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Established in October of 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Alpha Industries is a clothing company specialized in military apparel. For example, Alpha Industries designed groundbreaking jackets such as the original bomber jacket MA-1, the classic aviator blouson CWU-45/P as well as the highly influential field parka M-65 – if you’ve ever seen “Taxi Driver”, you never ever wanted to leave your crib without this awesome parka. These three iconic military jackets paved the way for the dress code of several subcultures, just ask 90s hip hop heads and old school punk rockers, for example. Besides the MA-1, CWU-45/P and M-65, Alpha Industries manufacturing expertise and technical proficiency led the U.S. Defense Department to frequently consult with the company concerning the development of jackets, pants and other clothing for aviators, soldiers and sailors. Rapid changes in aircraft and new military technology required continual development of new clothing necessary for military personnel to function and survive in hostile climates and conditions.

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