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Clean, The - Oddities
Clean, The
2LP | 1983 | US | Reissue (540 Records)
33,99 €*
Release:1983 / US – Reissue
Genre:Rock / Indie
AVAILABLE ON VINYL FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Originally released on cassette in 1983. "It's interesting to note that by the time most folks in the northern hemisphere got out 1st taste of THE CLEAN (circa 1985), they all but packed it in. Yep, tis true. '85 was the year of the 1st great Kiwi invasion (vinyl wise) with the Flying Nun roster leading the way. And there was nary a dud to be found. And such wonderful & unusual names; Tall Dwarfs, Sneaky Feelings, The Puddle, Scorched Earth Policy & of course, The Clean. Their trio of 12" EPs were rabidly devoured by a curious & enthusiastic cognoscenti. You didn't buy one, you bought'em all. Same goes for the 7"ers. And there just wasn't enough. Not only of Clean records, but Clean material! Then one day in some long forgotten order came a copy of the 'Oddities' cassette. The sales rep had included it as a promo, claiming he couldn't shift'em (cassette love being at something of a nadir back then). 'I'll take whatever you got' was my reply. And I hadn't even played it yet. But I knew that even though it had gotten 'runted' out on to tape only format, there was no doubt it contained a treasure trove of aural gems. You couldn't help but think that 'Oddities' was to The Clean what 'Whatever Happens Next' was to Swell Maps. Which, more or less, is what it is. Recorded between 1980-82 'Oddities' is a thorough compendium of alternate takes, addled miscues, riffing zoners & back burner gems. Never easy to come by-even the cd version had scant distro through the 90's- this bunch of songs has been been tagged as 'the ones that got away'. But hold on there pard, this story ain't done. Cut to 2012 & the inimitable Austin label, Five Four O, has taken up the call & wrangled this behemoth of slippery Southern Psychedelia into the format it has always so richly deserved-THE DOUBLE LP. Housed is fetching & historical gatefold sleeve to boot."-Tom Lax (Kaffeklubben Island, Earth)
Glue - Glue
Impalers - Cellar Dweller
Rakta - Rakta
Jock Club - After Hours
Jock Club
After Hours
LP | 2014 | US | Original (540 Records)
19,54 €* 22,99 € -15%
Release:2014 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
After a dizzying barrage of cassette releases, CD-Rs, and digital mixes, 540 grants Jock Club with his first proper vinyl release. Laymen might be vaguely familiar with Jock Club as a member of the esoteric collective Ascetic House, or as the drummer of Sonoran psych freaks Destruction Unit, but you might not expect what you'll find on this 12"—no lo-fi hiss, no faux noise influence, no nonsense; just four tracks of crisp, clean bangin' techno ready for the dance floor. The A side cuts are stripped to the bare essentials, for the most part only containing hard 4-4 kicks and swirling synth lines. B side gets a little more loose, incorporating some vocal loops and more hi hats and snare, similar to what we have heard from Jock Club's recent live DJ sets. It's hard to belive such disciplined material is coming from such a young man on his first vinyl release—surely the sign of much more to come. The mastering job from Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering does this one right as it sounds HUGE on wax, making it suitable to be spun in even the most serious of clubs.
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