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Charles Bals - Charles Bals presents. Club Meduse
Charles Bals
Charles Bals presents. Club Meduse
2LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Spacetalk)
27,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
For the third volume of compilations curated by confirmed crate diggers, Spacetalk invites you to take a trip to the magical Mediterranean resort of Club Meduse in the company of Beachfreaks Records co-founder Charles Bals. A creative director, designer and curator by trade, Bals spends the majority of his spare time searching for superb, unknown, small-run music releases made between the 1970s and 1990s. While some of these are made available for other enthusiasts to buy via Beachfreaks’ mail-order service, many more make it into the racks of Bals’ private collection. With Club Meduse, Bals is sharing rare, hard-to-find and just plain brilliant gems from his personal stash for the very first time.For Club Meduse, Bals was inspired by countless magic childhood summers spent playing amongst the rocks, beaches and warm seas of the Cote D’Azur. The compilation, then, is a soundtrack to the greatest soft-focus, sunlit teenage summer holiday you’ve never had, with a gaggle of forgotten musicians and overlooked artists for company. Take a barefoot stroll from the campsite to the beach with Ara Macao, whose warm and lucid “Canyon” is a softly-spun delight, before splashing in the crystal clear waters to the accompaniment of The Clean-Hands Group and their 1984 Balearic blue-eyed soul gems “Night Fly” and “Shake It On”. As the sun comes down, clamber across the cooling rocks with the tumbling, sun-kissed guitar solos and sparkling analogue synthesizer motifs of The Keyboys’ leisurely “Savannah” ringing in your ears, before using the words of Gemini’s “Take A Chance” – undoubtedly the most Balearic record to emerge from Sweden in the last 50 years – to get flirtatious under the moonlight. Should you fancy a dance down the camp disco, Bals’ selections will gently ease you onto the dancefloor and into the gaze of the boy or girl of your dreams. The fuzzy Italo-boogie of the C.V.Q Band’s “Whatever You Do (Instrumental)” will get you going, while Miss’s 1984 French electro gem “Hip Hop” should guarantee a celebratory conclusion to the night’s party. No perfect holiday evening is complete without a stolen kiss in a secluded cove, and happily Bals has it covered. Check the seductive, dub-powered Balearic synth-boogie of Gigi Flag’s brilliant “Nymphomaniac (Instrumental)”, the steamy sweetness of Bals’ own edit of The One “O” Ones “Radio Cosmo 101” – possibly the greatest tune recorded to promote an Italian radio station – and the undulating electronic rhythms and exotic synthesizer lines of Eddy La Viny’s overlooked ‘80s zouk classic “Havan’ Havac”. Another essential Compilation from Spacetalk records!
Jeremy Spellacy - Jeremy Spellacy presents Crown Ruler Sound
Jeremy Spellacy
Jeremy Spellacy presents Crown Ruler Sound
2LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Spacetalk)
27,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Don’t be fooled by Spellacey’s lower profile: amongst those who know, the Melbourne-based New Zealander is widely regarded as a seriously dustyfingered digger, capable of unearthing and championing ridiculously good records from all four corners of the globe. He sells some of these exceptional finds through his Crown Ruler online store, though there are many more that he keeps hidden from the public.From synth-laden Zambian reggae and sumptuous orchestral Afro-soul, to humid Trinidadian boogie and horizontal Italian jazz-funk, Spellacey offers a whirlwind trip through the most kaleidoscopic and exotic parts of his epic collection. As you’d expect from a man who has traveled the world hunting down records, the majority of the 15 tracks will be unknown to all but a handful of similarly minded crate diggers. In fact, some are so obscure that you’ll struggle to find any mention of them at all online. This could be your only chance to own the boogie-era reggae-disco brilliance of Le Banda De Martin’s “Mi Dueno” and the tear-jerking Afro-soul shuffle of Kosmik 3’s “I’m Gonna Pack” (here featured in exclusive Jeremy Spellacey re-edit form).Highlights come thick and fast, from the first note to the last. Check, for example, the wild P-funk of Acayouman’s “Funk Around”, the dancing marimbas and undulating grooves of Feladey’s “Forest Music” and the impeccable South African jazz-funk of Stimela’s sought-after 1983 debut single, “I Love You”. Other notable highlights include Ezy & Isaac’s spellbinding 1977 cut “Let Your Body Move (Oba Balu Balu)”, seemingly the missing link between Rotary Connection, Fela Kuta and soundscape disco, Devon Russell’s inspired reggaesoul cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on Up”, and Mike Fabulous’ “Wang East”, a sublime chunk of summery electro-reggae from Spellacey’s native New Zealand. We could go on, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises. Suffice to say, Crown Ruler Sound will surprise and entertain you in equal measure.
Jeremy Underground - Jeremy Underground presents Beauty
Jeremy Underground
Jeremy Underground presents Beauty
2LP | 2016 | UK | Original (Spacetalk)
29,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
After launching with a killer reissue of a private press gem from MorrisonKincannon, Spacetalk presents its’ first compilation: a superb selection of soul,disco and boogie obscurities curated by noted Parisian crate-digger and DJJeremy Underground.Beauty has its’ origins in a chance encounter between Jeremy and Spacetalkco-founder and Psychemagik Danny McLewin at Maceo’s, Glastonbury’srenowned backstage bar. Having completed his regular festival set – keepingthe dancefloor moving with his more familiar house and U.S garage sound –Jeremy was treating the Maceo’s crowd to a tasty selection of soul, disco andboogie obscurities. Danny was impressed, introduced himself to the My Love IsUnderground label founder, and several hours later the duo had hatched a planfor Spacetalk’s first compilation.Jeremy Underground is well regarded within the record collecting community,and counts a number of high-profile “diggers” amongst his friends. He famouslyplayed alongside Red Greg at Floating Points’ first You’re A Melody party atPlastic People back in 2013, the four-hour recording of which is still available onthe Eglo website. The Parisian is also no stranger to putting together high qualitycompilations, having previously mined his house collection for two volumes ofMy Love Is Underground on Favorite Recordings. Beauty, though, is the firstcollection to showcase the depth and variety of his record collection. Stuffed fullof rare, hard-to- find and little-known gems, it confirms the Frenchman’s statusas one of Europe’s most open-minded record collectors.Amongst its’ 15 tracks you’ll find the Creative Arts Ensemble’s spiritual soul-jazzgem “Unity”, the samba sunshine of Leila Pinheiro, the folksy, Latin-tingedbreeziness of Ron Rinadli’s “Mexican Summer”, and the dewy-eyed, late nightsoul of Nu-Cleus’s ridiculously hard-to-find “Needing A Woman”.The beating heart of the compilation, though, is a selection of heady, heartwarmingcuts that blur the boundaries between Philly soul, disco, jazz-funkand boogie. These include the sparkling, synth-laden 1981 boogie of “Do YourDance” by Shades Of Love (whose members included future ‘80s soul/discostar Meli’sa Morgan), the jazz-funk inspired library grooves of Christer Norden’s“Lay Back”, and the smooth, post-boogie soul of Richardi Mac’s superb “Told YouSo”. Oh, and “Let Love Flow” by Jamaican singer Sonya Spence, a deliciouslysweet and loved-up disco-soul shuffler infused with the distinctive swing of theCaribbean.These are just some of the highlights; repeat listens will uncover new favourites,hidden gems, and impossible-to- find cuts from the crates of one of Europe’smost celebrated DJs.
Morrison Kincannon - Beneath The Redwoods
Morrison Kincannon
Beneath The Redwoods
2LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Spacetalk)
27,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
One Nation & Spacetalk are proud to reveal their most exciting release to date: a collection of long-lost recordings from forgotten Californian duo Morrison Kincannon, rescued from the dusty tape archives of the pair’s lead songwriter, Norman Morrison.With only a handful of sought-after private press 7” singles to their name, Morrison Kincannon are all but unknown outside record collecting circles. Yet Norman Morrison and Terry Kincannon wrote and recorded some superb songs during the 1970s and early ‘80s, desperately hoping for the break that would see them released on vinyl. Now, at last, their time has finally come. Morrison and Kincannon first started working together as teenagers almost 50 years ago. Every Saturday, they would get together to jam and write songs. This led to recording sessions at a friendly studio in San Francisco and a management and publishing deal with Manny Greenhill, a man who had previously nurtured the careers of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Sadly, their hoped-for-success never came, and by the early 1980s both members had re-focused on work and family. As the years rolled by, their original multi-track recordings lay idle in Morrison’s loft, seemingly never to be released.All that changed when Morrison received an email from Spacetalk Records two years ago, asking about the possibility of reissuing “To See One Eagle Fly”, the B-side to one of their 7” singles that has long been a favourite of label co-founder Danny McLewin. Once a deal had been done, Morrison mentioned that he had hours of unissued recordings in his loft; a treasure trove of ultra-rare multi-track master tapes that could be freshly mixed and mastered for release. When the Spacetalk Records’ team finally got a chance to listen, they were astonished by the timeless quality of the songs. Put simply, they just had to be released.The resultant album is a stunning set: an intoxicating glimpse into the world of two previously unheralded master songwriters whose musical vision encapsulates all that was good about Californian music during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Rooted in the American folk revival and folk-rock movement of the late ‘60s, the album’s 15 thoughtful, heartfelt songs are laden with sly nods to the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Ned Doheny, Michael Deacon, Cy Timmons, Gene Clark and Buffalo Springfield. The tracks were recorded at various times between 1970 and ’82 and gives a small glimpse of the duo’s total body of unissued work. The release comes with extensive liner notes telling the remarkable story of two lifelong friends and musical collaborators who thought their moment had passed.
Avant Garde - Everybody’s Lover
Avant Garde
Everybody’s Lover
12" | 2016 | EU | Original (Spacetalk)
10,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Second single from the fledgling label following on from the Morris Kincannon – To see one eagle fly 12” and this weeks huge Jeremy Underground Compilation LP.
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