS AGUAYO, SUPER DARK TIMES, DANIEL BUREN, SpY, GHOST, JELLE KEPPENS, BOBBY HUNDREDS and many others.
High Times Magazine - The Best Of High Times - Grow Tech
High Times Magazine
The Best Of High Times - Grow Tech
8,99 €*
Collecting the best of the monthly magazine.In this issue:Best Tasting Buds: The Tasty Top 47Gear Guide Of The YearBeat the Heat - How To Cool Your CropStrains Of The FutureAll About ConcentratesFind A Cannabis Career... and more!
Marlon Knispel - True Originals - Quartet And Trumps
Marlon Knispel
True Originals - Quartet And Trumps
14,80 €*
Vollgepackt mit den seltensten original adidas®-Modellen der 60er, 70er und 80er Jahre. Auf 32 Quartettkarten wird man durch die „Goldene Zeit der Turnschuhe“ geführt – eine Zeit, in der die Hip-Hop-Welle in den 80er mit Breakdance und Graffiti nach Deutschland schwappte und den Begriff „Sneakers“ noch niemand kannte. Dieses Quartett illustriert die Geburtsstunde der heutigen Retro-Welle. Ein absolutes „must-have“ für alle Sneaker-Verrückten, adidas®-Anbeter und Style Goumets da draußen. Und natürlich ein Leckerbissen für Quartett-Liebhaber! - True Originals Book
True Originals Book
49,95 €*
Verfügbare Größen:One Size
ACHTUNG: Aufgrund der zu erwartenden großen Nachfrage verkaufen wir nur ein Exemplar des True Originals Books von pro Kunde!„True Original“ ist eine Fan-Hommage an die ursprünglichen adidas Modelle, den sogenannten „OGs“ – originale adidas Basketball-, Tennis- und Laufschuhe aus den 70er, 80er und 90er Jahren.Bei dem Projekt „TRUE ORIGINALS“ geht es Marlon Knispel nicht darum Profit zu schlagen, sondern seine Leidenschaft, die er seit 10 Jahren in das Projekt steckt, mit Euch zu teilen. Mit HHV hat er einen kompetenten und starken Partner für sein Projekt gefunden.Der Fokus bei dem Bildband liegt auf Basketball. Mit viel Leidenschaft hat Marlon über 10 Jahre Fotos geschossen und Layouts gebaut, aber auch Anekdoten, Geschichten, Insiderwissen und technische Fakten zusammengetragen. Das Ergebnis ist ein Bildband, in dem Turnschuhe sowie legendäre Sportler und Musiker, denen adidas mit eigenen Schuhmodellen ein Denkmal setzte, vorgestellt werden. Ein spezielles Augenmerk liegt auf der Berliner Szene jener Tage. Interviews mit zeitgenössischen Sneakerheads, Sammlern und Händlern zeigen exemplarisch, welch geradezu „magische“ Bedeutung die Marke mit den drei Streifen zu jener Zeit entwickelte. Diesem exemplarischen Charakter folgend, hat das Buch keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Es zeigt eine Auswahl der Modelle und Persönlichkeiten, die aus Marlons Sicht wesentlich für die Entwicklung der Marke adidas waren und Vorbilder der heutigen Retro-Welle sind. Dank dieser bewusst begrenzten Auswahl zeigt sich deutlich, was in einer breiten Darstellung verloren gehen würde: Es gibt Turnschuhe. Und es gibt Legenden.Als Marlon Knispel 1987 im „Kaufhaus des Westens“ vor dem Schuhregal stand und den „Ewing Rivalry“ von adidas anstarrte, wollte er nichts mehr, als diesen Turnschuh. Aber er kostete damals 300,- DM und Marlon war erst 13 Jahre alt. Marlon brauchte nicht einmal daran zu denken, seine Eltern darum zu bitten. Dieser Schuh war einfach unerreichbar für ihn. Die Hip Hop-Welle mit Breakdance und Graffiti schwappte damals nach Deutschland und in seine Heimatstadt West-Berlin. Für seine Kumpels und ihn veränderte das alles. Sie wollten plötzlich Tagger, Sprayer und B-Boys sein, probierten sich im S-Bahn surfen. Auf einmal gab es Gangs wie die „Berlin Raiders“, bei denen sie abhingen oder die „Giants“. Wer dazugehören wollte, brauchte vor allem eins: die richtigen Turnschuhe. Das Wort „Sneakers“ kannte damals kein Mensch. Die coolsten Typen trugen immer Basketball-Turnschuhe von adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila oder Converse. Marlon hatte ein paar gebrauchte Avia – und war unfassbar heiß auf die drei Streifen. Marlon wollte ein Buch machen, welches es in dieser Form bisher nicht zu kaufen gibt, und in dem all die adidas-Modelle vorkommen, von denen er immer sehnsüchtig geträumt hatte, die er sich aber nie kaufen konnte.Der Bildband zeigt mehr als 100 original adidas-Schuhe. Die im Bildband gezeigten Modelle werden chronologisch nach Markteinführung vorgestellt. Neben jedem Turnschuh steht, wann und wo das abgebildete Exemplar produziert wurde.True Originals – weitere Details:-Format: 280 x 280 mm (offen 560 x 280 mm)-Inhalt: 200 Seiten-Einband: Hardcover-Text: Englisch-Editor, Konzept und Art-Direction: Marlon Knispel-Texter: Marlon Knispel / Ernst-Heinrich Beckmann vom Sneakers Magazine-Übersetzung: Ernst-Heinrich Beckmann - True Originals Box
True Originals Box
99,95 €*
Verfügbare Größen:S, M, L, XL
ACHTUNG: Aufgrund der zu erwartenden großen Nachfrage verkaufen wir nur ein Exemplar der True Originals Box von pro Kunde!Als wir von Marlon Knispels Idee den adidas-Sneakers aus den Siebziger, Achtziger und Neunziger Jahren in Form eines Buches zu huldigen, waren uns sofort klar, dass dieses Vorhaben unsere Unterstützung verdient hat. True Originals ist eine aufregende Dokumentation geworden, die wir ab dem 07.10. exklusiv als auf 100 Exemplare begrenzte oder Limited Box, von der es weltweit nur 50 Stück gibt, anbieten. Um den künstlerischen Wert des Buchs hervorzuheben, haben wir eine edle Holzbox mit Lasergravur produzieren lassen. Dank unserer Partner von adidas, Casio, Stance und jason Markk wurden dieser aufregenden Zeitreise einige Retro-Items hinzugefügt, die thematisch ins Bild des dokumentierten Zeitraums passen – unter anderem ein ausschließlich mit der True Originals Limited Box erhältliches adidas-Tee und eine T.O.-Tote True Originals Box - Inhalt: -Marlon Knispels True Originals Book-adidas True Originals T-Shirt-True Originals Quartet-Casio A164WA-1VES Digitaluhr-1 Paar Stance Icon Socks-Jason Markk Essential Kit-True Originals Tote Bag
Sandu Publishing - Freestyle: Illustrating Urban Fashion
Sandu Publishing
Freestyle: Illustrating Urban Fashion
29,99 €*
Graphic tees have been around for decades now, representing aspects of our lives we are not afraid to share in public, from social and political affiliations to artistic and musical preferences, lifestyle pursuits or sense of humor. Freestyle focuses on one distinct style of this artwork on apparel: the simple line illustration. Whether representational or abstract, there is a looseness there, a studied playfulness which appeals to our sense of whimsy. Brands respond by commissioning some of the world’s best artists to create graphics that speak to their consumers while exemplifying their graphic identities. Not limited to t-shirts, this survey includes sneakers, hats, glasses and accessories, all displaying this casualness of form.7,25" x 7,75", 500 pages, paperback.
Tono Radvany - Ricky Powell: The Individualist
Tono Radvany
Ricky Powell: The Individualist
29,99 €*
Capturing the intersection of the birth of hip-hop, punk rock, graffiti, pop art, fashion and underground culture, The Individualist shows the world through the lens of one of New York City’s most prolific street photographers, Ricky Powell. Featuring dozens of never-before-seen photos, it includes portraits of the Beastie Boys, RUN DMC, LL Cool J, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring and hundreds more, all alongside ordinary people. In the words of Powell’s colleague Bill Adler, “Consider the astonishing range and mix of people captured by Ricky: musicians, actors, artists, comedians, athletes and homeless folks. Boldface names and everyday people. … And, not infrequently, Mr. Ricky Powell himself, well before the age of the selfie. His portfolio embraces humans of every race, gender and age, all of them drawn to New York, NY because it has always been— and remains—the world capital of individualism; a city of maximum freedom and opportunity, equal parts glamour and grit.”7,5" x 10", 116 pahes, hardcover.
Juxtapoz - 2017 - 10 - October
2017 - 10 - October
8,99 €*
Some people will look at the cover of our October 2017 issue and think they have found a Halloween costume. That's fine, to each their own. We look at the October 2017 cover and see a rising star in the art world, the work of London-based Polly Nor. Polly has had an exceptional year, bookended already by her brilliant solo show in London this summer, "It's Art, Mum, Look It Up." Through drawings and now installation works, Polly is our artist-of-the-moment, making relevant, poignant and accessible messages that capture the moment we live in. Also in the October 2017 issue: —We sit down with Jimi Hendrix's sister to discuss the legacy of her brother's love of music and art—Robert Williams tells tales of his newest paintings—Hyuro's remarkable murals come into focus, from Spain to Oregon—Iceland's Katrin Fridriks re-examines the act of performative painting—Nat Meade emboldens the lonely figure—Martyn Reed on the need for a new street art revolution—Lucy Kim breaks the mold in her newest sculpture work—Mike Shine takes over Austin, Texas—Jacob Lawrence is honored at SCAD—Miriam Klein Stahl is a radical designer—Sergej Vutuc takes skate and street photography to unseen possibilities ... .... and we look at legendary authors and the clothes they wore....
High Times Magazine - 2017 - 11 - November
High Times Magazine
2017 - 11 - November
8,99 €*
November 2017Concentrated Cannabis, Part IIThe second part of our concentrates series explores the science behind compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes, the latest in extraction techniques and much more. By Sean BlackTransformational TrippingTreating depression with psilocybin, microdosing, MDMA as a medicine—Western culture has entered a new era of wellness through the use of psychedelics. By Mary Jane GibsonThe Urban GrowroomLearn the unique challenges of growing marijuana in an apartment or other small space in a densely populated area. Get the facts on proper odor control, noise reduction and more. By Danny DankoThe Midwest Cannabis Cup High Times returned to Clio, MI to host a real fire festival. This epic event featured a star-studded musical lineup and, of course, the region’s best pot, hash and edibles. By Emily Cegielski Drugged: The Military’s Pill ProblemThe need to keep troops on active duty in an all-volunteer army has led to a reckless reliance on prescription medicines to mask anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. By Dave Lindorff The High Times Interview: Lee ChildAuthor of the best-selling Jack Reacher series, Lee Child discusses his lifelong love of cannabis, his thoughts on legalization, and the role that pot plays in enhancing creativity. By Rex Weiner
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur - Ausgabe 15 - Oktober 2017
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur
Ausgabe 15 - Oktober 2017
5,90 €*
Titelstory: Zensierte PlattencoverNackte Haut, Gewaltdarstellung, Sodomie – oder einfach eine dreckige Kloschüssel: Gründe für die Zensur von Plattencovern gab es in den vergangenen 50 Jahren viele. Auf 25 Seiten werfen wir einen Blick zurück auf die Geschichte verworfener, verunstalteter und verbotener Album-Artworks. Schließlich spiegeln die Diskussion, die um sie entbrannt sind, immer auch den Geist und die moralischen Standards ihrer Zeit wider. So unvorstellbar dies aus heutiger Sicht manchmal auch erscheint.Reportage: Hansa StudiosSagenumwobene Akustik, Technik vom Feinsten und eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre, in deren Genuss nicht nur U2, Depeche Mode, R.E.M. und David Bowie kamen: Das Hansa in Berlin ist Deutschlands berühmtestes Studio. Dabei wurde es nicht mal als solches gebaut und erlebte in seiner langen Geschichte Höhen und Tiefen. MINT hat eine Tour durch die heiligen Hallen unternommen, angeführt von Eduard Meyer, dem längst pensionierten Tonmeister des Klangtempels.Interview: David SaxDie Digitalisierung der Welt sei alternativlos, heißt es oft. Doch das ist Unsinn, denn die Alternativen boomen: Nicht nur Vinyl erlebt sein Revival, auch Brettspiele erfreuen sich großer Beliebtheit, analoge Fotokameras kehren zurück in die Läden, Software-Hersteller bringen eigene Notizbücher auf den Markt. Auch für den kanadischen Autor David Sax kam die Rückkehr der realen Dinge überraschend. Wir sprechen mit ihm über sein neues Buch „Die Rache des Analogen“ und seine Vision von einer Zukunft, die sich entgegen aller Annahmen nicht dem digitalen Diktat unterwerfen wird.Label-Porträt: Sun RecordsDie Pizza kommt aus Neapel, das Auto aus Baden-Württemberg – und der Rock’n’Roll aus Memphis, Tennessee. Natürlich kann man sich darüber streiten, aber fest steht, dass das Studio und Plattenlabel Sun Records von Sam Phillips Anfang der 50er der bedeutsamste Ort für diese neue Form von Musik war: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis – der Labelchef ließ sie machen und förderte ihre Raubeinigkeit. Die Singles, die damals in Memphis aufgenommen wurden, bilden heute den Heiligen Gral des Rock.Reportage: Klassik-Mekka Blue Danube Einen Plattenladen wie Blue Danube Records gibt es kein zweites Mal. Das liegt nicht nur an der unglaublichen Menge an Vinyl, die der Laden im Angebot hat, sondern auch an seinem Besitzer. Christian Bierbaumer ist ein echtes Original. Seine Welt ist analog, rund und vor allem klassisch – über 80 Prozent seines gigantischen Sortiments entfallen auf die Werke alter und manchmal auch neuer Meister. MINT hat ihn in seinem Geschäft in Tulln bei Wien besucht.Technik-Special: KopfhörerKopfhörer spielen eine große Rolle beim Musikhören – nicht nur Nachbars Bettruhe zuliebe: Das Klangerlebnis mit Kopfhörern ist ein anders als über Lautsprecher. Worauf muss man dabei achten? Sind offene oder geschlossene Kopfhörer besser, hoch- oder niedrigohmige? Wir haben zwölf audiophile Kopfhörer diverser Preisklassen getestet, die als vollwertige Alternative zu hochwertigen Lautsprechern durchgehen.The Soundtrack Of My LifeDer frühere Nirvana-Schlagzeuger und heutige Foo-Fighters-Frontmann Dave Grohl über die Platte, die sein Leben verändert hat: Ry Cooders Soundtrack zum Wim-Wenders-Film „Paris, Texas“.Dr. MINTDer allwissende Ratgeber geht der Frage nach, warum lange Produktionszeiten von Vinyl ein großes Problem für die Plattenindustrie darstellen.Weitere Themen der AusgabeÜber 100 LP-Besprechungen, die Rubrik „33 1 / 3-Cover“, diverse News-Features, das Sleeveface des Monats und vieles mehr.
Cogatio-Factum & Jo Preußler (Hrsg.) - The Death Of Graffiti
Cogatio-Factum & Jo Preußler (Hrsg.)
The Death Of Graffiti
16,00 €*
Oliver Kuhnerts Klage „The Death of Graffiti“ dringt ins Herz der Ungereimtheiten und Widersprüche der Graffitisprüher vor und rechnet mit Selbstdarstellungsdrang, Heuchlerei und Einfallslosigkeit ab. In dem vorliegenden Band setzen sich 33 Aktivist*innen, Wissenschaftler*innen und Künstler*innen rückblickend, analytisch und konstruktiv mit seiner Diagnose und der fast 50jährigen Geschichte des zeitgenössischen Phänomens auseinander und regen damit die längst fällige Debatte um Werte und Bewertungen sozialer, kultureller und ästhetischer Aspekte von Graffiti an.Neben der romantischen Verklärung der subversiven Kraft von unsanktioniert angebrachten Zeichen im Stadtraum, diskutieren die Autor*innen Themen wie Freiheit, Selbstoptimierung, Aneignung, Männlichkeit, Politisierung und soziale Verantwortung im klandestinen Wertesystem der Akteure.Mit Beiträgen von David Alexander, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Thomas Bratzke, BROM, CLINT 176, Paul Vector Codierer, Christian Driesen, Paul Luis Fechter, Lukas Fuchsgruber, Allan Gretzki, Frank Hartmann, HIDDEN INDEXES, Ilaria Hoppe, ID33, Dmitry Ilko, Matze Jung, Jule Köhler, Bianca Ludewig, Markus Mai, Christoph May, Peter Michalski, Tobias Morawski, Joachim Penzel, Sandra Rummler, SADE, Willi Schmudde, Paul Schweizer, Jenz Steiner, Josef Streichholz, Barbara Uduwerella, Eric Winkler & Georg Zolchow.352 Seiten, in deutscher Sprache, 140 x 225 mm, Softcover mit Umschlag.
Das Wetter - Ausgabe 13 - Herbst 2017 - Trettmann Cover
Das Wetter
Ausgabe 13 - Herbst 2017 - Trettmann Cover
8,50 €*
Mit Der Täubling, Wandl, Laurel Halo, Trettmann, Zugezogen Maskulin, Joey Bargeld, Paul Plut, ...
Das Wetter - Ausgabe 13 - Herbst 2017 - Zugezogen Maskulin Cover
Das Wetter
Ausgabe 13 - Herbst 2017 - Zugezogen Maskulin Cover
8,50 €*
Mit Der Täubling, Wandl, Laurel Halo, Trettmann, Zugezogen Maskulin, Joey Bargeld, Paul Plut, ...
Sarah-Louise James - Adele: A Celebration of an Icon and Her Music
Sarah-Louise James
Adele: A Celebration of an Icon and Her Music
14,99 €*
If you haven’t heard of Adele, come out from under the rock where you’ve been hiding and see what you’ve been missing. Once you’ve listened to her remarkable albums for a hundred times on repeat—you’ll find you won’t be satisfied hearing “her big, bluesy, jazz and soul numbers” any less than that—then you’re ready to learn the story of this young Londoner’s rise to international superstardom and why it happened. As witnessed in these glowing pages—enticingly illustrated with the subject’s always-radiant image—Adele Adkins has grown from a creative, talented, but unknown London girl to a “global megastar and modern-day icon” in the relatively short space of a decade. A mother fully supportive of her daughter’s pursuit of happiness in any direction and study at a London school for talented kids working toward a career in the arts stood as foundation to Adele’s success, but the real story behind her blazing glory is her incredible voice, recognized as phenomenal early in her life and now captivating the world with its power and beauty.
Sebastian Perez & Frida Kahlo - Frida
Sebastian Perez & Frida Kahlo
27,99 €*
A sumptuous feast of a book, Frida allows the reader to enter this revered artist's world, both literally and metaphorically. Through a series of consecutive die-cut pages, one is drawn in passing through aspects of her life, art and creative process while exploring the themes that inspired her most, such as love, death and maternity. Iconic and visceral, her work has always had the ability to transcend borders and resonate with its honest and graphic depiction of the human condition. Until now, there has never been a greater homage. Excerpts from Frida Kahlo's personal diaries alternate with Sébastien Perez's poetic musings to give fresh insight and emotional depth, while Benjamin Lacombe's stunning artwork masterfully conveys the symbolism and surrealism of her art. A must for any fan or bibliophile.
High Times Magazine - 2017 - 10 - October
High Times Magazine
2017 - 10 - October
8,54 €* 8,99 € -5%
2017 Pot Jobs Report Cannabis has become the country’s fastest-growing industry, and employment opportunities abound. Find out how you can get involved! By Jen Bernstein Kush Gets SeriousA legendary seed-breeding company has released a new strain that’s turning heads around the world. Find out the methods Serious Seeds used to produce a bold new variety. Humboldt’s Finest CannabisLearn the secrets to growing the best pot on Earth from the experienced farmers of Humboldt County. Veteran cultivators reveal their techniques for producing sustainable, all-natural marijuana. By Danny DankoThe Crimes of Reefer MadnessGovernment propaganda played an enormous role in pushing the prohibition of cannabis onto an unsuspecting public. We examine the true-crime cases that were used to create reefer madness. By Mona ZhangWeed in Wine CountryCannabis lovers, growers and ganjapreneurs assembled for a three-day celebration in Sonoma County, CA to savor and share the region’s best weed at the 2017 NorCal Cannabis Cup. By Mary Jane GibsonThe High Times Interview: Doug StanhopeComedian Doug Stanhope joins Johnny Depp for an exclusive conversation on stand-up comedy, cannabis, creativity, fame and more.
Leonard Hieronymi - Ultraromantik
Leonard Hieronymi
12,00 €*
Was tun, wenn das Präsens einen so anödet, dass man am liebsten so wie einst André Breton auf die Straße gehen und blindlings in die Menge schießen würde? Wenn schon nicht mit der Pumpgun, dann zumindest mit Buchstaben, Worten, Sätzen? Richtig, man schreibt ein Manifest. Leonhard Hieronymi hat genau das getan. Frustriert aufgrund des melancholichen Ich-besoffenen Geschreibsels der gegenwärtigen jungen Schriftstellerinnen und Schriftsteller suchte er nach einer Lösung – und fand die Ultraromantik – »eine neue literarische Bewegung, die die zeitgenössische deutschsprachige Literatur retten sollte«, wie Hieronymi im Vorwort zu dieser Veröffentlichung schreibt. Aus Zuneigung für dystopische Werke und romantische Kunst entwickelte er ein Manifest in zwanzig Punkten, das »japanophile Fotografinnen, avant- gardistische Komponisten und versaute Lyrik-Juristinnen« gleichermaßen begeistern und dazu anregen soll, die Gegenwart hinter sich zu lassen und in Zukunft nur noch ultraromantisch zu schreiben. Das Ergebnis: Ein großer Wurf und ein humorvoller Versuch, der Literatur wieder genug Fun & Action zu injizieren, damit diese die aufrüttelnde, aufregende und aufreizendeKraft bekommt, die ihr einst innewohnte. Die Zukunft zu wollen, bedeutet eben auch nicht, der Vergangenheit keine Bedeutung beizumessen.DAS BUCHWarum ist es so scheiße langweilig hier? Das liegt natürlich nicht nur an der Literatur, aber auch. Deshalb ist Leonhard Hieronymis Manifest »Ultraromantik« noch viel mehr als ein Manifest: Es ist eine Art Heil- und Dopingmittel nicht nur für Freunde der schönen Literatur, sondern auch für jeden sonst, dem es nicht gefällt, dass man mehr als zwanzig Jahre nach »Faserland« immer noch in einem Land lebt, in dem ein »inoffizielles Ekstaseverbot« existiert. »In diesem Land wird ein euphorischer Zustand verhindert«, dachte sich Leonhard Hieronymi und ersann, zunächst im stillen Kämmerlein, die Ultraromantik als Allheilmittel. Was als spontane Eingebung und persönliche Spinnerei begann, trug schon bald weitere Früchte. Nach dem Manifest kam erst die Ultra- und dann die Masterlist, in denen Hieronymi einige Werke (Literatur, Musik, Filme) versammelte, die er als proto-ultraromantische Werke, als Stichwortgeber und Inspirationsquellen begriff. Als nächstes schrieb, weil die Theorie natürlich nichts wert ist, sodenn man sie nicht auch praktisch anwendet, er seine ersten ultraromantischen Erzählungen. Zwei davon befinden sich, neben dem Manifest, der Ultralist, der Masterlist und der Erklärung, im ersten Ultraromantik-Band: »Der Sexualkristall« und »Formalin. DiePsychische Möglichkeit des Lebens in der Vorstellung eines Toten.«. Im »Sexualkristall« erinnert sich ein 3.000 Jahre alter Mann an sein erstes Mal: Als der Ich-Erzähler noch ein Junge war, fand er, während draußen ein Jahrhundertsommer tobte, einen besonders wertvollen Edelstein, lernte ein Mädchen kennen und entdeckte außerdem am eigenen Leib, was das Wörtchen »Paraphilie« bedeutet. »Formalin« wiederum erzählt von einer Gesellschaft, die kurz davor steht, endlich die Unsterblichkeit für Privilegierte einzuführen und von einem Metallverarbeiter, der einen Sarg für einen der erfolgreichsten Künstler der Zukunft – dieser heißt zufällig genauso wie einer der reichsten Künstler der Gegenwart: Damien Hirst – bauen soll.
Current93 - Soft Black Stars
Soft Black Stars
33,24 €* 34,99 € -5%
The printed edition of Soft Black Stars, offers piano notation and the lyrics (but not the vocal lines). It is not a transcription (contrary to the accompanying digital edition), but rather a compilation of the essential piano parts composed by Michael Cashmore and manifested on paper at our publishing house. It provides a complete overview of which melodies and harmonies each song from Soft Black Stars should be improvised around, “to make your own stars” as David Tibet writes. It was, indeed, in this way that the Soft Black Stars were created during the recording sessions and in concerts.The edition includes exclusive introductions written by David Tibet and Michael Cashmore, as well as an editor’s note with explanations and additional information. The edition is bilingual, in the original English and with the Russian translations provided.
Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker - Freedom, Rhythm & Sound - Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-83 Paperback Edition
Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker
Freedom, Rhythm & Sound - Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-83 Paperback Edition
36,99 €*
Soul Jazz Records are issuing a new flexibound paperback edition of their long out of print ground-breaking deluxe art book Freedom, Rhythm and Sound – Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-83. This large format 200+ page book is edited by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records).The book is released to coincide with the new major art exhibition Soul of a Nation - Art in the Age of Black Power which is at Tate Modern this summer (showing for 3 months). The exhibition then travels to the USA showing at Crystal Bridges Museum and Brooklyn Museum of American Art in 2018. A selection of the original rare revolutionary jazz record sleeves (all of which appear in the book Freedom, Rhythm and Sound) will be on display throughout the exhibition.Soul Jazz Records are also releasing a new album Soul of a Nation – Afro-Centric Visions in the Age of Black Power to coincide with the exhibition.The book is a unique collection of cover artwork of revolutionary jazz released in the USA in the 1970s, a time of great political and social importance for African-American artists. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and John Coltrane loom large as self-determination, economic power and musical freedom led to artists finding new paths—both musical and economic. Away from the mainstream, many of these musicians chose to take control of their economic worth by recording, releasing and distributing their own material. Thirty years later and these artefacts are a striking reflection of the time, pre–desktop publishing, pre-internet, these small-run (sometimes as low as 500 copies), self-made sleeves are as iconic and historically important as the revolution of DIY culture that sprang out of punk.The book provides a large introduction contextualizing the music and artwork, as well as interviews with many of the people involved. Alongside the musicians mentioned above, these include Kelan Phil Cohran, Charles Tyler, Steve Reid, Mary Lou Williams, Horace Tapscott, Lloyd McNeil, Phil Ranelin, Marcus Belgrave, Paris Smith, Jayne Cortez, Joe McPhee, Weldon Irvine, Shamek Farrah, Cecil McBee, Stanley Cowell, Tribe, The Last Poets, The Pharoahs and many others. 40 years on, their works are exemplary in their untamed DIY energy and graphic boldness.“Like the uncompromising music they represent, all the covers broadcast a sense of bold, brazen ideology.” - Pitchfork
Mixmag - 2017 - 09 - September
Washed Out - Mister Mellow Poster
Washed Out
Mister Mellow Poster
14,24 €* 14,99 € -5%
This is two posters: orange with black writing, and the same design in black with orange writing, shipped together. 36 x 24-inch (91 x 61-cm).
Cory McKay (Cormega) & Brian Kayser - Cormega - Understanding The True Meaning
Cory McKay (Cormega) & Brian Kayser
Cormega - Understanding The True Meaning
14,99 €*
In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of The True Meaning, Cormega teamed up with Brian Kayser (HipHopGame) to deliver an in-depth look at the critically-acclaimed album. Featuring lyrical breakdowns from Mega as well as commentary from those involved, including the producers and behind-the-scenes team. Understanding The True Meaning will not disappoint. Contributors include Alchemist, Buckwild, D/R Period, Hi-Tek, J Waxx Garfield, and of course J-Love, among others.135 pages, paperback.
Personal Best - Issue 7
Personal Best
Issue 7
9,99 €*
Interviews with Tony Conrad (USA), Akira Sakata (Japan), Sarah Davachi (Canada), Omit (New Zealand), Stine Janvin Motland (Norway), Human Inferno (Norway), Stephen O'Malley (USA).Topics covered include: frogs, location recordings, fake synthetic music, stepping off stage, confusion, playing naked, nihilistic anal punk, to be the drunk Klaus Schultze, less is less, being self-contained, grouping of sounds, sound maps, playing 18 gigs in 30 years, marine biology, moving the fingers very fast, the Shinjuku 60s art scene, doing interrail tours in the 1970s, knowing communists, lack of protest, secretly buying Pink Floyd records, karaoke with CC Hennix, incoherent notes, the history of clocks, extreme metal graphic design, the meaning of the goat, picture disc jokes, 3D waves, demo tape nostalgia gone deluxe, keys and symbol's relative power, the social aspect of record covers, Pythagoras, Ali Akbar Khan, how Cage was right, how Stockhausen stole ideas, recording the best album ever made, and much more.
De La Soul - De La Sticker Sheet
B+ - Ghostnotes: Music Of The Unplayed
Ghostnotes: Music Of The Unplayed
48,99 €*
Preorder 15.12.2017
Introduction by Jeff Chang; Essays by Greg Tate and Dave TompkinsThis mid-career retrospective of the world’s preeminent hip-hop/rap photographer offers a unique visual mix tape of hip-hop artists, producers, and record dealers from the West Coast to the global African musical diaspora.336 pages, 7 x 7 inches, hardcover.
Sohail Daulatzai - Return Of The Mecca: The Art Of Islam And Hip-Hop
Sohail Daulatzai
Return Of The Mecca: The Art Of Islam And Hip-Hop
38,69 €* 42,99 € -10%
Rakim. Public Enemy. Brand Nubian. A Tribe Called Quest. Gang Starr. Digable Planets. KMD. Ice Cube. The Wu-Tang Clan. Mos Def. Lupe Fiasco. Jay Electronica. To many, these are some of hip-hop’s most significant artists. But few know that these artists, like many others, identify as Muslim and/or are connected to the global religion of Islam. Through the influence of figures such as Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, hip-hop culture was dominated, if not deeply influenced by its relationship to Islam, from the foundation of Zulu Nation in the early 1970’s, to the “Golden Age” of hip-hop (1986-1995), and onto the present. "Return of the Mecca: The Art of Islam and Hip-Hop" showcases how Islam deeply impacted the worlds of jazz, poetry and hip-hop culture.Edited by the curator Sohail Daulatzai, and with a cover design by Joe “Joe Buck” Buckingham (De La Soul), this 120 page full color, limited edition commemorative book for the celebrated exhibit "Return of the Mecca: The Art of Islam and Hip-Hop" features an extended interview with Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), essays by Chuck D and Sohail Daulatzai, photographs by Jamel Shabazz, Ernie Paniccioli, B+, Cognito, Katina Parker and others, as well as album cover art, cassette shells, J-Cards, flyers and other ephemera. 120 pages, full color, 8 inches X 11 inches, Paperback.
Vinyl Stories - 2016 - Ausgabe 1
Vinyl Stories
2016 - Ausgabe 1
12,00 €*
MUSIC.Vinyl Stories handelt von Musik. Die Schallplatte war nie nur Tonträger. Sie spricht alle Sinne an, vor allem aber das Gefühl. Die Visual Music Reviews von Vinyl Stories sind daher keine Besprechungen, sondern visuelle, emotionale Inszenierungen von Songs, die wir lieben. Im Format Decomposed nähern wir uns einem Musikstück auf ungewöhnlich analytische Weise und mit dem Format Sound of laden wir zur musikalischen Entdeckungsreise in die jüngste Vergangenheit immer eines anderen Landes ein.PEOPLE.Vinyl Stories dreht sich um Menschen. Denn Platten drehen sich nicht um sich selbst. Sie treten mit Menschen in Interaktion, lassen sich kaufen, sammeln, ordnen, hören – lieben. Verlangen uns auch was ab, wie das in Beziehungen so ist. Vinyl Stories erzählt in Interviews und Reportagen von Menschen und ihrem Leben mit Vinyl – von langjährigen Beziehungen und heftigen Affären, von Durchhaltevermögen und Enttäuschungen, von Junkies und Pragmatikern.ECOSYSTEMVinyl Stories beleuchtet den Markt. Schallplatten sind nie allein. Nicht nur, wenn sie Seit´an Seit´ im Regal stehen. Sie sind eingebunden in technische und ökonomische Infrastrukturen. Presswerke, Labels, Vertriebsnetze, Online-Plattformen, Schallplattenläden und Plattenregale bilden ein Ökosytem, das die Schallplatte am Leben hält, das sich aber auch von der Schallplatte nährt. Auch in schweren Zeiten hat dieses Ökosystem funktioniert.REFLECTIONSVinyl Stories glaubt nicht an Zufälle. Ein analoges Medium wird im digitalen Zeitalter wiedergeboren. Es ist erstaunlich, wie leicht die verschiedenen Kulturen, Musik zu speichern und zu hören, zusammenfließen. Erst mit der Kommunikation im Internet und durch Sites wie discogs ist das Vinyl-Sammeln zum globalen Hype geworden. Und plötzlich wird die gute alte, vor bald 70 Jahren erfundene LP zum hippen Medium der Digital Natives. Zu einem neuen Lifestyle.
Vinyl Stories - 2017 - Ausgabe 2
Vinyl Stories
2017 - Ausgabe 2
10,80 €* 12,00 € -10%
Vinyl ist mehr als nur ein Tonträger: Das schwarze Gold ist Ausdruck eines Lebensgefühls und Lifestyles. Vinyl Stories erzählt die Geschichten dieses Lifestyles der neuen Vinyl-Generation – persönlich und emotional. Es geht um die Zukunft von Vinyl in digitalen Zeiten und die Faszination am analogen Medienkonsum. Geschrieben von renommierten Autoren bietet das Bookazine Einblicke in das unglaubliche Comeback der Schallplatte mit Reportagen, Essays und Interviews von Musikern, Sammlern und Experten. Inklusive hochwertiger Fotostrecken.Mit Beiträgen von renommierten Autoren bietet »Vinyl stories« Einblicke in die aktuelle Vinyl-Szene.Mit dabei sind Reportagen, Portraits, Essays und Interviews u. a. mit Bilderbuch, dan dombrowe, China Moses, Igor Josifovic, Helena Hauff, das Bo,Nilz Bokelberg, Frank Berzbach.Thematische Schwerpunkte von Band 2:• Sound Of – Musikkolumne über die holländische Musik-Szene• Visual Music review – Visuelle Plattenkritiken mit Leica Fotografie International• Vinyl Places – Sehnsuchtsorte für Vinyl Liebhaber - Poster 2
Poster 2
13,99 €*
Ein weiteres limitiertes Represent-Poster des Hamburger Musik-Blogs im DIN A1 Format auf hochwertigem 115 g/m² Affichenpapier. Sieht an jeder Wand gut aus und bringt dir Farbe in dein Zimmer!
Monster Children - 2017 - Issue 55
Monster Children
2017 - Issue 55
14,99 €*
One of the many beauties of Monster Children is that we can literally put anything we like in the magazine and it works—it’s the Abdul’s Mixed Business of magazines! Luckily for you, we’ve got flawless taste and this latest patchwork quilt of an issue is no exception. An artist who travels to nuclear exclusion zones to create art based on the readings of her Geiger counter (Stanislava Pinchuk), an award-winning photographer travels to Afghanistan to spectacularly document a rudimental skiing movement (Andrew Quilty), and the art director (David Correll) of a cult record label (Sacred Bones) who was kind enough to grant us an audience and guest design a cover (Snakes!), are but three of the characters of intrigue gracing these hallowed pages.
Juxtapoz - 2017 - 08 - August
2017 - 08 - August
8,09 €* 8,99 € -10%
As much as street art has grown to such an international phenomenon, shared and passed around our viral universe like celebrity gossip, sometimes you just need to sit and see someone like Fintan Magee in action to just really grasp how far we have come. That is why the Australian-born artist made for the perfect cover subject for the August 2017 issue; an artist changing the way we look at muralism and the way we look at social realism in the 21st Century.Also featured in the August 2017 issue:—We talk about a love of cats and shapes with Morgan Blair—Anna Valdez shows us some perfect still-life paintings—Nathaniel Mary Quinn moves into the blue chip realm—Beau Stanton reconstructs the past ... —... while Baer reimagines the psychedelic experience—Speaking of psychedelics, we look at Pink Floyd's retrospective in London—Mike Mandel reminds us that there were good times in the 1970s—Yves Saint Laurent's legacy remains the radical perfection—We take a look at a group of Young Russian Painters...—... and we go in-depth at the bustling art scene in Las Vegas—Jimmy Mezei designs make you dive in...—... and we take one last look at "What In the World: The Juxtapoz Edition" at Urban Nation in Berlin.
Fader Mag - 2017 - July / August - Issue 110
Dazed And Confused - 2017 - Summer
Dazed And Confused
2017 - Summer
14,24 €* 14,99 € -5%
This summer, follow Dazed through the looking glass with the leading ladies of Sofia Coppola’s southern gothic epic, The Beguiled. Joining Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst on the cover of the summer 2017 issue is Coppola – the epoch-defining auteur, who leads us into the darkly sexual and blood-soaked world of her newest masterstroke.Model fascination Selena Forrest blazes bright on our fourth, limited edition cover, in a Roe Ethridge-lensed shoot celebrating disco in excess. Inside, we talk to the superlative Tilda Swinton about her latest trip into the surreal, playing a depraved CEO in the fantasy epic Okja, digi-art innovator Martine Syms divulges the secrets behind her most ambitious exhibition to date, and fashion’s fearless two, Hillier Bartley, tear up 2017.Elsewhere, we join the young Glasgow musicians leading the charge into a dark, uncertain future, Bruce LaBruce introduces the cast of The Misandrists – his new film about a Berlin militia declaring war on the man – and electronic pioneer Baba Stiltz unpacks the weirdo-individualism behind his devastating sound.
Jessica Ferber - Rebirth Of The Cool: Discovering The Art Of Robert James Campbell
Jessica Ferber
Rebirth Of The Cool: Discovering The Art Of Robert James Campbell
37,99 €*
A visionary of the Greenwich Village nightlife scene in the 1950s and 60s, photographer Robert James Campbell vigorously documented New York’s jazz era, and its metamorphosis into the beat and folk movements. Despite Campbell’s artistic prowess–evident in his arresting images of the people who would shape the American cultural landscape for generations to come–Campbell died alone in a homeless shelter in Burlington, Vermont in 2002. His identity, and former life as an esteemed photojournalist for The Village Voice and Downbeat Magazine, would only be revealed by the unlikely discovery by a young college graduate of his ephemera and personal belongings within a trove of cardboard boxes.176 pages, 7,75 x 10,25 inches, hardcover.The Rebirth of the Cool is the story of Robert James Campbell as reconstructed by Jessica Ferber, and born from tragedy; Campbell, once a wildly talented artist, but wrought by mental demons, financial hardship, and health failure, had to give up his passionate work at what should have been the prime years of his career, having succumbed to his deteriorating body and mind. Campbell left New York for LA and then disappeared into New England with little hope, but resolute to keep and care for his art he managed to diligently transport his negatives and images with him throughout his turbulent life, and ultimately with him into homelessness.At the height of his photographic career Campbell captured the likes of John Coltrane, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Philly Joe Jones, Count Basie, Bud Powell, Richie Havens, Chuck Berry, and more. Shot onstage and off, the intimacy of the photos is moving and prescient. Rebirth of the Cool collects the best of Campbell’s work, shot at legendary clubs like Birdland, The Village Vanguard, and The Gaslight Café, as well as street photography, international work from his time spent in Germany, and tour photography. The era in which Campbell photographed was brief and precious, and the content he left behind represents a time capsule–a rebirth and regeneration–of a moment that was flashpoint for the culture and heritage of New York, and the nation as a whole.Robert James Campbell was born in New York City in 1936, but spent most of his childhood in Vermont and New Hampshire. He took up photography at a very young age, and music soon after. He spent time in the army in the 50s and as the proprietor of a coffeehouse featuring music and art in the early 60s before moving to New York and beginning his photography career in earnest. By the early 70s he had left New York for good, along with his career. Battling mental illness aggravated by his mother’s death, and his own stroke, he began living in a homeless shelter in Burlington in 1995 where he passed away in 2002.Jessica Ferber was born and raised in New York. She has been the sole researcher and curator of Robert James Campbell’s life and photography since her graduation from the University of Vermont in 2002. With a BFA in Sociology and Fine Art, she relocated to The Big Island of Hawaii in 2007 to run her own portrait photography company, Apropos Imagery. She now resides in Portland, Oregon, where she continues to promote Campbell’s work.
DJ Stretch Armstrong & Evan Auerbach - No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988 - 1999
DJ Stretch Armstrong & Evan Auerbach
No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988 - 1999
33,99 €*
No Sleep. is a visual history of the halcyon days of New York City club life as told through flyer art. Spanning the late 80s through the late 90s, when nightlife buzz travelled via flyers and word of mouth, No Sleep. features a collection of artwork from the personal archives of NYC DJs, promoters, club kids, nightlife impresarios, and the artists themselves. Club flyers, by design, were ephemeral objects distributed on street corners, outside of nightclubs and concert halls, in barbershops and retail shops, and were not intended to be preserved for posterity. Through the 90s, they became both increasingly prevalent and more sophisticated as printing technology evolved. Overnight, however, with the birth of the internet, the club flyer essentially disappeared, and despite it being common at one time for promoters to print thousands of flyers for any given event, they are now hard to come by. Stretch Armstrong is a world renowned DJ, record producer, and radio personality. He’s been a fixture in the New York hip-hop scene since the late 80s, when he started DJing downtown and making his own concert flyers with cardboard, scissors, and glue. His posters expressed the bold aesthetic of early hip-hop, and in 1990 he cocreated the “Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show” on WKCR 89.9, which The Source magazine later named “The Greatest Hip-Hop Radio Show of All Time.” Stretch and Bobbito introduced the world to Jay Z, WuTang, Nas, and Eminem, and dozens of other seminal figures in hip-hop. In 2015 Stretch starred in a documentary about the show.Evan Auerbach is the most popular hip-hop historian on the internet. His career as a blogger and archivist has made him the #1 source for providing rare hip-hop memorabilia to the masses, and his website UpNorthTrips continues to be pivotal in sparking a modern wave of obsession with hip-hop flyers, promo material, and posters. A walking encyclopedia of rap knowledge, Evan has played an essential role in revitalizing music media’s nostalgia for 90s ephemera and landmark hip-hop events.224 pages, 9 x 11 inche, hardcover.
Mixmag - 2017 - 08 - August
Andrew  Morgan - The Rap ABC
Andrew Morgan
The Rap ABC
17,99 €*
Every letter a legend: The Rap ABC is a board book with stylized art of 26 iconic hip-hop artists for each letter of the alphabet.Made in Europe with 100% non-toxic inks158 x 158 mm x 26 mm56 pages of premium card stock.
Lodown Magazine - Issue 105 - Skin
Lodown Magazine
Issue 105 - Skin
9,00 €*
Skin as manifold exterior. Skin as signifier. Skin as identifier. Skin as protector and delicate receptor for Vitamin D. The surface is deep, evidenced by the 32 million bacteria occupying each square inch of your arm. Altogether that’s, well, don’t worry about the total number on your body. It’s gross. Or rad. Like this very issue, which will hit your reality next week. Elaborate stories on Kit King, Alice Hawkins, Sage Elsesser, Till Rabus, Grizzly Bear, Andreas Demeter, Mike Blabac. And. So. Much. More. For. You. To. Discover.
High Times Magazine - 2017 - 08 - August
High Times Magazine
2017 - 08 - August
8,54 €* 8,99 € -5%
AUGUST 2017Sunny Daze and Lit Nights in SoCalThe 2017 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup featured a host of marijuana-infused goodies. Plus, epic performances from Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, 50 Cent and more! By Danny DankoHigher TechWith the cannabis industry growing exponentially and entering the mainstream, cannabusiness owners are taking a tech-savvy approach to improving cultivation, extraction and ingestion. By Robyn Griggs LawrenceThe Best-Tasting Buds on EarthWe pull all of our data on terpene profiles from the past year of Cannabis Cup entries, compiling a list of cannabis strains that have the highest terp content and most jaw-dropping flavors from around the country. By Nico Escondido84 Eclipse TrippingLike the best psychedelic experiences, a solar eclipse can be an awe-inspiring event with the power to change lives. We explain why it’s so special and how best to enjoy the one that’s on the way! By Clint WernerBeat the HeatHigh temps in the growroom can lead to disaster. We break down various ways to cool your space efficiently, circulate air properly and control your growing environment. By Erik Biksa The High Times Interview: RedmanRedman is one of the most enduring—and endearing—figures in the rap game. Red gave HT the straight dope on changes in the marijuana industry and why he’s always promoting pot. By Danny Danko
Juice - 2017 - 07 - Juli
2017 - 07 - Juli
5,90 €*
Features:-KMN Gang (Miami Yacine,Nash...)-DCVDNS-Nimo-Capo-Migos -Young M.a-John Known
Robert Pollard - 100
Robert Pollard
52,99 €*
On April 7th 2017, Guided by Voices released August By Cake, a double album. For anyone who knows the band this isn’t necessarily a newsworthy event. The band and its leader are extremely prolific and release multiple albums every year. What made this one special, what made it historic, was that it marked the 100th studio album release for Robert Pollard. It is arguable as to whether any other artist has released that much music. What we know for sure is that no other artist has released 100 studio albums with every one of them on vinyl. This book contains the front and back covers for all 100 albums. Less a testament to Pollard’s extensive career and more a study in album art, the book is a large format (12” x 12”) hard cover document containing over 200 pages printed to the edge.
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur - Ausgabe 13 - Juni 2017
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur
Ausgabe 13 - Juni 2017
5,90 €*
75Bonus Coins
Bonus Coins
Titelstory: Plattenladen-Szene HamburgElbphilharmonie und Rote Flora, St. Pauli und HSV, Reeperbahn und Jungfernstieg: Die Hansestadt pflegt ihre Rivalitäten und Gegensätze. Wenn es jedoch um Vinyl geht, herrscht Solidarität – und das obwohl die Konkurrenzdichte in Sachen Plattenläden noch höher ist als etwa in Berlin oder Köln. Willkommen in Deutschlands heimlicher Vinyl-Hauptstadt, der wir uns auf 25 Seiten in Bild und Wort widmen.Bone BootlegsHinter dem Wort „Roentgenizdats“ verbergen sich die abenteuerlichsten Raubkopierer-Storys aus der Sowjetunion – nur ist der Begriff selbst in Russland heute nicht mehr geläufig. Ausgerechnet ein Brite unternimmt nun etwas dagegen: Stephen Coates hat die verbotene Welt der Bone Bootlegs wiederbetreten. Der Eingang lag, so wollte es das Klischee, zwischen Fellmützen versteckt, auf einem Flohmarkt in St. Petersburg.Labelporträt StaxVor 60 Jahren gründeten zwei Geschwister, die ihr Geld als Bankangestellte verdienten, eine Plattenfirma in Memphis. Sie suchten den nächsten Elvis – und fanden viele talentierte Rhythm’n’Blues-Acts. So entstand in einer Zeit, als der Rassismus in den Südstaaten noch allgegenwärtig war, Stax, neben Motown das bedeutsamste Label der Soul-Geschichte. Die Musik der Firma war immer heiß, selten politisch. Die Story von Stax ist es sehr wohl.Things I Found In RecordsKondome, Geld und Marihuana – der New Yorker Plattenhändler Jeff Ogiba kauft Second-Hand-Platten an und findet darin immer wieder Kurioses. Fotos seiner Fundstücke postet er auf Instagram in seinem Blog „Things I Found In Records“. MINT zeigt einige der besonders merkwürdigen Funde Ogibas und erzählt die Geschichten dahinter.Der Plattenbörsen-PateAls Ulrich Lauber Mitte der 80er seine ersten Plattenbörsen auf die Beine stellt, sind diese Art von Veranstaltungen noch weitgehend unbekannt in Deutschland. Vom Ruhrgebiet aus finden sie bald überall großen Zuspruch. 30 Jahre später bringt Lauber immer noch Händler und Sammler zusammen. Auch in Krisenzeiten hat er immer an die Platte geglaubt – heute gibt ihm das Vinyl-Revival Recht. Nur für die Zukunft muss er noch vorsorgen. Eine Idee hätte er schon.High-End-SpecialWer die Welt der High Fidelity erleben will, findet all das nirgendwo geballter als auf der High End in München. Mit zuletzt über 600 Ausstellern und über 20.000 Besuchern ist die Messe für HiFi und Musikwiedergabe längst die wichtigste ihrer Art – das sagen sogar die Amerikaner, deren eigenes IFA-Äquivalent CES früher diese Rolle innehatte. Hinzu kommt, dass die CES nun mal in Las Vegas stattfindet und nur Fachbesucher im Fokus hat. Da macht es einem die High End ungleich leichter, wie unser Autor Bernhard Rietschel beim Besuch in Bayern festgestellt hat.
Martin Berdahl Aamundsen & TSM Crew - Nora And The Little Blue Rabbit English Edition
Martin Berdahl Aamundsen & TSM Crew
Nora And The Little Blue Rabbit English Edition
16,90 €*
Nora is the new girl in school and just wants to make friends. Then one day she spots something unusual out of the corner of her eye — a little blue bunny that only she can see. At last she has someone play with and talk to. When she discovers that a boy in class can also see the rabbit, she makes a real life friend who also has a secret of his own. Unlike any children’s book before, the entire story ingeniously takes places on the walls in the photographs. Illustrated in a vibrant graffiti art style, this book comes with two stencils that allow kids and adults to recreate some of their favorite characters from the book.40 pages, 9,5 x 11,75 inches, hardcover.
Sandu Publishing - All About Maps
Sandu Publishing
All About Maps
33,90 €*
Graphic designers and illustrators are today’s cartographers, charting lands real and mythic, from gorgeous renderings in the fields of travel and recreation to stylized representations of the worlds of our favorite games or fantasy series. Tangible or virtual, maps have the singular ability to show us our place in the world, from where we are to where we are going. At the same time, they can convey information in a graphic way that enhances our experience of those places through creative embellishment. Some include infographics, which elevate their functionality, while others offer beautiful simplicity, incorporating stunning artwork more appropriate for gallery walls. Whereas the mapmakers of previous centuries used their abilities on limiting the unknown, today’s pioneering designers are focused on showing us what is possible.240 pages, 8,25 x 11,25 inches, hardcover.
Eothen Alapatt, Leonard Koloko & Cgris A. Smith - Welcome To Zamrock! 1972-1977 Volume 2 - How Zambia's Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution
Eothen Alapatt, Leonard Koloko & Cgris A. Smith
Welcome To Zamrock! 1972-1977 Volume 2 - How Zambia's Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution
19,99 €*
By the mid 1970s the Southern African nation known as the Republic of Zambia had fallen on hard times. Though the country’s first president, Kenneth Kaunda, had thrown off the yoke of British colonialism, the new country found itself under his self-imposed autocratic rule. Kaunda protected Zambia from war, but his country descended into isolation and poverty. This is the environment in which the 70s rock revolution known as Zamrock flourished. Fuzz guitars were common, as were rhythms influenced by James Brown’s funk. Songs, mainly sung in the country’s constitutional language, English, were often bleak. In present day Zambia, Zamrock makers were few. It was not a likely scene to survive — but it did. Welcome To Zamrock! Vols. 1 and 2 are an overview of the movement’s most beloved groups, and trace its ascension, fall, and finally, resurgence. Each volume chronicles the the history of the Zamrock scene with never before seen photographs and ephemera. Volume 2 Includes 18 track CD.56 pages, 5,75 x 8,75 inches, paperback.
Eothen Alapatt, Leonard Koloko & Cgris A. Smith - Welcome To Zamrock! 1972-1977 Volume 1 - How Zambia's Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution
Eothen Alapatt, Leonard Koloko & Cgris A. Smith
Welcome To Zamrock! 1972-1977 Volume 1 - How Zambia's Liberation Led To A Rock Revolution
19,99 €*
By the mid 1970s the Southern African nation known as the Republic of Zambia had fallen on hard times. Though the country’s first president, Kenneth Kaunda, had thrown off the yoke of British colonialism, the new country found itself under his self-imposed autocratic rule. Kaunda protected Zambia from war, but his country descended into isolation and poverty. This is the environment in which the 70s rock revolution known as Zamrock flourished. Fuzz guitars were common, as were rhythms influenced by James Brown’s funk. Songs, mainly sung in the country’s constitutional language, English, were often bleak. In present day Zambia, Zamrock makers were few. It was not a likely scene to survive — but it did. Welcome To Zamrock! Vols. 1 and 2 are an overview of the movement’s most beloved groups, and trace its ascension, fall, and finally, resurgence. Each volume chronicles the the history of the Zamrock scene with never before seen photographs and ephemera. Volume 1 includes 16 track CD.58 pages, 5,75 x 8,75 inches, paperback.
Frank Turner - The Road Beneath My Feet - Tourtagebuch
Frank Turner
The Road Beneath My Feet - Tourtagebuch
17,00 €*
Frank Turner ist ein Künstler mit dem Herz auf der Zunge. Da machte es nur Sinn, dass der britische Musiker sich nach dem Ende seiner Hardcore-Band Million Dead im September 2005 dem Folk zuwandte. 1.254 Shows später wird er von Trainspotting-Regisseur Danny Boyle gefragt, ob er bei der Eröffnungszeremonie der Olympischen Spiele 2012 auftreten möchte. »The Road Beneath My Feet« erzählt die Geschichte zwischen diesen Daten. Von Orientierungslosigkeit und der Suche nach einem neuen Weg, von durchzechten Nächten und Momenten der Klarheit.Statt einer gewöhnlichen Autobiografie hat Turner fu?r dieses Buch – sein erstes – eine Form gewählt, die einem ständig tourenden Musiker am besten liegt: »The Road Beneath My Feet« ist im Stil eines Tagebuchs gehalten, jedes Kapitel überschrieben mit einer bestimmten Show. So gewährt Turner einen Einblick in seinen Alltag auf Tour und hinter die Kulissen des Popbiz. Doch selbst wenn er von Exzessen und Konfrontationen schreibt, behält er die Füße auf dem Boden. Frank Turner ist nicht nur als Songwriter ein sehr genauer Beobachter, unnötige Floskeln sind ihm fremd. »The Road Beneath My Feet« ist ein persönliches Buch, aus dem seine Fans genauso viel Mehrwert ziehen können wie alle anderen Musikbegeisterten auch.Aus dem Englischen von Claas Reiners und Christina Panzer368 Seiten, Paperback.
Fader Mag - 2017 - May - Issue 109
Juxtapoz Magazine - 2017 - 06 - June
Juxtapoz Magazine
2017 - 06 - June
8,99 €*
Knowing how many significant events occurred in and around 1967, especially in San Francisco, there is something so resonant about San Francisco’s de Young Museum, residing directly in the middle of Golden Gate Park, the epicenter of the Summer of Love, to now be hosting the exhibition, The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll, through August 20, 2017. It really couldn’t be any other place. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, Juxtapoz is pleased to present a special cover story on the events of 1967, with a cover image from the infamous Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley psychedelic poster for the Grateful Dead.—We take a trip to Mark Ryden's ballet—Daniel Arnold takes us on a street photography tour—Shantell Martin paints the room—Paco Pomet gives surrealism a new name—Jason Bard Yarmosky preps a museum show in Maine—Shiri Mordechay takes us in the insomniac's garden—Sonnenzimmer gives us a printmaking history of Chicago—Kenya's Joseph Bertiers makes masterful pop paintings—Timothy Saccenti and Christian Joy make fashion harmony—Studio Elana Schlenker has the fresh fruit ...—... and At The Drive-In is Back and making art Sounds....
High Times Magazine - 2017 - 07 - July
High Times Magazine
2017 - 07 - July
7,64 €* 8,99 € -15%
Betting on Bud in Las VegasThe first-ever Cannabis Cup in Nevada took place just outside Las Vegas, despite some unforeseen obstacles—and we have the photos to prove it! By Mary Jane Gibson Soil vs. HydroToday, this age-old debate really boils down to whether growing cannabis indoors or outdoors is better. Nico breaks down the pros and cons associated with both and details how to get the most out of your plants. By Nico Escondido Strains of the FutureWe travel to the Basque Country of Spain to learn about the game-changing new achievements in cannabis breeding by Dinafem Seeds, including autoflowering, feminized, CBD-rich versions of classic strains. By Danny DankoCasualties of WarThe War on Drugs is still being waged on college campuses across the country, as students with cannabis convictions find themselves barred from receiving the financial aid necessary to pursue a degree. By Dave LindorffMother Plants & ClonesSuccessful cloning is the key to a fruitful indoor harvest, but it’s also one of the more demanding cultivation skills to master. We reveal the tips and tricks for uniform healthy plants and a level cannabis canopy. By Erik BiksaThe High Times Interview: LudacrisThe Atlanta-based rapper, actor and cannabis connoisseur opens up about marijuana, movies and more before playing to a capacity crowd at the Las Vegas Cannabis Cup.
Jan Wehn - Morgellon
Jan Wehn
10,00 €*
Noah Zimmermann hat Zeit. Bei Großvater in der Wohnung kann man sich`s gemütlich machen – außerdem hat dieser ihm sein Jagdgewehr und seine Tabletten hinterlassen. »Nur paar Benzos«, denkt Noah sich. Das (alte) Leben kann warten.Auf dem Teppich liegend beginnt für Noah sein persönlicher Bildungsroman. Endlich meint er, klarer zu sehen, immer mehr zieht er sich aus seinem alten Leben zurück. Er kappt jene sozialen Taue, die ihn zurückhalten, um endlich zu verstehen, was die Welt in ihrem Innersten zusammenhält.Langsam werden die Lines mehr, so wie die Kondensstreifen am Himmel. Er lernt eine Frau kennen und
Michelle Dunn Marsh & Negarra A. Kudumu - All Power: Visual Legacies Of The Black Panther Party
Michelle Dunn Marsh & Negarra A. Kudumu
All Power: Visual Legacies Of The Black Panther Party
35,19 €* 43,99 € -20%
In 1966 Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, two law students at Laney College in Oakland, California, launched The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Officially active for less than twenty years (1966–1982), the Panthers indelibly pierced the public consciousness, and for many its legacy remains controversial—witness the virulent responses to Beyonce Knowles’ 2016 Super Bowl performance that included an homage to the Panthers through dancers in berets and black leather outfits. That visual—gun-toting, well-dressed black men with berets and gun-toting, well-dressed women with Afros—is what most of mainstream America, if they know anything at all, think of with regard to the Black Panther Party.This book, All Power: Visual Legacies of the Black Panther Party, evolved from correspondence and conversation with a select list of contemporary black artists who answered the call and submitted work that was from their perspective related to the Party. They include emerging and internationally acclaimed practitioners from around the nation, women and men spanning thirty to seventy years of age. At a time when the United States feels anything but, this book demonstrates art’s ability to cut through rhetoric, and communicate varying perspectives. The goal of this volume is not so much to add to the study of the Black Panther Party’s history—though it clearly highlights the persistence of its sophisticated visual communication—but to look to its present influence among a variety of significant cultural contributors, and to acknowledge what could still be achieved to the benefit of American society as outlined in their Ten Point program fifty years ago. Works by Derrick Adams, Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Endia Beal, Yadesa Bojia, Howard Cash, Ayana V. Jackson, Kambui Olujimi, Paul Rucker, Lewis Watts, Carrie Mac Weems, Mickalene Thomas, Hank Willi Thomas, Robert Wade, and others.Interview with hanl Thomas by Dr. Deborah Willis. Edited by Michelle Dunn marsh with Negarra A. Kudumu.9x10 inches, 96 pages, hardcover, 30 black and white and color images.
Stephen Davis - Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend
Stephen Davis
Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend
6,99 €*
Jim Morrison's electrifying live performances, and appetite for sexual and psychedelic experience enflamed the spirit of a generation. InJim Morrison, critically acclaimed journalist Stephen Davis brings together insights gleaned from dozens of original interviews, long-lost recordings, and Morrison's own unpublished journals to create a vivid portrait of a misunderstood genius.
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur - Ausgabe 12 - Mai 2017
Mint - Das Magazin Für Vinylkultur
Ausgabe 12 - Mai 2017
5,90 €*
75Bonus Coins
Bonus Coins
Titelstory: HipgnosisIn unserer großen Titelstory erzählen wir die Geschichte des wegweisenden britischen Designstudios Hipgnosis, das vor allem in den 70er Jahren weltberühmt wurde durch die Gestaltung unzähliger ikonischer Cover. Größen wie Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Scorpions, T. Rex oder Emerson, Lake & Palmer vertrauten in Sachen Covergestaltung auf das kreative Schaffen der Künstler Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey „Po“ Powell und Peter Christopherson, und es steht außer Frage, dass auch Hipgnosis Anteil daran hatte, dass aus Alben wie „The Dark Side Of The Moon“, „Houses Of The Holy“ oder „Never Say Die“ zeitlose Klassiker wurden. Natürlich kommt so eine Titelgeschichte nicht ohne die dazugehörige Werkschau aus. Wir haben uns aber nicht nur darauf beschränkt, großartige Coverkunst in großen Bildern zu zeigen, sondern erzählen auch die interessanten Entstehungsgeschichten dahinter.Vinyl-Report JamaikaAutor Helmut Philipps war für MINT zwei Wochen auf Jamaika, um in die dortige Vinyl-Kultur einzutauchen. Er traf bei seinem Trip auf Sammler, Händler, Freaks und viele bemerkenswerte Menschen, um einen Blick hinter die Kulissen zu werfen und sich dabei erklären zu lassen, wie es heute um die Schallplatte in Jamaika bestellt ist. Früher wurden auf Jamaika immerhin bis zu 300 verschiedene Singles pro Woche (!) gepresst, und zuletzt machten Gerüchte die Runde, dass das legendäre Presswerk Tuff Gong seinen Betrieb wieder aufnehmen würde. 1981 war es von Bob Marley gekauft und 2012 geschlossen worden. Ob die Maschinen wirklich eine Wiederbelebung erfahren oder doch für immer eingemottet bleiben, erörtert unser Autor beim Rundgang durch die heiligen Hallen.Tim BurgessDer Sänger der Britpop-Institution The Charlatans verdingt sich seit einer Weile auch als erfolgreicher Autor. Sein aktuelles zweites Buch trägt den etwas lakonischen Titel „Tim Book Two“, die darin erzählten Geschichten über „Vinyl-Abenteuer von Istanbul bis San Francisco“ machen aber umso neugieriger. Im Interview berichtet Burgess über seine ungezügelte Sammelleidenschaft, den dazugehörigen Reisen und erklärt ganz nebenher, warum so viele seiner Freundschaften auf Vinyl basieren.Presswerk IntaktDie Berliner Max Gössler und Alexander Terboven haben ihren Traum vom eigenen Plattenpresswerk in die Tat umgesetzt, bereits Mitte Mai geht ihr kleines Werk Intakt an den Start. Ihr Mission: sich um kleinere Labels kümmern, die bei den großen Presswerken aufgrund beschränkter Kapazitäten oft längere Wartezeiten in Kauf nehmen müssen. In MINT berichten Gössler und Terboven über den kräftezehrenden Weg von der Geschäftsidee bis zum Unternehmensstart.EquipmentHochwertige HiFi-Racks gelten für viele Klang-Enthusiasten als unverzichtbar, wenn es darum geht, das Maximum aus der Anlage herauszuholen – ein gutes Fundament kann den Unterschied machen. Wir stellen elf HiFi-Racks unterschiedlicher Preisklassen vor. Außerdem haben wir fünf Plattenwaschmaschinen einem Härtetest unterzogen, zwei außergewöhnliche Plattenspieler getestet und uns einem schlanken Verstärker mit großer Wirkung gewidmet.The Soundtrack Of My LifeMultitalent Heinz Strunk über die Platte, die sein Leben verändert hat: „Made in Japan“ von Deep Purple.Dr. MINTDer allwissende Ratgeber geht der Frage nach, wie goldene Schallplatten hergestellt werden – und ob sie abspielbar sind.Weitere Themen der AusgabeÜber 100 LP-Besprechungen, die Rubrik „33 1 / 3-Cover“, diverse News-Features, das Sleeveface des Monats und vieles mehr.
Anke Fesel, Chris Keller (Hrsg.) - Berlin Heartbeats - Stories From The Wild Years, 1990 - Present
Anke Fesel, Chris Keller (Hrsg.)
Berlin Heartbeats - Stories From The Wild Years, 1990 - Present
29,90 €*
Berlin in den 90ern: Die Stadt ist keine Insel mehr, alte Strukturen lösen sich auf und hinterlassen neue Räume für Improvisation und Experiment. In den verlassenen Häusern und auf den Straßen lassen sich die Versatzstücke vergangener Zeiten zu einem neuen, bunten und oft nur temporären Bild zusammenfügen. Eine Zeit der Hoffnung, auch wenn der Wandel für viele eine ungewisse Zukunft bedeutet. Doch wer es wagt, sich der Freiheiten zu bedienen, findet ein riesiges Areal an Möglichkeiten.Intensive Fotoessays erzählen die wegweisenden und die weniger bekannten, dafür umso erstaunlicheren Storys aus der jüngeren Geschichte Berlins: Neue Clubs reanimieren das Nachtleben, das Obdachlosentheater »Ratten 07« erobert die Bühne, die Räumung der Mainzer Straße eskaliert und im Kalksandsteinwerk Rüdersdorf treten dunkle Momente der jüngsten Vergangenheit zutage. Ergänzt werden die Fotostrecken durch Gespräche mit den Vordenkern und Querdenkern, Aktivisten und Autodidakten, die zum Entstehen des heutigen Berlin beigetragen haben und deren Biografien so nur in dieser Stadt geschrieben werden konnten.256 Seiten, Taschenbuch mit vielen Fotos von Ben De Biel, Harald Hauswald, Ute Mahler, Sven Marquardt u.a. und Texten von Judith Hermann, Klaus Biesenbach, Robert Lippok, Dimitri Hegemann, Sahsha Waltz u.a.
Juxtapoz Magazine - 2017 - 05 - May
Juxtapoz Magazine
2017 - 05 - May
8,99 €*
Sometimes a visual just makes your eyes go popping out of your noggin. And sometimes, a cover image just literally demonstrates how your eyes can go popping out of your noggin. And that is the May 2017 cover image by NYC-based Jamian Juliano-Villani. Jamian makes wonderfully surreal and other-worldly cartoon-esque paintings. Some are crude depictions of sex, some that are just plain hilarious, and others are just imaginative universes. We are hooked.—We appreciate the legacy of Jason Rhoades with curator, Paul Schimmel—We have exclusive photos of Banksy's "The Walled-Off Hotel" in Bethlehem.—Robert Williams breaks down his 3 new paintings for his show at Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana.—Ari Marcopoulos goes around NYC with the adidas team—Spoon's Britt Daniel talks album covers and Hot Thoughts—Adam Feibelman finds personal provenance—Joakim Ojanen shows us his new ceramics at his residency in France—Stuart Davis reminds us why he is one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century—Ryan Travis Christian opens up about graphite—We take a trip to the Pacific to check in on POW! WOW!—Mark Mothersbaugh goes back to schooll ... ..... and Cody Hoyt brings illustration to ceramics... and becomes one of the best in the game.
High Times Magazine - 2017 - 06 - June
High Times Magazine
2017 - 06 - June
7,64 €* 8,99 € -15%
Five Easy Steps to Growing Your OwnNico breaks down the five simple steps to setting up a small indoor garden at home, whether it’s in a closet, cabinet or grow tent, to help you get growing now! By Nico EscondidoAlex Grey’s Psychedelic AdventureThe visionary artist extraordinaire reveals how ayahuasca powerfully influenced his creative output and inner being. Plus: An exclusive first look at Grey’s design for the new High Times Cannabis Cup!Spring Planting Guide’Tis the season to sow your crops if you want to grow and harvest massive outdoor ganja trees this fall. Learn some essential insider tips and tricks for successfully starting your pot plants this spring! By Danny DankoLive Your DreamsLucid dreaming just might be the world’s ultimate (and legal) high. Learn how cannabis and other herbs affect your sleeping life and how you can take control of your dreams!Giant Plants of Southern OregonIf you’re an experienced cannabis grower who’s allowed only six medical plants, what do you do? You grow them really, really huge. Lambsbread shares his secrets for an abundant harvest of organic buds. By J. FlavaThe High Times Interview: Damian MarleyThe Grammy Award–winning reggae artist talks about transforming a former prison into a legal weed farm, being his father’s “biggest fan,” recording his rootsy new album and more! By David Bienenstock
Juice - 2017 - 05 / 06 - Mai / Juni
Waxpoetics - Issue 66 - DJ Shadow / David Axelrod
Issue 66 - DJ Shadow / David Axelrod
14,24 €* 14,99 € -5%
DJ ShadowThe late 1980s and early ’90s saw the dawn of a new day as sampling was at a high point with hip-hop’s golden era. Following in the footsteps of Double Dee & Steinski, Prince Paul, and the Dust Brothers, DJ SHADOW would push the boundaries of sampling with his early Mo’ Wax releases. His first full-length album, Endtroducing..., further shined a light on the art form, as the album exploded through popular culture and put the reluctant star in the spotlight.David AxelrodProducer/composer DAVID AXELROD landed a dream job at Capitol Records in 1964, immediately working with jazz legend Cannonball Adderley and lifting soul singer Lou Rawls to great heights.Also:Gifted songwriter, bassist, and producer LEON SYLVERS III led his siblings’ group the Sylvers from their teenaged harmony-tinged sweet-soul beginnings to mainstream disco heights; DJ KRUSH embarked on a journey with British label Mo’ Wax that found the turntablist/producer using hip-hop’s breakbeat foundation while pioneering a new genre of abstract instrumentals; Sly and the Family Stone trumpeter CYNTHIA ROBINSON became lovers with Sly, giving birth to their daughter, Sylvyette “Phunne” Stone, who helped carry the torch with the Family Stone into the next century; Australian plunderers THE AVALANCHES release their first record in sixteen years; adventures of a reggae messenger with DANNY HOLLOWAY.
JonOne - The Chronicles
The Chronicles
52,00 €*
The Chronicles traces the artist JonOne's unusual journey from New York to Paris and from the spray can to the paintbrush. Born in Harlem in the early 60s, the artist's early career is firmly rooted in the rule-bound hierarchy of tagging and graffiti culture. With his move to Paris in 1987, JonOne's artistic constrictions were quickly cast aside. The energy of his paintings on canvas was undeniable and almost immediately found a rapt audience in Europe. By the 1990s he was fully engaged by his studio practice and gallery shows. To this day, JonOne's colorful and frenetic work continues to make waves, most recently with gallery shows in New York and Art Basel, Miami. Alongside over 300 paintings created over the past 30 years, texts by Henry Chalfant, Magda Danysz, agnès b, Tom Laurent, Alan Ket and others bring this fascinating artist's career fully into focus.
Asad Faulwell - Les Femmes D'Alger
Asad Faulwell
Les Femmes D'Alger
37,99 €*
Asad Faulwells work is focused on issues of colonization, faith, power and gender relations through an examination of the political history of the post-colonial Middle East. Faulwell says, Specifically, I am currently engaged in a series of mixed media paintings focused on Algerian women who actively engaged in combat during the Algerian War of Independence. These women were all either killed in battle or captured by the French and subjected to imprisonment and torture. After Algerian Independence was gained these women were pardoned by Charles De Gaulle and returned to Algeria.Upon returning to day-to-day life many of them became social outcasts, considered an oddity and an affront to conservative Islamic teachings. ... I find this subject matter especially compelling because while it focuses on gender relations in conservative cultures it also focuses on the food chain of colonization.
Open Source - A Citywide Public Art Exhibition
Open Source
A Citywide Public Art Exhibition
29,99 €*
Bold public artwork. Events and tours with internationally known artists and thinkers. A space dedicated to creative conversation and idea generation. Welcome to Open Source. Open Source was a major public art event uniquely about Philadelphia: the civic challenges and opportunities it faces, and the outcomes of collaborative thinking. Mural Arts Philadelphias public art exhibition, curated by Pedro Alonzo, brought 13 trailblazing artists from around the world to Philadelphia for groundbreaking projects that illuminated the citys diverse public identity. The artists involved included Ernel Martinez & Keir Johnston, Odili Donald Odita, Shepard Fairey, Momo, SWOON, Jennie Shanker, JR, Sam Durant, Michelle Angela Ortiz, Jonathan Monk, Heeseop Yoon, Shinique Smith, and the Dufala Brothers.
Eothen Alapatt - Wells Fargo Watch Out! : The Case for Heavy Music: Rock and Revolution in 70's Zimbabwe
Eothen Alapatt
Wells Fargo Watch Out! : The Case for Heavy Music: Rock and Revolution in 70's Zimbabwe
16,99 €*
Just as the hippie era came to an end in America, a second '60s was beginning. In what is now Zimbabwe, young people created a rock and roll counterculture that drew inspiration from hippie ideals and the sounds of Hendrix and Deep Purple. The kids in the scene called their music heavy because they could feel its impact, and it resonated from Zambia to Nigeria. At its peak in the mid-70s, the heavy rock scene united tens of thousands of young progressives of all racial and social backgrounds. The country was called Rhodesia then, one of the last bastions of white rule in Africa, and heavy rockers defied segregation laws and secret police to make a stand for democratic change. Wells Fargo was at the forefront of the scene, and the title track of this album,Watch Out, was the anthem of the counterculture. This is the first time their music has been issued outside of Zimbabwe. Matthew Shechmeister tells the story of Wells Fargo, drawing on interviews with the band's remaining members and numerous trips to Zimbabwe to investigate the genesis of the heavy rock scene under Ian Smith's oppressive government and itsdissipation after Zimbabwe's liberation. Never-before-published photographs and rare ephemera color the vibrant era of which this band was part.This sharp little volume traces the the history of Zimbabwes heavy rock scene and the trajectory of Wells Fargo. Never before seen photographs and ephemera color a story so hard to believe that it has to be true. Contains 11 track CD.
Tim Schulze Dieckhoff - Reckatz #1
Lodown Magazine - Issue 104 - Future Shock
Juxtapoz Magazine - 2017 - 04 - April
High Times Magazine - 2017 - 05 - May
Fader Mag - 2017 - March / April - Issue 108
Fader Mag
2017 - March / April - Issue 108
8,99 €*
The Sex Issue featuring Young M.A, Lil Uzi Vert, Perfume Genius, E-40, and more.
Elephant - 2017 - Spring - Issue 30
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