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Rebecca Goldberg Techno | Minimal | Tech-House 2 Artikel

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Rebecca Goldberg - W-3 Fatty Acids
Rebecca Goldberg
W-3 Fatty Acids
12" | 2018 | US | Original (Detroit Underground)
11,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
A warm human hand sculpts the icy machine-like sounds into a meticulous harmony over undulating bass and entrancing snares, clasps and industrial heartbeats. This continuous circulation of sound and its ever beating rumbling-flexed sub bass found in Rebecca Goldberg’s newest batch of acid-techno arrangements effectively replicate the natural functions of omega 3, or ω−3, fatty acids albeit in musical-form. Whereas ingesting the special carboxylic acids found in plant and marine oils woll fortify your vascular system into a well-oiled machine, Goldberg is using a table of various analog machines to manifest a similar, yet uniquely propulsive flow of energy through a composite of frenetic hi-hats and trudling kick drums, looping under spacey Rolands waving out reverb splashed frequencies coiling synthetic intonations.
The beats reach the feet, the bass unlocks the hips and the synths pull and twist the shoulders, staving off stagnation or decimating a collective clotting - we are loosened in restorative ways to the sleek assemblages of one of Detroit’s leading DJs/composers on the electronic music scene. Goldberg’s 25-minute odyssey is unceasing in its sinuous stream of mesmeric techno music, as if powered on by relentless agents found in the healthful acids for which this EP gets its title.
Goldberg has distinguished herself by cultivating the seeds of techno into something that designedly meditates on the enduring vitality of the organic and the holistic in our lives--even as our socialization, and maybe even our dance floors, are predominantly digital in character and operation. ω−3 continues to stimulate our brains in two ways, just like 2017’s 313 Acid Queen. Her previous record used field recordings and found sounds from the shores of Detroit’s Belle Isle and other neighborhood sidestreets to thread the simple majesty of the flora and fauna that sustains even if at the corners of a concrete metropolis. ω−3 is bringing you from the outdoors into the inner workings of your body--particularly the blood cells that act as fuel for your limbs, your lungs and your brain. It’s the ω−3 fatty acids that keep your system strong and smooth. It’s Rebecca Goldberg’s latest acid techno fever dream that keeps you perceiving that (and other things) even as you dance…
Rebecca Goldberg - 313 Acid Queen
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