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Lasry-Baschet - Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores Lasry baschet
Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores Lasry baschet
7" | 2018 | UK | Original (Caophonic)
8,09 €* 8,99 € -10%
Release:2018 / UK – Original
As a truly indispensable bookend to any listeners with the slightest interest in experimental music, French culture or the foundations of mechanical songwriting this inaugural release by these Parisian musical revolutionaries not only predicts the future sound of modern composition by almost 60 years but detangles the deepest roots of European popular culture celebrating an important historical family unison in the process. Combining the infant steps of Magma, the sonic blueprint of 1970’s TV theme Picture Box and the sculptural creations of Polly Maggoo this important and groundbreaking 3 track 7” EP takes us back to the very first aural glimpse of the future of pregressive Europe at the hands of physical sound sculptures glaring in the face of premature technology.This EP and its varied three-pronged assault is the first step in the legacy of the Lasry Baschet unison uniting the husband and wife team of Jacques and Yvonne Lasry plus their son Teddy (who would later create Magma with Christian Vander) and hard material sculptors François and Bernard Baschet (who would later work with William Klein). It was this creative unison between visual art and experimental music, witnessing the Lasry family exchange their orthodox music skills in favour of crystal rods, balloons, wet bows and metal sheets, that would potentially change the course of European music which was already on the extreme verge of electrocution with the rise of tape music and embryonic synthesised instrumentation.Promoting the phrase Instruments Non-électroniques (as celebrated on the sleeve of the Cacophonic full-length release 11CACKLP) the Lasry-Baschet collective’s humanistic music (an attitude upheld by composers like Michel Magne) would later spark the imagination of Jean Cocteau leading to installations at the Museum Of Modern Art leading to a huge shift in the way people approached experimental melodic music alongside the efforts of Harry Partch and other music machine makers. The appropriation of their music in art, theatre, ballet, film and television came closest to UK shores when their composition Manège was used as the long running theme for the children’s TV compendium Picture Box spanning three decades (rivalling both The Moomins and The Booktower for the most indelible and nostalgic spooky theme tunes in the history of British TV) by which time Teddy Lasry had independently become one of France’s most creative instrumental composers of all time.
Lambert - Lost Tapes
Lost Tapes
LP | 2016 | EU | Reissue (Mercury)
21,84 €* 22,99 € -5%
Release:2016 / EU – Reissue
Nachdem Lambert dieses Jahr europaweit Konzerte asugebucht gespielt und sein Debut auf Decca"Sweet Apocalypse" veröffentlich hat, folgen nun auch seine vorherigen Werke Lambert, The LostTapes und Stay In The Dark auf Decca - jeweils auch auf LP.
Lubomyr Melnyk - Illirion
Lubomyr Melnyk
2LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Sounds Of Subterrania)
30,39 €* 31,99 € -5%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Klassik
Lubomyr Melnyk ist ohne Zweifel weltweit einer deraußergewöhnlichsten und anerkanntesten Pianisten. Mit seiner"Continuous Music" hat er eine so komplexe und technischanspruchsvolle Musik geschaffen, dass kein anderer Pianist in derGeschichte dieses Instrumentes diese Stücke spielen kann.
George Aperghis - Piano Music
George Aperghis
Piano Music
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (God)
22,49 €* 24,99 € -10%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Georges Aperghis is probably still not much associated with music for solo piano. Music-theatre - of an uncommonly original kind, with extended vocal techniques much to the fore - has usually been his stamping ground. The concerns that his operas and other music-theatre compositions have embraced - often focusing around a highly individual approach to words and to all aspects of language, developed with great musical sophistication, resulting in what one might call a kind of sound poetry - are not among those immediately linked to the note-against-note preoccupations of which one tends to think where music for the piano is involved.
Francis MacDonald - Hamilton Mausoleum Suite
F.T. Marinetti - Futurism On The Gramophone
F.T. Marinetti
Futurism On The Gramophone
2LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Sensational)
22,09 €* 25,99 € -15%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Genre:Klassik, Film / TV
Written in 1913 by Luigi Russolo, The Art of Noise Manifesto marks the start of the modern music era. There wouldn’t be probably either John Cage or Musique concrète without the disruptive sound experimentations of the Italian Futurists at the beginning of the 20th century. The Futurist conception of music, indeed, made no distinction between the realm of the sound and that of noises: both of them were part of the same musical substance, the background of the human existence in the world, and therefore, a raw material ready to be manipulated by the artist. Starting from the founder and leader of the Futurism Filippo Marinetti, La Musica Futurista nell'Italia e nel Mondo is a compelling collection of pieces executed by some of the pivotal figures of the “art of noises.” Comes in a special "flap" deluxe gatefold sleeve, an Italian futurist newspaper replica.
Egisto Macchi - E.S.P.
Egisto Macchi
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Cometa Edizioni Musicali)
25,64 €* 26,99 € -5%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Limited edition of 500 copies only!In the 70′s, the Italian public television RAI used to broadcast disturbing paranoiac dramas, weird documentaries on the bottom of the sea and indigestible so-called “educational” movies. Obviously, all that stuff needed some music. Or “sonorizzazioni” (soundtracks), as they were called. These soundtracks were handled by shady characters, on the border between avant-garde classical, electronic space age and a healthy Italian pop touch. Some names are familiar: Ennio Morricone, for example. Or the mythological Piero Umiliani, too.But the biggest of all was Egisto Macchi. His Voix, a ghostly fresco of lunar vocals and abstract phonemes, is one of the masterpieces of the Italian “library music”.“ESP” is a four-part television series produced by Rai in 1973, directed by Daniele D'Anza, and aired from Sunday, May 27 1973 to Sunday, June 17, 1973 on the National Program. Music by Egisto Macchi.
Hantrax - Gazebo Compositions
Gazebo Compositions
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Ekster)
14,99 €* 19,99 € -25%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Han Swolfs turns our senses to more classic and jazz infused pieces, improvised almost entirely on winged piano. “Gazebo Compositions” can be considered a resting point after Han’s more energetic electronic releases and grasps back to his roots. Inspired by a video-work by Jef Cornelis, Han translates moods and impressions of memories of his youth and his relation to the artist using a technique similar to Ecriture Automatique. Each note sprouts inspiration for the next one and composes the full story with uppers and downers. Belgian duality in it’s bloom for this summer release.Written and performed by Hantrax. Mastered at Dubplas & Mastering Berlin. Pressed on (180g) 12inch black vinyl with a video still cover taken from “De Koninklijke serres van Laken 1877-1902” made by Jef Cornelis in 1974. Packed in a silk-screened transparant over-sleeve.
Michele Fedrigotti / Danilo Lorenzini - I Fiori Del Sole
Michele Fedrigotti / Danilo Lorenzini
I Fiori Del Sole
LP | 1979 | EU | Reissue (Song Cycle)
23,74 €* 24,99 € -5%
Release:1979 / EU – Reissue
Originally released in 1979 under the experimental label Cramps, “I Fiori del Sole” is a composition for organ and piano by the Italian duo Michele Fedrigotti and Danilo Lorenzini. The encounter between minimalist aesthetic and evocative religious atmospheres make this album one of the most interesting and obscure treasures of the Italian Minimalism. The album was produced by the legendary Franco Battiato with whom the duo Fedrigotti-Lorenzini collaborated the same year for “L’Era del Cinghiale Bianco.”
Nathan Milstein & Arthur Balsam - Bach / Beethoven
Nathan Milstein & Arthur Balsam
Bach / Beethoven
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (SymphoniaErmitage)
12,59 €* 13,99 € -10%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Nathan Milstein was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1904. A virtuosic violinist, Milstein made his US debut in 1929 with Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra. He later settled in New York City and became an American citizen. On the first side here is his wonderful interpretation of Bach's Ciaccona. Using the general architecture of Ferdinand David's arrangement of the piece from the 19th century, Milstein reaches a peak in the second major part in an exciting and frenzied progression that shows impressive control of bow speed and vibrato. An emotional and impressive player and interpreter, and his perfomance here of Bach's Ciaccona, Partita in D minor for solo violin is one of the finest perfomances of his long and storied career. On the B side, Milstein is joined by the noted pianist Arthur Balsam for a recital of Beethoven's Spring: Violin Sonata No. 5 in F maj. Milstein's paying speaks volumes and this is a wonderful recital, though he may not be a household name, Milstein is a hero who deserves a place in the annals of classical music history.
Jeff Burch - Jeff Burch
Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker - Room 29
Chilly Gonzales & Jarvis Cocker
Room 29
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Deutsche Grammophon)
27,54 €* 28,99 € -5%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Deutsche Grammophon presents the album “Room 29”, a unique collaboration between Jarvis Cocker and Chilly Gonzales.Standing at the west end of Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard, the Chateau Marmont hotel has seen many a famous and infamous guest pass through its doors since it opened in 1929. A 2012 stay in one of its second-floor rooms inspired British lyricist and singer Jarvis Cocker to look into its history and led to this collaborative project with multi-faceted Canadian pianist and composer Chilly Gonzales. “Room 29” is a 21st-century song cycle. Gonzales’ score and Cocker’s lyrics conjure up the lives of some of “Room 29’s” previous occupants, as well as shining a light on the glittering fantasy and often bleak reality of Hollywood.“Room 29” was recorded in Paris following its “work-in-progress” premiere at Hamburg’s Kampnagel in January last year.
Gil Shaham / Adele Anthony / Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra / Neeme Järvi - Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa / Fratres / Symphony No.3
Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, Peter Hoo, Manchester Camerata - Hacienda Classical
Argo - Flüchtige Musik
Flüchtige Musik
2LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Edition Telemark)
24,64 €* 28,99 € -15%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
The trio Argo was formed in Darmstadt in 1985 by Hans Essel (violin), Marit Hoffmann (viola), and Thomas Stett (clarinet). It existed until 2016 when it was forced to an end by the untimely death of Stett. Argo set out to explore new ways of free collective improvisation that were aimed neither at personal expressivity nor at the evocation of a certain mood or atmosphere. Eschewing any compositional agreements, they experimented with musical forms and processes that emerged spontaneously between the poles of the players' individual lines of improvisation.They played with fleeting objects of sound and transformations, inflections, and disruptions of those objects. Unexpected noises that could arise at any time required and provoked fast reactions of the players. Argo utilized three classical instruments without any preparations but over time developed an augmented range of sound generation techniques on these instruments. Their playing bears almost no traces of tonality, harmony, or rhythm. The title of this edition, "Flüchtige Musik", translates as "fleeting music" or "transient music".The double LP collects recordings made mostly live between 1987 and 2013. The first recording still shows traces of classical sound material but also includes other sound generators like styrofoam and cardboard that were left out later. Already in 1991, Argo had settled on using the three instruments exclusively but with a new range of sounds that can be heard throughout the subsequent recordings. On a few occasions, Argo transferred their concept to experiments with their own speaking voices This led to "Flüchtige Wörter" ("fleeting words"), one recording of which is also included.Edition of 300.
Simon Fisher Turner - Giraffe
Simon Fisher Turner
LP | 2017 | EU | Original (Editions Mego)
17,09 €* 17,99 € -5%
Release:2017 / EU – Original
Editions Mego is proud to present the latest opus from legendary British composer, actor, sound designer and all round fine human Simon Fisher Turner. Giraffe is a new major work which blurs the lines between sound design and song, machine severity and narrative sentimentality. Subtitled 'living in sounds and music' Giraffe take the listener through a vast journey where an abstract clacking of unknown origin rubs up against a melancholic electronic sequence. 'Life sounds' were captured with a portable hard disc recorder and i-phone and appear alongside contemporar sound design. Emma Smith provides the narrative on 'Slight Smile' whilst electronic machines grind amongst background industrial klang in 'Mud Larks'. 'Save As' revolves around a beautiful simple piano motif which soon folds into an unnerving field recording and drone combination.
Efterklang & The Happy Hopeless Orchestra - Leaves: The Colour of Falling
Efterklang & The Happy Hopeless Orchestra
Leaves: The Colour of Falling
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Tambourhinocerous)
23,74 €* 24,99 € -5%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
We are very happy to introduce a new opera by Efterklang:LEAVES-the colour of falling.A co-composed the opera together withKarsten Fundal.
Michael Snow - Musics For Piano, Whistling, Microphone And Tape Recorder
Michael Snow
Musics For Piano, Whistling, Microphone And Tape Recorder
2LP | 1975 | EU | Reissue (Song Cycle)
31,49 €* 34,99 € -10%
Release:1975 / EU – Reissue
Musician, visual artist, composer, writer, sculptor, Michael Snow is also one of the world’s most highly acclaimed experimental filmmakers. In 1975 he released this album under the record company Chatham Square. The label was founded by the owner of Michael Snow’s gallery, the Bykert Gallery, which also issued the first Philip Glass recordings. Released in collaboration with Michael Snow.
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly - The Weathered Stone
Benedict Schlepper-Connolly
The Weathered Stone
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Ergodos)
13,79 €* 22,99 € -40%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
The product of three years of work, The weathered stone marks Benedict Schlepper-Connolly out as a voice of compelling individuality. Inspired by the secret histories of landscapes, old maps and memory, this is music that possesses the ecstatic, unforced beauty of the natural world. Across only four tracks, the Dublin composer lays out a many-hued musical statement that is at once minimal and teeming with matter. The monumental opening track (The weathered stone) and the explosive string quartet that follows (A view from above) both deal in large, distinct, swathes of music in which a pattern warps elegantly over time. Schlepper-Connolly was inspired here by the corrosion and erosion of building materials and landscapes. He writes: “Landscapes erode, reshape and accumulate; my use of musical material here behaves in a similar way, with musical states exposed to time and altered, often subtly, sometimes more violently.” The song, Beekeepers, which Schlepper-Connolly sings himself, forms the record’s intimate core. A song of memory, reflection and renewal, Beekeepers reveals new, expansive possibilities latent within Schlepper-Connolly’s musical language. These are further explored in the harmonically lush closing track, Field, which is again inspired by the action of time on the land. “In Field,” the composer writes, “musical material is much like earthly material: it retains many of its features over time, but its surface is continually transformed.” Produced by the composer along with Garrett Sholdice, and mastered in Munich by the legendary Christoph Stickel (Ecm, Deutsche Grammophon, Sony Classical), The weathered stone features performances of extraordinary grace and virtuosity, with the Robinson Panoramic Quartet (Irl), and pianist Saskia Lankhoorn (Nl), and reedman Seán Mac Erlaine (irl), joining Schlepper-Connolly to bring his vivid music to life. Benedict Schlepper-Connolly is a composer and producer from Dublin. As a composer, he moves between various musical forms, including chamber music, choral writing, orchestral work, arrangement, songwriting, field recording and music for dance and film. Benedict’s compositions frequently seek out an ecstatic quality, with a reduced palette of materials, rich tonal harmonies and rhythmic intricacy. Born in Ireland to an Irish father and German mother, Benedict studied composition with Donnacha Dennehy, Yannis Kyriakides and Peter Adriaansz at both Trinity College, Dublin, and at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. Along with Garrett Sholdice, Benedict runs Ergodos, a record label and production company founded in 2006.
Howard Hanson / Eastman-Rochester Orchestra - Sessions: The Black Maskers / Mcphee: Tabuh-tabuha
Antal Dorati / London Symphony Orchestra - Vienna 1908-1914
Antal Dorati / London Symphony Orchestra - Dada - Surrealism
Chadwick / Hanson / Eastman-Rochester Orchestra - Symphonic Sketches
Sean Mac Erlaine - Long After The Music Is Gone
Sean Mac Erlaine - A Slender Song
Maya Homburger & Barry Guy - Star
U - Vienna Orchestra
Vienna Orchestra
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Where To Now?)
12,99 €* 19,99 € -35%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Klassik
U has always displayed an unironic conformity to his own absolutely genuine / occasionally challenging ideal as to what a release should entail. After a series of predominantly, and (in the most loving sense) maybe begrudgingly, dance floor oriented EPs, ‘Vienna Orchestra’ is a long overdue insight into his core fascination as a musician; making complex and intriguing experimental pieces that belie the humble mode of their creation - recording from vinyl records and manipulating the audio on old school samplers. This LP is an insight into scores of hours of twiddling with loops and sequences to create music far removed from its source material (dusty classical records acquired on a trip to Vienna). This is a dense, blunted world, which holds the sound of a musician indulging their own ear’s obsessions and insatiable curiosity. The record’s opening is reminiscent of Walter Schumann’s ‘Night of the Hunter’ soundtrack in its deeply unsettling, creeping feel. The droning high strings in the background prick your ears while, in the foreground, oddly syncopated staccato stabs provide the loping, lurching feel. You could be forgiven for momentarily comparing this to some kind of oddball, Deep Puddle Dynamics-esque excursion… but then the fun begins. Throughout the record, the most consistently striking element is U’s masterful ability to, with the use of relatively simple EQs, filters and basic effects, turn familiar and fairly orthodox sounds into futuristic and daring electronic experimentalism. Forceful strings become ethereal and strange in their timbre, long, drawn-out notes are oscillated to create warped riffs or motifs and the imperfections of the physical format are treated as an essential aspect of the soundscapes he creates (more on this later). His isolation of contemporary rhythms in the source material displays an impeccable musical ear. Moments of the album sound like beatless grime or techno - not in a “YO kidz, Shakespeare was the original rapper!” kind of way - but in the startling, often illuminating fashion they summon connections between styles of the past and present. It’s also fascinating and joyful to hear, in this context, the early rave producers’ technique of pitching one chord or note across several pads / keys to create increments of the scale that shouldn’t really exist. No doubt this would discombobulate a classical purist to the point of distraction but it is a constant delight to hear this fairly un-musical production technique applied within a tuneful, meticulous and unfamiliar paradigm.
Lewis Pesacov - Edge Of Forever
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Beton-Studie / Zeitmass für fünf Holzbläser / Klavierstuck XI
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Beton-Studie / Zeitmass für fünf Holzbläser / Klavierstuck XI
LP | 2011 | EU | Reissue (Modern Silence)
18,99 €* 19,99 € -5%
Release:2011 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Klassik
A collection of some of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s earliest work, including his earliest piece of musique concrete “Beton-Studie” (aka “Étude”) written by Stockhausen in 1952-53 at Pierre Schaeffer’s studio at the RTF in Paris. Until 1992 this piece was believed to have been lost. The LP also includes the celebrated “Zeitmass” (1955), and “Klavierstück XI, parts I-IV” (1956), both of which helped to cement Stockhausen’s role as one of the leading German composers of the 20th century.
Zubin Mehta / WP - Sinfonie Nummer 9
Zubin Mehta / WP
Sinfonie Nummer 9
LP | 2016 | EU | Original (Decca)
12,99 €* 19,99 € -35%
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Anlässlich seines 80. Geburtstags präsentiert die Deutsche Grammophon eine von Mehtas besten Einspielungen wieder auf Vinyl, Bruckners 9. Sinfonie in D-moll, mit den Wiener Philharmonikern.
Flatus Vocis Trio - Grosso Modo
Flatus Vocis Trio
Grosso Modo
LP | 1990 | EU | Original (Xiu-Xiu)
17,99 €* 29,99 € -40%
Release:1990 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Klassik
Flatus Vocis Trio with Fátima Miranda, Llorenç Barber, and Bartolomé Ferrando.In the phonetic poetry tradition.Recorded in 1989 in Madrid.
Yo-Yo Ma - Songs Of Joy & Peace
Yo-Yo Ma
Songs Of Joy & Peace
2LP | 2015 | EU | Original (Music On Vinyl)
20,99 €* 34,99 € -40%
Release:2015 / EU – Original
Songs of Joy and Peace is a Christmas music album by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, originally released in 2008. The album features collaborations with many other artists, including vocalists Diana Krall & Alison Krauss, James Taylor, Dave Brubeck, Chris Botti a.o.180g vinyl.
Piano Guys - Piano Guys
Ernest Ansermet - Daphnis & Chloe
Gary Karr - Songs Of Prayer
Gary Karr
Songs Of Prayer
LP | 2014 | JP | Original (C&L Music)
28,04 €* 32,99 € -15%
Release:2014 / JP – Original
Gary Karr, acclaimed as »the world's leading solo bassist« (Time magazine), is, in fact, the first solo doublebassist in history to make that pursuit a full-time career. It is a career that adds new lustre to his already lustrous 1611 Amati doublebass which was given to him by the widow of Serge Koussevitzky.Since his debut with Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in 1962, Karr has performed as soloist on six continents with orchestras, including the Chicago Symphony, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Montreal Symphony, Simon Bolivar Orchestra (Caracas, Venezuela), Jerusalem Symphony, Oslo Philharmonic, Zurich Chamber Orchestra, and with all the major orchestras of Australia.Gary Karr performs on this release with Harmon Lewis on pipe organ for a group of classical pieces by Bizet, Mozart, and more.
Schubert / Brahms - Limited Edition-david Oistrakh Volume 2
Brokedown In Bakersfield - Live
Previte / Medeski / Cline / Parkins / Osby - Terminals
Carolina Eyck & Christopher Tarnow - Improvisations For Theremin And Piano
Carolina Eyck & Christopher Tarnow
Improvisations For Theremin And Piano
LP | 2014 | US | Original (Butterscotch)
16,79 €* 23,99 € -30%
Release:2014 / US – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance, Klassik
The world’s best thereminist improvising deeply moving and unedited vignettes of unexpected emotional breadth. Classical in sophistication and harmonic richness, but completely free in form, Improvisation for Theremin and Piano shatters anachronistic stereotypes of the theremin and launches our understanding of the instrument decades forward. Includes artwork by Tomory Dodge and a full essay by producer, Allen Farmelo.
RPO (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) - RPO Plays Prince
Murray Gold - Doctor Who - Series 1&2
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