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Volker Barsch - Rastafari: Von Babylon Nach Afrika
Gareth Davis - In Vivo
Gareth Davis
In Vivo
54,99 €*
"In Vivo" is the result of the photographic work of Klavdij Sluban at the Fleury-Mérogis Young Offender Institution (France) from 1995 to 2016 [Beds] in addition to his work from Izalco prison, located in El Salvador, from 2008 [visiting rooms] connected to the music of Gareth Davis.

Gareth Davis is an artist, composer and musician living in Amsterdam. He plays clarinet(s), the result of a somewhat impulsive purchase whilst window shopping in Covent Garden, London, around ten years before the turn of the century. The serendipitous location of a rather wonderful (and equally important, rather cheap) second hand record shop less than 10m from the bus stop required for seven years of schooling, combined with delivering newspapers on a daily basis, lead to a somewhat eclectic, dusty and generally unclassified taste in music.

The result. Activity covering sonic art and contemporary classical music through rock, improvisation and noise with collaborations that have included the premiering of new written pieces by composers such as Bernhard Lang, Peter Ablinger, Toshio Hosokawa and Jonathan Harvey, soloist with orchestras including the SWR Symphonieorchester, Warsaw Philharmonic and Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, performances with groups and performers ranging from the Neue Vocalsolisten and Arditti Quartet through to improvisers Elliott Sharp and Frances Marie Uitti, electronic artists Robin Rimbaud and Merzbow and multimedia work with artists including Christian Marclay and Peter Greenaway.

"In Vivo" is his second solo release after to have recorded a bunch of collaborative albums with artists such as Scanner, Machinefabriek, Steven R. Smith, Kleefstra Brothers, Frances-Marie Uitti, Merzbow, Adain Baker, Duane Pitre and more...

Klavdij Sluban, winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography 2009, of the Leica Prize (2004) and of the Niépce Prize (2000), main French prize in photography, is a French photographer of Slovenian origin born in Paris in 1963.

He develops a rigorous and coherent body of work, nourished by literature, never inspired by immediate and sensational current affairs, making him one of the most interesting photographers of his generation. The Balkans, the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, Central America, Russia, China and the Antarctic (first artistic mission in the Kerguelen islands) can be read as many successive steps of an in-depth study of a patient proximity to the encountered real.

His images have been shown in such leading institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Photography of Tokyo, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris, the Rencontres d’Arles, the Museum of Photography in Helsinki, the Fine Arts Museum in Canton, the Musée Beaubourg, the Museum of Texas Tech University. His many books include East to East (published simultaneously by Actes Sud, Dewi Lewis, Petliti, Braus, Apeiron & Lunwerg with a text by Erri de Luca), Entre Parenthèses, (Photo Poche, Actes Sud), Transverses, (Maison Européenne de la Photographie) and Balkans -Transit, with a text by François Maspero (Seuil). Since 1995, Sluban has been photographing teenagers in jails. In each prison he organizes workshops with the young offenders to share his passion. First originated in France, in the prison of Fleury-Mérogis with support of Henri Cartier-Bresson during 7 years, as well as Marc Riboud and William Klein punctually. This commitment was pursued in the disciplinary camps of Eastern Europe –Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldavia, Latvia – and in the disciplinary centres of Moscow and St Petersburg as well as in Ireland. From 2007 to 2012, Sluban has been working in Central America with imprisoned youngsters belonging to maras (gangs) in Guatemala and Salvador. In 2015, he started photographing imprisoned teenagers in Brazil. In 2013, the musée Niépce showed a retrospective of K.Sluban’s work, After Darkness, 1995-2012. In 2015/16, he was awarded the Villa Kujoyama Residence in Kyoto, Japan. K.Sluban is member of national and international jurys, such as prix Niépce, prix de la Jeune Photographie de Niort, prix Leica, All About Photo…
Sarah Eick, Tanja Dückers - 100 Places In Berlin - 100 Postcards
Sarah Eick, Tanja Dückers
100 Places In Berlin - 100 Postcards
26,82 €* 29,80 € -10%
„Ikonographische Bilder aus Berlin kennt man zu Genüge und in verschiedenen Tonalitäten: Sarah Eick gelingt nun das große Kunststück, das auch Urberliner:innen, die sehr viele Fotografien über ihre Heimatstadt gesehen haben, noch Bewunderung abverlangt: ihre Fotos geben zweifellos Berliner Motive wieder, doch gleichzeitig sind es Werke von einer großen, translokalen, abstrakt-poetischen Qualität. Eigentümlich kontextlos, fast wie Ufos, wirken die bekannten Gebäude und Stadtansichten. Ohne jede Form von historisierendem oder nostalgischem Pathos lässt Eick ihnen eine große Würde zukommen. Selbst eine Imbiss-Bude sieht bei ihr erhaben aus.” – Tanja Dückers (Schriftstellerin, Publizistin, Kunsthistorikerin)
Kadir Van Lohuizen - After Us The Deluge - The Human Consequnces Of Rising Sea Levels
Kadir Van Lohuizen
After Us The Deluge - The Human Consequnces Of Rising Sea Levels
45,00 €*
In After Us the Deluge, photographer Kadir van Lohuizen shows the impact on communities of rising sea levels. He travelled to Greenland, USA, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Panama and the Pacific. There, he captured the havoc caused by global warming. The result is both a period piece and photo book, as disturbing as it is aesthetically impressive. The book is richly illustrated with maps and graphs. With journalistic and scientific contributions from: Henk Ovink, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Jeff Goodell, Elliot Brown, Amalinda Savirani, Anote Tong, Sharif Jamil, Marjan Minnesma.
Clemence Polge, Thomas Corbet - Drive Your Way - Norway
Clemence Polge, Thomas Corbet
Drive Your Way - Norway
24,99 €*
Norway is a popular destination for lovers of wide-open spaces and adventure. And it’s even more striking when you explore it by camper van. This nomadic mode of travel, which is gaining more and more fans, offers an unparalleled experience of freedom and discovery. For this camper van travel guide, Clémence and Thomas left their home in France for a two-month road trip in northern climes. The guide covers preparing for the trip, tips and specific advice about vanlife, testimonials, encounters, recommended addresses, overnight spots, and sporting and cultural activities surrounded by scenery that takes your breath away. Drive your adventure - Norway will whet your appetite for an unforgettable road trip on Norway’s fabulous routes and tell you how to go about it.
Rucksack Magazine - Elements - In Pursuit Of The Wild
Rucksack Magazine
Elements - In Pursuit Of The Wild
34,99 €*
Frozen seas crash onto charcoal sand, deserted landscapes disappear beneath swathes of rolling mist and burning lava erupts from smoking volcanoes; to pursue the wild is to embark on a journey that can never quite be fulfilled. These are places that cannot be defined or easily described in a phrase or sentence, constrained to a single image. And nor should they be. These are places that need to be felt; to be showcased and explored, a connection with their wild beauty unearthed. The creators of Rucksack Magazine bring you Elements: In Pursuit of the Wild. Divided into four parts, the visual and written stories in this book showcase the raw, unrelenting power of earth, air, fire and water. With dramatic photography and captivating narratives from locations such as Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland and the Pacific Northwest, the purpose of these pages is to amaze and enthral; to inspire awe and wonder at the beautifully terrifying world around us.
Leon Keer - In Case Of Lost Childhood - 3D Artworks
Leon Keer
In Case Of Lost Childhood - 3D Artworks
35,99 €*
Leon Keer is one of the world’s foremost artists in 3D Street Art, the master of optical illusion. By playing with perspectives he creates incredible new worlds. A world in which you’re trapped in a gumball machine or come face-to-face with life-size gummy bears. This is the artist’s first monograph and, to honour the occasion, he also gives the reader a glimpse into his bag of tricks.
Irene Schampaert - Insta Grammar - Dogs
Irene Schampaert
Insta Grammar - Dogs
14,99 €*
A hand-picked selection of the best and most inspiring photos Instagram has to offer. The popular Insta Grammar series comprises the most beautiful – and interesting – thematic photos on Instagram, presented in a fresh, pleasing package at an affordable price. After Cats and Green comes Insta Grammar Dogs. The motto is: dogs are the new cats. Dogs includes, well, dogs. Off-beat and appealing, the books in this growing series take the doubt out of choosing the perfect gift for millennials. Quotes, sometimes quirky but always apt, are sprinkled throughout.
Irene Schampaert - Insta Grammar - Green
Irene Schampaert
Insta Grammar - Green
14,99 €*
A selection of the best and most inspiring photos from the hugely popular app, Instagram. The Insta Grammar series explores the best of the best in amateur photography, focussing on the immensely popular social media site, Instagram. After Cats, Green is the latest title in this series, which closely follows online trends. The reason is obvious: green is the new black. Be inspired by photos of plants, trees and everything green, and enjoy the creativity of the selected photographers.
Irene Schampaert - Insta Grammar - Love
Irene Schampaert
Insta Grammar - Love
15,99 €*
Today‘s hypes in a trendily designed booklet. The Insta Grammar series steers clear of all clichés and shows you the most interesting corners of the highly popular social media website Instagram. After Cats, Green, Dogs, two new booklets now join the impressive series: Love and Cute. Love increases your heart rate and is the ultimate but just a little different wedding or Valentine gift.
Mothmeister - Mothmeister - Dark And Dystopian Post Mortem Fairy Tales
Mothmeister - Dark And Dystopian Post Mortem Fairy Tales
36,00 €* 45,00 € -20%
In Dark & Dystopian Post-Mortem Fairy Tales, Mothmeister – the two-headed alter ego of the anonymous Belgian artistic duo – pays tribute to the many muses that incited its unsettling and eccentric dreamworld. These range from artists around the globe, legendary figures and myths and a quirky taxidermy collection to desolate places where its most grotesque and often melancholic characters were born, such as the macabre Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, the abandoned unearthly town of Pyramiden in Spitsbergen and the site of the Chernobyl disaster. All of this flows into a unique fairyland that flirts with the morbid, religious and often clownish, in which taxidermy animals are brought back to life in the most unusual ways.
Emma Hulten - Wonderful Insects
Emma Hulten
Wonderful Insects
8,90 €*
They form the largest animal group on the planet. They can vary in size, from only a few millimeters up to 12 inches. Some are highly poisonous and others are stunningly beautiful. You can find them in all types of climates, including dry deserts and lush rainforests. Welcome to the fascinating world of insects! Wonderful Insects is a coloring book filled with detailed ink drawings and patterns inspired by a variety of insects and plants from all corners of the world. The book contains 64 pages of beautifully hand-drawn illustrations created by biologist and illustrator Emma Hultén. Coloring-in is a great way to become calm and relaxed while having fun with color, shapes and the imagination. Giving life to every page will put you in a contemplative, creative mood. The drawings are perfect for decorating with colored pencils as you let your mind wander. Regardless of whether you are a full-blown nature lover or scared of insects, Wonderful Insects is a must-have. It allows you to enter the marvelous world of insects at your own pace, while coloring-in. Let yourself be inspired by their beauty, intriguing shapes and patterns.
Björn Van Poucke - Street Art Today II: The 50 Most Influential Street Artists Today
Björn Van Poucke
Street Art Today II: The 50 Most Influential Street Artists Today
34,32 €* 42,90 € -20%
"It's a must-have art collection gathering dust on the coffee table, and it's just that." - NY Journal of Books on Street Art Today 1 "One of the best books on Street Art" - Amazon.com "It is a beautiful aggregation, and certainly many of these artists have been interviewed and regularly featured on websites and other free cultural outlets like this one providing depth, context, analysis, information, and exposure. Having a hard copy of this collection of fifty in your hand will help freeze this moment for posterity as the scene/s continue to evolve." - brooklynstreetart.com on Street Art Today 1

Going beyond the cliche of street art as artistically responsible graffiti, this Who's Who of the international contemporary street art scene features 50 of the top street artists working today, complete with exclusive interviews. More than a revised edition of Street Art Today (2015), this book offers a completely new and updated roster of artists, and highlights the evolution of street art in all its multi-faceted complexity. Street Art Today is beautifully presented and written, in the main, in straightforward language accessible to all.
Wang Shaopiang - Small Scale, Big World: The Culture Of Mini Crafts
Wang Shaopiang
Small Scale, Big World: The Culture Of Mini Crafts
39,90 €*
The dozens of artists and craftspeople featured in this volume create miniature representations of real-world scenes—everything from housewares, such as a thumb-sized rice cooker, to storefronts and cliffside dwellings suspended in test tubes, all the way up to entire multi-story buildings, with every detail preserved inside and out. Each of these exquisite works tells an intriguing story, encapsulating history, culture and memory, and elevating everyday items—the signage on the side of a garbage can, a rusted downspout—to objects worthy of artistic representation, prompting us through this striking shift of scale to perceive the world in whole new ways.

Among the featured artists, Tatsuya Tanaka brings Japanese iconography into his master work “Miniature Calendar,” while Joshua Smith, from Australia, keeps streets and addresses and memory alive by re-creating them in miniature, freezing them in time, complete with weeds and water stains. This book not only digs into the stories behind the works, but provides guidance for those who are ready to try their own hand at mini crafts. Three masters share their inspirations and techniques by revealing a detailed process of a single masterpiece.
Brian Ray Turcotte - Fucked Up + Photocopied - Instant Art Of The Punk Rock Movement 20th Anniversary Edition
Brian Ray Turcotte
Fucked Up + Photocopied - Instant Art Of The Punk Rock Movement 20th Anniversary Edition
45,00 €*
This edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of this iconic collection and features a new introduction & a vibrant red cover.

Raw, brazen and totally intense, Fucked Up + Photocopied is a collection of frenetic flyers produced for the American punk scene between 1977 and 1985. Many were created by the musicians themselves and demonstrate the emphasis within the punk scene on individuality and the manic urge of its members to create things new. Images were compiled out of whatever material could be found, often photocopied and, still warm, stapled to the nearest telephone pole to warn the world about next week’s gig.

One glance and you can sense the fury of live performances by bands such as Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys and The Minutemen, and, through the subtext the reader is exposed to the psyche of a generation of musicians stripped bare: The Germs, J.F.A, Nofx, X, The Circle Jerks, Devo, The Exploited, The Screamers, The Cramps, The Dils, The Avengers and more.
Sean Äaberg - Acid Vomit: The Art Of Sean Äaberg
Sean Äaberg
Acid Vomit: The Art Of Sean Äaberg
39,90 €*
Acid Vomit! is a large, full color, hardbound, coffee-table book of Sean Äaberg’s artwork, featuring his original illustrations from the last twenty plus years. This vibrant monograph includes a range of Sean’s styles, from initial concept sketches to completed artwork, showcasing drawings from many different published projects, and some never before seen work as well.

Covering his early zine and comic work in the ’90s and ’00s, his conceptual work in the ’00s, his work on Pork magazine and the Dungeon Degenerates board game – Acid Vomit! covers all the bases and then some! Sean Äaberg works to be both avant-garde and low-brow simultaneously.
Rudy VanderLans - Anywhere, California
Rudy VanderLans
Anywhere, California
24,90 €*
Anywhere, California is another close look by Rudy VanderLans into the cultural landscape of his favorite subject, the Golden State. Whether it’s the garage where Apple started in Los Altos, or the former location where the Manson Family lived in Chatsworth, or an anonymous abandoned storefront in Calexico, VanderLans finds beauty in the unlikeliest of locations. Yet he rarely divulges the why or what of his photographs. Instead he stresses that things aren’t always what they appear to be, leaving much to the imagination of the reader.

Stylistically diverse, and meticulously composed, his pictures are as sundry in nature as California itself. Presented in unencumbered page layouts, with well-considered sequencing, this publication is another testament to VanderLans’ dual mastery of design and photography. It continues his preference for the book format as his primary vehicle to show his photography, making this limited first edition another instant collectible.
Ian Castello-Cortes - Desperately Seeking Frida
Ian Castello-Cortes
Desperately Seeking Frida
19,90 €*
Continue to explore the geography of genius in Desperately Seeking Frida, a pocket-sized hardcover guide that catalogs and explores the most important locations in Frida Kahlo’s life. Detailed maps show her movements around the world, while archival photographs of the artist and the spaces she inhabited bring her international journey to life. Quotes from contemporaries and Frida herself accompany historical and biographical details that give context to the maps and images. Fans will be thrilled by this in depth, lifetime-spanning tour of her global trajectory, from La Casa Azul in Coyoacán, Mexico, to New York City, San Francisco and Paris. Like the other titles in the series, Desperately Seeking Frida looks at a major cultural icon from a brand-new angle, providing context for her life, work, and legacy.
David Sylvian - Err (A Photographic Essay)
Brian Kayser & Bob Lipitch - The Interviews Vol. 4
Brian Kayser & Bob Lipitch
The Interviews Vol. 4
13,99 €*
Shout out to Brian Kayser the interviewer and transcriber who does a load of the work here. I come in on the interludes and we do an amount of editing and proof reading together [as if you couldn’t tell!!]. It’s been cool working on these 4 volumes and I hope we keep em goin into the future. Number 5 virtually in the can yo…

Includes interviews with:
Kwest Tha Madd Lad, Juggaknots, Shazam X, Eb. F (Various Blends) & Omega (Mhorlocks)

Artwork by Mark563 – shout out to Mark for always comin’ through with the dopeness!
Burgeramt X Stylefile - Deutschrap Undercover
Robert Pollard - Eat 17
Robert Pollard
Eat 17
24,99 €*
EAT 17 is a beautiful 237 page, perfect bound book filled with the brilliant collage art of Robert Pollard.
Cyril B. Jourdain - Serval - A Life In Letters
Cyril B. Jourdain
Serval - A Life In Letters
35,99 €* 59,99 € -40%
“A Life In Letters” is an analytical monography of the graffiti artist SERVAL’s work. 300 pages to address two major questions :
The first is to decipher what makes the work of Serval - an emblematic artist of the Geneva art scene - so powerful and singular that it has earned him worldwide fame.
The second sketches, through the filter of the analysis of his work, the contours of what graffiti is: a pictorial discipline in its own right, with its history, its currents and its rules. An art form whose reality is often very far from its public image.
It is not a question here of just showing, it is a question of explaining, of bringing to light a know-how, an artistic evolution.

• 10 guest writers : CMP, Dash, Duel, East, Gaël Vulliens, JayOne, Jazi, Rey One, Slick, Swet
• Bilingual texts (french and english)
• Front cutout, embossed spine cover
• Hardcover, 309 pages, 14 chapters, 95 photos including 6 triptych of 88.5 cm length
• Front cutout, embossed spine cover
• UV print on Heaven42 (170g)
• Size : 263x306 mm
Publikat Publishing - Razor - Colors On Steel
Publikat Publishing
Razor - Colors On Steel
29,90 €*
Razor is and remains an exceptional phenomenon when it comes to graffiti on trains – worldwide and across all generations! For more than 30 years now, he has been playing his colourful game – mainly in the yards of his home in northern Germany, but trips across the nation and Europe have also been documented in this book.

In every phase of his busy career, he has managed to stand out from the great mass of writers and to constantly raise the bar in terms of quality. The output of his first two decades was still to be found in classic stylewriting, but in recent years he has expanded his repertoire to include conceptual works such as his ICE project. Razor - Colors ON Steel is structured like a blackbook and has a very personal character. He himself opens the book with the following words:

“Let’s start a blackbook session! Take your time, sit back and enjoy. I’ll show you my blackbook with my works from back in the days when it all began in 1990. It all started first at the end of the 1980s when I was infected by a virus called graffiti. From that point on I did graffiti wherever I wanted to and whenever I wanted to. I’ll show you my photos and I will tell you lots of stories, some crazy, some funny and with all those little details and in the same manner, like I would tell them to my friends.”

The book was already self-published in 2017 and is now coming to graffiti shops for the first time via the third and expanded edition.
Aya - Im Hole
Im Hole
40,99 €*
hardback cloth-bound book of lyrics, poems and photographs, designed in collaboration with Oliver Van Der Lugt, with single-use download code included. For those only familiar with her previous releases, aya sinclair's `im hole' will be a dramatic revelation. Under the Loft pseudonym, she attracted global acclaim for her fwd-thinking club inversions that juxtaposed the British addiction to breaks 'n bass with critical, self-sluicing logic and untethered abstraction, tearing down dance music's hallowed pillars of respectability while winking knowingly to voyeuristic onlookers. On `im hole' this routine has evolved; aya has distilled the incisive sonic experimentation of her earlier releases, the tongue-in-cheek giggles of her DJ sets and edits, and the identity-fluxing lyricism of her live shows. Contorting language, dialect, gender and sexuality between intermittently controlled bursts of rhythm, noise and aural goop, she has sculpted a set of autobiographical vignettes that challenge established norms, question supposed truths and affirm a spectrum of interlocking experiences. But while it's wide open and personal, `im hole' also challenges queer art's tendency to veer towards repetitive solipsism, the music fragmenting familiar sounds and twinning them with familiar words, assembled in unfamiliar ways. Stories are muddled with phonetics just as dubstep is macrodosed with microtonal drone. The anxious, explorative personality that made aya's past releases so magnetic is magnified here, and her sense of humour is completely naked. It's a Gregg Araki animated biopic of Burial. It's Shakespeare with hoop earrings and a busted skateboard.
Bret Lunsford - Sounding For Harry Smith - Early Pacific Northwest Influences
Bret Lunsford
Sounding For Harry Smith - Early Pacific Northwest Influences
37,99 €*
Harry Everett Smith (1923-1991) was a boyhood resident of Anacortes, Washington for ten years of the Great Depression. Sounding for Harry Smith: Early Pacific Northwest Influences is a visually compelling oral history-based biography that immerses the reader in Salish Sea traditions and discord to explore the myths of a countercultural shaman whose strange impacts on art, music and film resound from studies of place to beat improvisation, through brain paintings to a Grammy Award for his folk music bible.

"A major accomplishment in the scholarship on Harry Smith" —Rani Singh, Director of the Harry Smith Archives— Harry Everett Smith (1923-1991) was a boyhood resident of Anacortes, Washington for ten years of the Great Depression. Sounding for Harry Smith: Early Pacific Northwest Influences is a visually compelling oral history-based biography that immerses the reader in Salish Sea traditions and discord to explore the myths of a countercultural shaman whose strange impacts on art, music and film resound from studies of place to beat improvisation, through brain paintings to a Grammy Award for his folk music bible. “What’s striking about Bret Lunsford‘s portrait of Harry Smith is that it brings to the foreground what most arts biographers ignore or treat as scenery: the community in which the artist first emerged. This book is the fullest vision of Smith’s early years we’ll ever likely see. Lunsford writes as a native who knew people in Smith’s life who were still alive. As a local artist, he fathoms the deep history of the arts in Anacortes. Again, acting as a local historian he found documents, newspa- pers, pictures, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and letters that illuminate Smith’s childhood and also give us a biography of the city.” —From the Foreword by John Szwed “Growing up in Anacortes is interesting. Lots of people do it. Harry Smith did it, Bret Lunsford did it decades later, I did it another decade after that. To me it felt like being present for the monumental human shift from the ancient and eternal to the modern and marketable. There’s something about the place; located on the far edge of a recently colonized continent, at the cusp of many poles, wrapped in layers of simultaneous living histories... it’s a place of coexistence, though not usually harmonious or acknowledged.” —From the Preface by Phil Elverum
Rare Soul - Das Who-is-Who der Soul-Ära
Jan Kage (Yaneq) - American rap
National, The - Boxer By Ryan Pinkard
National, The
Boxer By Ryan Pinkard
19,99 €*
For fans, Boxer is a profound personal meditation. Life decisions have been based on it. Relationships have been created and dissolved by it. For the band that recorded it, Boxer symbolizes a do-or-die moment; a final, give-it-everything-you've-got effort to make it work.

Released in May 2007, The National's fourth full-length is the album that saved them. It's where the Ohio-via-Brooklyn five-piece found the sound, success, and spiritual growth to become one of the most critically acclaimed bands of their time. Obsessively researched and featuring intimate interviews with the fighters who were there in the ring, Ryan Pinkard captures a transformative chapter in The National's story, revealing how their breakthrough album is deeply intertwined with their personal lives, the New York indie rock renaissance of the early aughts, and a generational experience in America.
Suicide - Suicide Byandi Coulter
Suicide Byandi Coulter
19,99 €*
New York City in the 1970s was an urban nightmare: destitute, dirty, and dangerous. As the country collectively turned its back on the Big Apple, two musical vigilantes rose out of the miasma. Armed only with amplified AC current, Suicide's Alan Vega and Marty Rev set out to save America's soul. Their weaponized noise terrorized unsuspecting audiences. Suicide could start a riot on a lack of guitar alone. Those who braved their live shows often fled in fear--or formed bands (sometimes both). This book attempts to give the reader a front-row seat to a Suicide show.

Suicide is one of the most original, most misunderstood, and most influential bands of the last century. While Suicide has always had a dedicated cult following, the band is still relatively unknown outside their musical coterie. Arguing against the idea of the band's niche musical history, this book looks at parallels between Marvel Comics' antiheroes in the 1970s and Suicide's groundbreaking first album. Andi Coulter tells the origin story of two musical Ghost Riders learning to harness their sonic superpower, using noise like a clarion call for a better future.
Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope By Ayanna Dozier
Janet Jackson
The Velvet Rope By Ayanna Dozier
19,99 €*
The question of control for Black women is a costly one. From 1986 onwards, the trajectory of Janet Jackson's career can be summed up in her desire for control. Control for Janet was never simply just about her desire for economic and creative control over her career but was, rather, an existential question about the desire to control and be in control over her bodily integrity as a Black woman.

This book examines Janet's continuation of her quest for control as heard in her sixth album, The Velvet Rope. Engaging with the album, the promotion, the tour, and its accompanying music videos, this study unpacks how Janet uses Black cultural production as an emancipatory act of self-creation that allows her to reconcile with and, potentially, heal from trauma, pain, and feelings of alienation. The Velvet Rope's arc moves audiences to imagine the possibility of what emancipation from oppression--from sexual, to internal, to societal--could look like for the singer and for others. The sexually charged content and themes of abuse, including self-harm and domestic violence, were dismissed as “selling points” for Janet at the time of its release. The album stands out as a revelatory expression of emotional vulnerability by the singer, one that many other artists have followed in the 20-plus years since its release.
24-Carat Black - Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth By Zach Schonfeld
24-Carat Black
Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth By Zach Schonfeld
19,99 €*
Aligning King's own development from girl to woman with the larger shift in the music industry from teen-oriented singles by girl groups to albums by adult-oriented singer-songwriters, this volume situatesTapestryboth within King's original vision as the third in a trilogy (preceded byNow That Everything's Been SaidandWriter) and as a watershed in musical and cultural history, challenging the male dominance of the music and entertainment industries and laying the groundwork for female dominated genres such as women's music and Riot Grrrl punk.
Pearl Jam - Vs. By Clint Brownlee
Pearl Jam
Vs. By Clint Brownlee
11,99 €* 19,99 € -40%
Vs. is the sound of a band on fire. The same confluence of talent, passion, timing, and fate that made “grunge” the world's soundtrack also lit a short fuse beneath Pearl Jam. The band combusted between late 1992 and mid-1994, the span during which they planned, recorded, and supported their sophomore record. The spotlight, the pressure, the pace-it all nearly turned the thriving act to ash. Eddie Vedder, the reluctant public face of the band, responded by lashing out lyrically. Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, and Stone Gossard, who beheld success with varying degrees of anxious satisfaction, attacked their instruments in solidarity. Dave Abbruzzese welcomed the rock-star lifestyle, and left his mark on the record with more than just potent percussion. Vs. roils with fury-and at times, gently steams-over the trappings of fame, human faults, and societal injustice. The record is a thrashing testament to Pearl Jam's urgent creativity and greater-good interests, and the band's logistical calculations behind it drew a career-defining line in the sand. It promised the world that Pearl Jam would neither burn out nor fade away. This book weaves research, little-known details, and band members' memories into a definitive account of how Vs. set them on a path toward enduring integrity and relevance.
Carole King - Tapestry By Loren Glass
Carole King
Tapestry By Loren Glass
19,99 €*
Carole King'sTapestryis both an anthemic embodiment of second-wave feminism and an apotheosis of the Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter sound and scene. And these two elements of the album's historic significance are closely related insofar as the professional autonomy of the singer-songwriter is an expression of the freedom and independence women of King's generation sought as the turbulent sixties came to a close.
Roxy Music - Avalon By Simon Morrison
Roxy Music
Avalon By Simon Morrison
19,99 €*
Having designed Roxy Music as an haute couture suit hand-stitched of punk and progressive music, Bryan Ferry redesigned it. He made Roxy Music ever dreamier and mellower-reaching back to sadly beautiful chivalric romances. Dadaist (punk) noise exited; a kind of ambient soft soul entered. Ferry parted ways with Eno, electric violinist Eddie Jobson, and drummer Paul Thompson, foreswearing the broken-sounding synthesizers played by kitchen utensils, the chance-based elements, and the maquillage of previous albums.

The production and engineering imposed on Avalon confiscates emotion and replaces it with an acoustic simulacrum of courtliness, polished manners, and codes of etiquette. The seducer sings seductive music about seduction, but decorum is retained, as amour courtois insists.

The backbeat cannot beat back nostalgia; it remains part of the architecture of Avalon, an album that creates an allusive sheen. Be nostalgic, by all means, but embrace that feeling's falseness, because nostalgia-whether inspired by medieval Arthuriana or 1940s film noir repartee or a 1980s drug-induced high-deceives. Nostalgia defines our fantasies and our (not Ferry's) essential artifice.
Duran Duran - Rio By Annie Zaleski
Duran Duran
Rio By Annie Zaleski
19,99 €*
In the '80s, the Birmingham, England, band Duran Duran became closely associated with new wave, an idiosyncratic genre that dominated the decade's music and culture. No album represented this rip-it-up-and-start-again movement better than the act's breakthrough 1982 LP, Rio. A cohesive album with a retro-futuristic sound-influences include danceable disco, tangy funk, swaggering glam, and Roxy Music's art-rock-the full-length sold millions and spawned smashes such as "Hungry Like the Wolf" and the title track.

However, Rio wasn't a success everywhere at first; in fact, the LP had to be buffed-up with remixes and reissued before it found an audience in America. The album was further buoyed by colorful music videos, which established Duran Duran as leaders of an MTV-driven second British Invasion, and the group's cutting-edge visual aesthetic. Via extensive new interviews with band members and other figures who helped Rio succeed, this book explores how and why Rio became a landmark pop-rock album, and examines how the LP was both a musical inspiration-and a reflection of a musical, cultural, and technology zeitgeist.
Donna Summer - Once Upon A Time By Alex Jeffery
Donna Summer
Once Upon A Time By Alex Jeffery
19,99 €*
Contradicting assumptions that disco albums are shallow and packed with filler, Donna Summer's double album Once Upon A Time stands out as a piece that delivers on its promise of an immaculately crafted journey from start to finish. A new interpretation of the Cinderella story, it is set in the then contemporary world of New York disco and takes the listener on a journey from urban isolation and deep despair to joy and vindication, all filtered through the mind of its naïve and fantasy-prone protagonist.

As well as charting the production of the album within the legendary Munich Machine in Germany, this book digs deep into the album's rich themes and subtexts. Approaching the book from inventive angles, the four essays within the book act as a prism connecting the reader to the classical aspirations of Eurodisco, the history of the black fairy tale and a queer knowledge that reads Summer's Cinderella tale in some surprising ways.
Sam Cooke - Live At The Harlem Square Club, 1963 By Colin Fleming
Sam Cooke
Live At The Harlem Square Club, 1963 By Colin Fleming
19,99 €*
Shelved for over 20 years, Sam Cooke's Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963, stands alongside Otis Redding's Live in Europe and James Brown's Live at the Apollo as one of the finest live soul albums ever made. It also reveals a musical, spiritual, emotional, and social journey played out over one night on the stage of a sweaty Miami club, as Cooke made music that encapsulated everything he had ever cut, channeling forces that would soon birth “A Change is Gonna Come,” the most important soul song ever written.

This book covers Cooke's days with the Soul Stirrers, the gospel unit that was inventing a strand of soul in the 1950s, and continues on to his string of hit singles as a solo artist that reveal far more about this complex man and the complex music he was always fashioning. A writer and an agent of social change, he absorbed the teachings of Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan while reconciling his own identity and what fans expected of him. Fleming explores how this towering soul artist came to reconcile so many disparate elements on a Florida stage on a winter night in 1963-a stage that extended well into the future, beyond Cooke's own life, beyond the 1960s, and into a perpetual here-and-now. Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963 will resonate so long as we all have need to look into ourselves and square our differences and become more human, and more connected with others in our humanity.
Janelle Monae - The Archandroid By Alyssa Favreau
Janelle Monae
The Archandroid By Alyssa Favreau
19,99 €*
In Janelle Monáe's full-length debut, the science fiction concept album The ArchAndroid, the android Cindi Mayweather is on the run from the authorities for the crime of loving a human. Living in 28th century Metropolis, Cindi fights for survival, soon realizing that she is in fact the prophesied ArchAndroid, a robot messiah meant to liberate the masses and lead them toward a wonderland where all can be free. Taking into account the literary merit of Monáe's astounding multimedia body of work, the political relevance of the science fictional themes and aesthetics she explores, and her role as an Atlanta-based pop cultural juggernaut, this book explores the lavish world building of Cindi's story, and the many literary, cinematic, and musical influences brought together to create it. Throughout, a history of Monáe's move to Atlanta, her signing with Bad Boy Records, and the trials of developing a full-length concept album in an industry devoted to the production of marketable singles can be found, charting the artist's own rise to power. The stories of Monáe and of Cindi are inextricably entwined, each making the other more compelling, fantastical, and deeply felt.
John Prine - John Prine By Erin Osmon
John Prine
John Prine By Erin Osmon
19,99 €*
He is known as the Mark Twain of American songwriting, a man who transformed the everyday happenings of regular people into plainly profound statements on war, industrialization, religion, and the human condition. Marking the 50th anniversary of the album's release, John Prine chronicles the legendary singer-songwriter's Middle American provenance, and his remarkable ascent from singing mailman to celebrated son of Chicago.“Illegal Smile,” “Hello in There,” “Sam Stone,” “Paradise,” “Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore,” “Far from Me,” “Donald and Lydia,” and “Angel from Montgomery” are considered standards in the American Songbook, covered by legions of Prine's peers and admirers. Through original interviews, exhaustive research, and incisive commentary, author Erin Osmon paints an in-depth portrait of the people, places, and experiences that inspired Prine's landmark debut.

After exploring his roots in rural Western Kentucky and suburban Maywood, Illinois, the book takes readers on an evocative journey through John Prine's Chicago. Its neighborhoods, characters, and clubs of the 1960s and 70s proved a formative and magical period in Prine's life, before he was a figurehead of the new Nashville scene. It's both a journalistic inquiry and a love letter: to Prine's self-titled debut and the Midwestern city that made him.
Phillip Böndel & Tobias Kargoll - Erfolgsformel Hip-Hop
Peter Schouten - You've Got Mail - Quirky Belgian Letterboxes
Peter Schouten
You've Got Mail - Quirky Belgian Letterboxes
14,99 €*
As a Dutchman living in Belgium, Peter Schouten has an outsider's view on the country that he loves and is fascinated by. As a photographer, he finds Belgium a rewarding subject: its infrastructure, its cities, the diversity of its architecture... In Belgium, it sometimes seems as if everyone just does as he pleases, unbothered by rules or regulations. Peter wanted to find a way to capture the uniqueness of his surroundings, and found the answer one night while looking through his photographs of an original house from the sixties. It wasn't the house itself that grabbed his attention, but the strange letterbox in front of it: it had the shape of a big eagle sitting on a little concrete house, painted in bright colours. Ever since, Peter has been photographing the weirdest, most puzzling letterboxes all over Belgium. Over six years he has built a collection of over 300 photos of the most exceptional examples. Looking at those photos, you'll agree with the photographer that the Belgian letterboxes form a unique little piece of the country's cultural heritage.
Caroline Jensen - Faces Of Graffiti
Caroline Jensen
Faces Of Graffiti
27,99 €*
For seven years, photographer and psychotherapist Caroline Jensen has traveled back and forth between Stockholm and New York to photograph graffiti writers.

Faces of Graffiti shows intimate portraits of writers that Caroline Jensen has established a deep and personal connection with.

The book portrays New York graffiti pioneers who began writing in the late 1960s, writers who grabbed the baton and established graffiti in Stockholm in the 1980s, and younger writers who have further developed the graphic design of graffiti.

To understand how graffiti affects writers’ lives, Caroline Jensen asked them about their driving forces. Rooted in her work as a psychotherapist, she reflects on self-development and the role graffiti plays in the lives of the writers.

Charmin 65, Nic 707, Riff 170, Rubin, Snake 1, Kaos, Shiro and Taki 183 are some of the artists portrayed in the book, accompanied by images of their graffiti art.

Caroline Jensen is a photographer based in Sweden with the world as her field. She is also a licensed psychotherapist with her own practice for twenty-two years. She combines her two professions with a deep interest in the process of change. Dokument Press has previously published her book Room for Therapy.

“Page after page after page, this book is the photographic art book of the year. If you have little knowledge about this art form this is the ultimate platform to see its beauty and energy. This book shows the passion, unique style, creativity and expression of some of today’s most talented aerosol artists.”

James TOP
Abdul Qadim Haqq - The Book Of Drexciya Volume One Softcover Edition
Abdul Qadim Haqq
The Book Of Drexciya Volume One Softcover Edition
35,99 €*
"We continue to learn about the Drexciyans and their first leader, Drexaha. 5 stories just like the Book of Drexciya, Volume One.
Katrin Swatenbroux, Wided Bouchrika & Joy Phillips - Lunatic: A Practical Guide To The Moon Nad Back
Katrin Swatenbroux, Wided Bouchrika & Joy Phillips
Lunatic: A Practical Guide To The Moon Nad Back
24,99 €*
The ultimate feel good guide to those for whom the moon plays an important role in his or her life- A trendy book with a handy practical part, including moon calendars, lunar cycle, etc- Find balance in your life on the rhythm of the moon "In this time of uncertainty, millennials are asking the cosmos for answers." - The Guardian. These are indeed luna-tic times: people have, once again, begun to believe in the power of the moon. Just think about the popularity of all kinds of moon sign apps, and how labels such as Vetements and Valentina flirt with cosmic prints and astrology. The moon is no longer exclusive to flower power hippies, but is now also popular among well-educated youngsters. How did that come about? Which artists and writers were influenced by the moon? How do you integrate the moon into your daily life? Lunatic offers the answers to these questions. It's a beautiful inspirational guide brimming with glowing images and original illustrations, which also serves as a practical manual that explains your zodiac sign and how the phases of the moon influence your life.
Irene Schampaert - Insta Grammar - Just Cats
Irene Schampaert
Insta Grammar - Just Cats
14,99 €*
A curated selection of the coolest cats on Instagram - The sequel to the immensely popular earlier Insta Grammar Cats - The perfect gift book for cat lovers "The books are true to the Polaroid aesthetic, and we 'like' it." - Elle Décor "Taking the best of Instagram and printing it, the Insta Grammar series of coffee table books prove there's a (physical) place for your favorite online images." - Vogue The Insta Grammar series curates the most interesting themes trending on the popular social media site Instagram. This sequel to the immensely popular Insta Grammar Cats features a new selection of the cutest, funniest, most photogenic felines to be found on Instagram. With pithy quotes about cats from artists and writers interspersed throughout, this is the perfect gift book for all cat lovers.
Irene Schampaert - Insta Grammar - Cute
Irene Schampaert
Insta Grammar - Cute
14,99 €*
A curated selection of outrageously cute images culled from the social media site, InstagramTrending photos printed on beautiful paper in a cleverly designed book, with quotes from artists and writersA gift book that will delight all ages Bound in a unique 'lay flat' format for optimal viewing pleasure "The books are true to the Polaroid aesthetic, and we 'like' it." - Elle Décor "Taking the best of Instagram and printing it, the Insta Grammar series ... prove there's a (physical) place for your favourite online images." - Vogue The Insta Grammar series steers clear of clichés and explores the most interesting corners of the highly popular social media website. Hitching a ride on the back of today's cute animals trend, Cute finds the most original posts and adorable images and presents them in a giftable book that is easy to browse. The images are interspersed with a selection of quotes from writers and artists. Also in the series: Insta Grammar Cats, City, Nordic, Green, Graphic, Dogs, Unicorns, On the Road, Cute, and Cars.
De Burkeman - Art Sleeves: Album Covers By Artists, 1980 To 2020
De Burkeman
Art Sleeves: Album Covers By Artists, 1980 To 2020
42,74 €* 44,99 € -5%
Like a well-made playlist, the album covers in this volume combine to create a portrait of cool and culture desired by art, music, and record lovers alike. Art Sleeves is a time capsule of visual art and music culture as shown through the most important record covers designed by visual artists and graphic designers in the past forty years. This tightly curated collection of covers chosen includes works with significant cultural impact as well as collaborations that themselves created cultural fascination.The eclectic roster of visual artist-musician collaborations presented spans art and musical genres as well as generations, including Ryan McGinley for Sigur Rós, Kara Walker for Arto Lindsay, Peter Saville for Joy Division, Barbara Kruger for Growing Up Skipper, Jeff Koons for Lady Gaga, Tauba Auerbach for Glasser, and Stanley Donwood for Radiohead, to name a few. From postmodernist paintings and minimalism to collage and photography, as well as New Wave, emo, pop, and punk, the albums chosen present a bright and rich visual and cultural history.This inspiring volume celebrates this long creative tradition of visual artist-musician collaborations and, just like a perfect album, it will be treasured by art, and record lovers alike.
DJ Semtex - Hip Hop Raised Me Updated Edition
DJ Semtex
Hip Hop Raised Me Updated Edition
29,99 €*
In 2008, with help from Jay-Z and Puff, Barack Obama got the hip hop vote, and became the first African American to be elected president. For a brief moment, the “Audacity of Hope” seemed attainable. The 2014 Ferguson riots signaled the end of that hope, and in 2016 the hip hop community had to grapple with the election of Donald J. Trump as Obama’s successor. Now more than ever, hip hop artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are the voice of the voiceless.In the new, updated compact edition of Hip Hop Raised Me., DJ Semtex examines the crucial role of hip hop in society and reflects on the positive influence it has had on his own life, and the lives of disaffected youths from generation after generation. Featuring specially commissioned photography and seminal interviews he conducted with key artists such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Nas, Semtex traces the course of hip hop from its origins in the early 1970s through its breakthrough to the mainstream and the advent of gangsta rap in the late 1980s to the global industry that it has become today.
Doug Chadwick - Tracking Gobi Grizzlies
Doug Chadwick
Tracking Gobi Grizzlies
24,95 €*
In the tradition of Douglas Chadwick's best-selling adventure memoir, The Wolverine Way, Tracking Gobi Grizzlies creates a portrait of these rarest of bears' fight for survival in one of the toughest, most remote settings on Earth. He demonstrates why saving this endangered animal supports an entire ecosystem made up of hundreds of interconnected plants and animals, from desert roses to Asiatic lynx and wild double-humped camels, all adapting as best they can to the effects of climate change. A parable of environmental stewardship in a legendary realm.
Dylan Tomine - Closer To The Ground
Dylan Tomine
Closer To The Ground
19,95 €*
Now completely revised and updated, with full-color photographs and family-friendly recipes throughout.

The deeply personal story of a father learning to share his love of nature with his children, not through the indoor lens of words or pictures, but directly, palpably, by exploring the natural world as they forage, cook and eat from the woods and sea.

This compelling, masterfully written tale follows Dylan Tomine and his family through four seasons as they hunt chanterelles, fish for salmon, dig clams and gather at the kitchen table, mouths watering, to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Closer to the Ground captures the beauty and surprise of the natural world — and the ways it teaches us how to live — with humor, gratitude and a nose for adventure as keen as a child’s. It is a book filled with weather, natural history and many delicious meals.
Questlove - Music Is History
Music Is History
23,79 €* 27,99 € -15%
Bestselling author and Sundance award-winning director Questlove offers a thrilling, music-driven ride through the last fifty years of American history​.

In Music Is History, bestselling author and Sundance award-winning director Questlove harnesses his encyclopedic knowledge of popular music and his deep curiosity about history to examine America over the past fifty years. Choosing one essential track from each year, Questlove unpacks each song’s significance, revealing the pivotal role that American music plays around issues of race, gender, politics, and identity.

Music Is History focuses on the years 1971 to the present, not only the country’s most complex and rewarding half-century when it comes to the ways that pop culture and culturally diverse history intersect and interact, but also the years that overlap with Questlove’s own life. Music Is History moves fluidly from the personal to the political, examining events closely and critically, to unpeel and uncover previously unseen dimensions, and encouraging readers to do the same. Whether he is exploring how Black identity reshaped itself during the blaxploitation era, analyzing the assembly-line nature of disco and its hostility to Black genius, or remembering his own youth as a pop fan and what it taught him about America, Questlove finds the hidden connections in the American tapestry.

Complete with playlists organized around personal, playful themes that touch on everything from the relationship of hip-hop to music’s past to the secret ingredient in all funk songs, Music Is History is filled with and informed by Questlove’s preferences, perspectives, and particularities. It feels like both a popular history of contemporary America and a conversation with one of music's most influential and unique voices.
Aaron Lupton & Jeff Szpirglas - Blood On Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks On Vinyl (Expanded Edition)
Aaron Lupton & Jeff Szpirglas
Blood On Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks On Vinyl (Expanded Edition)
28,89 €* 33,99 € -15%
Brand NEW & Expanded Edition! Packed with dozens of additional horror titles and containing limited edition enhanced packaging (foil cover elements + guilded foil page edges).

The expanded second printing of Blood on Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks on Vinyl profiles several additional soundtrack titles, reflecting the consistently strong trend of horror soundtracks being committed to vinyl. The full-color, 272-page book spotlights the intricate (and often rare) artwork on the LP sleeves, as well as album reviews, release details, and backstories. New titles include mainstream entries such as Child's Play, The Silence of the Lambs, Children of the Corn, Silver Bullet, and Cujo, alongside cult hits such as Troll / Troll 2, Bad Taste, Spookies, Ghoulies, and Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.

Co-author Aaron Lupton: ''I'll never stop being proud of Blood on Black Wax, a passion project conceived by Jeff and I and brought to life by 1984 Publishing about my life's obsession: horror soundtracks on vinyl. I'm so proud to see the book get this deluxe second printing with even more cool records to add to your shelf.''

Co-author Jeff Szpirglas: ''It was a thrill to go back and revisit Blood on Black Wax with Aaron, and not just as an excuse to re-listen to the Maniac Cop soundtrack. With the new edition, we redoubled our efforts to speak directly to a bunch of composers such as Jay Chattaway, Joe Renzetti, and Jonathan Elias about their work on classic horror film scores. Plus, I love it when I have to watch films like The Kindred for 'work-related purposes.'''

Are you obsessed with John Carpenter's iconic music for the Halloween series? Do you thrill to the unforgettable stabs of the Psycho score, or the pounding synth of Goblin's soundtrack to Suspiria? Do you find yourself being pulled into the hair-raising modern scores for the likes of Get Out, Hereditary, and The Witch?

You're not alone.

Blood on Black Wax is a defining horror soundtrack volume that spotlights iconic franchises such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Jaws, The Exorcist , and George A. Romero's Dead films, highlighting both the music and the amazing - often rare - artwork that graces the record sleeves. It also tells the stories behind the soundtrack, from the mouths of the musicians who made them, including John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, Christopher Young, Harry Manfredini, Charles Bernstein, Pino Donaggio, John Harrison, and more.

Aaron Lupton and Jeff Szpirglas, both of Rue Morgue magazine, have curated Blood on Black Wax to reflect their own passion for the darkest slabs of soundtrack music. Their journey into the fascinating history of horror movie scores contains reviews, release details, and wild stories about both renown and unusual releases - everything from the orchestral sounds of Hammer and Universal horror, to the truly experimental albums for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Eraserhead, to the outlandish punk and metal songs of '80s soundtrack albums like The Return of the Living Dead and Shocker.

Go back to your favorite horror films one more time, through the jaw-dropping, spine-tingling music that helped solidify their place in cinematic history!

''Blood On Black Wax takes a deep dive into the history of horror movie soundtracks and the cool AF artwork that cloaks them.'' - Alternative Press

Mick Garris (director / The Stand, Sleepwalkers; writer / Hocus Pocus) wrote a foreword for Blood on Black Wax, while composer Christopher Young (Hellraiser, Pet Sematary) penned the afterword.

Blood on Black Wax will contain limited edition enhanced packaging (foil cover elements + guilded foil page edges).

Dimensions : 8.5 x 1.5 x 11 inches
Peter Stelzig - Decades Volume 1: 1990-2000
Peter Stelzig
Decades Volume 1: 1990-2000
48,00 €*
This first volume is the beginning of a trilogy of books (Vol. 2 2000-2010 / Vol. 3 2010-2020) presenting 30 years of graffiti in Berlin. With a selection from thousands of photos, a picture of the development of the graffiti subculture in Berlin emerges in an authentic way. In addition, a variety of personal texts by the authors give an intimate insight into their experiences and perspectives. On the one hand, these texts convey a very vivid picture of the life of the Berlin graffiti scene, on the other hand, they allow the reader to experience the Berlin of days gone by.

The first issue portrays writers and crews between 1990 and 2000, with the fall of the Wall kicking off the graffiti boom in Berlin. In the aftermath, a huge adventure playground opened up for Berlin writers, with unresolved police courts and a sometimes disoriented adult world creating the ideal breeding ground for what is now probably the largest and most active graffiti scene in the world. The focus is on the application of graffiti on trains, which is also the subject of most of the pictures and texts in the book, but uncensored private pictures and graffiti on walls are also presented.

This first volume contains portraits with many photos and personal texts or comments of the following graffiti authors and crews:

Bas2, BOY, Cats, Chill, Chio, Deon, Disne, DMB, Drum, FOK, Inka, KEL, Kmer, Kamel, Lyte, Odem, Poet62, REW, Ruzd, Dsyer, Sekd, Shek, Some, Steak, TFB, TOK, Torch, Town, VDS, WEX and many more.

Also included in the book are mixed chapters with hundreds of photos of many other graffiti writers and crews from the 90s.
Harold Heath - Long Relationships: My Incredible Journey From Unknown DJ To Small-Time DJ
Harold Heath
Long Relationships: My Incredible Journey From Unknown DJ To Small-Time DJ
17,99 €*
Written by former DJ/producer Harold Heath, Long Relationships: My Incredible Journey From Unknown DJ to Small-time DJ is a biographical account of a DJ career defined by a deep love of music and a shallow amount of success. It’s the first book to detail exactly what DJing is like for the 99% of DJs who never make it big. Covering electro, hip hop, rare groove, acid house, rave and the UK underground club scene, it’s a 30-odd year tale of a life lived in dance music. Long Relationships is full of tales of clubs, raves, warehouses, DJing, music, record production, record deals, low-level international travel, shady promoters, dodgy club security, magical dance floor moments and much more.
Alberto Zanini - Funk Investigators
Alberto Zanini
Funk Investigators
28,99 €*
In addition to the story of a professional rebirth in difficult circumstances, this book contains everything you could ask for in a modern on the road adventure between present times and distant past. You will read words like Funk, Motown, and Philly, or artist’s names like Lonnie Liston Smith, Gil Scott Heron and The Drifters. You will meet unknown artists, wonderful characters, ordinary and unique at the same time; instruments from another era such as the Revox, magnetic tapes, Sound Burgers and ribbon microphones. Yes, there is music, but there are also Art, History, Metropolitan Ghettos, Emotions and even the Italian American mafia, in a tasty cocktail from which it is impossible to separate.
Silvi Bonne - Berlin Guide For Instagrammers
Silvi Bonne
Berlin Guide For Instagrammers
17,99 €*
The perfect guide for those who want to explore a different, trendy side of Berlin. Photographer Silvie Bonne presents 100 scenic, impressive and 'Instagrammable' spots in Berlin. Some are classics but most are hidden gems only locals know about. Every hotspot is accompanied by a fascinating background story, some fun facts, and practical information. The true eyecatchers are of course the original Instagram images, along with some expert tips and trips on how to shoot them.
V.A. - Electronic Beats
Frederik Dörfler-Trummer - Hip Aus Österreich - Lokale Aspekte Einer Globalen Kultur
Lance Scott Walker & Johan Kugelberg - Houston Rap: 2nd Edition
Lance Scott Walker & Johan Kugelberg
Houston Rap: 2nd Edition
47,99 €*
Second edition of the long-out-of-print book which Bun B declared ".... defines Houston hip-hop." Includes 32 new pages of never before seen photos and text, Northside/Southside Houston maps, and a complete index of the timeline and oral history of the scene. Houston Rap is an immersion into the everyday life of the Houston hip hop community. The second edition, hardcover 304 page book features the photography of Peter Beste, who spent 9 years documenting the culture alongside writer Lance Scott Walker. Houston Rap profiles noted artists such as Bun B of UGK, Z-Ro, Big Mike, K-Rino, Willie D of the Geto Boys, Lil’ Troy, and Paul Wall, alongside reflections on the lives of departed legends such as DJ Screw, Pimp C, and Big Hawk. The book also features community leaders, rappers, producers, businessmen, and family members, all providing important insight into a great American cultural narrative, and the second edition features even more details into this astonishing and influential scene.
Mark 563 - Hip Hop Coloring Book: West Coast Edition
Mark 563
Hip Hop Coloring Book: West Coast Edition
8,99 €*
After the overwhelmingly popular Hip Hop Coloring Book, Hip Hop Journal and Hip Hop Coloring Book: East Coast Edition, Mark 563 is back with Hip Hop Coloring Book: West Coast Edition. It’s a fun activity book for kids and adults. The book features a selection of Mark 563’s own illustrative takes on some of Hip Hop’s most important figures – from early electro pioneers like Egyptian Lover, to Gfunk and mega stars like Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube and newer rappers like Tyler, the Creator. The 50 pages are packed with legendary West Coast rappers, spanning from the Golden Era through to today’s rap superstars. A perfect gift for anyone interested in Hip Hop and popular culture. Hip Hop Coloring Book: West Coast Edition is marker friendly! Use your favorite markers without the risk of ruining the illustration on the other side of the paper. Hip Hop Coloring Book: West Coast Edition is the latest in Dokument Press popular coloring book series, with themes such as graffiti, sneakers and lowriders. ”When you are coloring my picture I hope the Music is Boomin’ and you get up and dance every time you change colors.” – Egyptian Lover ”Str8 outta the CPT, long live hip hop Thugsta Eazy E, a Real Compton City G! Salute the inclusion in your art form. From the Original Baby Gangsta Knocc Out.” – B.G. Knocc Out ”The Hip Hop Coloring Book. Now that’s Gangsta homie!!!” – Prodeje – South Central Cartel
Mudpuppy - Andy Warhol Coloring Book
Andy Warhol Coloring Book
11,99 €*
Mudpuppy's Andy Warhol Coloring Book features the iconic pop artist's greatest hits ready to be colored in and customized by young artists. Introduce well-known classics like Andy's Campbell's Soup Cans to a new generation in a creative and interactive way with this 32-page coloring book. Each page is perforated to easily tear out and display as a new work of art. - 32 pages, 9. 5 x 12. 25
Graham Sharpe - Vinyl Countdown
Graham Sharpe
Vinyl Countdown
24,99 €*
Graham Sharpe's life has been played out to a background of personally significant vinyl-related events, and his own large and ever-growing collection of LPs not only reflects his musical addiction, but also represents an intensely direct link to many of his key experiences. In this unique book he considers all the elements of record collecting which he loves - and one or two he doesn't - as he continues his long-term project to visit every surviving second hand record shop in his own and other countries, and reports on the many characters he has encountered, and the adventures he has accrued along the way.
Pat Blashill - Texas Is The Reason
Pat Blashill
Texas Is The Reason
39,99 €*
Arriving in 1978, hitched to the back of the Sex Pistols' tour bus, Texas punk rock soon became as mythic as the state's devotion to football, cattle and prayer. Confrontational renegades like the Huns, the Big Boys, and the Dicks led a defiant new era of blood, sweat and cross-dressing cowboys. Austin son Pat Blashill grabbed a camera and uncovered a story of creative deliverance, set in trailer parks, low-rent shared living and wild, Texas bucket-of-beer bars. Joining over 300 deep black and white photos by Blashill are essays by director Richard Linklater (Slacker / Boyhood), singer David Yow (Scratch Acid / Jesus Lizard), drummer Teresa Taylor (Butthole Surfers) and local luminaries Adriane 'Ash' Shown and Donna Rich. True mavericks banded together to make a stand and... Texas is the Reason.
Knowledge Magazine - Knowledge Magazine 25 Year Annivesary
Knowledge Magazine
Knowledge Magazine 25 Year Annivesary
29,99 €*
"Legendary drum & bass magazine Knowledge returns for a one-off special book to celebrate their 25th anniversary. It's been ten years since the last issue and five years since they called it a day and over the years people have clamoured for its return but Knowledge always resisted the temptation. So why are they bringing it back now? Well, they feel they have unfinished business. Reaching 20 years was such an important milestone but it was a bittersweet moment and they didn't celebrate it at all because they knew the end was coming. What better way to mark their 25th anniversary than with one last issue?

Knowledge Magazine returns with a special one-off book celebrating their 25th anniversary. There have been some special issues in the past but this is the biggest and best Knowledge ever. This is one for the collectors:

10” x 10” large format book
Hardback material cover with debossed logo
Premium 130gsm matt art paper
160 full-colour pages featuring new and classic long-form features and interviews"
Martin James - State Of Bass
Martin James
State Of Bass
19,99 €*
"As government legislation, standardised music and bad drugs forced the euphoria of the rave phenomenon into the darkness, a new underground movement emerged – the jungle and drum & bass nexus.

It was the sound of the beating heart of Britain’s multi-cultural urban rave, produced by the children of the Windrush and their closest friends, and distilled via the journey from a Tivoli Gardens soundclash, to the UK’s inner city blues parties and onto jazz-funk all-dayers and soul weekenders.

It was a space that was forged in the hidden edges of urban warehouses and the darkened recesses of clubland’s backrooms; schooled in the swagger of dancehall, the thunder of hardcore, the fury of bebop and the depth charge of dub.

Jungle and drum & bass was like nothing else the world had experienced before – simultaneously black and white, urban and suburban, old skool attitude and new school innovation. A socio-cultural melting pot of early-90s broken Britain seizing the wheel and taking control of the machine.

Originally published in 1997, State of Bass explores the scene’s roots through its social, cultural and musical antecedents and on to its emergence via the debate that surrounded the apparent split between jungle and drum & bass. Drawing on interviews with some of the key figures in the early years State of Bass explores the sonic shifts and splinters of new variants, styles and subgenres as it charts the journey from the early days as the deliberately hidden underground, ignored by the media in favour of the post-rave progressive house scene, to its position as a global phenomenon.

State of Bass: The Origins of Jungle and Drum & Bass extends the original text to include the award of the Mercury Prize to Roni Size & Reprazent for the groundbreaking New Forms album and brings new perspectives to the story of the UK’s most important subterranean urban energy.


“Cogent, well researched and hardly oblivious to the nutty charisma of jungle’s lexicon and nomenclature. The first serious attempt to document the drum & bass realm is a total success.”

“Exceedingly well researched, endlessly authoritative and undeniably ace…”
Melody Maker

“(State of Bass) deserves a special mention. A thorough account of the story of jungle.”
Ben Osborne, author of The A-Z of Club Culture

“The best book so far on the evolution of drum & bass”
Sheryl Garratt, author of Adventures in Wonderland: a decade of club culture

“Martin James comes up trumps with an in-depth examination of Jungle’s roots, history and even a recommended listening guide.”

“Essential reading for anyone who is interested not only in the jungle scene… but in dance in general, in the music industry as a whole or even British society and its infrastructures.”

“An acutely perceptive and thought-provoking account of the circumstances and celebrities surrounding the development of a modern music that we can finally call our own.”
The Scotsman

“Well worth rattling through if you can track it down.”

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Junior Tomlin - Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art
Junior Tomlin
Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art
29,99 €*
"Showcasing the mastermind behind some of the most iconic rave flyers and record covers of the late eighties and early nineties, Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art is a comprehensive insight into Junior Tomlin’s incredible back catalogue.

Rave culture transformed the way people experienced music, sparking a revolution in British society and spreading across the globe during the late eighties. Its influence is still being felt today, as millions of people around the world attend clubs and festivals that embody the spirit of rave culture. Intrinsic to the spread of the culture in those pre-internet days was the dissemination of flyers, giving ravers information on where and when their favourite promoters would be organising parties. In order to stand out from the competition, it was imperative that the most respected events had distinctive flyer artwork.

Junior Tomlin’s visionary capabilities led to a long-running career as a flyer artist. His fantastical projections of the future and often surreal imagery earned him the title The Salvador Dali of Rave. Tomlin’s iconic work was highly sought after, with ravers collecting his remarkable work and promoters queuing up to commission him to produce imagery for their flyers. Junior’s imagination conjured up alternate worlds, references to outer space and gave us a peek into the endless possibilities presented by an unknown future. It was the perfect representation of the brave new world being cultivated by rave promoters and the community that sprung up around the culture.

Junior worked with a range of seminal rave promoters from 1992 onwards including Telepathy, Dreamscape, Slammin’ Vinyl, One Nation, Dream Odyssey and Ravealation. 30 years since he designed his first flyer Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art documents his work across 160 pages, with commentary and draft sketches provided by Junior himself. Divided into two distinct sections – Record Covers and Flyers – the book also features an in-depth interview with Junior and a foreword by Chelsea Louise Berlin (artist, flyer collector and author of Rave Art) plus words from former clients.

Chronicling the work of a pioneering artist whose art was intrinsic to early rave culture, Junior Tomlin: Flyer & Cover Art marks a critical time in British history. In a time where division and conflict seem to be more prevalent than ever, the book allows us to escape into Junior’s fantasy worlds and travel back in time to an era when social barriers were being broken down.

The book is 25cm x 25cm, printed on premium 130gsm full-colour paper. It is the first time his work has been documented and presented in such a comprehensive, cohesive fashion.

“His record sleeves are classic examples of a hugely important artform now sadly deceased in the digital age.”
Danny Briottet (Renegade Soundwave)

“When I think of music and the concept of what I wish to express, I always want the visual representation to be in total synergy with that I am creating. Artwork is so important! This is why I did not hesitate when it came to choosing an artist and legend like Junior for specific work projects I had in mind.”
DJ Rap"
Secret DJ, The - The Secret DJ: Book Two
Secret DJ, The
The Secret DJ: Book Two
19,99 €*
"The Secret DJ returns with the follow-up to their acclaimed debut book. Less a sequel and more a panoramic wide-angle painting of the biggest youth movement in human history, The Secret DJ: Book Two charts the rise of dance music over the last 30 years and its connection to western capitalism and culture.

While never claiming to be instrumental, The Secret DJ was around for every stage of the journey and is a continually wry observer of this unstoppable growth. The Secret DJ’s signature humour and wit are ever-present in this ascent, charting personal ups and downs as well as the buying and selling of the acid house revolution.

Covering topics as wide as drugs, music production, anthropology, the gentrification of the scene, technology, travel, fame, devaluation, inflation, relationships, technique, festivals, rejection, social media, situationism and hypernormalisation; almost no aspect of the last four decades go unmentioned in terms of what we know today as Electronic Dance Music.

“No one in publishing would have the balls to touch this book with a bargepole,” says the Secret DJ. “It takes courage to speak up. There’s not much in the way of reward for telling it like it is, not any more. If you expose an industry, that industry hates you for life with the intensity of the sun. I have nothing but admiration for Velocity Press, they’ve taken a big risk working with me. I appreciate it greatly. It’s good to know there are still people out there willing to stand up.”

“I loved The Secret DJ – some all-too-familiar characters mixed with the highs and lows of what this industry can throw at you. Excited and intrigued to read the second instalment… how much more extreme can it get?!” – Denney

“I never read books about electronic music, why would I? But I guess The Secret DJ is more an anarchist handbook for shattered dreamers than a manual on how to make it big on the scene. Can’t wait for his new adventures.” – Ivan Smagghe

“We all have war stories, us jobbing night-lifers. From having sets ended by soldiers with automatic weapons in Juarez to coming-round in Glasgow city centre suddenly best pals with a gangster who’s most affectionate nickname was ‘Wolf’. I’ve bagged a couple over the years. And yours are undoubtedly more vivid, funnier or more ludicrous than mine. The Secret DJ’s are better still.” – Ewan Pearson

“I loved book one, waiting to live the DJ life vicariously again thru book two!” – Arthur Baker

“The Secret DJ’s first book managed to do something very different to the existing dance music memoirs (and I should know as I have read them all). It functioned not only as a hilarious jaunt through the insanity of the glory years of dance music – i.e. when there was still money in music – but as a harrowing portrayal of the emotionally, physically and mentally taxing straits an international DJ will find themselves in. Anyone with even a passing curiosity about ‘the industry’ should read it and await its follow up, especially if they have any frankly dangerous notions of joining up professionally, which I cannot in all good conscience recommend.” – Manu Ekanayake (music and culture journalist)

“It’s rare for a writer to capture the excitement and absurdity of dance music culture at the same time, but the Secret DJ did that to great effect in the first book. This latest chapter in the story promises to be every bit as exhilarating, providing an important critical voice at a time when ‘the society of the spectacle’ threatens to suck the life out of those clinging to the acid house dream.” – Justin Robertson

“The first book is a raw, effective and bizarrely emotional tale of ‘the life’. Superbly true and direct. I can hardly wait to hear the tale of the music movement being told by The Secret DJ in Book Two!” – Miguel Campbell

“The Secret DJ returns to once again pull back the curtain on the world of dance music and the sometimes harsh, but always hilarious, realities of what lurks behind it. Get ready for a second descent into the far(cical) side.” – Neville Watson

“Really enjoyed the first book, both hilarious debauchery and insightful commentary on a world usually kept behind the curtain. I’m looking forward to the next instalment, hoping for a lot more righteous anger within.” – Posthuman

“Every participant in the music industry will wince at the thought of falling under the glance of the Secret DJ’s withering pen, but still find themselves avidly leafing through his pages for the merest mention.” – Carl Puttnam (Cud)"
Oli Freke - Synthesizer Evolution
Oli Freke
Synthesizer Evolution
24,99 €*
"From acid house to prog-rock, there is no form of modern popular music that hasn’t been propelled forward by the synthesizer. As a result, they have long been objects of fascination, desire and reverence for keyboard players, music producers and fans of electronic music alike. Whether looking at an imposing modular system or posing with a DX7 on Top of the Pops, the synth has also always had an undeniable physical presence.

Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (and Back) celebrates their impact on music and culture by providing a comprehensive and meticulously researched directory of every major synthesizer, drum machine and sampler made between 1963 and 1995. Each featured instrument is illustrated by hand and shown alongside its vital statistics and some fascinatingly quirky facts.

From its invention in the early 1960s to the digital revolution of the 1980s right up until the point that analogue circuits could be modelled using software in the mid-1990s, this book tells the story of synthesizers from analogue to digital – and back again.

Tracing that history and showing off their visual beauty with art-book quality illustrations, this a must for any self-respecting synth fan. The book has 128 pages, is 23cm x 17.4cm in size and printed on high quality 130gsm matt art paper.

Author Oli Freke says: “This book has grown out of a life-long obsession with synthesizers and electronic music, and it’s fantastic to be able to share this with my fellow synth obsessives and music fans who celebrate the synth’s role in modern music. I’m eternally grateful to Velocity Press for going with me on this journey and supporting the project so keenly.”


“When the author’s passion for synths combines with his artistic talent the result is a book with a difference. The hand-sketched illustration style sets this book apart helping turn the technical facts and figures into a visual feast insightfully embellished with interesting anecdotes. This book is a joy to look at and a delight to read.” – Sound On Sound magazine

“Like a Victorian botanist climbing mountains in search of a rare flower to sketch, Oli Freke tracks down scarce examples of synthesizers to lovingly sketch and share with the rest of us to marvel at. His collection is an essential bookshelf addition for the analogue obsessive.” – Electronic Sound magazine

“Such a fascinating survey of the synthesizer world, demonstrating a depth of passion that will amaze even the greatest synth-head.” – Benge (Expanding Records)

“Every tweak of a button, every plug of a wire, every minute detail examined on some of the most iconic synths ever made… its really geeky & strange, but its the bible on every great synthesizer behind all of your favourite songs.”

Lotus Capo (Sony ATV Publishing)
Shinya Matsuyama - Can Taizen (Complete Works Of Can)
Shinya Matsuyama
Can Taizen (Complete Works Of Can)
5,99 €* 23,99 € -75%
Written in Japanese!

Story of CAN / Stockhausen and WDR Studio / Postwar German landscape that nurtured krautrock / Euro Free Jazz Mixture / CAN's Constituent molecules / CAN's DNA / Long interview for members / Disc Guide.
Tom De Geeter - Tens
Tom De Geeter
11,24 €* 24,99 € -55%
The Belgian illustrator Tom De Geeter brings a fresh new look to the top ten list with Tens: he asked hundreds of artists, TV makers, musicians, famous and less well-known people to put together their so-called tens, and set them neither themes nor limitations. It is a unique and out-of-the-box insight into the interests and hobbys of various people, brought with great attention to craftsmanship and detail. No perishable or predictable lists, but a quirky, surprising, and extremely varied collection, illustrated by Tom De Geeter with contrast-rich yet delicate line drawings.
Eilon Paz - Stompbox: 100 Pedals Of The World's Greatest Guitarists
Eilon Paz
Stompbox: 100 Pedals Of The World's Greatest Guitarists
99,99 €*
Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World’s Greatest Guitarists, is a deluxe celebration of the unsung hero of guitar music–the effects pedal.

Stompbox showcases the actual effects pedals owned and used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa, Alex Lifeson, Andy Summers, Eric Johnson, Adrian Belew, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ed O’Brien, J Mascis, Lita Ford, Joe Perry, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Vernon Reid, Kaki King, Nels Cline and 82 other iconic and celebrated guitarists.

These exquisitely textured fine-art photographs are matched with fresh, insightful commentary and colorful road stories from the artists themselves, who describe how these fascinating and often devilish devices shaped their sounds and songs.

A visual treat for obsessive collectors, guitar players, and music fans, Stompbox reveals the essential but lesser-known marvels behind some of rock ‘n’ roll’s signature sounds.

Book features and structure:
100 Pedals. Featuring interview with the artist and a photos of the chosen pedal. The interview explores the artist’s personal connection to their chosen pedal. The pedal photo receives a full page with the interview on the adjacent page.

5 Editorial Features:
* Fuzzed, Phased & Freaked Out: A Heavy History of the Guitar Pedal.
* Thinking Inside the Box: A Pedal Innovators Roundtable.
* Fuzzy Drums, Hairy Horns & Silky Keys: Why It’s Okay to Love Guitar Pedals for Everything But Guitar
* Seeing Sound: The Art & Design of the Stompbox
* J’s Big Muff Museum: Lee Ranaldo Talks Pedals With J Mascis.

Photographer and Art Director: Eilon Paz
Editorial Director: Dan Epstein
Editor At Large: James Rotondi
Foreword: Ed O’Brien (Radiohead)
Wolfgang Seidel - Scherben Musik, Politik Und Wirkung Der Ton Steine Scherben
Sookee, Gazal Köpf - Awesome HipHop Humans - Queer_Fem_Rap Im Deutschspachigen Raum
Nicklas Baschek - Kendrick Lamar: Living Life Like Rappers Do
Ernesto Assante & Giulia De Amicis - Info Rock: The History Of Rock Music
Ernesto Assante & Giulia De Amicis
Info Rock: The History Of Rock Music
26,99 €*
This unique history of rock tells the musical story in a new way: through infographics that illustrate the evolution, influences, and connections between different genres&;such as blues, pop, punk, progressive, and heavy metal. For each artist, including The Beatles, Dylan, Janis Joplin, Springsteen, Bowie, the Ramones, Amy Winehouse, and Nirvana, the powerful visual representation gives at-a-glance information on how many records sold, how much money was made, how long a record stayed on the charts, how many days was required to record a disc, how many followers on Twitter, and so much more&;plus a timeline of the artist&;s career. Full-page photographs and introductory text round out this fascinating volume.
Meg Pokrass - The Loss Detector
Meg Pokrass
The Loss Detector
7,49 €* 14,99 € -50%
Set in coastal California, The Loss Detector is a funny/sad portrait of teenage blues and of a small, transplanted family of non-conformists. The flawed but lovable characters in MEG Pokrass' novella remind us of how the world's most beautiful places are not always the easiest in which to thrive. Moments of giddy, perceived freedom set against resignation dot the narrative in such a way that will leave you changed. 46-page paper back. Split release between Bamboo Dart Press, Pelekinesis and Shrimper.
Heartworm Reader - Issue 1
Heartworm Reader
Issue 1
39,99 €*
The first issue of Heartworm Press' (cold Cave) new literary journal. "We invited 25 cultural figures from the 1960s to the present to each contribute four poems, from awarded poets who have been featured in The New Yorker and Paris Review, to works from lyricists of bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cold Cave, Deafheaven, Daughters, Ceremony and more." 100 poems total from 25 different contributors: Kaveh Akbar, Sarah Jean Alexander, Jared Artaud, Genesis Breyer P-orridge, Alfred Brown, LEE Bullitt, George Clarke, Pablo Conejero Lopez, Lucien Edwards, Wesley Eisold, Ross Farrar, Bibbe Hansen, Peter Hayes, Kevin Howley, Mark Lanegan, AMY LEE, Violetta Leigh, Zachary Lipez, Alexis Marshall, Kyle Opheim, Eric Paul, SAM Pink, Charles Rowell, Mathias Salina, and Alan Vega. Comes in two different covers—one with Alan Vega, the other with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. 230 page, 5.5 x 8.5 in. paperback.
Jan Koslowski - Rabauken
Brad Downey - Slapstick Formalism: Process, Project, Object Expanded Edition
Brad Downey
Slapstick Formalism: Process, Project, Object Expanded Edition
58,00 €*
Updated edition.

Using humor, sensitivity, and precise interventions, the American artist Brad Downey investigates the underlying structure of our cities, our landscapes, our sacred sites, as well as the forgotten peripheries and contested borders. In the process he weaves entirely new narratives with their chaotic patterns, obscuring the separation between art and everyday life. Slapstick Formalism presents a synopsis of his overall multifaceted oeuvre: sculptures, architecture, performances, installations, films, drawings, collages, and activism, each of which is inspired by the objects and activities of daily life.

Brad Downey (*1980, Louisville) is a Berlin-based artist from Kentucky. He studied at the Pratt Institute in New York City, and the Slade School of Art in London. His radical, inspiring works of art, which he creates around the world, generally in the public space, are of a strongly socio-critical, performative character.
Amos Childs & Sam Barrett - Heavyweight Champion
Amos Childs & Sam Barrett
Heavyweight Champion
11,99 €*
Mechanical Reproductions stay true to their original mission statement of being ‘an outlet for editions of print and vinyl’ and, for their third release, serve up a 48 page archive of some of the posters created by Young Echo’s Amos Childs & Sam Barrett for the long running nights the collective have been running since 2010.

‘Heavyweight Champion is the result of six years’ collaborative collage works for Bristol’s Young Echo collective.

The collective’s 12 members have been running club nights, radio shows and releasing music since 2010. Two of them, Amos Childs & Sam Barrett (who also make music together as O$vmv$m), have been responsible for creating the posters to promote the club nights since the start.

These posters are a regular fixture in the visual landscape of the city, on walls, bins, bus stops and pretty much any other available surface in the lead up to each event. Their informal visual language immediately sets them apart from the other flyers vying for attention. They’re intriguing: through not having the artist names featured as prominently as possible they encourage the viewer to take a deeper look. There’s dense layers of images and cut-and- pasted phrases to be deciphered – ultimately a far more engaging experience than being shouted at by a generic and large-fonted neon specimen.

Thanks to the local council (and keen fans who would rather see them on their walls at home), more often than not these works are gone soon after they’re tacked up, meaning the only archive of them is as low resolution images on various social media channels. ‘Heavyweight Champion’, then, aims to provide a lasting document of this unique and vital part of Bristol’s musical culture…’
Bento Araujo - Lindo Sonho Delirante Volume 3: Fearless Records From Brazil (1986-2000)
Bento Araujo
Lindo Sonho Delirante Volume 3: Fearless Records From Brazil (1986-2000)
24,50 €* 35,00 € -30%
The new book: Lindo Sonho Delirante vol. 3: 100 fearless records from Brazil (1986-2000)

Brazil, 1985. The end of the military regime, Rock in Rio put Brazil on the global map of pop music, Tancredo Neves was elected president, Ayrton Senna won his first F1 Grand Prix, and Bizz magazine was released. While Brazilian rock music gained unprecedented notoriety in the country, musical revolutions didn’t stop happening in the underground. It is here that the third volume of Lindo Sonho Delirante begins.

From the second half of the 1980s onwards, after a period of political liberalization and cultural submission to the First World, Brazilian music started being rediscovered and revalorized by the youth. Preconceived notions started crumbling. Musicians went back to experimenting, mixing influences from abroad with our Brazilian roots. Anthropophagic revolutions started happening again. There was a recapture, a revaluation of forgotten records by Brazilian artists. Musicians, DJs, producers and collectors from around the world started exploring Brazilian music beyond bossa nova.

The goal of Lindo Sonho Delirante vol. 3: 100 fearless records from Brazil (1986-2000) is to show that Brazil produced transgressive musical works, many of which, unfortunately, continue to be neglected by a large audience. The digging of the works contained in this third volume begins in 1986. We set out on a journey that ends in the year 2000.

More than 60 interviews were made for this project so this new book bring many exclusive reports, accounts and recollections from Akira S, Alex Antunes, Andrea Daltro, Edson Natale, Fabio Golfetti, Frank Jorge, Jarbas Mariz, João Parahyba, John Ulhoa, José Augusto Lemos, Kassin, Marcos Suzano, Maria Rita Stumpf, Maurício Pereira, Miguel Barella, Paulo Barnabé, Pena Schmidt, Pedro Sá, Priscila Ermell, R.H. Jackson, Sandra Coutinho, Tetê Espíndola, Thomas Pappon, and Vitor Ramil, among others.

What is the Lindo Sonho Delirante project?

Lindo Sonho Delirante is a series of books that tell, through reviews of records, the trajectory of the fearless, cutting-edge, experimental and psychedelic music produced in Brazil. The goal of the series is to present an alternative history of Brazilian music and share records beyond the obvious, getting away from the interest of the industry and the algorithms of the digital platforms.

For a long time, what was heard and studied about Brazilian music around the world was the bossa nova and the big names of MPB. From the ‘90s onwards, there was a surge in interest on other scenes, such as Tropicália, Manguebeat, Vanguarda Paulistana, and the psychedelia from Pernambuco, among many others. The main goal of the Lindo Sonho Delirante project is to present these several musical facets of Brazil to the world, since the books are published in Portuguese and English.

The two previous volumes

In 2016, we released, together, the first volume of the series: Lindo Sonho Delirante: 100 psychedelic records from Brazil (1968-1975). In 2018, it was time for the second volume, Lindo Sonho Delirante vol. 2: 100 daring records from Brazil (1976-1985). The results were incredible and these campaigns turned into some of the biggest crowdfundings for musical books in Brazil. More than 1,000 people believed in the project and helped realize the dream of showing the richness of our music to the world. With support from each one of you and the people who purchased the books after the campaigns, we were able to carry on with the project. Today there are more than 5,000 books spread over more than 40 countries. Lindo Sonho Delirante is more than a book series. It is a project that involves lectures, workshops, concerts, trips around the world, record reissues and discussion panels about a very important facet of Brazilian music that is unfortunately not properly celebrated. The project has already promoted book launching events and lectures in England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the United States. In Brazil, events and lectures have taken place in Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife.
Henk Van Rensbergen - Abadoned Places: Abkhazia Edition
Henk Van Rensbergen
Abadoned Places: Abkhazia Edition
15,99 €*
A new selection of the best images from Henk van Rensbergen, an urban explorer pioneer, in a handy format - This revised and expanded edition of his bestselling photo book of unusual places is packed with fascinating new images, including over 50% new material "Haunting photographs" - The Wall Street Journal. "Henk van Rensbergen is a hero for urban explorers around the world" - Flanders Today. "As an airline pilot, Belgian-born Henk Van Rensbergen was used to travelling the world. But he found a great way to supersize that passion: hunting for the most wonderful, secret, haunting abandoned places" - CNN. While his crew is resting at the pool, pilot and photographer Henk van Rensbergen explores deserted city palaces, overgrown factories or desolate areas of nature, finding beauty in the decay. This engaging book of photographs, a revised edition with new material, lets us wander through abandoned places, including Abkhazia, a break-away region bordering Georgia and Russia and the newest must-visit for every urban explorer.
Jon ''Bermuda'' Schwartz - Black & White & Weird All Over: The Lost Photographs Of ''Weird Al'' Yankovic '83-'86
Jon ''Bermuda'' Schwartz
Black & White & Weird All Over: The Lost Photographs Of ''Weird Al'' Yankovic '83-'86
31,99 €*
Black & White & Weird ALL Over Highlights Rare Glimpses OF ''Weird Al'' Yankovic's Comic Genius

Book Featuring Unreleased Black-And-White Photographs Taken By Yankovic Drummer Jon ''Bermuda” Schwartz Due From 1984 Publishing October 27, 2020

''See funny music's greatest star as he bursts into fame! Weird Al's drummer takes you into the studio, backstage, and offstage for the making of a superstar. Hey, I was there too-but Bermuda brought his camera!'' - Dr. Demento

''This book will undoubtedly appeal to both Weird Al completists and those who enjoy black-and-white photographs taken by drummers.'' - ''Weird Al'' Yankovic

''Weird Al'' Yankovic is one of music's most beloved figures. A skilled accordion player and songwriter, the California native is known for his meticulous parodies of popular songs, hilarious originals, and, of course, for upbeat polkas!

For much of Al's career, one man has been by his side, photographing and documenting the fun and weirdness: longtime drummer Jon ''Bermuda'' Schwartz. Since meeting Al in 1980, Jon has taken more than 20,000 images of Al in his element: on tour, in the studio, and on video sets.

Black & White & Weird All Over presents hundreds of images of Al, culled from Jon's personal collection of black-and-white photography. These photos only existed on contact sheets - out of mind and out of sight - until now! From behind-the-scenes shots taken on the sets of Al 's iconic videos for ''Ricky,'' ''I Love Rocky Road,'' ''Eat It,'' and ''Living With A Hernia,'' to studio sessions for Al's Dare to Be Stupid and Polka Party! LPs, Black & White & Weird All Over is the ultimate photographic essay of Weird Al 's undisputed comedic genius.

Biographies Jon ''Bermuda'' Schwartz (author I photographer) has been the drummer with ''Weird Al'' Yankovic since 1980 and is seen and heard on all of Weird Al's albums, videos, and concert and television performances. He is also the group's archivist with an unmatched collection of memorabilia, audio & video releases from around the world, and photos.

''Weird Al'' Yankovic (foreword) is an American comedian and actor who is known for his music parodies and original songs that make light of popular culture. He has sold more than 12 million albums, performed more than 1,000 live shows, and earned five Grammy Awards. His last LP, Mandatory Fun, went to #1 on the Billboard 200, the first comedy album to do so since 1963.
Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker - Cuba: Music And Revolution: Original Album Cover Art Of Cuban Music - Record Sleeve Designs Of Revolutionary Cuba 1959-90
Gilles Peterson & Stuart Baker
Cuba: Music And Revolution: Original Album Cover Art Of Cuban Music - Record Sleeve Designs Of Revolutionary Cuba 1959-90
29,99 €*
‘Cuba: Music and Revolution: Original Album Cover Art of Cuban Music: Record Sleeve Designs of Revolutionary Cuba 1959-90 ’ is a stunning new deluxe 250-page large format hardback book compiled and edited by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) that features many 100s of stunning and unique Cuban record sleeve designs made since the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959. These album covers have rarely been seen (nor heard) outside of Cuba and show a rich previously hidden history of both music and design.

‘Cuba: Music and Revolution’ is the first ever book about Cuban record sleeve design and has been five years in the making, made in full co-operation with the Cuban government. The record sleeve designs reflect both the rich cultural Latin musical legacy of Cuba, as well as the political and aesthetic influence of revolutionary Communism, which manifests itself both in the music created on the island and the artwork of the designs included here.

Cuban music is the source of much Latin music in the 20th century. Salsa, the all-encompassing Latin music that came out of New York in the 1970s, and soon spread across Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and elsewhere, owes all of its success to the Cuban music on which it is fundamentally based.

These record sleeves help document the dramatic change in Cuba’s identity from that of 1950s tourist paradise to socialist state. Following the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the United States imposed a trade embargo which exists to this day, and as a consequence the many 100s of Cuban records featured here have rarely been seen outside of Cuba.

The book is edited and compiled by Gilles Peterson, BBC broadcaster, record label owner, DJ, record collector, founder of Worldwide FM and Stuart Baker, founder of Soul Jazz Records. Together they have edited two earlier critically-acclaimed music and design books ‘Freedom, Rhythm and Sound – Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-83’ and ‘Bossa Nova and The Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960s’.

In conjunction with the deluxe book, Soul Jazz Records will be releasing an album also compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker, charting the rise of Cuban music in the 1970s and featuring many of the artists who appear in this book.
Enrico Bonadio - Protecting Art In The Street: A Guide To Copyright In Street Art And Graffiti
Enrico Bonadio
Protecting Art In The Street: A Guide To Copyright In Street Art And Graffiti
3,74 €* 14,99 € -75%
There has recently been a sharp increase in cases where corporations have been sued by street and graffiti artists because their artworks had been used and exploited without the artists’ authorisation, for example in advertising campaigns, as backdrops in promotional videos, or as decorating elements of products. This trend shows and confirms that these forms of art are vulnerable. They are actually more exposed to unauthorised exploitation (and destruction as well) than works of fine art, because they are placed in the public eye. Protecting Art in the Street explains, with words and images, how copyright laws apply to street art and graffiti, and how they can be of help to creators within these artistic communities. Knowledge about these issues does matter. There has recently been a spike in legal actions or complaints against corporations and individuals that have tried to exploit commercially street artworks without the artists’ consent; and more importantly without sharing with them any profit. Also, legal actions have been brought by street artists to fight destruction of their pieces. By adopting a simple language, Protecting Art in the Street constitutes an easy-tounderstand guide aimed at navigating street artists and graffiti writers through otherwise difficult and intricate legal issues concerning the protection of their artistic outputs.
Mark 563 & Björn Almqvist - A Daily Planner
Mark 563 & Björn Almqvist
A Daily Planner
11,99 €*
A daily planner with facts on what happened on this day in hip hop history! The Hip Hop Journal: A Daily Planner provides you with a notebook as well as a daily update on the most important historical events that took place in hip hop culture on each date. Simply turn to today’s page to and find out what classic records were released on this day in the past, and next to it note your schedule, ideas, grocery list, or even your rhymes. Get inspired by what has happened in hip hop’s past and make the most of your day! The journal offers ers a variety of facts, from record releases and movies to important cultural events relating to the development of hip hop culture over the last 45+ years. The Hip Hop Journal is a loving celebration of the rich body of work that builds one of the most influential cultures of our times, and an invaluable help in planning your day-to-day activities. In the Hip Hop Journal you plan your year accompanied by the many events in hip hop history, visualized by hip hop illustrator Mark 563’s illustrations, depicting the most iconic rappers and hip hop personalities from the ‘70s until today. You may not know them all, but if you spend a little time every day, listening and catching up on the classic record releases listed in this book, you will be close to a PhD in hip hop by the end of the year. The Hip Hop Journal is the latest title in Dokument Press’ publications related to hip hop, graffiti and street art, and it is the third release with illustrator Mark 563, following the tremendously popular Hip Hop Coloring Book and Hip Hop Coloring Book: East Coast Edition.
Magnus Frederiksen - Banksy Coloring Book
Magnus Frederiksen
Banksy Coloring Book
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The work of Banksy has captivated generations over the last 20 years. The brilliant comments about politics and the stateof the world are thought-provoking for young and old.The fact that we don t know who the artist is creates a welcome mysterious dimension at a time when most thingsare just an Internet search away. As a consequence, we canall claim to be Banksy. Just like V for Vendetta inspired theuse of Guy Fawkes masks by participants in street levelprotests around the world, we can all be Banksy too, andparticipate in our physical surroundings.

The Banksy Coloring Book is an original coloring book for all ages. A perfect gift to anyone interested in street art andillustration! The Banksy Coloring Book is filled with illustrations inspired by the great art of Banksy. It gives a first taste of howstencils are made and what it takes to master them. Easyand open to anyone. Enjoy!
Michael Büsselberg & Dirk Von Lowtzow - Sie Wollen Uns Erzählen: Zehn Tocotronic-Songcomics
Michael Büsselberg & Dirk Von Lowtzow
Sie Wollen Uns Erzählen: Zehn Tocotronic-Songcomics
24,99 €*
Zwölf Tocotronic-Alben, zehn Künstler, zehn Songs. Titel wie Slogans für Häuserwände, harte aber melo­dische Gitarren, live noch energetischer und intensiver. Seit über 25 Jahren haben Tocotronic die deutschsprachige Popkultur geprägt wie kaum eine andere Band. Und das ohne musikalische oder politische Kompromisse. Statt den immer gleichen Sound zu bedienen, hat die Band sich immer wieder verwandelt, neue Konzepte und Ästhetik erprobt und politisch immer klar Position bezogen, gegen Deutschtümelei, Nationalismus oder die europäische Abschottungspolitik.

»Sie wollen uns erzählen« fängt die zahlreichen Facetten von Tocotronic ein: Zehn Songs aus der gesamten Schaffensphase werden von ausgewählten Comic­künstler*innen und Illustrator*innen interpretiert. Im gezeichneten Songbook von Tocotronic haben sich Jim Avignon, Julia Bernhard, Tine Fetz, Eva Feuchter, Anna Haifisch, Sascha Hommer, Katja Klengel/Piwi, Moni Port, Jan Schmelcher und Philip Waechter je einem Tocotronic-Song angenähert, mal mehr Comic-Strip, mal mehr im illustrativen Stil. Herausgeber Michael Büsselberg, selbst Musikkenner und Comicfan, hat die die Idee des illustrierten Band-Songbooks aus der angloamerikanischen und französischen Popkultur »importiert« und kongenial auf seine liebste deutschsprachige Band adaptiert.

Als Zugabe hat Tocotronic-Schlagzeuger Arne Zank einen Comic-Strip über das Kennenlernen der Band-Mitglieder beigesteuert. Und Sänger Dirk von Lowtzow hat die ausgewählten Songs mit exklusiven Statements und Anmerkungen versehen.
Rei Shito - Style On The Street
Rei Shito
Style On The Street
34,99 €*
A new guide to Tokyo street style, documenting looks from Japan and beyond, featuring endless inspiration, tips, and tricks to put together that killer look.

A veteran of Fruits magazine, Rei Shito is a pioneer of the Harajuku street-style scene. Known for her unique ability to capture the unexpected, Rei's collection of street snaps offers a local girl's look into Tokyo's inimitable style--one that is honest, descriptive, and always super cool.

Unlike most street-fashion compendiums, entire chapters are tutorials on achieving your own signature style. Illustrated and with step-by-step instructions, Rei unlocks the secret to pairing bold graphics, patterns, and metallics with everyday staples to create ensembles that are at once fearless and effortless. Interview from fashion insiders including Chitose Abe, Motofumi "Poggy" Kogi, and Scott Schuman highlights the influence that Tokyo street style continues to have on fashion, while dozens of tips and tricks offer readers endless inspiration on how to master pattern, texture, and color to create the perfect outfit the Tokyo way. This collection of diverse, urban style inspirations is a necessity for any fashion lover's bookshelf.
Hiroshi Fuijwara - Hiroshi Fujiwara: Fragment, #2
Hiroshi Fuijwara
Hiroshi Fujiwara: Fragment, #2
35,74 €* 54,99 € -35%
The continuing adventures of Hiroshi Fujiwara, "godfather of streetwear."

Commanding the hothouse environment of Harajuku, the street fashion and culture district of Tokyo, Hiroshi Fujiwara is recognized the world over as a pioneer in streetwear, music, and art and is the ultimate arbiter of cool. Known internationally as one of the founding fathers of the 1990s Tokyo scene, Fujiwara exerts a disproportionate influence over contemporary design culture. With recent and highly successful collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Moncler, and with his mainstay work at Nike and Medicom, Fujiwara refines an aesthetic immersed in punk, hip-hop, and skate culture and translates it into pure luxury. A musician and producer originally from western Japan, Fujiwara is one of the most prolific of sneaker designers, and his kicks remain some of the most sought-after collectibles. In addition to his very visible and long-standing collaborations with major Western brands, he has long associations with Japanese disruptors like Jun Takahashi of Undercover and is head of the Tokyo-based Fragment Design. Chronicling his reign as the arbiter of hip for more than thirty years, this book presents his current preoccupations, with chapters on his highly sought-after artwork and graphics, sneakers, product design, and curated personal effects, giving readers a unique glimpse into one of the most influential tastemakers of our time.
Matthew Yokobosky - Studio 54: Night Magic
Matthew Yokobosky
Studio 54: Night Magic
39,99 €*
There has never been--and will never be--another nightclub to rival the sheer glamour, energy, and wild creativity that was Studio 54. This catalog accompanies an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum exploring how Studio 54 was a unique zeitgeist of an era.

From the moment it opened in 1977, Studio 54 celebrated spectacle and promised a never-ending parade of anything goes. Although it existed for only three years, it served as a catalyst that brought together some of the most famous, creative, and strangest people in the world. It quickly became known for its all-ages celebrity guest list and its uniquely chic clientele of superstars and freaks of all races and sexual preferences who would often show up half-dressed or in costume. From the cutting-edge lighting displays and sound system to its elaborate sets that would change on a whim, altering the environment and ambiance, it was the beginning of nightclub as performance art.

Now, the Brooklyn Museum is staging the first exhibition featuring the nightclub as a bellwether of New York City cultural life. More than 650 objects--spanning fashion, photography, drawings, film, and music--as well as video, film, and soundtrack, create an immersive experience, with an exhibition design inspired by the club's original lighting and atmosphere. Highlights include never-before-published costume sketches by artist Antonio Lopez and newly discovered set designs, as well as ephemera salvaged by the original club staff and interviews with the cultural luminaries who were there.

Telling the story of this legendary club, as well as serving as a companion to the exhibition, Studio 54: Night Magic serves as a document of the era, depicting the wild energy and provocative creativity of this seminal cultural moment.
Brian Kayser & Bob Lipitch - Interviews Volume 3
Brian Kayser & Bob Lipitch
Interviews Volume 3
15,99 €*
Vol 3 of the interviews series – Includes interviews with: DJ Hen Boogie & Izadoe from Bay Area crew The Dereliks, Izniz [Ghettolandz/The Madness/Burn UNI/Boom Bap Nation], Eddie Meeks Insane Cirkle & Southern Vanguard Radio , Charlie Dawk The Superstar from Da Phlayva/Langston, Joseph Caldwell from Lower Level, Supreme The Rudeboy aka DJ Supreme, Dope artwork by AzhqOne.
Alison Mosshart - Car Ma
Yvon Chouinard - Some Stories
Dale Hope - The Aloha Shirt: Spirit Of The Siland
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