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Jonathan Hulten - The Dark Night Of The Soul
Jonathan Hulten
The Dark Night Of The Soul
12" | 2017 | EU | Original (Reflections)
18,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
"... And if my pit will turn out as my grave, in life I will be free and not a slave...."Jonathan Hultén: "The affinity for dark themes is probably what drew me to rock andmetal in the first place. The fascination for the obscure, the mysterious and frightfulaspects of life has always been there. When something scares you, you can be surethere is something interesting hiding at its core, something that most likely will enrichyour world and perspective if you can accept or befriend it, or at least understand it. Inthe confrontations in this realm of your mind ugly can turn into beautiful, sorrow intojoy and foe into friend. In the end, it's curiosity and thirst for knowledge andtransformation that drives me towards these subjects, and it's an adventure to pursuethem. And artistically it's so much more interesting, the aesthetic and romantic side ofthe dark and decadent is not to be forgotten! Thematically and lyrically the EP is built asa reference to the alchemical process with extra emphasis on the first stage ofblackness, hence the name "The Dark Night of the Soul". The first song nguished Arethe Young' is really a condensation of that disorientation and despair (and I wrote it asa 17-year old, the most confusing times of all), while the last song ightly Sun' representsthe first step toward renewal and rebirth." With his solo work it's guitar and harmoniesthat are the tools andwhile the keywords might be minimalistic and naked at the sametime themusic can be bombastic and dramatic. Inspired by folk and medieval choirmusicmixed with influences like Nick Drake and Led Zeppelin, Jonathan Hultén has setfoot on a path of his own journey to wherever it may lead him musically.
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