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Alessandro Alessandroni - Alessandro Alessandroni E Il Suo Complesso
Alessandro Alessandroni
Alessandro Alessandroni E Il Suo Complesso
LP | 1968 | EU | Reissue (Sonor Music Editions)
28,99 €*
Release:1968 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Sonor Music Editions is happy to announce the reissue of another holy grail by maestro Alessandro Alessandroni. The first legendary Farfalla release, "Alessandro Alessandroni E Il Suo Complesso" originally released in a few hundred copies on the cult Sermi imprint in February 1968. The seminal debut album realized by the legendary Italian maestro, featuring bewitching scat vocals by his wife Giulia De Mutiis (aka Kema), that truly started the Italian Library production golden era that would culminate in mid ‘1980s. A true landmark of the genre and an Italian discography jewel that spaces among the best Jazz, Bossa Nova and Lounge music; undoubtedly a desirable item of world’s record collecting field. Obsessive Jazz suites, enchanting scats over mind-blowing Bossa tunes, bouncy break-beats drums, groovy Pop and refined loungy atmospheres over some soft Psichedelia arrangements. An essential Italian Library masterpiece.
Alessandro Alessandroni - OST La Professoressa Di Scienze Naturali
Alessandro Alessandroni
OST La Professoressa Di Scienze Naturali
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Sonor Music Editions)
28,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Sonor Music Editions proudly presents the whole, previously unreleased soundtrack of the Italian erotic comedy cult "LA Professoressa DI Scienze Naturali" movie from 1976, directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini and starring the Italian sex symbol Lilli Carati. Funky, groovy, erotic and flirtatious inspired sounds with the matchless '70s Italian taste sorrounded by unbelievable breaks and downtempo beats: this majestic soundtrack collects all the best Alessandroni's special flair in a unique release, showcasing his use of four/four grooves and wah-wah guitars juxtaposed against strings and orchestral arrangements, killer drums and so on. Limited edition for collectors with artwork designed by John Henriksson (Piano Piano Records) and remastered sound.
Alessandro Alessandroni - Afro Discoteca Reworked & Reloved By Calibro 35, Jolly Mare, L.U.C.A., pAd
Alessandro Alessandroni
Afro Discoteca Reworked & Reloved By Calibro 35, Jolly Mare, L.U.C.A., pAd
12" | 2020 | EU | Original (Four Flies)
19,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
March 2017: Alessandro Alessandroni’s AFRO DISCOTECA is released on a blasting 12’’ containing 4 cosmic/disco tracks drawing influences from African music - never published before these incredibly powerful and evocative recordings were rescued from an old dusty tape found in the Maestro’s vaults. The EP became an instant classic for diggers and worldwide tastemakers, bringing the name of Alessandroni to new audiences, far beyond the circle of film scores and library music aficionados.
March 2019: Four Flies asks to a rock band (CALIBRO 35) and three amongst the most brilliant and visionary Italian DJs and producers (Jolly Mare, L.U.C.A., pAd) to rework the original tracks, giving them new life for refined modern dancefloors.
The result is a stunning collection of electronic/cosmic/balearic reworks, which respects the spirit of Alessandroni’s compositions, projecting them into our present.
Alessandro Alessandroni - Forever
Alessandro Alessandroni
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Four Flies)
12,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves, Soundtracks
"Forever” is a special album that celebrates Alessandroni’s genius and represent his musical testament. Composed and arranged in Namibia during the last months of his life, the album is a stunning collection of orchestral tracks that reveal Alessandroni’s many virtues and abilities as a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, fusing pop, jazz and classical music with his unique (Italian) touch.
Alessandro Alessandroni - Spontaneous
Alessandro Alessandroni
LP | 1974 | IT | Reissue (Four Flies)
27,99 €*
Release:1974 / IT – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Maybe the best Alessandroni’s album ever. A true holy-grail for any collector and worldwide music lover, which we can consider nowadays as the most sought-after record of the whole legendary RCA SP 10000 series, and as the rarest album from the king of Italian libraries.
Jazz, mellow-funk, downtempo breaks, and incredible rock blends, make this record a refined portrait of the 70’s American way of life, viewed through the fully Italian lens of Alessandroni’s sensitivity.
The magic around Spontaneous is that this album is not only beautiful and astonishing, but is certainly on of those amazing records to which time gives new life and freshness, making it sounds unbelievably contemporary.
After five years of exhausting research, and three years later the finding of the original master tapes of the album, finally Four Flies can give a light to this obscure and fascinating mystery, rescuing it from the darkness. It’s not just another piece of Alessandroni’s legacy that is finally put back in the right place. This should be considered as the definitive act to re-estabilsh Alessandroni's leadership into the library music scene, and beyond.
Available again from July 19, coming in 180gr black vinyl, housed in a hard tip-on sleeve cover.
Limited Edition 500 copies
Alessandro Alessandroni - A Trip Around The World
Alessandro Alessandroni
A Trip Around The World
LP | 1973 | EU | Reissue (SAAR)
24,99 €*
Release:1973 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
SAAR Records is reissuing, in a limited edition and under its famous label Stella, thanks to the collaboration
with Sonor Music Editions for the remastering, the long-playing “A Trip Around The World”, much sought
after by vinyl collectors.
The album was recorded and produced in Pero (Milan, Italy), with the famous Italian composer,
Alessandro Alessandroni - OST Sangue Di Sbirro
Alessandro Alessandroni
OST Sangue Di Sbirro
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Four Flies)
27,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
A killer Italian Blaxploitation Sound, unreleased on vinyl fo far. Limited to 500 on 180g vinyl.

Perhaps not everyone knows that Alessandro Alessandroni, the Master of Italian library music, had also composed several original soundtracks from late ’60s to early ‘80s, especially for many “genre” movies such as poliziotteschi, sexy comedies, spaghetti western, horror and thriller. Among them, Sangue di sbirro (Bloody Avenger), is certainly one of the most prestigious works made for Italian cinema in the 70s: an Italian noir set in Philadelphia, where the jazz-funk library’s background of the Maestro meets deep soul &
black music. An obstinate rhythm which opens to jazz, funk and disco, with moments of pure easy listening (Tema di Susie is one of the best Alessandroni’s film themes). Sounds and arrangements typical of blaxploitation (including an original reinterpretation of Shaft’s theme) but with a proudly Italian’s touch. As always, many excellent soloists are playing here, including a young Enrico Pieranunzi on Fender Rhodes, Dino Piana on trombone and Silvano Chimenti on the electric guitar.
Alessandro Alessandroni - OST Ritmo Dell'Industria N.2
Alessandro Alessandroni - Background Disco
Alessandro Alessandroni
Background Disco
12" | 2018 | EU | Original (Four Flies)
18,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Two disco jewels signed by Maestro Alessandroni for an obscure Italian sexy-comedy in 1976, presented here in a new edit on 12'' designed for the dancefloor.
Alessandro Alessandroni - Di Tresette Ce N'e Uno, Tutti Gli Altri Son Nessuno Orange Vinyl Edition
Alessandro Alessandroni
Di Tresette Ce N'e Uno, Tutti Gli Altri Son Nessuno Orange Vinyl Edition
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Overdrive)
22,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Available for the first time ever on vinyl is the 1974 soundtrack byAlessandro Alessandroni for the Giuliano Carmineo (as Anthony Ascott) directed Di Tresette ce n'è uno, tutti gli altri son nessuno, known in English as The Crazy Bunch. The sequel to Lo chiamavano Tresette... giocava sempre col morto (Man Called Invincible), the film is a goofy, slapstick comedy spaghetti-western, but the Maestro’s soundtrack is anything but goofy. Haunting, sparse, and riveting, the soundtrack is easily the best thing about this film and it’s presented here by Overdrive in a special color vinyl edition.
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