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Noka & M_Cue - Zarecord 2
Noka & M_Cue
Zarecord 2
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
17,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Limited vinyl edition!

The long-awaited sequel to 2016's infamous Zarecord, with a whole side of original skipless scratch samples and a selection of regular pitch skipless samples followed by 2 low-down and dirty instrumental beats to cut to.
Noka and M_Cue are better known under their collaborative moniker NMCP Studio. Based in Tver City, Russia, their skills and knowledge of making records is well known in underground circles, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe, as they work tirelessly cutting dubplates for local bands and producers on their hand-made record cutting lathe which they made themselves.
Having joined the Cut & Paste crew for 2017's Scratchblast UK tour, and introduced a unique slowed down style of dirty funk that contrasts the often sterile-sounding beats production around the scratch scene, NMCP have delivered another solid 12” scratch tool that is as full of original content as it is battle-ready.
Easy to use by beginners and veterans alike, and full of excellent disses, taunts, bragging lines and very scratchable crash and lazer noises, Zarecord 2 is one of those records that can just sit on the platter for an entire show and provide all of the material needed to melt audiences’ minds, or an opponents will to battle....
The 2 untitled beats are slow and funky, with an ominous feeling throughout as NMCP combine old school samplers and synths against an apocalyptic backdrop, bringing the ethos of 90's hip hop production to the half-speed tempos normally associated with dubstep and trap. Make no mistake these beats don't sound like anything else... they sit firmly in the niche that Noka and M_Cue have carved out themselves, which can be traced back through their series of practice loopers going by the name Zalooper 1,2,3 and 4.
The original artwork of Zarecord was made out of chopped up Russian Rubles by artist 8D, and has been incorporated into a collage by another artist by the name of 610C6317.
Modusoperandi - Endless
12" | 2020 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
13,59 €* 15,99 € -15%
Release:2020 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
“As advertised, we’re going to be introducing in just a moment one of the top jazz groups in the whole world, they play all around the whole world too...“ Redmist, DJ Perez, Fso & Gozt are Modusoperandi and “Endless” is their debut studio album. Performed live on the Chilean S-Word Community Skratch Music Tour in January 2020, at the height of the ongoing Chilean revolution, the album was fuelled by the collective energy that has been steadily building throughout the country. “When do you get a chance to practice? I don’t get a chance to practice. That’s a serious sacrifice.” Modusoperandi's mentality is that of a jazz band which performs using turntables as the primary instrument. Passion is always high, and time is always short... each take is the real raw deal. Every member of the band is involved in numerous groups and projects, and a diverse range of styles and influences are found meshed together in these wondrous and inspirational tracks. The skratch composition tool “Phonosophy” (cnp021) was released by Modusoperandi in late 2019, and Endless was conceived using this scratch tool as an essential component of the creative process. The A side of this album was recorded in Berlin just before the 2019 Community Skratch Games in Galway where the band’s performance of these first five tracks were the absolute highlight of CSG that year. The A side tracks are Cantina, Marienfelde, Never say the S-Word, Blue Dooms and Absurdo. They take the listener deep down the rabbit hole that is turntablism and jazz fused together by four of the strongest established turntable musicians that perform today. The B side tracks are Oldish, Endless, Jungle and Malditos. They explore fresh directions based on previously explored ideas... an eternal loop in perfect balance, a constant changing landscape of rhythmic ideas expressed in brass, stuttered drums and waveforms cut under a stylus. The B side was recorded in Santiago, Chile just before the S-Word Community Skratch Music Tour kicked off. Mastered by D. Perez, art by Fso.
Simiah - The Alchemy Files
The Alchemy Files
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
16,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Cut & Paste Records present the first scratch record from renowned UK beatmaker Simiah.

Simiah has an impressive selection of releases under his belt already, and has worked tirelessly for years to create his own world of deep, soulful instrumental Hip Hop. His style is based around dusty jazz and latin sounds, reinforced by chasmic bass and swung percussion played with effortless skill on the MPC.

The Alchemy Files represents Simiah's first (but long-overdue) foray into scratch records. He put together 4 beats on Side A that would stand out on their own as an EP, but left enough space in each of them to allow for some freestyle instrumentation if the moment calls for it.

That's where Side B comes in... raw audio from Simiah's MPC was given to Symatic from Cut & Paste to arrange into skip-proof scratch tools – drums, bass, horns, keys and more, all arranged for ease of use by a DJ to compliment the tracks on the flipside, or to become entirely new compositions of their own.

Also included are some of Cut & Paste's trademark skip-proof vocal samples, for any DJ wanting to stand out with original style and cuts. They're all arranged at the same BPM with the instrumental samples, at 83.33 BPM. This tempo was chosen as it is a close match to the type of beats featured on Side A, and works well for regular turntables with +/- 8% pich. (Many of our other records are specifically aimed at users of turntables with Ultrapitch of +/- 50%).

Another feature of the skip-proof side is that the sounds are configured in loops with 5 beats per rotation, like a 5-point star or a pentagon. When scratching over regular 4/4 beats, this can lead to some interesting results as the irregular patterns are manipulated into new sequences.

There are also 2 Lock-grooves at the end of Side B, with tones designed to be played with the pitch adjustment on a turntable. Both tones are played in the same key for ease of use when switching between them.
Mr. Brown - Telemetry
Mr. Brown
12" | 2019 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
16,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Brace for impact!

Mr. Brown has been digging, producing and scratching for over 2 decades, with a string of excellent instrumental releases to his name. Through his We Stay True imprint and his EchoBase podcast, his influence on the underground has been present in the UK and international scene for a long time.

Telemetry is a music production tool, a scratch record and a series of instrumental beats by Mr. Brown put to wax for turntablists and producers to get creative with.

The A side is arranged as three distinct sections at 83.33 BPM. First up is the skipless vocals, 7 acapella loops dug from an extensive Hip-Hop archive, specifically chosen for their raw cadence and flavour. Drums and instruments are next, sequenced and assembled by a master of the SP1200. The instrumental loops and samples have been arranged with tablism in mind, layed out on the disk in a way that makes them easy to cue in live situations. The last section of synths and tones are brilliantly rich and offer that warm thick sound that Mr. Brown has been dishing out for years. A series of lock-groove tones at the end of Side A offer infinite possibilities in your compositions.

The B side hits hard with four absolutely murderous beats that can be used in as many ways as you can think to get creative with, or add to. Slow and thick with that bounce that pushes DJs into the pocket on the cut, these beats are designed to inspire mass flow.

This tool was arranged on disk by Symatic who is a leader in the field of scratch record production. As such, this record can be rocked using natural intuition when improvising, or with scientific exactness when used in a battle or production setting. Telemetry has been mastered by D. Perez, a veteran turntablist and audio engineer who has worked on multiple previous C&P releases. And with plenty of bonus audio treasures hidden throughout this title it's time to get on the cut and turn it up loud!
DJ Moschops - Skratch Fossils
DJ Moschops
Skratch Fossils
7" | 2019 | EU | Original (Cut & Paste)
11,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
The 7” version of “Skratch Fossils” is now ready to hit portable platters around the globe! Moschops is the intrepid
commander of Synapsid Studios where he is kept busy as a scholar and a teacher in the arts of sampling and
recording. Keeping skratching and music-making fun is of the greatest importance to this lifelong beat creator, so you
can expect a fun and intuitively easy-to-use skratch tool within these ancient grooves.
Based on his first 12” skratch record release from 2018, Moschops has injected this 7” with new life and crafted this
record to the highest level of precision possible. Loops from the original release have been reworked to function
meticulously using a portable turntable with a few new fossilized samples thrown in for good measure.
On the A side you will find 7 skip-proof tracks built from a large range of styles. From hip-hop to rave tunes with no
shortage of lasers, bass and breaks galore… this tool will keep the creative wax wiggler busy for days! The B side has a
similar format of 7 skip-proof tracks with audio treasures hidden in-between the loops, ensuring the highest amount of
original content possible for your productions and cuts!
As with all recent Cut & Paste Records skratch tool releases you will find an etch on both sides of the disc lined up at
the starting point of each loop. Beyond looking supremely ill, these etches are designed to be used as cue point
markers for the start of each track. Specifically aimed not only at skratchers but beat-smiths as well, this release is
pressed onto black vinyl to squeeze the maximum amount of quality out of the audio found on this disc.
The original artwork for the cover was created by Tops from Milton Keynes, UK.
Moschops - Skratch Fossils
Skratch Fossils
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
16,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Limited vinyl edition!
Moschops' first scratch tool release with Cut & Paste Records, “Skratch Fossils” represents the completion of an excellent sound voyage - built from the bones on up.
Moschops has been rocking a deck and sampler for close to 3 decades. From Milton Keynes, Moschops started producing rave and dance tunes at a young age (his first release on wax dropped on his 16th birthday), which lead to him experimenting with all types of electronic music, eventually leading to the majority of his work falling into the hip hop category. Cut & Paste Records discovered Moschops through his connections with the Community Skratch Music crew in Ireland through his release of 12” ALKV002 “I Luv Space” on Alkalinear Music.
Prior to that he had been a big part of the Irish hip hop scene as he lived there for a few years, making instruemtals for various crews, and doing Djing performances in a variety of settings: educational, art installations, and straight up raw live gigs.
His main weapon of choice is an SP-404 sampler, and a seemingly infinate archive of obscure, characteristic samples sourced from all over the globe. From his underground lair – Synapsid Studios – Moschops has been curating the samples found on Skratch Fossils with a historical perspective (many samples hark back to the early hardcore days of the UK rave scene) while promoting future experimentation for users of the record, offering a fresh sound pallette made with exquisite attention to detail.
In 2017, Moschops and Symatic presented a lecture on the process used to put a skipless scratch vinyl together at the Sample Music Festival in Berlin while this release was being put together. This will be followed up with another lecture at the 2018 SMF event, by which time the finished record wil be in full circulation.
Despite the Skipless format of the record, there is no shortage of bonus material, hidden easter eggs, and varied content to keep you happy both in a live setting where you need easy access to awesome sounds, and in a studio environment where you may want to dig a little deeper. There are samples in 3 different skipless BPM's so anyone on any turntable will have something to use with no worries, and on top of all that, there's lock-groove bass tones and even an endless “Amen” break to get busy with!
Side-A contains:
Side-B contains:
Simiah - 7 Steps Of Alchemy
7 Steps Of Alchemy
7" | 2017 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
13,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
As a follow-up to his first release with Cut & Paste Records, Simiah's “7 Steps Of Alchemy” acts as both a new single, and as a 7” formatted version of his previous scratch record.

The Bristol-based producer has carved out his own corner of the hip-hop beats scene over many years of bass-driven beats with soulful jazz flavours, dissected over hard hitting drums and a spaced out timeless atmosphere.

Side A contains an instrumental beat called Calcination – named after the first of the 7 steps of Alchemy, according to many spiritual writings on the subject. The theme of Alchemy continues from Simiah's previous release with Cut & Paste Records – The Alchemy Files – and Calcination was thought of as a hidden extra from the EP. The track is followed by a scratch sentence made up of instrument samples taken from Simiah's MPC. You'll find horns, keys, guitars, bass and drums, perfect for jamming, practice, and especially good for loop-pedal or sample-based composition.

Side B contains some of Cut & Paste's trademark skip-proof vocal samples, for any DJ wanting to stand out with original style and cuts. They're all arranged at at 83.33 BPM to match to the tempo of beats featured on the entire Alchemy project. This speed works well for regular turntables with +/- 8% pitch. (Many of our other records are specifically aimed at users of turntables with Ultrapitch of +/- 50%).

Another feature of the skip-proof side is that the sounds are configured in loops with 5 beats per rotation, like a 5- point star or a pentagon. When scratching over regular 4/4 beats, this can lead to some interesting results as the irregular patterns are manipulated into new sequences.

There is also a lock-groove tone at the end of each side, designed to be played with the pitch adjustment on a turntable. Both tones are played in the same key for ease of use when switching between them.

“Alchemy” - to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects.

Side A contains:
01 – Calcination
02 – Bonus Skratch Samples

SIDE B contains:
Skip-proof Vocal sounds
Modusoperandi - Phonoshophy
12" | 2019 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
16,99 €*
Release:2019 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Never say never...

Modusoperandi are Redmist, D. Perez, FSO & Gozt hailing from Chile. “Phonosophy” is a collection of instrumental loops, samples, tones and drums arranged on 12” vinyl for turntablist performance.

Released as the cornerstone of the S-WORD Chilean Community Skratch Music Tour, this library of sonic textures will provide the raw ingredients for Modusoperandi's forthcoming all-scratched jazz album. On top of that, the record will be given a thorough test-ride during the tour by the band and their fellow vinyl-abusing travelling companions: The Skratchlords, Cut & Paste Records, and the S-WORD Ensamble.

Side A starts with vocal samples arranged at 83.33 BPM: 6 skipless vocal loops selected for their raw swing and overflowing flavour, followed by a series of skipless drum loops with a wide range of timbres and atmospheres. They have been engineered to deliver the punch that stands out in a live performance and a studio setting. The slower tempo ensures comfortable spacing of the individual sounds for scratch-drumming.

The following 3 tracks of mixed drum breaks and percussive rhythms are arranged at 133.33 BPM, and each sample is arranged so it starts at the same point as the record rotates to facilitate cueing.

Next up are sections following the same principal but with wind, vocal, synth and drum samples, with 3 additional sample banks used by Modusoperandi to perform their set in Galway at the Community Skratch Games in April 2019. At the end of the A side you’ll find a skipless drum loop and 5 independent synth tones, all perfect locked grooves cut by a master vinyl-engineer, Pete Norman.

Side B is arranged at 133.33 BPM and starts off with ultrapitch vocals; some re-versioned loops from the flipside, and some fresh material to get busy with. If it's a hard-hitting scratch weapon you want or an ear-catching hook, just throw your needle to the outer part of the record and you'll catch some deadly grooves! The rest of this side is arranged in sections based on instrument type: wind instruments, strings, keys and bass. With treasures hidden throughout this release, you can keep your imagination spinning under a stylus using this magnificently crafted record.
Skratchlords, The - Path Of Least Resistance
Skratchlords, The
Path Of Least Resistance
7" | 2019 | EU | Original (Cut & Paste)
12,99 €*
Release:2019 / EU – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
If ya don’t stop playing those f***ing records... I’ll take that f***ing record player and BREAK IT OVER YOUR F***ING
HEAD!!! The Skratchlords are Djackulate, Symatic, Jimmy P and DJ Manipulate and they are known across the
universe for cold kickin’ ass on the decks. This is their “Path Of Least Resistance” 7” show vinyl.
In classic Cut & Paste Records style, this 7” version of “Path Of Least Resistance” takes audio from the original 12” and
rearranges it for use on Portable Turntables. Each side has the same layout of 7 skratch loops to give you a simple
format that encourages free creative flow with minimal thinking required when looking for samples. There are 4 vocal
acapella loops, a drum loop and a locked groove synth tone on each side. All loops are skip-proof and arranged at
83.33 BPM so you can get busy rocking cuts on a regular speed or ultra pitch turntable set up.
With a shorter run time due to the Skratchlord circular etching appearing on both sides of this record, selecting the
deadliest loops was a crucial step in the production process. Working with the Etchlord Leighton Harris at The Vinyl
Factory allowed us to line the image up so that the letters match the audio location. An etched Skratchlord sample
map and cue point marker all at once around the outer edge, with 10 samurai warriors positioned as cue points on the
inner edge.
Aggressive and raw is the undisputed vibe of The Skratchlords record. Keep your ears open for hidden samples to
switch things up when makin’ mad noize with this record!
Retailers please note: Cut & Paste Records 7" and 12" vinyl
Cut & Paste Records presents - Dope On Plastic Volume 4
Cut & Paste Records presents
Dope On Plastic Volume 4
LP | 2018 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
17,99 €*
Release:2018 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
Limited edition vinyl!
Featuring dope tracks by Adlib Swayze, Dani Desh, Klim Beats, Mr Slipz, Boora, NMCP Studio (Noka & M_Cue) and others. Both sides also contain skipless skratch samples.
This 12" record is the fourth instalment in the Dope On Plastic series by NMCP Studio from Tver city in Russia... Cut & Paste Records brothers from other mothers. The name NMCP stands for "N. Mafia Cuts Pro".
NMCP Studio have been cutting dubplates featuring music from Russian, European and U.K. beat makers for the last 5 years on a homemade record cutting lathe, designed and built by Noka & M_Cue from the ground up – an insane feat of home-engineering and testament to NMCP's resolve and commitment to the music they love.
The Dope On Plastic series presents a collection of hip-hop and funk influenced instrumental beats from studios far and wide, showcasing some of Earth's finest beat makers. Volumes 1 & 2 were released as box-sets of 7” lathe-cut records, all made one-at-a-time by NMCP. Vol 3 came out on 12” in 2017 and included skipless samples at the end of each side, making the most of the 12” format.
Dope On Plastic 4 strikes a knockout punch right off the kicker with the beautiful flipped jazz rhythms of "World 2 Day" by Green Boodah. Head-nod guru Adlib Swayze rolls through correct with the beautifully off-kilt instrumental track "Still Real". Add beats by Bob Croma, Smuff Tha Quiz, NMCP Studio, Basote Aesthetics, Dani Desh, Klim Beats, Mr Slipz, Planet Ragtime and Boora and you have a collection of underground instrumental tracks from an all-star team of beat makers that effortlessly picks up where Dope On Plastic 3 left off. This slice of of wax firmly deserves a place in any DJ & beat maker's collection.
The connection between NMCP Studio and Cut & Paste Records was born from the scratch game, so it should not surprise you to find skipless skratch loops at the end of each side of this release. TIP!!!
Redmist - Improvise Wisely
Improvise Wisely
LP | 2017 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
16,99 €*
Release:2017 / UK – Original
Genre:Hip Hop
After a year's hard work and development, Cut & Paste Records are excited to announce the debut release from One of Chile's leading underground scratch musicians - Redmist.

Redmist has repped hard for the South American turntablist scene with various musical collaborations, beat loopers and scratch compositions that stand out for their musical maturity, executed with surgical precision.

Improvise Wisely was conceived as a musical library for scratch performers to be able to throw on the turntable and start using immediately and intuitively. The sounds have been arranged in a geometric pattern on both sides, so once the user has chosen a starting point, they can easily visualize where corresponding notes, beats and scales are on the record surface.

Primarily aimed at users of Ultrapitch turntables with +/-50% pitch, a lot of care was taken in the sample selection and the mastering process to ensure the record is as functional as possible on any setup. Each side contains skipless scratch sentences, grouped by instrument style (eg: Vocal, Percussion, Bass, Synth) and they have even been arranged according to their frequency content to account for the decreasing resolution of record grooves as they get closer to the center of the disc.

Both sides end with tuned lock-grooves, for endless tone-play, and the whole record follows a Jazz-inspired theme both stylistically and in terms of the scales used.

Combine this with a loop-pedal, or use multiple copies and multiple DJs and within moments you will have the makings of new improvised tracks!

Side A features:
Tracks 1-6: Vocal Skipelss Samples
Tracks 7-12: Skipless Drums
Tracks 13-18: Bass

SIDE B features:
Tracks 1-6: Guitars
Tracks 7-12: Keys and Brass
Tracks 13-18: Drums
Tracks 19-22: Bass
Krayb David - Eggship Me Please EP
Krayb David
Eggship Me Please EP
12" | 2016 | UK | Original (Cut & Paste)
16,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
For anyone following Cut & Paste Records' output for the past few years their latest release may seem totally out of the ordinary after 6 scratch records in a row and now some kind of futuristic techno? But the label’s intention always is to shake up the scratch world, and this record is made by and for turntablists as much as it is a stand-alone musical EP. Krayb David was born out of the now-legendary Community Skratch Games which, for the past 10 years, have offered an alternative to the tired formats of most international turntablism shows and competitions. „Eggship Me Please-Tales From The Eggship EP” sounds like the music for a computer game, and we are told it documents the interstellar voyages of Krayb David as he drifts through space and time. Each track corresponds to a part of his absurd journey, with the 2 remixes perhaps representing alternative realities as Krayb's perception distorts and fractures as a consequence of his time-travel habit. Tempo, rhythm, atmosphere and texture all change throughout the EP, with some tunes drifting wildly from one style to the next. His recent tracks demonstrated some of Krayb's style at slower tempos, while this EP takes thing up to the electro/techno speed for the most part, then winds down to sub-50bpm territory with the aid of a remix by Valance Drakes. Another Remix from The Person sounds like a tune The Prodigy would have made if they were kidnapped by space crabs in their early years and returned to earth 20 years later irradiated and dehydrated from space travel. While the whole journey is fast and confusing, it invites the listener to follow along and then continue beyond – which is why the artist also hid some exclusive skip-proof scratch sentences on the record, along with an ambient and never-ending interlude that ends on a lock groove. These bonus tracks are only on the vinyl release. It’s a matter of fact, that this guy obviously has an obsession for eggs and crabs but also for nothing else but well-crafted analogue and machine made music. TIP!
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