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Coby Sey - Whities 010
Coby Sey
Whities 010
10" | 2017 | EU | Original (Whities)
10,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Cavernous sludge-hop from Londoner, Cobey Sey. Very Limited Run...Going in and across circles,from the vestry of the area i know most,not fitted in despite being,from round the wayshotting snaps in sounds and words,fermented and curled,straight up…
Pascal Comelade - Stranger in Paradigm
Pascal Comelade
Stranger in Paradigm
10" | 2006 | EU | Original (Vand'Oeuvre)
13,99 €*
Release:2006 / EU – Original
10 inch with 6 pieces from Pascal Comelade (solo or with friends), from Ramones to Lords of the New Church and going through Comelade own compositions. Limited edition to 1000 copies.
Youandme & The Analog Roland Orchestra - Baum LPE004 Picture Disc Edition
Youandme & The Analog Roland Orchestra
Baum LPE004 Picture Disc Edition
10" | 2017 | EU | Original (Baum Limited Picture Edition)
8,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Next up on BaumLPE are two Berlin based producers who don´t need any introduction, as always you can expect pure quality music. Two deep dub techno cutz with deep bass and atmospheric FX´s!
Markus Oehlen - Wanne 4
Markus Oehlen
Wanne 4
10" | 2015 | US | Original (Infinite Greyscale)
23,99 €*
Release:2015 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
A new 10" record by renowned German artist and musician Markus Oehlen. Wanne 4 is composed of a variety of percussive sounds with a focus on digital guitars. An homage to the sound of The Feelies early recordings, the track slowly works its way through a basic guitar riff of three chords accompanied by steel-drums and a steady bass drum beat giving it an air of a summer breeze until the guitar sounds gain more distortion. A beautiful piece of woozy instrumental techno, a surf-dub summer tune for people who prefer Palma to Ibiza and Jessy Lanza to Katy Perry.
SH2000 - Good News
Good News
10" | 2012 | EU | Original (Ethereal Sound)
6,99 €*
Release:2012 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
A very special track, somewhere between deep House & Boogie! The Yuri Shulgin remix is outstanding aswell!
Jimi Hendrix - Morning Symphony Ideas
Fil Bo Riva - If You're Right, It's Alright EP
Rob Zombie - Well, Everybody's Fucking In A U.F.O. / Super-Doom-Hex-Gloom Part One
Puts Marie - Masoch I-II
John Foxx & The Belbury Circle - Empty Avenues
Agnes Obel - The Curse
Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libre
Joey Negro - Free BassBlack Vinyl Edition
From Karaoke To Stardom - Bone Silence
From Karaoke To Stardom
Bone Silence
10" | 2015 | EU | Original (Fenou)
9,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Those looking for a healer, a psychic or a voodoo priest in Paris will quickly find one in the suburban districts and satellite towns of the French metropolis along the Seine river. Here this kind of folk magic has a long tradition. From Karaoke To Stardom didn’t use any dark exotic arts for his second album - still the French electronica producer magically attracts the audience to the dancefloor with his “Little Voodoo Dolls"! The 10inch vinyl single “Bone Silence” gives an insight Jeremy Herpe’s mix of analog synth sounds and drum machines with organic and natural sounds like rain or speech samples in order to make space for unexpected turns and breaks. Named after a Parisian metro station “Rue Des Bullets” is full of retro-futuristic sounds, while the unreal “Bone Silence” shows an experimental uneasy listening side. As usual this release comes as a 10inch vinyl in a limited edition and numbered by hand.
Ed Banger presents - Kick Ass Classics Deluxe Box Set
Districts, The - The Districts EP
Lambrettas, The - Go 4 It
Lambrettas, The
Go 4 It
10" | 2017 | EU | Original (Jet Age)
13,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Legendary Mod band, The Lambrettas, return with their first new set of songs in over 30 years.
Unknown - Soundclash EP Red Vinyl Edition
Swingin Utters - Brazen Head
Mr Bop (DJ Damage of Jazz Liberatorz) - Mix Maker
Mr Bop (DJ Damage of Jazz Liberatorz)
Mix Maker
10" | 2015 | EU | Original (Kif)
11,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Teaser 10" to the debut solo album by Mr Bop aka DJ Damage of the allmighty Jazz Liberatorz!
Wizo - Herrenhandtasche
V.A. - SAR Records, That's Where It's At
SAR Records, That's Where It's At
10" | 2014 | EU | Original (Vee-Tone)
20,99 €*
Release:2014 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
his limited edition 10-inch compilation (500 copies) features 12 recordings, previously released as 45rpm single sides on Sam Cooke's SAR Records.
David Chatton Barker & Ian Humberstone - Megalithic Monuments Volume I Stanton Drew Stone Circle
David Chatton Barker & Ian Humberstone
Megalithic Monuments Volume I Stanton Drew Stone Circle
10" | 2016 | UK | Original (Folklore Tapes)
26,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie, Electronic / Dance
Our impact on the natural environment is often obvious – plain to see in great sprawling cities, or the dreary greys of industry and infrastructure. Human hands have worked the landscape in subtler, more sympathetic ways too. Old field-systems, hedgerows and pathways often work with natural features rather than against them, and are all the more pleasing to the eye for doing so. Yet there are other built artefacts that, in their hoary and lichened age, have attained such a harmony with their surroundings one hardly thinks of them as manmade at all: the megalithic monuments.
M.ono & Luvless - LTD 10’s Volume 3
M.ono & Luvless
LTD 10’s Volume 3
10" | 2016 | UK | Original (Kolour Ltd)
10,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
We keep things rolling right along on Kolour LTD 10's with a bit of a special one for us for Volume 3. Ever since we heard Never Gonna Leave You from Leipzig boys M.ono & Luvless - it was an instant classic. Originally released on O*RS on 2012, and with the kind help of label owner Filburt, we're thrilled to be able to give this timeless tune a second platform in 2016 to shine once again. On the flip, the boys come correct once again with Losing Memory - a fresh new joint that was again, love at first listen for us.
Coma - This Side Of Paradise
AFI (A Fire Inside) - All Hallows
Mamacita - No Eres Tu
Oblivians - Six Of The Best
Moderat  (Apparat & Modeselektor) - Gita
Barrington Levy & Trinity - Genocide
Lutan Fyah / Lorenzo - Bun Dem / Trod In The Valley
Cornell Campbell - Jah Jah Man
Yumi Zouma - Yumi Zouma EP II
Yumi Zouma
Yumi Zouma EP II
10" | 2015 | EU | Original (Cascine)
11,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Lush, electronic production buoys key tracks & the vocal deliveries are increasingly sophisticated.
Dimlite - My Human Wears Acedia Shreds
My Human Wears Acedia Shreds
10" | 2011 | US | Original (Now Again)
19,99 €*
Release:2011 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Electronic / Dance
Limited Edition 10” in paste-on sleeve!
Locks - Rattle Them Bones EP
Mary's Kids - Death In Suburbia
V.A. - Taboo - Journey To The Center Of The Song Volume 1
Taboo - Journey To The Center Of The Song Volume 1
10" | 2015 | EU | Original (Stag-O-Lee)
13,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
The series 'Journey To The Centre Of The Song' celebrates one song at a time, and presents it in many guises and interpretations. This first release in the series is dedicated to the classic tune 'Tabu', written by Margarita Lecuona (also responsible for 'Babalu', a classic as well), who was a cousin of the famous Cuban composer and pianist Ernesto Lecuona. The song, recorded as 'Tabou', 'Tabu' and 'Taboo' is a jazz and popular music standard which was first recorded by Cuarteto Machin in 1934 and later made popular by The Lecuona Cuban Boys and others. The aforementioned guises and interpretations span genres from Charles Blackwell's upbeat surfstrumental shaker to the brassy exotic tones of Tito Rivera, from the Cumbian island sounds of Cyril Diaz to Sylvie Moras silky smooth popcorn rendition. The record is completed by Arthur Lyman's crazy voodoo lounge version that evokes visions of palm trees and sun-drenched white sand.
Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room
Foo Fighters
Songs From The Laundry Room
10" | 2015 | US | Original (RCA)
18,99 €*
Release:2015 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
four previously unavailable tracks, indie-exclusive Limited edition for Record Store Day 2015!
Kasabian - Stevie
Kasabian - Eez-eh
Electric Frankenstein - Sick Songs
Scientist - Scientific Dub
Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Chapter 1
6th Borough Project - Ltd 10
6th Borough Project
Ltd 10
10" | 2012 | UK | Original (Kolour Ltd)
10,99 €*
Release:2012 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Ltd. 500 pieces, clear 10" vinyl with full sleeve!
Sean Sanders (Moon B) - Nervous Job EP
Sean Sanders (Moon B)
Nervous Job EP
10" | 2013 | EU | Original (Hotmix)
8,99 €*
Release:2013 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
HotMix presents Sean Sanders, artist better know as Moon B! Three tracks on this special 10” reminiscent to TC Curtis and 52nd Street.
Roman IV (Roman Flügel) / Holy Garage - Split EP
Jaw & Kevork Keshishian - Hazihi Laylaty
Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The - Shine On (There's Another Day)
Slo Burn - Amusing The Amazing
Buriers - To Speak Of One’s Own Pride
To Speak Of One’s Own Pride
10" | 2016 | CA | Original (Endemik)
25,99 €*
Release:2016 / CA – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
This limted to 300 copies record was made at Dark Horse Farm somewhere between London and Brighton in 2015.
Baumfreund - Klettereule
10" | 2015 | EU | Original (Acker Dub)
8,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Baumfreund, der Cassanova des Blattwerks, durchstreift das Land und erkundet die Wildnis um von seinen Reisen zu berichten. Seine neueste Entdeckung ist die Klettereule, geheimnisvoll und wunderschön, Tanzt sie wie ein Afrikanischer Stammeskrieger bis in die frühen Morgenstunden. Doch gefunden hat er sie nicht im fernen Süden, wie man vermuten mag. Nein, ganz nah, fast vor seiner Haustür in seiner alten Heimat, wo es doch immer am schönsten war, aber nie beachtet wurde, da es ja nur vor der Haustür war.
Salz - Reworks Part 5
Reworks Part 5
10" | 2013 | UK | Original (Telrae)
8,99 €*
Release:2013 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Der Hintergrund für das Release geht auf ein Kunstwerk von Jens Standke zurück der in Köln damit in diesem Jahr seine Abschlussarbeit an der KHM bestritt. Es geht um die Fertigung von >Vinylaktiten< (Vinyl Tropfsteine). Aus ca. 140 Schallplatten erstand jeweils eine Skulptur bei der Wellenformen auf das Vinyl per Fräsung in separate Formen übertragen wurden und ihre Tonrillen optisch abgetastet wurden. Der optischen Tonabnehmer nahm über 800 Sounds ab. Salz hat sich aus der Fülle an Klängen bedienen dürfen und hat mit sehr viel Aufwand Sounds destilliert und bearbeitet und so in eine Form überführt wie sie im Kontext von Dub Techn. Sinn macht. Sie haben somit aus den Fragmenten wieder ein Ganzes gefertigt, man könnte von musikalischen Recycling sprechen, gäbe es diese Kunstform. Das Kunstprojekt von Jens Standke hat Salz enorm inspiriert und so dürfen wir uns auf ein einzigartiges Ergebnis freuen welches den Verlauf vom musikalischem Rhythmus bis zum Rauschen beherbergt.
Duran Duran - No Ordinary Tour EP: Live At Tower Records
DJ Doom - City Of God Feat. Reks / Transmitting Live Feat. Blacastan
DJ Doom
City Of God Feat. Reks / Transmitting Live Feat. Blacastan
10" | 2012 | UK | Original (Blunted Astronaut)
22,99 €*
Release:2012 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y., Doom has been into the culture since the early 80's from being a Graff writer, a B-Boy, a DJ and a Hip Hop producer. He has been in the studio with numerous artists all over the globe. His latest album "Temple of Doom" was a great success and received positive reviews worldwide. It featured many veteran MC's, including Craig G, Large Professor, Prince Po, Krumbsnatcha, Blaq Poet, and Grand Daddy I.U. to name a few.It was last year, when talks about this record started. Doom invited Reks and Blacastan to create what was originally planned a 7" single. After a few months of brainstorming, and organizing the content, together with Doom we decided to extend it to an EP format.Though again, produced using the mighty SP1200, we present to you a completely different record than all of our previous releases, our first 10" vinyl.'City Of God' featuring Reks is a powerful narrative about the violent state of affairs in many of America's cities. Inspired by the movie 'Cidade De Dios' by Fernando Meirelles, Reks gives the listener an in-depth descriptive about everyday events one has to experience in order to survive in a tough, concrete jungle. Doom's precisely chopped piano stabs complement his lyrics, adding further gloominess to the track. There are two versions of 'City Of God' on this record, the original on Side A, and the "Park Bench Mix" featured on Side B.On 'Transmitting Live', Blacastan schools all wanna-be rappers on what it takes to be a true, hard to the bone MC. The charismatic poet, Blac brings us right to the centre of action in a crime-filled neighborhood, where gang violence is omnipresent. His explosive delivery and gripping storytelling blends perfectly with Doom's grimey, head-nodding instrumental.The last track on the EP is a bonus beat called "SP Madness". Like in all of the instrumentals on the 10", here Doom also utilized only 10 seconds of sampling time.
Los Santos - Space Rangers
KC & The Sunshine Band - I Get Lifted Todd Terje Edit
KC & The Sunshine Band
I Get Lifted Todd Terje Edit
10" | 2015 | EU | Original (T.K. Disco)
11,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Electronic / Dance
Limited edition for Record Store Day 2015!Miami's TK Disco unleashes the official Todd Terje Edit of K C & The Sunshine Band's "I Get Lifted". Limited copies. Only available to Record Store Day 2015
Covered In Sand - Heaven's Gate Suicides Vatican Shadow Remix
Covered In Sand
Heaven's Gate Suicides Vatican Shadow Remix
10" | 2013 | UK | Original (Mira)
17,99 €*
Release:2013 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Avian's sister label Mira unveils a new project from Shifted under the name Covered In Sand, an alias set up to explore more extreme sonic territory. Featuring a Vatican Shadow Remix and a separate 7" of beatless material from Covered In Sand.
Jameszoo - Guanyin Psittacines
Guanyin Psittacines
10" | 2012 | EU | Original (Kindred Spirits)
7,99 €*
Release:2012 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
4 track E.P. from the Dutch producer Jameszoo. A perfect blend between spiritual sounds and modern experimental beatmaking!
Luke's Anger - Warble Tone
Anthony Collins - Nina Kraviz & Los Updates Remixes
Arnica / Wolfsblood - Split
Arnica / Wolfsblood
10" | 2009 | US | Original (Pesanta Urfolk)
16,99 €*
Release:2009 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
"Two slightly different Sons of Europe join forces on this 10" record to deliver one of my favorite Folk releases of the year: Barcelonan band ARNICA and the one man Russian project WOLFSBLOOD." The debut release on Pesanta Urfolk.
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - I Can't Sit Down: An introduction to the Godmother of Rock'n'Roll
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
I Can't Sit Down: An introduction to the Godmother of Rock'n'Roll
10" | 2016 | EU | Original (En Avant La Zizique)
20,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Folowing their 2015 release of That's All Right, an introduction to Arthur-Big Boy-Crudup, EALZ! Records is presenting the female side of the early Rock'n'Roll genesis. Sister Rosetta Tharpe was responsable for a tremondous amount of gospel & blues rockin' tunes beetween the 40's and the 60's.Her soul-infused singing, the fervor she preach & the way she played guitar influenced directly the path of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and many others. She was the favorite singer of Johnny Cash and Aretha Franklin and 15 years before Angus Young and Frank Zappa, she already played the emblematic Gibson model SG.The 12 tracks compiled on this brand new volume, include some never vinyl re-released material.This gatefold 10inch, handprint cover and beautifully remastered is about to give Sister Rosetta Tharpe, one of the first female rockstar of history, the consideration she deserve... and not only from above. Amen!Limited edition, hand-numbered to 1000.
Peng Peng - Sturmwurm
Miles Davis - Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud
Miles Davis
Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud
10" | 1958 | EU | Reissue (Sam)
29,99 €*
Release:1958 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
In 1957, Miles Davis is in Paris for an engagement at the Club Saint-Germain and a wonderful concert at the Olympia Theatre. Once in Paris, Miles came into contact with many members of the modern existentialist cultural environment in the neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Près. These include the director Louis Malle who had just finished his first movie : "Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud". Jean-Paul Rappeneau, a Jazz fan and Louis Malle's assistant at the time, suggested asking Miles Davis to create the film's soundtrack. A private sceening has been organized.On December 4 1957, Miles Davis brought three French Jazzmen - Barney Wilen on tenor saxophone, René Urtreger on piano, Pierre Michelot on bass and his american compatriot Kenny Clarke on drums - to the recording studio Le Poste Parisien without having them prepare anything. Miles Davis only gave the musicians a few rudimentary harmonic sequences he had assembled in his hotel room. This recording was made at night in a most informal atmosphere.The soundtrack was not released on it's own in the USA but ten songs from this soundtrack were released as one side of the album "Jazz Track" which received a 1960 Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Performance, Solo or Small Group."Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud" has become a great achievement of artistic excellence.
Les Fils Du Calvaire - Rester Avec Toi Feat. Miss Kittin
Les Fils Du Calvaire
Rester Avec Toi Feat. Miss Kittin
10" | 2015 | FR | Original (Because)
7,99 €*
Release:2015 / FR – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
10" vinyl in a cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine. CD included.Les Fils du Calvaire is a Parisian trio (Jo, Damien & Clément. Nowadays they spend their time between the French capital and Berlin. They are also the creators of the hybrid electronic music project, dOP, signed on Circus Company, the label who released the first album of Nicolas Jaar. Les Fils du Calvaire is hybrid, transversal between elegant French Pop, decadent club music and outgoing cabaret. They compose for people who are singing in the shower, those who drive by night, for the charming ones while dancing upside down. Especially for those who understood that present may be our last freedom. And all this without any nostalgia.
Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III. - Leinwand EP
Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III.
Leinwand EP
10" | 2006 | EU | Original (Audiac)
6,99 €*
Release:2006 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
5 banging instrumental hip-hop tracks ranging between 55 to 115 bpm ... limited edition picture disc!
Orphaned Land - Sukkot In Berlin
Tsunga - Maris Piper
Maris Piper
10" | 2015 | UK | Original (Black Acre)
12,99 €*
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Fresh ravebunker busting artillery from thrifty newman Tsunga. With Scratcha’s patronage Tsunga began his heavily distorted attack dance floor last year with the terrifying Feisar melding a 92’ hardcore sensibility with a Grime edge. First off we launch ‘Maris Piper’ here timeless breaks get deftly chopped and pasted, huge lowend surges propel this slice of classic jungle techno into the freeparties of 2092! On the flip ‘B More Dog’ comes harder, military grade drum programming sends ear shattering claps over the top with pounding kick drums huddled behind. Acid stabs dance on top of the crossfire, with full 21 lazer gun salute. Unfriendly for 2015.
Tom Browne - Brighter Tomorrow
Tom Browne
Brighter Tomorrow
10" | 2015 | UK | Original (Expansion)
7,99 €*
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
This is extremely special. Expansion have taken an 80s soul classic and released it for the first time as a single together with a brand new version.
Godblesscomputers - Freedom Is O.K.
Freedom Is O.K.
10" | 2012 | EU | Original (Equinox)
7,99 €*
Release:2012 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
"It sounds like wood, metal and microchip." - that's how Italian producer Godblesscomputers describes his own music. With the follow up to his successful "Swanism" EP, released in early 2012, "Freedom Is O.K." is his debut on Equinox Records from Berlin and offers an amazing spectrum of organic electronic sounds and feelings with stand out tracks like "Green Flowers" and "Fire Extinguisher". Powerful reworks by Error Broadcast's B-Ju and Digi G'Alessio additionally bring more bass flavour to the digital release.Limited Edition, 300 copies! Special gloss lacquer print. Comes with download card for all tracks including the remixes.
Playpad Circus - Phantasma EP
Playpad Circus
Phantasma EP
10" | 2012 | EU | Original (Equinox)
4,99 €*
Release:2012 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Berlin's producer wonderkid and Finest Ego Beat Championship winner Playpad Circus is finally ready to drop his debut solo EP "Phantasma" on Equinox Records – an experimental, but yet utterly banging adventure in electronic music! Exteme edits are combined with a flipped vocals, impeccable drumbeats and multiple layers of sounds and melodies. With the EP Playpad Circus enters the beatmaker scene with a completely inimitable style. Through the additional support from Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego the EP should be another big step forward in Playpad's uprising career. Limited Edition, 300 copies! Comes with download card for all tracks plus one bonus track.
Kraddy - Android Porn The Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix
Android Porn The Si Begg Vs. K-The-I??? Re-Fix
10" | 2010 | EU | Original (Equinox)
4,99 €*
Release:2010 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop, Electronic / Dance
After a successful 12” with remixes by Mochipet, Fulgeance, Playpad Circus and Geste, and a well received animation video produced by MuscleBeaver, this is the last release connected to Kraddy’s Glitch Hop anthem “Android Porn”. And isn’t it true, that a rap version of this tune is what everybody has been waiting for? With his incredible flow and his abstract style, K-The-I??? just fits perfectly over the hard hitting Si Begg beat. The result is a dope, yet unconventional and futuristic hip hop track, that should be found in many DJ’s playlists soon. Includes download code for additional mixes and the acapella!
Nightingales - Become Not Becoming
Animation - Sanctuary Joe Claussell Remix
Fu Manchu - Kept Between Trees
Fu Manchu
Kept Between Trees
10" | 2015 | US | Original (At The Dojo)
16,99 €*
Release:2015 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Reissue of Fu Manchu's first 3-song 7-inch with one additional cut, an unreleased 1990 recording. Also included is a donwload card for another previously unissued track, 'Flashin', which dates from 1990.
Entrance Band, The - Incense
Entrance Band, The
10" | 2015 | EU | Original (April 77)
20,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
2-song 10 inch single from Los Angeles' own Entrance Band featuring Paz from A Perfect Circle and more recently The Pixies. Each one comes with an incense and one of the band member's names is printed on it. These are limited to 300 copies.
Augustus Pablo - King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown
Augustus Pablo
King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown
3x10" | 2014 | US | Reissue (Clocktower)
39,99 €*
Release:2014 / US – Reissue
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
Triple 10" treatment for the dub classic! In a magnetically-sealing box.
Why? - Golden Tickets EP
Golden Tickets EP
10" | 2013 | US | Original (Joyful Noise)
15,99 €*
Release:2013 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
This one is a special dedication to the Why? Superfans!
Haim - My Song 5 feat. Asap Ferg
My Song 5 feat. Asap Ferg
10" | 2014 | UK | Original (Universal)
19,99 €*
Release:2014 / UK – Original
A heart shaped picture disc 10" release. Haim conclude an irresistible eighteen months with the release of their final single from the incredible Days Are Gone LP. The re-recorded version of My Song 5 features additional vocals by A$AP Ferg.
Circa Waves - T-Shirt Weather
Aris San - Boumpam / Dam Dam
Aris San
Boumpam / Dam Dam
10" | 2016 | UK | Original (Fortuna)
15,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Fortuna Records reissues a double banger by Aris San, the absolute don of the 'Greek Jaffa sound'.
Valentin Stip - Sigh (Interpretation)
Valentin Stip
Sigh (Interpretation)
10" | 2014 | EU | Original (Other People)
8,99 €*
Release:2014 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Stip plays a piano interpretation of his debut album Sigh released last February on Other People. One-sided 10"
First Aid Kit - America
Mr.Chop - Vitamin C
Vitamin C
9" | 2011 | US | Original (Now Again)
23,99 €*
Release:2011 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
This September Now-Again Records, in association with Five Day Weekend, will be bringing you "Switched On", the newest project from Mr. Chop. The producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist behind several Now-Again and Jazzman Records releases is the proprietor of Cheshire, UK based Ape Recording Studios, one of the finest analog studios in the world. Not to mention, it is a repository for vintage synthesizers, guitars, drums and gear sourced from the world over. Which brings us to "Switched On", his homage to the great Moog-lead albums that proliferated in the late 60s and early 70s. Your first taste from Switched On is Chop’s take on the Can classic “Vitamin C”. The gang at Now-Again and Five Day Weekend could have just dropped the cut as a 12” but given the wealth ofcreativity from both camps something special seemed in order. Some would have said orange vinyl would be unique enough but to make the experience a bit more interesting this destined to be collectible vinyl will be coming as an orange vinyl 9 inch pressing.
Warren Smith - Rockin' With Mr. Uranium
Life On Earth! - The Perfect Spot
Charlie Hightone & The Rock It's - Small But Loud
Charlie Hightone & The Rock It's
Small But Loud
10" | 2014 | EU | Original (Sleazy)
14,99 €*
Release:2014 / EU – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
This 10-incher offers powerful and authentic rockabilly from Charlie Hightone and his Rock-It's, who are among the most popular bands on the European rockin' scene. Their early releases have been packing the dancefloors with boppers, and this second full-length release is sure ton have a comparable impact. 'Small But Loud' includes contributions from Big Sandy and Vesa Haaja (The Barnshakers).
10" | 2016 | EU | Original (AC-EXP)
9,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Three relases in and we still have no information about the people behind this label. Whoever it is seems very keen to keep it a secret. 10" vinyl. One press only
Macabre Unit - Part 2
Module Eight - Meltdown 'Legacy' LP Sampler
Marcellus Pittman - Do You Like Music EP
Marcellus Pittman
Do You Like Music EP
12" | 2014 | UK | Original (Downbeat)
9,99 €*
Release:2014 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
"Our time is now" and "Extra credit", are two detroit-flavoured house tracks with sequences coming from Mars and melancholic keys with the unmistakable Marcellus Pittman mood. The release is closed by "Happy to be here", a gloomy downbeat-Hip hop track made with MPC.
Ilya Santana - Porn Wax 7
ASC & Synth Sense - Reject The System
ASC & Synth Sense
Reject The System
10" | 2013 | UK | Original (Auxiliary)
7,99 €*
Release:2013 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Taking things further afield from the previous two in the series, this one sees ASC and the Synth Sense boys in super abstract and experimental mode.
Knowing Looks - Listen To My 45
Radiohead - Kid A
Kid A
2x10" | 2000 | UK | Reissue (XL Recordings)
22,99 €*
Release:2000 / UK – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
In the wake of OK Computer, it became taken for granted among serious rock fans of all ages that Radiohead not only saved rock from itself, but paved the way toward the future. High praise, but given the static nature of rock in the last half of the '90s, it was easy to see why fans and critics eagerly harnessed their hopes to the one great rock band that wanted to push the limits of its creativity, without grandstanding or pandering. Daunting expectations for anyone, even for a band eager to meet them, so it's little wonder that Kid A was so difficult to complete. Radiohead’s creative breakthrough arrived when the band embraced electronica -- which was nearly a cliché by the end of the '90s, when everyone from U2 to Rickie Lee Jones dabbled in trip-hop or techno. The difference is that the wholehearted conversion on Kid A fits, since OK Computer had already flirted with electronica and its chilly feel. Plus, instead of simply adding club beats or sonic collage techniques, Radiohead strove for the unsettling "intelligent techno" sound of Autechre and Aphex Twin, with skittering beats and stylishly dark sonic surfaces. To their immense credit, Radiohead don't sound like carpetbaggers, because they share the same post-post-modern vantage point as their inspirations. As perhaps befitting an album that’s coolly, self-consciously alienating, Kid A takes time to unfold; multiple plays are necessary just to discern the music's form, to get a handle on quiet, drifting, minimally arranged songs with no hooks. This emphasis on texture, this reliance on elliptical songs, means that Kid A is easily the most successful electronica album from a rock band: it doesn't even sound like the work of a rock band, even if it does sound like Radiohead. -
Calypso Rose - Far From Home
Calypso Rose
Far From Home
2x10"+CD | 2016 | EU | Original (Because)
21,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
The Calypso is a musical genre that was popularised in the 50’s and exclusively made by men for a long time. But if there is one queen of this movement, it is Calypso Rose. Life hasn’t always been easy for the Caribbean Diva and she willingly praises a di
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