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Daft Punk - We Were The Robots (A Disco Pogo Tribute)
Daft Punk
We Were The Robots (A Disco Pogo Tribute)
35,99 €*
Daft Punk featured often in the formative years of Jockey Slut magazine (including their first front cover). This tribute to the duo collates all the interviews and photos from the seminal magazine - covering their early days on Soma up to the release of Discovery. Further articles cover the rest of their tenure as one of the globe’s most furtive, influential electronic acts right up to their unexpected split in February 2021.

- Their first ever interview, for Jockey Slut in 1994. - Oral histories on their early years on Soma and the making of Homework and Discovery. - Their first unmasked cover shot and interview for Jockey Slut in 1996. - A Fax interview from Jockey Slut in 1995 including their doodles and handwriting. - Long reads on Human After All, Random Access Memories and their Coachella performance. - Vintage features from writers including Alexis Petridis, Emma Warren and Ben Cardew. - A History of Roule records and the duos' extra curricular activities. - Exclusive Interview with Tony Gardner, the man behind the robots. - Daft Punk in film: Interstella 5555, Electroma and Tron. - Daft Punk was playing in my house - an exclusive interview with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy. - An exclusive interview with Pedro ‘Busy P’ Winter and Together’s DJ Falcon. - Daft Punk superfans. The book has been a labour of love since the band split but we are finally ready to share it with the Disco Pogo community and beyond.
Danger Dan - Notenheft Das Ist Alles Von Der Kunstfreiheit Gedeckt
Sneaker Freaker - Soled Out - The Golden Age Of Sneaker Advertising
Sneaker Freaker
Soled Out - The Golden Age Of Sneaker Advertising
35,97 €* 59,95 € -40%
Soled Out is an epic compilation of nearly 900 vintage print advertisements sourced from the golden age of sneakers. Featuring sporting and cultural icons such as Andre Agassi, Paula Abdul, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, MC Hammer, and Shaquille O’Neal, every page is packed with unforgettable imagery, bold graphics, and outrageous trash talk devised by the footwear industry’s biggest players. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery ahead as Soled Out powers through a 720-page marathon celebration of the rubber, leather, and mesh we wear on our feet! - Sneaker Freaker was established in 2002 by Simon ‘Woody’ Wood as the first and only international footwear magazine. With a monthly audience reach of 10 million, it documents every collab, custom design, limited edition, and retro reissue in exacting detail. Based in Melbourne, Woody is recognized worldwide for his encyclopedic knowledge, inimitable writing style, and steadfast role as an authentic ambassador for all things sneakers.
Madvillain (MF DOOM & Madlib) - Madvillainy By Will Hagle
Madvillain (MF DOOM & Madlib)
Madvillainy By Will Hagle
14,99 €*

Unpacks the complex layers of Madvillainy, the 2004 classic collaborative LP between producer Madlib and rapper MF Doom, whose success both relied on and rejected the tendencies of the social media age

This book celebrates Madvillainy as a representation of two genius musical minds melding to form one revered supervillain. A product of circumstance, the album came together soon after MF Doom's resurgence and Madlib's reluctant return from avantgarde jazz to hip-hop. Written from the alternating perspectives of three fake music journalist superheroes— featuring interviews with Wildchild, M.E.D., Walasia, Daedalus, Stones Throw execs, and many other real individuals involved with the album's creation—this book blends fiction and non-fiction to celebrate Madvillainy not just as an album, but as a folkloric artifact. It is one specific retelling of a story which, like Madvillain’s music, continues to spawn infinite legends.
Frederik Hahn - Torch: Blauer Samt - Eine Monografie
Andrew Morgan - The Rap ABC
Andrew Morgan
The Rap ABC
20,00 €*
Every letter a legend: The Rap ABC is a board book with stylized art of 26 iconic hip-hop artists for each letter of the alphabet.

Made in Europe with 100% non-toxic inks
158 x 158 mm x 26 mm
56 pages of premium card stock.
Helmut Philipps - Dub Konferenz - 50 Jahre Dub aus Jamaika
Fred Beckey - 100 Favorite North America Climbs
Fred Beckey
100 Favorite North America Climbs
99,95 €*
In this book, published by Patagonia, Fred offers up his characteristic mix of route tips, natural history and climbing lore for his 100 favorite climbs (with honorable mentions of a few more). With an excellent introduction by Barry Blanchard.
Shinya Matsuyama - Can Taizen (Complete Works Of Can)
Shinya Matsuyama
Can Taizen (Complete Works Of Can)
23,99 €*
Written in Japanese!

Story of CAN / Stockhausen and WDR Studio / Postwar German landscape that nurtured krautrock / Euro Free Jazz Mixture / CAN's Constituent molecules / CAN's DNA / Long interview for members / Disc Guide.
Jamel Shabazz - Reflections From The 80s
Jamel Shabazz
Reflections From The 80s
19,00 €* 20,00 € -5%
In the ’80s, New York was a tough environment: violent rival street gangs, drugs, and arrests were part of the city’s dark fabric and gave
rise to the artistic expression of social and political injustices of the African American community. Many young people found
themselves at difficult crossroads or facing challenging and often violent day-to-day realities. Shabazz wanted to do what he could to
ease the tension of his community and help kids stay out of trouble. So he took to the streets with his camera, attracting young
people for whom he became a mentor and inspiration, helping with life choices and keeping a positive outlook for the future.
These photographs are his visual diary – a collection of memories, moments, conversations, people, and details. They reflect
personal relationships, while giving expression to universal sentiments of all adolescents, such as hope, dreams, self-discovery, and
living in the moment.

64 pages, limited to 2500 copies.
V.A. - Graffiti Coloring Book 3
Graffiti Coloring Book 3
7,99 €*
The third coloring book in the popular Graffiti Coloring Book series from Dokument Press is filled to the brim with the world's top graffiti styles. Over 60 images of the same number of writers from around the world are crowded on the sides. Color the wild, playful and cocky characters and imaginative shapes. A play with color and design for both grown-ups and kids, and a chance to learn from some of the world's best graffiti artists. With letters and figures of Bus 126, Diko, Does, Fati, Hews, How & Nosm, Izzy, Kacao 77, Ket, Kid Kash, Rubin, Semor, SP One, Tones, Zeus 40 and many more.
Stefano Antonelli And Gianluca Marziani - Banksy: Building Castles In The Sky
Stefano Antonelli And Gianluca Marziani
Banksy: Building Castles In The Sky
34,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 23.06.2023
Catalogue to a major traveling exhibition focused on Banksy, the world’s most popular graffiti artist whose real identity remains unknown despite his domination of the global street art scene for over twenty-five years.

This accessible volume devoted to the enigmatic artist known as Banksy showcases pivotal works from private collections grouped to reveal Banksy’s key reference points and creative drives. The show features more than 100 original iconic works—always topical and certainly never dull—including Girl with Balloon, Gangsta Rat, Monkey Queen, along with lesser-known examples in other media such as “Banksy of England” banknotes, satiric CD covers, posters, and rare T-shirt designs. Laced with caustic and critical messages, Banksy’s works examine capitalism, consumerism, war, social control, freedom, and other features of our time with groundbreaking freshness and immediacy. Insightful essays explore such topics as Banksy’s philosophy, relationship to the art market, and choice to remain incognito. Banksy’s paintings, sculptures, prints, infographic cladograms, and tube maps are accompanied by detailed contextual analysis and a time line with highlights of Banksy’s career.
Rick Rubin - The Craetive Act: A Way Of Being
Rick Rubin
The Craetive Act: A Way Of Being
29,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 23.06.2023
From the legendary music producer, a master at helping people connect with the wellsprings of their creativity, comes a beautifully crafted book many years in the making that offers that same deep wisdom to all of us.

Many famed music producers are known for a particular sound that has its day and then ages out. Rick Rubin is known for something else: creating a space where artists of all different genres and traditions can home in on who they really are and what they really offer. He has made a practice of helping people transcend their self-imposed expectations in order to reconnect with a state of innocence from which the surprising becomes inevitable. Over the years, as he has thought deeply about where creativity comes from and where it doesn't, he has learned that being an artist isn't about your specific output; it's about your relationship to the world. Creativity has a place in everyone's life, and everyone can make that place larger. In fact, there are few more important responsibilities. The Creative Act is a beautiful and generous course of study that illuminates the path of the artist as a road we all can follow. It distils the wisdom gleaned from a lifetime's work into a luminous reading experience that puts the power to create moments - and lifetimes - of exhilaration and transcendence within closer reach for all of us.
Matt Anniss - Join The Future - Expanded & Updated Edition
Matt Anniss
Join The Future - Expanded & Updated Edition
31,99 €*
The previously untold story of British dance music’s first sub-bass revolution, tracing the origins, development, impact and influence of bleep techno, and the subsequent musical styles it inspired, on UK club culture. Originally published in 2019, it has now been revised, updated and expanded. Errors have been corrected, some chapters have been expanded, analysis has been added and further footnotes have been included to include even more information and citations.

There’s also now an additional ‘Afterword’ chapter that reflects on the story, the author’s journey as a researcher, and changing perspectives around UK dance music history.
J Dilla - Dilla Time: The Life And Afterlife Of J Dilla, The Hip-Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm By Dan Charnas - Paperback Edition
J Dilla
Dilla Time: The Life And Afterlife Of J Dilla, The Hip-Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm By Dan Charnas - Paperback Edition
18,90 €*
Now as paperback edition.

"This book is a must for everyone interested in illuminating the idea of unexplainable genius.” —questlove

Equal parts biography, musicology, and cultural history, Dilla Time chronicles the life and legacy of J Dilla, a musical genius who transformed the sound of popular music for the twenty-first century.

He wasn’t known to mainstream audiences, even though he worked with renowned acts like D’Angelo and Erykah Badu and influenced the music of superstars like Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. He died at the age of thirty-two, and in his lifetime he never had a pop hit. Yet since his death, J Dilla has become a demigod: revered by jazz musicians and rap icons from Robert Glasper to Kendrick Lamar; memorialized in symphonies and taught at universities. And at the core of this adulation is innovation: a new kind of musical time-feel that he created on a drum machine, but one that changed the way “traditional” musicians play.

In Dilla Time, Dan Charnas chronicles the life of James DeWitt Yancey, from his gifted childhood in Detroit, to his rise as a Grammy-nominated hip-hop producer, to the rare blood disease that caused his premature death; and follows the people who kept him and his ideas alive. He also rewinds the histories of American rhythms: from the birth of soul in Dilla’s own “Motown,” to funk, techno, and disco. Here, music is a story of Black culture in America and of what happens when human and machine times are synthesized into something new. Dilla Time is a different kind of book about music, a visual experience with graphics that build those concepts step by step for fans and novices alike, teaching us to “see” and feel rhythm in a unique and enjoyable way.

Dilla’s beats, startling some people with their seeming “sloppiness,” were actually the work of a perfectionist almost spiritually devoted to his music. This is the story of the man and his machines, his family, friends, partners, and celebrity collaborators. Culled from more than 150 interviews about one of the most important and influential musical figures of the past hundred years, Dilla Time is a book as delightfully detail-oriented and unique as J Dilla’s music itself.
Ryan Leach - A Brief History Of The Urinals And 100 Flowers
Ryan Leach
A Brief History Of The Urinals And 100 Flowers
27,99 €*
A Brief Oral History of the Urinals and 100 Flowers is the result of several years of interviews Ryan Leach did with members of the band and their close associates. Available as a pocketbook. Includes an expanded collection of photographs not available in the eBook. 78 pages.
Minnie Ripperton - Come To My Garden By Brittnay L. Proctor
Minnie Ripperton
Come To My Garden By Brittnay L. Proctor
14,99 €*
Come to My Garden (1970) introduced the world to Minnie Riperton, the solo artist. Minnie captivated listeners with her earth-shattering voice's uncanny ability to evoke melancholy and exultance. Born out of Charles Stepney's masterful composition and Richard Rudolph's attentive songwriting, the album fused a plethora of music genres. A blip in the universe of fusion music that would come to dominate the 1970s, Come to My Garden also featured the work of young bandleaders like Ramsey Lewis and Maurice White, thus bridging the divide between jazz and R&B.

Despite fairly positive reviews of the album, even in its many re-releases, it never garnered critical attention. Minnie Riperton's Come to My Garden by Brittnay L. Proctor uses rare archival ephemera, the multiple re-issues of the album, interviews, cultural history, and personal narrative to outline how the revolutionary album came to be and its lasting impact on popular music of the post-soul era (the late 20th to the early 21st century).
Rachel Demy With Death Cab For Cutie - Between Everywhere
Rachel Demy With Death Cab For Cutie
Between Everywhere
54,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 09.06.2023
I've encountered a lot of people who assume touring is chaotic, or worse, glamorous. Most of the time it's neither. Being on tour means being suspended between two worlds, between different versions of home. Like color, people can see the same tour differently.

—Rachel Demy, from Between, Everywhere

Photographer Rachel Demy knows every detail of what it takes to move instruments, cases and crews across the country and around the world to bring musicians and audiences together for a few precious hours. After a decade on the logistics side of managing tours, she laid down her spreadsheets and 16-channel Motorola radio to spend more time with her camera, capturing the liminal moments she had long been observing.

The photographs comprising Between, Everywhere were made over a five-year period touring with Death Cab for Cutie, a band she met first as a fan, and eventually joined as family. Demy’s wry and poignant photographs take viewers behind the scenes and on a journey full of the quiet, the beauty, the monotony and the exhilaration of a veteran band on tour.
Soul Jazz Records Presents/Buch - Punk 45: The Singles Cover Art Of Punk 1976-80
Soul Jazz Records Presents/Buch
Punk 45: The Singles Cover Art Of Punk 1976-80
38,99 €*
Brand new edition of Soul Jazz Records" massive deluxe 400-page Punk 45s cover art book edited and compiled by Jon Savage (author of the seminal book on punk, England"s Dreaming) and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records). This new edition comes with a new introduction from Bobbie Gillespie, founder of Primal Scream (who has recently also published his memoirs Tenement Kid). Contributors include Peter Saville, Richard Hell, Richard H Kirk, Seymour Stein, Geoff Travis, Martin Moscrop, Glenn Branca, Jamie Reid, Dave Robinson, Roger Armstrong, Martin Mills, Gee Vaucher, Savage Pencil, Dennis Morris and more. This book is a revelatory guide to hundreds and hundreds of original 7" record cover sleeve designs - visual artefacts found at the heart of the most radical and anarchistic musical movement of the 20th century.
Bernd Begemann - Gib Mir Eine Zwölfte Chance - Ausgewählte Songtexte
Bernd Begemann
Gib Mir Eine Zwölfte Chance - Ausgewählte Songtexte
17,99 €*
Pünktlich zu seinem 60. Geburtstag erscheint in der Ventil-Verlag-Reihe "Ausgewählte Songtexte" eine Ausgabe mit 100 Songtexten von Bernd Begemann: "Gib mir eine zwölfte Chance". "Ich bin besessen davon, ein Beobachter zu sein" sagte er einmal über sich selbst und so sind seine Texte präzise Beobachtungen des bundesdeutschen Alltags. Begemann schafft es in den wenigen für einen Liedtext zur Verfügung stehenden Zeilen ein ebenso präzises wie mitfühlendes, erklärendes und vor allem unterhaltsames Bild der Gesellschaft zu erschaffen. Seine Songs könnten und sollten Hits und/oder Volkslieder sein, sie sind es aber nicht. "Meine Aufgabe ist es Literatur zu schaffen, nicht meine Kundschaft zu maximieren" so Begemann einmal gegenüber dem Spiegel. Höchste Zeit also für vorliegende Textsammlung und eine eventuelle Maximierung der Kundschaft. Zusätzlich zu den Songtexten enthält das Buch Anmerkungen und Erläuterungen des Autors zu jedem Liedtext und eine Einführung. Bernd Begemann, geboren am 1.11.1962, war der erste Punk in Bad Salzuflen. Er gilt vielen als Erfinder der Hamburger Schule und schrieb deutschsprachige Lieder, als es noch beziehungsweise schon wieder uncool war. Mitte der 80er zog er nach Hamburg und veröffentlichte mit Die Antwort sein erstes Album. Sein späteres Solodebüt nahm er in der Küche seiner Wohnung im Hamburger Arbeiterstadtteil Rothenburgsort auf. Ein urbanes Folk-Album mit Elektronik namens "Rezession, Baby!". Also das, was alle machen, bevor man das machte. Er war nämlich oft als Erster auf dem Minenfeld. Er inspirierte eine Menge Leute, von Tocotronic bis Olli Schulz. Begemann hat über 20 Alben und über 400 Songs veröffentlicht. Er trägt gern smarte Anzüge und spielt, wenn es die Umstände zulassen, Hunderte Konzerte im Jahr.
Ton Steine Scherben - Keine Macht Für Niemand - Ein Ton Steine Scherben Comic
Lee Jaffe - Jean-Michel Basquiat
Lee Jaffe
Jean-Michel Basquiat
57,99 €*
A rare and poignant compilation of photography and written anecdotes by American photographer and artist Lee Jaffe that captures his close friendship, collaboration, and travels with the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as they traversed Japan, Thailand, and Switzerland in 1983.

Lee Jaffe, a cross-disciplinary visual artist, musician, and poet, took photos of his friend, Jean-Michel Basquiat, when they traveled abroad in 1983. As a photographer, Jaffe had a connection to Basquiat, and their time spent together resulted in an archive of imagery that captured one of the art world’s true legends through an unfiltered and authentic lens. Basquiat and Jaffe connected over reggae music at a mutual friend’s art show. It was the early 1980s in New York, when the art scene was raw, complicated, and thriving, and Jaffe cultivated strong connections with cultural figures such as Basquiat, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh. “For me, watching him [ Jean] paint reminded me of the times I would sit and play harmonica while Bob Marley, with his acoustic guitar, would be writing songs that were eventually to become classics,” Jaffe says. “With Jean and Bob, it seemed like they were channeling inspiration coming from an otherworldly place.” This beautiful volume presents snapshots of Basquiat: from the artist smiling on a bullet train to Kyoto and behind-the-scenes documentation of Basquiat creating artwork in St. Moritz, to poignant portraits that mirror his undeniable magnetism. These rare depictions of Basquiat come to life with Jaffe’s unforgettable experiences of their friendship, collaborations, and travels detailed in private written memories and anecdotes. This insightful and moving illustrated volume captures the soul of the unedited, ambitious, young artist during the height of his short yet unprecedented artistic career.
Cati Porter - Novel
Cati Porter
12,99 €*
The poems in Novel are what happen when you teach a cat to type. They will lead you across a bridge made of bread, through a door in the forest, to a paddock containing stories. They will tell you that it’s not that the dead cannot tie their shoes, they just refuse to. That architects design the elements to withstand the structure. That loose ends are beautiful if not useless. If you’ve picked up this book because you like poems that know where they are going, hurry. Put the book down. You will need to run after them. "Please give Cati Porter’s new book Novel to people who say they don’t like poetry. Not because these poems are simple or straightforward, rather because they are deeply charming. They cast spells: each poem carries the reader on a carpet of words to a world furnished by Porter’s irresistible imagination."—Natasha Sajé, author of Windows and Doors: A Poet Reads Literary Theory
and wander - Naoki Ishikawa The Void
and wander
Naoki Ishikawa The Void
35,95 €* 39,95 € -10%
Available Sizes:One Size
Published in 2005, The Void is a book that features a collection of photographs by Naoki Ishikawa. The photos illustrate the primeval forest on the North Island of New Zealand. It is a dense and deep forest that the indigenous Maori inherited as a sanctuary. A young Naoki Ishikawa trekked solo through these forests for a month and a half, taking pictures of what he saw as he went. Looking at the work 17 years ago, Mr. Ishikawa says, "What I was thinking at that time and what I think now hasn't changed at all."

From remote areas such as the Arctic Circle and the Himalayas to Japanese visiting gods and prehistoric cave paintings, Naoki Ishikawa has perceived the world with his own body and captured it in photographs. Mr. Ishikawa's first photo book The Void was released in 2005. The subject is a primeval forest where nature and humans have built a mature relationship. Now that interest in the global environment is increasing, Mr. Ishikawa's photographs and words give us a lot of awareness. To think about the future of the earth.

Dimensions: 34 x 27 cm; printed and bound in Japan.
Stereo Total - Stereo Total's Party Anticomformiste by Gunther Buskies / Jonas Engelmann
Tim Hinely & Friends - Where The Wild Gigs Were
Tim Hinely & Friends
Where The Wild Gigs Were
35,99 €*
When Tim from Dagger Zine approached us about his book idea covering long-loved "spaces" held sacred for countless music fans, we knew it was a great project to get behind, Similar in its community effort to our last book release (The White Label Promo Preservation Society), Hinely organized an incredible list of contributors from all stripes of the underground music spectrum, each waxing their own warm recollections of wild nights seeing life-changing bands and/or terrible bathroom experiences. Chock full of photos, original newspaper ads, flyers, and long-lost monthly calendars of the pre-Internet age, Where The Wild Gigs Were illustrates how important these sacred spaces really are, and how much it's noticeable when we can't actually be AT these homes-away-from-home, spread all across the USA. From Stache's in Columbus, OH to Flynn's Ocean 71 in Miami, FL (the 'CBGB's on the beach'), back to The Brewery in Lansing MI (complete with previously unpublished Stooges photos!), to City Gardens in Trenton, NJ (staffed by Comedy Dentral's Jon Stewart) to Peter Aaron's sordid details on the mob-run Jockey Club in Newport, KY, you won't find many dull moments as each page bleeds into the next, oozing with recollections of blurry good times and endless excitement before the world changed, as we know it. Includes a foreword by Byron Coley and an afterword by Tesco VEE. 235 pages, paperback. First edition of 500 copies.
Action Bronson - F*Ck; I'll Start Tomorrow - A True Story
Action Bronson
F*Ck; I'll Start Tomorrow - A True Story
24,99 €*
From the New York Times bestselling author, chef-turned-rapper, and host of Viceland’s F*ck, That’s Delicious and The Untitled Action Bronson Show, F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow is a brutally honest chronicle about struggles with weight, food addiction, and the journey to self-acceptance. In his signature voice, Action Bronson shares all that he’s learned in the past decade to help you help yourself. This isn’t a road map to attaining a so-called perfect body. Instead, Bronson will share his journey to find confidence, keep the negative vibes at bay, stay sane, chill out, and not look in the mirror hoping to see anyone but yourself. F*ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow is not about losing weight—it’s about being and feeling excellent regardless of your size or shape. It’s about living f*cking healthy, period.

About THE Author Action Bronson is the powerhouse behind F*ck, That’s Delicious and Stoned Beyond Belief. He is the television host of Viceland’s F*ck, That’s Delicious and The Untitled Action Bronson Show. He lives in New York City. Rachel Wharton is a James Beard Award–winning food writer who lives in New York City.
Kelefa Sanneh - Major Labels: A History Of Popular Music In Seven Genres
Kelefa Sanneh
Major Labels: A History Of Popular Music In Seven Genres
21,99 €*
From his own adolescence, when his allegiance was to punk rock, to his work as one of the essential voices of our time on music and culture at the New York Times and the New Yorker, Kelefa Sanneh has made a deep study of how our popular music unites and divides us. Distilling a career’s worth of knowledge, Sanneh explores the tribes music forms, and how its genres, shape-shifting across the years, give us a way to track larger forces and concerns. He debunks cherished myths, reappraises beloved heroes and upends familiar ideas of musical greatness, arguing that sometimes the best popular music isn’t transcendent: it expresses our grudges as well as our hopes, and is motivated by greed as well as inspiration. Throughout, race is a powerful touchstone: just as there’s always been a ‘Black’ audience and a ‘white’ audience (with some overlap) there is Black music and white music and a whole lot of expropriation. This is a book to shock and awe the deepest music nerd, and at the same time to work as a heady gateway drug for the uninitiated.
Irene Schampert - I See Faces
Irene Schampert
I See Faces
14,99 €*
The perfect gift book for people who see faces everywhere- #pareidolia is a trending # on Instagram- A funky, funny, gift book with a twistThe psychological impulse to discern faces in random patterns on inanimate objects is known as pareidolia. It has brought us the Virgin Mary on a cheese sandwich, the shroud of Turin, Elvis in a cup of coffee, the man in the moon, and Aunt Mary in a cloud formation. In this delightful and funny gift book, you can test your ability to find faces in all kinds of places, including building façades, electrical sockets, and fruit. Examples of pareidolia are all around us, and you will be amazed at what you will see!
Robert Winter - Pasing Me By - Stolizy Limited Edition
Robert Winter - Passing Me By - Detroit Limited Edition
Jens Rachut - Der Mit Der Luft Schimpft
Burgeramt X Stylefile - Deutschrap Undercover
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly By Sequoia L. Maner
Kendrick Lamar
To Pimp A Butterfly By Sequoia L. Maner
16,99 €* 19,99 € -15%
Breaking the global record for streams in a single day, nearly 10 million people around the world tuned in to hear Kendrick Lamar's sophomore album in the hours after its release. To Pimp a Butterfly was widely hailed as an instant classic, garnering plauditory albums reviews, many awards, and even a canonized place in Harvard's W. E. B. Du Bois archive. Why did this strangely compelling and masterful record stimulate the emotions and imaginations of listeners?

This book takes a deep dive into the sounds, images, and lyrics of To Pimp a Butterfly to suggest that Kendrick appeals to the psyche of a nation in crisis and embraces the development of a radical political conscience. Kendrick breathes fresh life into the black musical protest tradition and cultivates a platform for loving resistance. Combining funk, jazz, and spoken word, To Pimp a Butterfly's expansive sonic and lyrical geography brings a level of innovation to a field dominated by the predictability of trap music. More importantly, Kendrick's introspective and philosophical songs compel us to believe in a future where we gon' be alright!
Sam Grawe - Nike: Better Is Temporary
Sam Grawe
Nike: Better Is Temporary
51,96 €* 79,95 € -35%
At Nike, the desire to be the best is a journey, not a destination—better is always temporary.

Nike: Better is Temporary is a landmark publication that charts Nike's transformation from rebellious upstart to global phenomenon.

This immersive visual survey offers an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes exploration into Nike's ethos-driven design formula, placing industry-defining innovations and globally recognized products alongside previously unpublished designs, prototypes, insider stories, and more.

Beginning with Breaking2, an introduction detailing Nike's 2017 attempt to facilitate a sub-two-hour marathon, the book lays out in five thematic chapters Nike's focus on performance, brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design, and sustainability.

The book's extraordinary design also nods to its contents. The striking cover features overlapping silkscreened layers of Nike's proprietary Volt yellow and Hyperpunch pink colors overlaying an image of world-champion marathoner Eliud Kipchoge printed in a half-tone dot pattern. The book's spine, visible through the clear jacket, showcases a series of colored tabs that extend from its interior pages.

Combining 500 color illustrations with stories, insights, knowledge, passion, and history shared by Nike's remarkable team, Nike: Better is Temporary will serve as a manual of innovation and inspiration for generations to come.
Jan Koslowski - Rabauken
Futura - Futura: The Artist's Monograph
Futura: The Artist's Monograph
46,74 €* 54,99 € -15%
The most in-depth and comprehensive survey of the life and career of one of the pioneering artists of the original graffiti generation.

Having forged his graphic style painting subways in New York in the late 1970s, Futura was among the first graffiti artists to be shown in contemporary galleries in the early 1980s, where his paintings shared space with works by Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf. As the commercialization of street culture in the 1990s inspired collaborations with fashion and lifestyle brands, Futura's work moved toward a more refined expression of his abstract graffiti style. Commissions from era-defining brands such as A Bathing Ape, Stüssy, Supreme, and Mo' Wax saw his artwork canonized as an elemental component of the street aesthetic.

Collected here, among never-before-published reproductions of earlier paintings and drawings, is an archive of personal photography and ephemera that reveals how integral Futura has been to the evolution of street art and culture. Guided through more than forty years of work, and with interviews with key players in Futura's career, this is at once a definitive monograph of a legend of contemporary art and an indispensable chapter in the history of graffiti.
Alison Mosshart - Car Ma
Gideon Schwartz - Hi-Fi - The History Of High-End Audio Design
Gideon Schwartz
Hi-Fi - The History Of High-End Audio Design
84,95 €*
At a time when sales of vinyl records have hit a 25-year high, and analog technologies are providing the kind of extraordinary audio experiences that our increasingly digital world has started to remove, Hi-Fi is essential reading. This unique book explores just how, when, and why the world fell in love with the look, feel, and sound of top-of-the-line audio equipment. Hi-Fi traces this fascinating evolution from the 1950s to today (and tomorrow), taking readers right up to the current renaissance of all things analog and the emergence of cutting-edge designs for die-hard audiophiles.
John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees - Vinegar Mirror
John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees
Vinegar Mirror
39,99 €*
Presented for the public’s perusal, a coffee table collection of film photos from 2009-2013 by Oh Sees frontman, Castle Face co-conspirator, and all around restless artistic presence John Dwyer. Dwyer seemed to always be pulling out a camera around then and these flicks function as a technicolor joyride through his universe in San Francisco and beyond, with his jackal’s smirk from behind the lens all but palpable in these pages. Tour snaps, blackmail fodder, candid camaraderie, and the ringing echo of maniacal laughter await one within. Originally printed in a limited quantity by San Francisco clothing shop and live music incubator Vacation, Castle Face has dusted it off for a wider release for those that never got the chance.
Andrew Morgan - The Skateboard ABC
Andrew Morgan
The Skateboard ABC
20,00 €*
From Crooked Grinds to Kickflips and Ollies to Wallies, the Skateboard ABC Collection is a fun way to teach the next generation about skateboarding – and who knows, maybe even mommy and daddy will learn a trick or two.

Made in Europe with non-toxic inks and finishes, so you can be sure your little one's first taste of skateboarding is a safe one.
Martin Ander - My First Hip Hop Book
Martin Ander
My First Hip Hop Book
7,99 €*
A different, colorful picture book about culture and everyday life.

Rap, Breakdance, Graffiti & DJ:ing – now for the very youngest! My First Hip Hop Book is a different, colourful picture book about culture and everyday life with fun and clear pictures for small children. A charming book with lots of humour and attitude.

You can point at events and objects related to hip hop culture, but that also occur pretty much everywhere in everyone's life. The book takes place over a day and every page features everyday situations that children can relate to.
Ageing B-Boys and B-Girls will love teaching their children and grandchildren their first simple words with a hip hop twist. No one is too small for the four elements!
Terry Burrows - Mute - A Visual Document
Terry Burrows
Mute - A Visual Document
34,99 €*
Daniel Miller created Mute Records to release his debut single (‘Warm Leatherette’/’T.V.O.D’), a pioneering electronic sound with a defiantly DIY attitude. Mute quickly established a reputation for releasing cutting-edge, chart-topping music and through the music of its community of artists – ranging from Fad Gadget, Moby, Can, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and Einstürzende Neubauten to Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure, Laibach, Goldfrapp, Liars and Ben Frost – it has had an incalculable impact on popular music for four decades.

Mute: A Visual Document is packed with stunning artwork and photography – much of it previously unseen – from the Mute Archives and Daniel Miller’s personal archives, including photography and video stills from legendary photographers, conceptual artworks, rare ephemera and equipment.

Comprehensive discographies, a family tree of Mute artists, an extensive introduction and commentary by Daniel Miller, who has curated the materials for the book, plus anecdotal and photographic contributions from key figures in the label’s story, including Moby, Alison Goldfrapp, Anton Corbijn, Bleddyn Butcher, Brian Griffin, Jon Spencer, Barry Adamson, Ivan Novak, Angus Andrew, Adrian Shaughnessy, Tom Hingston, make this book the definitive chronicle of the label.
Mark Blake - Pretend You’Re In A War - The Who & The Sixties
Mark Blake
Pretend You’Re In A War - The Who & The Sixties
6,99 €*
Pete Townshend was once asked how he prepared himself for The Who’s violent live performances. His answer? ‘Pretend you’re in a war.’ For a band as prone to furious infighting as it was notorious for acts of ‘auto-destructive art’ this could have served as a motto.
Between 1964 and 1969 The Who released some of the most dramatic and confrontational music of the decade, including ‘I Can’t Explain’, ‘My Generation’ and ‘I Can See For Miles’. This was a body of work driven by bitter rivalry, black humour and dark childhood secrets, but it also held up a mirror to a society in transition. Now, acclaimed rock biographer Mark Blake goes in search of its inspiration to present a unique perspective on both The Who and the sixties.
From their breakthrough as Mod figureheads to the rise and fall of psychedelia, he reveals how The Who, in their explorations of sex, drugs, spirituality and class, refracted the growing turbulence of the time. He also lays bare the colourful but crucial role played by their managers, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. And – in the uneasy alliance between art-school experimentation and working-class ambition – he locates the motor of the Swinging Sixties.
As the decade closed, with The Who performing Tommy in front of 500,000 people at the Woodstock Festival, the ‘rock opera’ was born. In retrospect, it was the crowning achievement of a band who had already embraced pop art and the concept album; who had pioneered the power chord and the guitar smash; and who had embodied – more so than any of their peers – the guiding spirit of the age: war.
Lisa Leone - Here I Am Signed Edition
Lisa Leone
Here I Am Signed Edition
51,99 €*
We managed to get some copies signed by Lisa Leone.

The Bronx—Paris—Los Angeles—early 1990s—Hip hop. This culture of music, dance, art and fashion is forever in its nascent and most authentic in Here I Am, the first monograph of Lisa Leone’s photographs. From Nas in the first studio recordings for what would become Illmatic to Snoop on the set of his first video, from ingénue Debi Mazar hanging on the stoops of the West Village to Grandmaster Flash at a RockSteady reunion, Leone’s photographs open portals to the sounds, places and, most important, the people who forged and continue to influence the energy that is hip hop.

“Hip Hop was an amalgamation of disciplines that coexisted and collectively changed the world we knew. Today its divided existence pales to its once innocent intentions of being acknowledged. Lisa’s photography captures a culture in transition; it is through her lens that one can appreciate the journey of the young artists who helped pave the way for generations to come.” —Mare139

Here I Am will complement Leone’s forthcoming exhibition of the same name at the Bronx Museum of the Arts September 13, 2014–January 11, 2015.

The book includes contributions by Nas, Rosie Perez, Fab 5 Freddy, Debi Mazar, Mare 139 and Popmaster Fabel.

10 x 9 inches, 104 pages, 80 photographs, harcover.
Wolfgang Seidel - Wir müssen hier raus
Jim Abbott - Jackson C. Frank: The Clear, Hard Light Of Genius
Jim Abbott
Jackson C. Frank: The Clear, Hard Light Of Genius
14,99 €*
The story of Jackson C. Frank is tragic. The victim of a school fire in his youth, struggling with homelessness and mental illness throughout his life, half-blinded in old age before his death in 1999, Frank met continuous obstacles. And yet he enjoyed a shining moment with the release of Jackson C. Frank on Columbia Records in 1965. The album would go on to be seen as one of the greatest folk albums of the decade—maybe of all time—and its opening track “Blues Run the Game” has become a standard covered by hundreds. Jim Abbott’s book is the result of years of research piecing together evidence, relations and apocryphal stories from Frank’s life. It is also part memoir, as Abbott cared for Frank through the final decade of his life. Their friendship was fraught with difficulties, which Abbott portrays with the honesty of a journalist. In doing so, he draws a portrait of a uniquely gifted songwriter, blessed with talent and besotted by demons. At 250 pages, Abbott’s memoir shows a flawed and caring individual whose struggle was best depicted in his songs. Following the release of Jackson C. Frank: The Clear, Hard Light of Genius, Ba Da Bing will release three volumes of Jackson C. Frank: The Complete Recordings in early 2015, compiling work from throughout his life, including unreleased material.
Matt Zoller Seitz - The Wes Anderson Collection
Matt Zoller Seitz
The Wes Anderson Collection
37,99 €* 39,99 € -5%
Wes Anderson is one of the most influential voices from the past two decades of American cinema. A true auteur, Anderson is known for the visual artistry, inimitable tone, and idiosyncratic characterizations that make each of his films—Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Moonrise Kingdom—instantly recognizable as “Andersonian.” The Wes Anderson Collection is the first in-depth overview of Anderson’s filmography, guiding readers through his life and career. Previously unpublished photos, artwork, and ephemera complement a book-length conversation between Anderson and award-winning critic Matt Zoller Seitz. The interview and images are woven together in a meticulously designed book that captures the spirit of his films: melancholy and playful, wise and childish—and thoroughly original.

10x 12 inches, 336 pages, hardcover.
Bill Adler & Dan Charnas - Def Jam Recordings: The First 25 Years of the Last Great Record Label
Bill Adler & Dan Charnas
Def Jam Recordings: The First 25 Years of the Last Great Record Label
49,99 €*
Written by Bill Adler and Dan Charnas, with a preface by Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons.
Artists LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Rihanna and Kanye West are all featured, amongst others, alongside memorabilia from the archives and photos by the likes of Albert Watson, Glen E. Friedman, Jonathan Mannion and Annie Leibovitz. Furthermore, the book was designed by Cey Adams, Def Jam’s founding creative director.
Edwin "Phade" Sacasa
Shirt Kings: Pioneers Of Hip Hop Fashion
29,90 €*
he exiting story about how the street wear pioneers Shirt Kings created a style that would define hip hop culture in the 1980s and beyond. Jamaica, Queens, New York in the mid 1980s. Rappers, celebrities and hip hop fans came from all over the city to get their own customized T-shirt by the Shirt Kings. The style traveled all over the world through record covers and music videos, and the Shirt Kings designs soon became synonymous with hip hop and the culture of making something out of nothing. Shirt Kings: Pioneers of Hip Hop Fashion looks at the early days of street wear through the lens of the pioneering group of artistic entrepreneurs known as the Shirt Kings. By adapting the graffiti skills from the trains and spray cans to shirts and airbrush they created a new look for a new generation. Edwin Phade Sacasa is a founding artist of the group and it is through his archives that we are transported to the 1980s in New York City where the fashion was loud, colorful, and filled with cartoon imagery. But not just any cartoon imagery for the cartoons where urbanized. Mickey Mouse with a Fila suit, Casper the Friendly Ghost with gold teeth and Pink Panther with gold chains. People from across the city made their way to Jamaica, Queens to a small shopping mall known as the Coliseum where you could easily bump into the biggest names in hip hop of the day. From DJ Red Alert to LL Cool J to Big Daddy Kane to Mike Tyson – they all had to have their Shirt Kings designs. Shirt Kings: Pioneers of Hip Hop Fashion chronicles the art, the styles, and the people who where loyal supporters of the Shirt Kings, and takes us on a trip down memory lane to when customization and art reigned supreme in New York City. After the hardcover has been sold out for years, just in time for Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary comes another chance to take part of the Shirt Kings’ inspiring history as pioneers of hip hop and street wear in this beautiful soft cover edition. “Shirt Kings brought the hip hop element into the clothes for real and integrated it, and it was the first time I saw hip hop culture completely merged with clothing.” — LL Cool J “The Shirt Kings network was fashion TV of the times, and advertising and promotion way before it became trendy.” — Chuck D, Public Enemy ”Phade and the Shirt Kings are pioneers of hip hop fashion, also it is duly noted that the graffiti element has been elevated and made fashionable thru their airbrushing work.” – RZA ”Phade has been my go to guy since the eighties for all airbrush collabos!” – Dapper Dan Born in East New York, Brooklyn, Edwin Phade Sacasa founded the Shirt Kings in the mid 1980s, where he serviced many of todays Hip Hop stars and pioneers, such as Jay Z and Run DMC. Phade is working with youth in the inner city and have developed a program that teaches urban fashion through art therapy and entrepreneur skills. Alain KET is an artist, photographer, author, artistic consultant, marketing professional and frequent lecturer on the topic of graffiti.
Lynn Goldsmith - Music In The '80s
Lynn Goldsmith
Music In The '80s
79,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 23.06.2023
Chances are you’ve seen numerous iconic pictures by award-winning portrait and documentary photographer Lynn Goldsmith at some point in your life. Her images have graced the covers of magazines worldwide from Life to Sports Illustrated, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, People and many more. She has also published 14 monographs of her photographs, including the New York Times best-selling photobook New Kids (Rizzoli, 1990).

Over the past 50 years, Goldsmith has photographed hundreds of musicians in studio portrait sessions, at live concerts, on the road and at home. Her new book, Music in the ‘80s, showcases an incredible range of artists during a decade when many new forms of music were gaining popularity: New Wave, Electronica, Rap, Metal, and Ska had chart topping success, as did R&B and Pop. Michael Jackson, Philip Glass, Run DMC, Miles Davis, Judas Priest - these are but a few of the names that during this period became icons. The 80’s was a time like no other in history, and the photographs chosen for this book are as diverse in their style as the music and dress of the decade.

The book also features quotes from many of the people featured in Goldsmiths’ photographs—including Iggy Pop, Tina Turner, Keith Richards, Alice Cooper, Elvis Costello and more—as well as those who were influenced by the tremendous cultural importance of the decade, proving that Music in the ‘80s is sure to hit the right note for all lovers of music.
Carl-Hendrik Olsson & Stefan Kery - Grammofon-Missionen - Swedish Jesus Music Aesthetics 1960- 1990
Carl-Hendrik Olsson & Stefan Kery
Grammofon-Missionen - Swedish Jesus Music Aesthetics 1960- 1990
84,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 14.07.2023
With a preface by Johan Kugelberg and additional interviews by Emil Karlsson. This lavish coffee table book takes an in-depth visual look back at the amazing art and graphics of the so-called Swedish Gramophone Mission. The book presents the largest collection of Swedish Christian records from the 1960s -1980s ever amassed featuring 777 record covers, many of them extraordinary and surreal private/custom pressings. Jam packed with lots of interviews, liner-notes and previously unpublished photos describing both the success and tribulations of the mission in vivid detail. This collection documents and celebrates the Swedish Jesus Pop movement and is a striking record of its execution, art, and music. “...Praise the lord with blues and jazz and symphony orchestras, with negro spirituals and with Beethoven’s Fifth, with guitars and xylophones, praise him with gramophones and tape recorders...”
Michael Hann - Denim And Leather: The Rise And Fall Of He Nwobhm
Michael Hann
Denim And Leather: The Rise And Fall Of He Nwobhm
45,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 09.06.2023
Between 1978 and 1983, Great Britain spawned a DIY uprising of over 500 heavy metal bands. Many soon became the household names of the 1980s metal invasion…many others did not. For the first time, author Michael Hann captures the whole nose-to-tail story of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in all its power and glory, exploring the bands, clubs, radio, magazines, festivals, and the majesty and misfires of the Nwobhm in over 100 interviews with members of Venom, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Samson, UFO, Tygers of Pan Tang, Vardis, Judas Priest, Saxon, Whitesnake, Girlschool, Witchfynde, Demon, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Gillan, Led Zeppelin, and more. 432 lavishly illustrated pages plus 16pp glossy color section.
Richard Davis - The Post-Punk Years 1987-1990
Richard Davis
The Post-Punk Years 1987-1990
11,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 09.06.2023
Recent winners of Royal Photographic Society Award for Photographic Publishing. All books 36 pages, printed in England, staple bound, 14cm x 20cm. Late 80s live and candid shots of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Psychic TV, Nick Cave, Godflesh, Gun Club, Bjork (The Sugarcubes) and more
Eddie Otchere - Wu-Tang Clan 1994-2004
Eddie Otchere
Wu-Tang Clan 1994-2004
11,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 09.06.2023
Recent winners of Royal Photographic Society Award for Photographic Publishing. All books 36 pages, printed in England, staple bound, 14cm x 20cm. "I’d say off the bat it’s the Ol' dirty bastard, asking me to destroy the negatives, that will never leave me. Meth showing me his new trick with eye and cap. U-god with a plaster on his face. The Rza in a bath tub at the Met hotel. Watching the entire Wu-Tang Clan getting passport pictures at Earl Court station. The Shows. The distinct smell of blunts and weed that hung in the air. Papa Wu inviting me on the coach and traveling from Putney to Kentish Town with a pit stop in Earls Court. Young dirty Bastard’s performance of Shimmy Shimmy Ya Shimmy Yam Shimmy yah. From the first encounter to my last, the Wu have never failed to disappoint."
Ray Castle - Moon Juice Stomper
Ray Castle
Moon Juice Stomper
16,99 €*
Highly entertaining, wickedly insightful, account of arguably the most extreme party paradise that ever existed where existential electronic dancefloor music was the ultimate catalyser for the mystical anarchy of techno hedonism in Gonzo Goa. Written authoritatively from the perspective of someone that lived, danced and DJed through the thick of its histrionics, it chronicles the eccentric music of the scene from 1987, the germinal phase of a subculture up until 1996, by which time the once-eclectic sounds of a Goan dancefloor had been distilled into the conventional soundscape of psytrance.
Bebe Buell - Rebel Soul
Bebe Buell
Rebel Soul
64,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 23.06.2023
HoZac Books is proud to announce the publication of Rebel Soul: Musings, Music and Magic by the one and only Bebe Buell. Rebel Soul isn’t so much a “sequel” to Bebe Buell’s 2001 New York Times best-selling memoir Rebel Heart, but more of an impressionistic scrapbook about becoming and being Bebe Buell, tracing her trajectory from being a rock “It Girl” to a pop culture icon, through a collection of essays that explore what it was like to be at the center of the pop universe during a golden era, and how she invented herself as a muse and a musician. In this book, Bebe recollects, in vivid and previously unexplored detail, the people and places of her past, from her well-known romances with members of rock royalty, to her influences and friendships, her family and her career (and how they came into conflict), her reflections and observations of the cultural and sexual climate of the ‘70s. Two decades after the publication of Rebel Heart, Bebe looks back from a different perspective, with candor, humor, and wisdom. Rebel Soul isn’t a straight-forward autobiographical narrative: it’s as though Bebe has taken a large box off her shelf, filled with ticket stubs, backstage passes, magazine covers and clippings, and gig flyers, each one triggering memories of who she was at the time. The book is illustrated with dozens of rare or unseen photos from Bebe’s personal archives, going back to her early days as a top fashion model, through her whirlwind years in New York and Los Angeles, times spent in London, Woodstock and now Nashville, where she makes her home.
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique by Dan LeRoy
Beastie Boys
Paul's Boutique by Dan LeRoy
15,99 €*
Dan LeRoy uncovers the story of this outrageous era in Beastie Boys history ... 129 pages
Brian Kayser & Bob Lipitch - Interviews Volume 5
Trevor Crafts - The Unseen Photos Of Street Gang - How We Got To Sesame Street
Trevor Crafts
The Unseen Photos Of Street Gang - How We Got To Sesame Street
25,49 €* 29,99 € -15%
This official tie-in book to Marilyn Agrelo’s (Mad Hot Ballroom) documentary Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street supplements the film’s exploration of the origins and legacy of Sesame Street with exclusive interviews and unseen photographs from first two seasons of this globally beloved series. Author Trevor Crafts, who was given unprecedented access to archival footage and photography, presents 150 of photographer David Attie’s behind-the-scenes images of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Matt Robinson, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie, and dozens of other pioneering puppeteers, animators, actors, and Muppets. Crafts uses Attie’s photos to expand upon the film’s story of how show creator Joan Ganz Cooney, along with Sesame Workshop cofounder Lloyd Morrisett and director Jon Stone, took the values and goals of the civil rights movement and revolutionized children’s television. The Unseen Photos of Street Gang is a tribute to the enduring achievements of a rebellious group of artists, educators, and freethinkers who believed that the values of equality, education, and inclusion should not just be championed but also made available to all—a dream that Sesame Street has carried forward for more than fifty years. Contributors include: Sesame Street creator Joan Ganz Cooney, head writer Norman Stiles, lyricist and composer Christopher Cerf, cast members Roscoe Orman (Gordon), Sonia Manzano (Maria), Emilio Delgado (Luis), Bob McGrath (Bob), Caroll Spinney (Big Bird and Oscar), Brian Henson, and Sesame Street's first female puppeteer Fran Brill
Marcnesium - Backstage - Fischmob Und Kollegen: Hamburger Erinnerungen
Backstage - Fischmob Und Kollegen: Hamburger Erinnerungen
129,99 €*
Used Vinyl
Medium: VG+, Cover: VG
Cover with a bumped corner on the front and stains on the back.
Tine Fetz / Daniel Scheider - Places - Vergangene Orte Der Berliner Club- Und Subkultur
Aaron Lupton & Jeff Szpirglas - Blood On Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks On Vinyl (Expanded Edition)
Kelly Williams - Liberte Egalite Beyonce - Empowering Quotes And Wisdom From Our Fierce And Flawless Queen
Jeff Drake - Guilty! My Life As A Member Of The Joneses: A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber, And A Federal Inmate
Jeff Drake
Guilty! My Life As A Member Of The Joneses: A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber, And A Federal Inmate
41,99 €*
Jeff Drake has led an extraordinary life... and believe me, that’s a vast understatement. I say this with confidence, because we’ve known each other for four decades. His band the Joneses, co-founded with skateboard champion Steve Olson, was the shining light of the 1980’s Southern California underground rock scene, ages before the term ‘alternative music’ was bandied about by MTV and rock critics. The Joneses were the damn bomb. A louche, sloppy, outlaw amalgam of punk, pop and Don’t Give A Fuck attitude, they played thrashy, trashy rock’n roll that owed as much to The New York Dolls as it did to the Rolling Stones. Jeff’s songwriting was pure, catchy pop, even though the lyrics were riddled with sex and drug references. It was as though he mixed up a potion from the blood and brain cells of Little Richard and The Ramones, came up with a perfect formula, ingested it, and made his own unique creation. The Joneses’ live shows were off the hook, as were their off-stage antics. Though neither of us can remember the exact moment we met, we became fast friends in 1983. We hung out constantly back then and he was a regular at my infamous punk rock crash pad, Disgraceland. Hollywood in the 1980’s was an ungentrified wasteland; the streets were ruled by delinquent twenty-somethings, most of whom were in bands. My own band The Screaming Sirens played numerous times with the Joneses. During the time, the Joneses were being courted by a number of major labels, though the record execs were absolutely clueless and cautious back then. If one of them would’ve taken a gamble, Jeff would’ve become a huge star. Instead, living out his own song ‘Criminals,’ he robbed a bank to feed his heroin habit. On a personal note: in the course of my life I’ve somehow known seven bank robbers, but hands down, Jeff is my favorite.There’s so much more to his story though, as you’ll see in the following pages. It’s a confessional told in a direct, honest, engaging way, in his own words with a touch of dark humor; it’s exactly the way he speaks in real life. You, dear reader, will be extremely happy that Jeff didn’t join the 27 Club, the coterie of rock stars who passed away at that young age. Luckily, he’s still with us to tell his own personal story of sin and redemption. After all, what could possibly be more subversively rock’n roll than living to tell all the salacious details?”—Pleasant Gehman, March, 2022.
Benjamin Bischof & Elmar Jäger (Hrsg.) - Benztown Flyer 1993-2003
Jan Lankisch - I Feel Everything You Say, I Feel Everything You Hear
Jan Lankisch
I Feel Everything You Say, I Feel Everything You Hear
22,10 €* 34,00 € -35%
In 2021, the „Week-End Fest“ looked back on 10 years of encounters between over 100 international musicians. Since its beginning in 2011, the curators‘ own fanhood has been a central element – thus the idea arose to have the artists tell stories about musicians, places or encounters that have shaped them. In ‚I feel everything you say, I feel everything you hear.‘ (the title is borrowed from the song „I’m so Green“ by Can) they tell of decisive moments and memories that still resonate today and have shaped their own artistic identity. As with the festival program, the book succeeds in highlighting diverse lines and connections among them. Dub producers Adrian Sherwood and Scientist talk about their deep admiration for the two inventors of dub Lee „Scratch“ Perry and King Tubby. Electronic pioneer Suzanne Ciani talks about her first steps as a musician and her encounter with Don Buchla, to whom she owes her first job and her first synthesizer. The British avant-garde guitarist Fred Frith describes his first bizarre encounter with the Sun Ra Arkestra in New York in 1979, of which Marshall Allen is a member. The latter tells how today, at the age of 97, he creatively carries on the musical legacy of his master Sun Ra with pride and reverence. By focusing on the fan perspective of the participating artists, the book connects to the curatorial concept of the festival itself. And through their stories and anecdotes, building blocks of a new or different oral history of recent music history emerge at the best moments.
Robert Pollard - Eat 18
Robert Pollard
Eat 18
28,49 €* 29,99 € -5%
A collection of Guided BY Voices frontman Robert POLLARD’s fantastic collage art in a perfect bound book. 235 pages. The man never stops creating.
R.J. Wheaton - Genre: A 33 1/3 Series - Trip-Hop
R.J. Wheaton
Genre: A 33 1/3 Series - Trip-Hop
19,99 €*
Trip-hop described some of the 1990s' best music, and it was one of the decade's most revealing bad ideas.

The music itself was an intoxication of beats, bass, and voice. It emerged amid the social tensions of the late 1980s, and as part of hip-hop's rise to global dominance. It carried the innovations of Jamaican soundsystem culture, the sweet refuge of Lovers Rock, the bliss of club jazz dancefloors and post-rave chill-out rooms. It went mainstream with Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, DJ Shadow, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and Björk; and with record labels like Ninja Tune and Mo' Wax. To the artists' despair, the music was tagged with a silly label and packaged as music for the boutique and the lounge; made respectable with awards and acclaim.

But the music at its best still sounds experimental and dramatic; and its influence lingers through artists like FKA twigs, Sevdaliza, James Blake, Billie Eilish, and Lana Del Rey. This short book is a guide to 'trip-hop' in its context of the weird 1990s: nostalgia and consumerism; pre-millenium angst and lo-fi technology; casual exoticism amid accelerating globalization and gentrification. This book presents a survey of the music and its leading artists, packed with recommended listening, essential tracks, great remixes, and under-recognized albums.
Cat Power - Moon Pix By Donna Kozloskie
Cat Power
Moon Pix By Donna Kozloskie
13,49 €* 14,99 € -10%
Moon Pix was conceived during a hallucinatory waking nightmare in the South Carolina home of Chan Marshall one fateful day in 1997. Spirits violently swam up around her house, looming at the windows, beckoning her to join them. Her and her acoustic guitar warded them off song after song, nearly the entire album rushed forth onto a tape recorder that night. Facts, fictions and visions ripple throughout the accounts of Moon Pix from every angle- memories of screaming at an audience, spirals of drunkenness, swimming with sharks in Australia, intense, resonant lyrics and thunderstorms ringing through speakers. Like all legends, the aura surrounding them is an impression, a sensory feeling of unreliable memories: layers of stories become histories.

Through interviews with key players, audience member accounts, fictional narrative imaginings, a collection of record reviews and other explorations of truth, this book, like Moon Pix itself, is an ode to the myth within the music and the music within the myth.
ESG - Come Away With Esg By Cheri Percy
Come Away With Esg By Cheri Percy
14,99 €*
ESG were one of the first bands to sign to British indie label Factory Records, working with famed producer Martin Hannett on their early EPs. The band's signature guitar sound from iconic single 'ufo' has been sampled in hundreds of hip hop records, and everyone from Karen O to Kathleen Hanna lists the South Bronx group as a direct influence. So why do the Scroggins sisters appear as nothing more than a footnote in the 1980s music scene?

Through interviews with founding member Renee Scroggins, alongside cult-figures from 1980s New York and North England, this book follows the story of a group of sisters who made it out of the New York projects and into the heart of the dancefloor. Come Away With ESG repositions ESG in their rightful place as punk pioneers and explains how their primal beats have paved the way for modern dance music today.
Christiane Rösinger - Was Jetzt Kommt - Ausgewählte Songtexte
Peter Stelzig - Decades Volume 2: 2000-2010
Veerle Helsen - Surf & Stay - 7 Road Trips In Europe
Veerle Helsen
Surf & Stay - 7 Road Trips In Europe
39,99 €*
A wanderlust filled surfing itinerary to 7 European hotspots, for the new generation of surfers Surf & Stay is made for surfers and sea lovers who look further than the waves. For lovers of freshly baked pastries, beachfront boutique hotels or dreamy camper spots. Dive into the seven regions in this book - Cornwall, West Flanders, South Brittany, La Côte Basque, Cantabria, Tenerife and Alentejo - and discover a mapped route for your salt-coloured holiday. Where to surf, eat and sleep. This book also guides non-surfers. Surf & Stay is filled with salt & wonder; 256 pages of coastal culture. Veerle Helsen is a travel and architecture journalist who collected four passions - surf, photography, food and design - in one book. For the first Surf & Stay - now sold out - she took a sabbatical in 2018 and travelled solo in a camper along the surf coasts of Spain and Portugal. After this sabbatical she quit her job and today she writes freelance for Belgian media and outdoor brands. This edition of Surf & Stay is her second book. She surfs around the world and lets the forecast decide her schedule.
Giovanna Di Giacomo And Giulia Riva - Straat - International Street Art Museum Amsterdam
Giovanna Di Giacomo And Giulia Riva
Straat - International Street Art Museum Amsterdam
29,99 €*
The inaugural catalogue for the new international street art museum in Amsterdam (between 200,000 and 400,000 visitors expected, more than 240 works of art in the collection) This catalogue for the new international graffiti and street art museum in Amsterdam, Straat, features work created on-site by the greatest artists of today's street art scene. Straat - Quotes from the Streets tells the story of street art as a full-fledged art movement and explores the evolution of 'art in the street', in addition to the development of the new museum. The catalogue is above all a feast for the eyes, with many full-page images of the best street art talent from around the world.
Rian Hughes - Rayguns And Rocketships
Rian Hughes
Rayguns And Rocketships
39,95 €*
Rayguns and rockets! Spacesuited heroes caught in the tentacles of evil insectoid aliens! Who could resist such wonders? Science-fiction paperbacks exploded over the 1940s and 50s literary landscape with the force of an alien gamma bomb. Titles such as Rodent Mutation, The Human Bat vs The Robot Gangster, Dawn of the Mutants and Mushroom Men from Mars appeared from fly-by-night publishers making the most of the end of post-war paper rationing. They were brash and seductive for around a shilling the future was yours. The stories were often conceived around a pre-commissioned cover and a title suggested by the publisher, and the writers were paid by the word, and sometimes not paid at all. Titles were knocked out at a key-pounding pace, sometimes over a weekend, by authors now lost to literary history (plus a few professionals who could spot an opportunity) who were forced to write under pseudonyms like Ray Cosmic, Steve Future, Vector Magroon or Vargo Statten. Despite the tight deadlines and poor pay, the books cover artists still managed to produce works of multi-hued, brain-bending brilliance, and collected here is an overview of their output during an unparalleled period of brash optimism and experimentation in publishing.
Rian Hughes - Logo-A-Gogo - Branding Pop Culture
Rian Hughes
Logo-A-Gogo - Branding Pop Culture
45,00 €*
Packed with almost 5,000 images, Logo-a-gogo is an inspirational visual history of the iconic brand identities created by design supremo Rian Hughes over the past 20 years. Case studies reveal the making of his famous comic book logos including Batman and Robin, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Captain America, Wolverine and those for his diverse range of other clients, from bands, artists and fashion retailers to international corporations. Preliminary sketches and alternative concepts appear alongside the final design, and Hughes is refreshingly candid about his experience of meeting briefs and finding creative solutions sharing insider stories on the highs and the lows, and giving invaluable tips for getting brand identity right. With an introduction by Grant Morrison, the Eisner award-winning comics writer and longtime Hughes collaborator, this is an amazing resource for designers, typographers, and comic book illustrators to draw on in brand identity and other graphic design projects.
Jules Marshall - High Cocktails - Psychoactive Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Jules Marshall
High Cocktails - Psychoactive Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
25,00 €*
The first book to bring together 20 alcohol-free psychoactive cocktail recipes High Cocktails is the first book to bring together 20 alcohol-free psychoactive cocktail recipes, developed by chefs Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph, in collaboration with four of the world's top mixologists. Featuring exclusive research into some of the world's most interesting psychoactive plants and the alchemy involved in making cocktails with these ingredients. A team of media makers, in collaboration with chefs Noah and Tony, started a project called High Cuisine a few years ago, where chefs cook with legal, mind-altering herbs such as weed, truffles and kratom. This led to the cookbook of the same name and a TV series. Now in collaboration with The Bulldog, the landmark coffee shop in Amsterdam, a new trajectory has started with the development of alcohol-free cocktails that get you high: high cocktails!
Eske Touborg - Graffiti Bible
Stylefile - Blackbook Sessions #5
Gerry Lopez - Surf Is Where You Find It
Mike Gitter - XXX Fanzine 1983-1988 Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties
Mike Gitter
XXX Fanzine 1983-1988 Hardcore & Punk In The Eighties
34,99 €*
xXx Fanzine (1983-1988), Hardcore & Punk in the Eighties isn’t merely a collection of articles, reviews and photographs from one of Hardcore America’s best-known fanzines. It’s a chronicle of punk’s evolution in the 80’s: a story of music and ideologies in motion. xXx’s story picks up while the first wave of hardcore was in full swing. Major players including Minor Threat had already released landmark records and bands were loading up station wagons to play now infamous venues like The Channel, A7 or D.C. Space. While based in Boston, xXx’s main writer and editor, Mike Gitter, not only concentrated on his own city’s burgeoning scene, spearheaded by bands like SS Decontrol and D.Y.S., but looked to other states and countries for xXx’s reportage. This 288 page book documents a time when hardcore and punk were not mutually exclusive and bands and cities had a chance to develop their own diverse and strident sounds. This creative ethos and aural zeitgeist is literally spelt out on the 19-song compilation that’s also available (xxx Presents: Still Having Their SAY - B9r246lp), a limited-edition 12” on Exclusive Green Vinyl!!!. A wide variety of current hardcore, punk and hard music luminaries including Strife, letlive, Fu Manchu and The Riverboat Gamblers contributed their interpretations to some of the most influential songs to come from xXx’s original era. Now, in addition to reproducing (and restoring) countless interviews and pages from the ‘zine itself, xXx Fanzine re-interviews countless bands and musical prime-movers including Ian MacKaye, Keith Morris and members of Agnostic Front, Bad Brains and Cro-Mags to give the book a rare “Then-And-Now” perspective. xXx Fanzine (1983-1988), Hardcore & Punk in the Eighties isn’t merely a look back at hardcore’s salad days, but a unique look at how punk’s music and message shook the mainstream itself. Features: Minor Threat, Misfits, Necros, Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, Hüsker Dü, Jerry’s Kids, Black Flag, D.O.A., G.B.H., Void, Negative Approach, 7-Seconds, D.Y.S., Scream, Metallica, Corrosion of Conformity, Minutemen, The Exploited, Anthrax, Subhumans, Dead Kennedys, SSD, Henry Rollins, Descendents, Bad Brains, Youth of Today, Motörhead, Dag Nasty, Slapshot, Samhain, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Bad Religion, Fugazi & more!!!
Mike Mcgonigal / Galaxie 500 - Temperature's Rising: An Oral And Visual History Of Galaxie 500
Mike Mcgonigal / Galaxie 500
Temperature's Rising: An Oral And Visual History Of Galaxie 500
47,99 €*
A fascinating oral history of one of American indie rock's most enduring and influential acts. Slow, deliberate and deceptively simple, the music of Boston-based band Galaxie 500 was wonderfully at odds with the prevailing underground sounds of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Formed in 1987, the band split up in 1991 after releasing three acclaimed albums—Today, On Fire and This Is Our Music—as well as a Peel Sessions recording. The primary contributors to this long unavailable history of the band are the three band members—bassist/vocalist Naomi Yang, drummer Damon Krukowski and guitarist/vocalist Dean WAREHAM—but dozens of people were interviewed in all, including fellow musicians, record business folks, music critics and scenesters. Galaxie 500: Temperature’s Rising provides a complex, sometimes contentious account of the band’s rise to indie stardom and their acrimonious breakup. It also includes dozens of rare and never-before-seen photographs, as well as posters and other ephemera from the personal collection of Naomi Yang, who provides a running commentary to the images. This is the definitive book about Galaxie 500, and a crucial chapter in the story of indie rock.
Isis Aquarian / Jodi Wille - Family - The Source Family Scrapbook
Isis Aquarian / Jodi Wille
Family - The Source Family Scrapbook
48,99 €*
Family: THE Source Family Scrapbook provides an immersive view into the public and private world of the Southern California occult commune The Brotherhood of the Source. Edited by Isis Aquarian, Charlie Kitchings, and Jodi Wille, this lavishly illustrated book reproduces 200 original scrapbook pages assembled by family historian Isis Aquarian from 1972-1977, documenting the group's dramatic rise and fall, from their time living together in the Hollywood Hills operating their wildly popular Source vegetarian restaurant on the Sunset Strip to their exodus to Hawaii and San Francisco as the group began to unravel. Copious unpublished photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, manifestos, album art and flyers, augmented by descriptive captions, reveal the Source Family's astonishing trajectory, from controversial leader Father Yod's spiritual awakening to the group's wild musical and social experimentations, to the provocations that led to the group's paradise lost. These pages provide a revelatory, firsthand view into the widely misunderstood phenomenon of new religious movements and cults of the 1960s and 70s. This book is a beautiful 200pg full color, cloth bound, and embossed 11"x12" hardcover coffee table book.
Mike Amiri & Wes Lang - AMIRI Wes Lang
Mike Amiri & Wes Lang
AMIRI Wes Lang
179,00 €*
An extravagant monument to a unique collaboration in the worlds of art and fashion: the Autumn-Winter 2022 collection of the luxury brand Amiri, created in partnership with the painter Wes Lang.

Rooted in the culture of Los Angeles—the place both designer and artist call home—Amiri’s Autumn-Winter 2022 collection is an exploration of the city’s aesthetic heritage. Mixing high with low, extravagance with subtlety, the collection reflects the intersection of worlds—rock, skate, luxe, craft, art, glam—that defines Los Angeles style. Throughout the collection, Wes Lang’s painterly interventions introduce elements of subversion and energy to Amiri’s pieces.

The book meticulously documents the creative process, from the design of key silhouettes to the hand-painting of original works onto individual garments. Hundreds of photographs, taken specially for the book by the artist duo Hart Lëshkina, go behind the scenes in Amiri’s atelier and Lang’s studio, revealing the collection’s evolution from sketches to clothing and finally to the star-studded runway show, cinematically illuminated with Lang’s artwork, at which the line debuted in the spring of 2022.

Elaborately designed with spectacular gatefold pages and booklets, and with texts by fashion editor Dan Thawley and art critic Andrew Berardini alongside the voices of Mike Amiri and Wes Lang, this book is a testament to the power of collaboration and an impressive record of an iconic moment in contemporary art and fashion.
Gestalten & Benevento - Urban Playgrounds - Athletes Claim Cities Around The World
Gestalten & Benevento
Urban Playgrounds - Athletes Claim Cities Around The World
44,00 €*
Envision the city as an infinite playground. Created in collaboration with Red Bull, Urban Playgrounds explores some of the world’s most thrilling places for urban sports. From Venice, Barcelona, and Los Angeles, to Brasilia, Istanbul, Cairo, Lagos, or Jarkarta, this book reveals an exhilarating marriage between space and sports in global cities. Born from a need to challenge boundaries and reclaim the right to the city, from a desire for self-expression and entertainment, urban sports reimagine the city as a playground. Be it freestyling on a skateboard, riding a BMX, or stretching the human body in parkour, urban athletes demonstrate the possibilities.
Gestalten & Grace Banks - Art Escapes - Hidden Art Experiences Outside The Museum
Gestalten & Grace Banks
Art Escapes - Hidden Art Experiences Outside The Museum
39,90 €*
Art exists all around us: one just needs to know where to look. Escaping the conventional settings of the museum or gallery, a fascinating variety of art pieces exist everywhere from Ghanaian patios to the Las Vegas desert, from the forest in Scandinavia to the buzzing streets of Mexico City. Unconventional Art Places is a thoughtful journey through these little-known gems that become a destination in themselves, and should be part of every art-lover bucket list. Away from the queues, the crowds, and the constraints of the classic art spaces, these places invite you to discover creativity in a new light.
Arnd Schallenkammer, Gess One - Graffiti Characters For Beginners
Arnd Schallenkammer, Gess One
Graffiti Characters For Beginners
7,64 €* 8,99 € -15%
Graffiti Characters for Beginners presents you with a simple and straightforward introduction to the basics behind graffiti characters. Easy-to-follow instructions of how to draw a classic b-boy or a fly girl, flying eyeballs, angry spray cans, happy Uni-markers and much more. Learn the the basic composition of the characters, and give them emotions, attitude and purpose. Graffiti Characters for Beginners is the fundamental guide for you to learn how to master drawing funky cartoonish figures with style and finesse. Step by step, until you are able to put together complicated sceneries with interacting characters of your own choice. Graffiti Characters for Beginners suits all ages and is as great for kids and creative adults as it is for advertisers, home stylers and school teachers. Learning graffiti has never been easier or more fun! Also available in Dokument Press’ ”beginners” series is the popular Graffiti for Beginners: An
Kate Blandford - Cross Stitch Or Die Tryin'
Kate Blandford
Cross Stitch Or Die Tryin'
8,19 €* 14,90 € -45%
Filled with the illest cross stitch patterns with a hip hop twist, Cross Stitch or Die Tryin’ is a must for all crafty hip hop fans. Whether you’re living the thug life or bringing da ruckus, as long as you’ve still got love for the streets you’ll find classic hip hop quotes and statements that make dope wall art, patches and cushions. Why not make a homemade gift for a hip hop loving friend? Stitching up classics like Drop it Like it’s Hot, Mo Money Mo Problems or Sippin’ on Gin and Juice to adorn your kitchen wall is a no-brainer! Cross Stitch or Die Tryin’ features 30 patterns that speak to all hip hop lovers who aren’t afraid to show their nerdier side. Crafty hip hop aficionados of all ages will be able to appreciate the patterns, many of which are beginner friendly and can be completed in a couple of hours. Don’t sweat the technique; experienced cross stitcher Kate Blandford gives you easy-tofollow instructions with information on what materials you will need and helpful tricks no matter what level you’re at. So grab your hoops and needles and show the world! You may have 99 problems but cross stitching ain’t one!
The Three Oldmen's Birds - Rustine
The Three Oldmen's Birds
54,99 €*
Preorder shipping from 23.06.2023
»Rustine« is the result of the photographic works by Simon Vansteenwinckel and the music of The Three Oldmen’s Birds, a solo music project by Mathias Van Eecloo, an imaginary music alternative/post-rock band with three musicians. Based on a guitar, a drum, a bass, a voice, some electronic devices, a lot of out of tune instruments and more. The project took was active between 2012 and 2013. »Rustine« is a selection from all the tracks recorded during this period, a lot them improvisations and live recordings. Born in 1978, Simon Vansteenwinckel is a photographer and graphic designer who lives and works in Brussels. Fascinated by cinema, he has produced numerous documentary photo reportages.
Peter Guralnick / Colin Escott - 70 Jahre Sun Records: Die Geburt Des Rock'n'roll!
Robert Cremer - Die Geheimsprache Des Blues - Die Wahre Bedeutung Der Songtexte
Palace Skateboards / Lev Tanju With Sam Buchan-Watts - Palace Product Descriptions - The Selected Archive
Palace Skateboards / Lev Tanju With Sam Buchan-Watts
Palace Product Descriptions - The Selected Archive
25,96 €* 39,95 € -35%
Since their arrival online, the Palace product descriptions have built a cult following. Full of wit, pathos, social commentary, and unabashed opinion, the descriptions eschew practical details; instead, a hoodie is explained with ‘Eat some vegetables, your skin looks bare grey marl’; a T-shirt is ‘100% Boris you twat.’ At once jokey toilet book and earnest coffee-table opus, this funny and honest volume collects more than 3,000 of these reflections, together serving as an essential record of an online phenomenon. - Established in 2009, Palace Skateboards has grown from underground skate brand to global fashion label with its reputation for heavy-hitting collaborations and authentic, irreverent spirit. Palace has partnered with labels including Ralph Lauren, Stella Artois, Moschino, Arc’Teryx, Adidas, and Reebok, and has retail stores in LA, New York, London, and Tokyo. Co-founder, Lev Tanju, is a writer, filmmaker, and author of the Palace product descriptions, whose inimitable style essentially tore up the copywriting rulebook.
Gideon Schwartz - Revolution - The History Of Turntable Design
Gideon Schwartz
Revolution - The History Of Turntable Design
76,45 €* 84,95 € -10%
Interest in turntables and records is enjoying a renaissance as analog natives and new converts find their enduring style and extraordinary sound inimitable. Revolution, a follow-up to Phaidon's beloved Hi-Fi: The History of High-End Audio Design, explores the design and cultural impact of the turntable, the component at the center of the 'vinyl revival'. An essential book for audiophiles, collectors, and design fans, Revolution showcases the fascinating history of turntables and vinyl technology from the 1950s to today's cutting-edge designs.

Written by Schwartz, author of Hi-Fi: The History of High-End Audio Design, who is an audio design expert and passionate about analog music, this book includes 300 illustrations from the world of turntables, from affordable to high-end, and everything in between. An essential addition to the bookshelf for analog natives and those new to the vinyl revival as well as music and design lovers.
Tresor: True Stories - The Early Years German Edition
Tresor: True Stories
The Early Years German Edition
49,00 €*
Tresor: True Stories is the first printed excavation of Tresor’s legendary history. Digging deeply into its rich archives, the venerable institution has unearthed countless treasures from its over three-decade old history. Over 400 never before seen photographs, flyers, faxes and other artefacts illustrate a story that intersects with the most important social and musical trend in the modern history of Berlin.

The story is told with the voices of those that were there - over 40 protagonists share their first-hand reminiscences of the ‘big bang’ that launched techno into the world. Through the story of Tresor, the book charts the heady days of 80s West Berlin through to the explosion of new energy that midwifed in the new social reality of reunified Germany. This is a unique and essential printed monument to the institution that changed electronic music forever, and the city that allowed it to exist.
Jeff Staple - Jeff Staple Deluxe: Not Just Sneakers
Jeff Staple
Jeff Staple Deluxe: Not Just Sneakers
349,99 €*
A streetwear collab and sneaker legend, Jeff Staple is known the world over for his work with brands, including Nike, The Fader, and Hypebeast. This monograph documents the past twenty-five years of Staple’s most iconic work.

In 1997, Jeff Staple walked into a boutique in New York City wearing a shirt he printed in his silk-screen class at Parsons School of Design. What started as a small, handmade T-shirt line grew organically and began to garner a serious following in New York. In the process of building this burgeoning brand, Staple was asked by Nike in 2005 to create a special commemorative sneaker that would represent New York. The Staple Pigeon Dunk SB was conceived and led to much fanfare upon its release. It exposed Staple—as well as sneaker culture—to a mass audience. In Staple’s words, to understand is to see and to see is to have clarity of mind. That clarity has helped develop his iconic Pigeon logo (and brand) into a global force that has graced the heels of almost every major footwear brand imaginable.

This book offers readers a history lesson in his enormous contributions to streetwear and the sneaker industry while also uncovering design context to a series of Staple’s most crucial projects. A beautiful visual reference, this book invites the reader to travel down an intricate maze of streetwear history told through an insider’s point of view. Archival sketches, drawings, magazine covers, and contributions by Hiroshi Fujiwara and Futura make this an indispensable volume for lovers of streetwear and design.
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