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Kazi & Madlib - Blackmarket Seminar
Kazi & Madlib
Blackmarket Seminar
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Below System)
14,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
"Blackmarket Seminar", an album by Kazi and entirely produced by Madlib. Guest features by Madlib, MED, Wildchild,
Declaime (Dudley Perkins) and Oh No. The album was recorded in 1996 and digitally remastered in 2016 and released on
all digital stores. The CD version of the album is now available in 2020.
Kazi says: "We recorded this album in the wee hours at CDP studios back in ‘96. It was pretty much me, Madlib and
Declaime in the lab when this album was recorded. I learned so much from Lib, cadence, rhyme patterns, timing and how
to dig for records. What some people don’t know is this cat actually took the time to show me how to make beats. I must
say working with Lib was an amazing experience. The “Blackmarket Seminar” is a very raw and dark album. We came up
with “Black Market” because at the time we were doing Hip Hop that nobody else was doing and to us you could only get
it on the “Black Market”. When you first play the album you’ll hear characters on a skit in search of the black market
seminar. We really tried to make it seem like the characters were outside walking around looking for it."
Pawz One & DJ Dister - Watch & Learn
Pawz One & DJ Dister
Watch & Learn
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Below System)
19,99 €*
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Los Angeles wordsmith Pawz One teams up with German producer DJ Dister on the collaborative album "Watch & Learn" via Below System Records. "Watch & Learn" captures scenarios of street life, hustling and paranoia all painted over well-crafted production. Pawz One has come off a string of recent releases that have sharpened his song writing ability while Dister has produced various projects expanding his diverse sound. For Pawz One "Watch & Learn" has given him a chance to speak on topics that were close to heart having lost friends and family to the streets and prison as well as serving time himself. DJ Dister showcases a wide range of production that combines a classic sound with progressive elements. The first single "World Champion" moves listeners with the energetic track fused with a dash of reggae and Pawz's combination of punchlines and wordplay. On the follow up single "Out Here", Pawz One and Guilty Simpson lay out the often ignored rules of the streets over a sinister soundtrack. "No Contest" is the last single pitting Akrobatik and Pawz One against all challengers. Next to Guilty Simpson and Akrobatik, other guest appearances by Napoleon Da Legend and Space Honey. "Watch & Learn" provides a blend of vivid storytelling and melodic beats giving audiences of Hip-Hop something to add to of their collections.
Good People, The - Good For Nuthin + The Summer EP
Good People, The
Good For Nuthin + The Summer EP
CD | 2019 | EU | Original (Below System)
13,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
The Good People are exactly that, good folks that have maintained a strong presence in Hip-Hop since the mid-naughts. Consisting of MC/DJ Emskee and MC/producer Saint, these two heads eschew the violence and misogyny of hardcore Hip-Hop but still give fans that energy and sound of classic 90s Boom Bap. While some may even group them under the conscious Hip-Hop banner, their intent is to just make the kind of music that listeners can't help but nod their heads to. The type of tunes that send b-boys into the circle without a second thought.

While this true school twosome dropped a number of well-received projects (group and solo) between 2004-2013, it wasn't until earlier this year that they released their third official group album, "Good For Nuthin". The effort showed they hadn't lost a step. In fact, it is the very definition of essential, "no frills" Hip-Hop. The LP features some of the genre's most enduring pioneers and vets, including DJ Red Alert, Large Professor, Sadat X, Lil Fame, the Cella Dwellas and more.

Now, only a little more than four months later they are back with an offering perfect for the upcoming dog days, which is appropriately titled "The Summer EP". The 6-track affair carries on tradition without sounding retro. It starts with the genuine LA vibes of "Windows Down" featuring Tash of Tha Alkaholiks, which is followed up by a braggadocios posse cut with A-F-R-O and Termanology titled "Sidewalk Barbecue." Quintessential East Coast horns and thumping drums dominate the remainder of songs, including the laid back lead single, "A Summer Night At The Symphony." The joint starts with the same narrated intro as The Juice Crew's "The Symphony," and features noted spitter John Jigg$ and his team, MXNXPXLY Family, getting busy on the mic.

Suffice it to say, this extended player will be getting enough spins in convertible rides, at BBQs, and on late night radio shows that still play the real. Push play and experience that feeling of a cold drink on a sweltering day.
Trizz - Black Suburban Music
Black Suburban Music
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Below System)
16,14 €* 16,99 € -5%
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
"It's been over a year since my last solo album. This one feels different. Everything from the lyrics to the beats are the real deal. Even the skits are real life scenarios that I captured when people weren't aware so it's authentic. I'm just a black kid from the suburbs and this sh*t sounds like you're riding around in a black suburban... hence "Black Suburban Music", Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper Trizz has to say about his new album. Guest features on the album are from Brotha Lynch Hung, Kokane, X-Raided, Knoc-turn'al, Cal-E-Clipz and Roc$tedy. Production is done by Phat Beatz, Stone's Neighbor, City Boy, Audio King, Bunx, Aye Brook, JayMack and Yung Huss.
Estee Nack & Superior - Baladas
Estee Nack & Superior
CD | 2020 | EU | Original (Below System)
11,39 €* 11,99 € -5%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
"The title means ballads, these are slum ballads G" prolific Dominican wordsmith, Estee Nack’s comment on the forthcoming full-length collaboration with German producer, Superior. "BALADAS" drops on digital/CD March 20th via Below System Records and vinyl via Tuff Kong Records, but if the word ballads has you expecting Nack to be making slow jams dedicated to the ladies you are off-mark. More like the Hip-Hop version of Narcocorrido (drug ballad) for the street corner hustlers with complex and at times abstract bars, he stokes the fire for the boom-bap fiends while dropping gems for the likkle yout’s.

Evidence of this is in early leak, "INFINITEBLACKMIND" which got the video treatment laced with moody and psychedelic sampled back-drop like a spiked spliff come-down.

Another track from the album "AROCKANDAHARDPLACE" featuring Rochester spitter, Eto also just dropped replete with hazy sax looped back-drop and hard drums.

Estee Nack has been building his craft over the past decade and a half without a compromise to his unorthodox attack and that goes for his production skills as well. Hailing from Lynn, MA, he formed a crew with equally equipped peers Codenine, Purpose and Paranom known as the Tragic Allies.

However his prolific work ethic and constantly elevated work with young gun, Al Divino over the past years has expanded his brand to something like Basquiat to collectors.

Some recent converts to his sound includes Westside Gunn who upon discovering Nack, tapped him almost immediately to appear on Hitler Wears Hermes 7.

Constantly adapting his work as a producer, Superior's catalogue for Below System Records includes most recently his full-length collaboration with Eto, A Long Story Short (2019) which received high marks from Pitchfork, Bandcamp and HipHopDx.
Pearl Gates & Syll - Play This 2
Pearl Gates & Syll
Play This 2
CD | 2020 | US | Original (Below System)
15,99 €* 19,99 € -20%
Release:2020 / US – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Washington Heights, NY rhyme duo Pearl Gates and Syll return with the second installment of their “Play This” series.
“Play This 2”, the full-length will drop via Below System Records and is the follow up to the first EP installment (which dropped back in 2016). “Play This” the EP’s narrative was introducing the listener to their hood from the heights to the dark underbelly. Being that Gates has been on several international tours following the first EP and Syll has been making moves as a songwriter for other artists, their worldview has grown since and is reflected on this album. As Gates says, “Play This 2” is “a collective story of our experiences and meant to take the listener on a journey with us. To reflect this journey, the beats are wide ranging and should appeal to a progressive audience who enjoys a traditional Hip-Hop sound as well as blend of trap, inviting melodies and a chill vibe.” One example of this vibe is the album’s first single “Kingz” which features appearance from West Coast lyricist, Blu, with the beat laced by French producer, C0rrado (who produced the entire first EP). Speaking on the link-up with Blu, Gates said “I spent some time in Los Angeles working on some tracks for Blu & Exile and Blu reciprocated with a dope verse.” It should be said that in addition to his prowess as an emcee, Pearl Gates is adept as a singer as well and has lent melodic hooks to tracks by Masta Ace, Kool G Rap and eMC. This melodicism is in effect throughout “Play This 2” which blends more modern era production and moody boom-bap provided by Frankie P (A$AP Ferg, Meek Mill), Sirplus, EyeDee (Heem Stoogied, Ty Farris), DJ Soulclap, Jay Notez and Quincey Tones (who worked with Pearl Gates on his collaborative album with Wordsworth, “Champion Sounds”).
Big Turks (Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol & Lord Juco) - Big Turks
Big Turks (Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol & Lord Juco)
Big Turks
CD | 2019 | EU | Original (Below System)
13,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
BIG TURKS is a concept album, as well as a group that consists of emcees Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol and Lord Juco, with Ro Data on the beats, Jordan Commandeur executive producing and Jonny Botsch handling art and design.

The project is based on a '70s Turkish martial arts film entitled "The Sword And The Claw" (aka Lionman aka Kilic Aslan). To reinforce the theme, all the beats on the album use samples from Turkish folk music, and the lyricists include a plethora of references to Turkish history and culture. Think "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" but with a Middle Eastern spin.

The album includes guest features by Solomon Childs, Chong Wizard, Planet Asia, O The Great, Rim Da Villin, Napoleon Da Legend and Supreme Cerebral. The CD version also includes 3 bonus remixes with production by Don Leisure, Farazi and S.M.E.K.
Mr. Sos & Mr. Enok - Eleven/Eleven
Mr. Sos & Mr. Enok
CD | 2019 | EU | Original (Below System)
9,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Though firmly entrenched in the Atlanta hip-hop underground it would see emcee Mr. SOS and producer/live musician Mr. Enok collaborative tracks are based somewhere throughout the cosmos. The sum of this work "eleven/eleven", which drops on May 24th via Below System Records peppers references to interstellar travels and parallel universes while still grounded in lyrical witticisms and bottom-heavy beats.

With a career that harkens back to the millennium SOS won a place in many true-school heads as a former member of the CunninLynguists as well as a generous helping of solo releases and his current group, Mighty High Coup. Mr. Enok has some impressive credits to his resume as well including his highly regarded project with emcee Rozewood (The Winners) known as Ante Meridian.

Speaking on "eleven/eleven" SOS said "Creatively, it's very different than anything I've done before. Not too long ago I started reading articles about scientists working on particle accelerators. The thought behind it is to create actual wormholes to see into parallel realities and it blew my mind! I began to be inspired by the idea that we simultaneously exist in other times and places and can connect/tap into that." A concept album loosely that references our struggles across worlds, the soundscapes are fleshed out with acoustic, electronic and ambient tones by Enok's use of rare samples as well as utilizing live guitar, keyboards and percussion throughout.

Though Enok is the main producer of the album, there is some additional production on the project from Abeo Rzo, Ricky Raw and Davey Rockit. Melodic choruses and features come courtesy of Kendall Michelle, Lauren K, Abby Wren, Cashmere The Pro, WAKE and Kemet The Phantom.

Speaking on the storyline for the project, SOS revealed that he is considering the album to be the soundtrack and that he is interested in expanding the concept into a multi-media or novelization if the fans are interested.
C Keys & Kazi - Keys 2 Kazi
C Keys & Kazi
Keys 2 Kazi
CD | 2019 | EU | Original (Below System)
14,24 €* 14,99 € -5%
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
"Keys 2 Kazi" is the product of seventeen years, two states, several careers and numerous relationships. That's what transpired since Bay area born emcee C Keys and Oxnard, CA native Kazi initially linked up and the completion of their first full-length work together. To drop on April 26th via Below System Records, "Keys 2 Kazi" is twenty three tracks of cosmic funk'in, lo-fi smackin' beats and soundscapes that slip effortlessly between bangers, sound collages and soulful joints.
Chuuwee & Trizz - Amerikka's Most Blunted Volume 3
Chuuwee & Trizz - Amerikka's Most Blunted
Chuuwee & Trizz
Amerikka's Most Blunted
CD | 2018 | EU | Original (Below System)
10,44 €* 10,99 € -5%
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Originally released in 2014 digitally and on very limited CD editions, Sacramento emcee Chuuwee teamed up with fellow West Coast native Trizz from Los Angeles, to bring you a classic West Coast collaboration like none other. Bringing you something smooth, relaxing and laid back album titled “AmeriKKas Most Blunted”.
The album includes guest features by Skoolie 300 and Stewie Crooks, and 13 tracks produced by AC3 Beats and additional production from Rayintosh and Swoots.
"AmeriKKas Most Blunted" is available on November 9th 2018 on physical CD via Below System Records.
Verbal Kent & Superior - Half My Life
Verbal Kent & Superior
Half My Life
LP | 2018 | EU | Original (Below System)
17,99 €*
Release:2018 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Limited edition vinyl!
Chicago wordsmith Verbal Kent (Ugly Heroes) and Spanish-German beat maker Superior have joined forces. The resulting full-length album “Half My Life” is set for release via Below System Records. Known for his mixture of verbal gymnastics with humor and everyday pathos, Verbal Kent delivers what might be among his most personal rhymes.
Speaking on the significance of the album title Kent said “Half My Life signifies the amount of time I’ve been at this. I started rhyme writing seriously at 18/19 years old and never looked back. I’ve always felt grounded in my expectations, fame and fortune was never a factor for me. I love making music enough to do it seriously for 20 years now, and I doubt I’ll ever be able to stop.”
Superior’s creative use of psychedelic, rock, soul and funk samples create an eclectic yet cohesive musical backdrop. Some examples of the chemistry include the first single “The Little Things” which is Kent’s version of the love joint (see Common’s “The Light”) but
more in Seinfeld territory. Sample lyric “Dr. Kirschenbaum’s my dentist and now he’s your dentist and that goes for any practitioner of medicines.”
Tracks like “Classic Shit” and “For The Love” are deeply biographical tracks while there is also straight quality emceeing tracks including “Go Get The Dank” and “Steven Hawking Walking”. Guests that get it in on the album include Vic Spencer, Sonnyjim, Recognize Ali and Lance Ambu.
Initially linking up on a track on Superior’s album “The Journey” (released early 2017) the duo realized that they were a good combination. Speaking on the album process Kent said “when Superior started sending me beats I started realizing his beats are emotional, so I let them lead the way as a result a lot of the content is reflective.”
The budding of a serious team for boom bap lovers, Superior and Verbal Kent were able to link up in person this summer and perform at Hip Hop Kemp, one of Europe’s biggest festivals. “More on the way” Kent adds."
Pearl Gates - Live From The First
Pearl Gates
Live From The First
CD | 2017 | EU | Original (Below System)
12,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
“Live From The First”, the debut album by Pearl Gates is a sonic evolutionary process, chronicling his journey from the streets to the rap game.

The stage is set in the trenches and as it gradually shifts to a more elevated space and state of consciousness, the common thread revealing itself throughout the process is growth. The music is engaging; from gritty and ruthless sounds on “Rocks Right Now” to a virtuous and energizing vibe on “Elevate”, Gates delivers a welcoming, well balanced musical experience. “Live From The First” is brash, honest, thought provoking and highly conceptual while providing insight on everyday life in one of NYC's more bustling and enterprising communities, Washington Heights.

The first in the album title refers to the nick-name for 181st street in upper Manhattan where Pearl Gates comes from. “Most of the tracks on the album revolve around stories and experiences from the block” he reveals. That doesn’t necessarily mean all of the stories are about street life however. Gates, who is also an accomplished singer, also manages to incorporate his soulful hooks into the songs without sacrificing the Hip-Hop elements of each track. Gates says “my father was a singer and I inherited his talent of perfect pitch. I use it to flesh out my music but lately I’ve been asked to contribute hooks by Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, Wordsworth and other artists, which is flattering”.

Some notable features who appear on “Live From The First” include Torae, Geechi Suede (of Camp Lo) and Cassidy. Speaking on the latter Pearl Gates revealed “I didn’t expect Cassidy to be on the album. We have a mutual friend who is a producer and one night he brought him through just to hang out. Cassidy heard the track and said, you want me to get on this? That was all love”. Other up and coming artists will appear on the album as well.

In the last few years Pearl Gates has been making notable music and appearances. His "Diamond Mind" EP (2015) was praised by media outlets including The Source, HipHopDX, 2DopeBoyz and Respect Magazine. The "Play This" EP (2016) with fellow Washington Heights rapper Syll also received likes from media and DJs/radio shows including DJ Premier and Drake’s OVO Sound Radio. Gates also completed tours of Europe and North America with eMC and PRhyme.
Koss - Born To Live
Born To Live
CD | 2017 | EU | Original (Below System)
13,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
“I just use turntables, vinyl and a MPC, that's it. I always come back to the basics with production because it forces me to be creative. Giving a sense to a melody or a rhythm is a powerful thing and it doesn't happen every day.” Belgium based producer, Koss can be considered a hip-hop purist.

His previously released body of work has emulated late 80’s / early 90’s heaters producing EP’s for Craig G (Juice Crew), AG (Showbiz & AG) and El Da Sensei (Artifacts). Now Below System Records (Masta Ace, Phat Kat, Chuuwee & Trizz) will be releasing his official full-length production album entitled “Born To Live”.

Whereas the previous EPs was one MC per release, the forthcoming album boasts an all-star line-up of spitters including Torae, Large Professor, Masta Ace, Keith Murray, Blaq Poet, Ruste Juxx, J-Live and Craig G. When asked why he decided to have different features on each track Koss related “I wanted this album to express life and my passion for the Hip-Hop culture. My aim was to choose MCs that no matter what is in style at the moment always stay consistent and remember where they came from.”

One of these MCs is the legendary J-Live who appears on the second official single “Straight Up Pretenders.” Speaking on that meeting Koss recalls “I met him in Cologne, (Germany) years ago at my man Saim Smith’s crib. After we were done building and the song was recorded, I had to have Saim do the scratches for the hooks.”

The true school vibe of the album even extends to the remixers that Koss selected. “Born To Live” CD and digital editions will feature track remixes courtesy of K-Def (Ghostface Killah, Tragedy Khadafi), Large Professor (Main Source, Nas) and close friends 12 Finger Dan and B-Base.
JR&PH7 x St. Joe Louis - Coral Cadavers
JR&PH7 x St. Joe Louis
Coral Cadavers
2LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Below System)
20,99 €*
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
“Coral Cadavers” is an international hip-hop heist of epic proportions. The album re-teams long-time allied forces, German production duo JR&PH7 with New Jersey emcee trio St. Joe Louis.
Filled with off-kilter synths, jazzy samples, stuttered drums and occasional scratched choruses, JR&PH7 set an atmospheric and head-nodding soundscape throughout. St. Joe Louis emcees, Elete Wright, Michael Cardigan and Tommie Chase bound lyrically through each track, serving as narrators and Greek Chorus on this concept album.
According to Michael Cardigan, “Coral Cadavers” is a “neo-noir psychological thriller about a woman’s descent into moral ambiguities against the backdrop of Los Angeles.”
Guest emcees serve to add notable character exposition to the album including Roc Marciano (on “Driven”), Stalley (on “30,000”) Rah Digga (on “Duck Duck Goose”), Phonte & Tamisha Waden (on “Invitation”) respectively.
This album is the culmination of a musical partnership that began in 2010 with the release of the New High 7'. St. Joe Louis was also featured heavily on the JR&PH7 “My Favourite Demons EP” in 2012 (along with other NJ crew, Brokn English).
JR&PH7 have been working on music together for a decade. Among their work is numerous full-length producer albums (“The Standard”, “The Update”, “The Good Life” and “Noir”) which features appearances from notable emcees including Willie The Kid, Phonte, Sean Price and Roc Marciano. In 2015 Below System Records released “The South Sac Mack”, their full-length album with Sacramento emcee Chuuwee.
JR&PH7 - The South Sac Mack feat. Chuuwee
The South Sac Mack feat. Chuuwee
2LP | 2015 | EU | Original (Below System)
19,99 €*
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Chuuwee and JR & PH7 Pay Tribute To Sactown with The South Sac Mack.
Cannibal Ox - Gotham
Cannibal Ox
12" | 2013 | EU | Original (Below System)
8,99 €*
Release:2013 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
All songs produced by the new ‘Iron Galaxy Clik’ member Bill Cosmiq and of course all songs performed by Vast Aire & Vordul Mega.
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