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Established in 1975 by Cari Zalloni, Cazal Eyewear is a German brand known for flamboyant designs of high-end sunglasses. Zalloni stepped away from the idea of glasses just being a visual aid, instead he created artful, iconic pieces with an unmatched eye for details. With his one of a kind approach, Cari Zalloni created revolutionary frames as well as a sure feeling for next level looks and a passion for individual lines while he also set a great value upon technological and functional issues. Thanks to respected all-time greats like Al Pacino, Spike Lee and old school rap legends like Run DMC, Cazal sunglasses surprisingly became the most requested eyewear brand of the New York hip hop scene, although the sunglasses were high-priced items and the main target audience was expected to reside in Monte Carlo or St. Tropez. Nowadays, Cazal reintroduces true to the original replicas because the brand feels that the time is right to add individuality to a market full of copycat styles.

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