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V.A. - The Best Of Jicco Funk Volume 1
The Best Of Jicco Funk Volume 1
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
19,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Possibly the best thing a compilation can do is open the door to a world of music that aside from being unknown to you, is high grade in quality, diverse and open to interpretation in as much as you are left with some if not many questions... particularly when the selected tracks are all from the same record label... When did they start..? Why did they start? Who was behind it? Where did the artists come from? What was their inspiration? These are only a few... by the time you get to the end of the eight tracks included on Jicco Funk Volume One... there may be more...
Some background or at least as much as we know: in the early 1970s thru to the 90s, Onitcha was one of Nigeria' most important cities sat on the banks of the river Niger about half way between Benin City and Enugu. Aside from the commerce Onitcha was also an important centre for music production, live music thrived and in turn the city had a nightlife which embraced music... it’s where labels like Tabansi and many other smaller companies had their headquarters. Its where in the late 60’s, the label Jicco was established , an enterprise which would commercialize Kenyan and Congolese music in Nigeria.
By the mid to late 70’s Jicco opened itself to new projects, launching a number of sub-labels, from Vox Africa to Guy , more specialized in Highlife , Native and Soukous Music to Jicco Funk which was producing small local groups playing Reggae , Rock and Funk.
Dig This Way realised they had found something special after discovering the first few releases on Jicco Funk... its less about a particular style of music and more about a raw emotive production quality that runs through each of the records... there is a mood and feel to the delivery that expresses a consciousness that’s rooted in a deep soul... the origins of which with hindsight would be near impossible to determine... its known that many of the records were produced at the same studio... there are a number of musicians who appear on more than one records... other than a few basic facts... to know the true ingredients which made the blend special... I guess you just had to have been there...
Following an extended period collecting music from the label including a number of months in Nigeria trying to trace family and friends of former band members including the Jicco family... Dig This Way decided to produce a compilation highlighting some of the near unknown music released by Jicco Funk... on the first volume in the series the focus is Reggae and Funk, particularly the intersection where the two genres converge as a hybrid production that at times is neither one nor the other... being more often and not... greater than the sum of the parts... hype..? We don't think so... intreguided..? Check the clips below and make your own mind up...
Jonny De Ambassador / Krabah - 7.05
Jonny De Ambassador / Krabah
7" | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
10,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
Tebel crew, a reggae collective grown through Italy and Jamaica, is proud to present its new tune! Based and developed on an Abeng's musical idea (already edited by Dig This Way Records) here Tebel and D.T.W. are proud to introduce a Jonny Deambassador's new interpretation of "Grown In Captivity" entitled 7.05. This number reminds to the morning hour when the alarm rings, so this new Tebel's one talks about the feeling had by contemporary wage-labour workers and specifically to the inner-crisis each one of them feels because of his everyday bad condition of living but in the last part of the song the lyric reaches the form of a freedom chant praised by the community of the people who works for an emancipation. The message 7.05 finally would bring is to stand out different meanings the word "work" could assume and the difference between the concept of a mechanical work and a creative one. Roots People Works TO THE Rhythm OF Reggae Music TO Step OUT Babylon Establishment!
Udu - Sound Of The People
Sound Of The People
LP | 1976 | EU | Reissue (Dig This Way)
20,89 €* 21,99 € -5%
Release:1976 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
We are pleased to announce the reissue of Udu’s sole LP “Sound of the People” originally released on Love Records (Nigeria) in 1976. The band took their name from the Igbo word for a large clay jug normally used to carry water. The jug has a regular opening at the top with an additional hole on the side. In addition to being used to carry water the jug was also played by Igbo women in traditional ceremonies. It was in Lagos the Udu trio met musician, producer and owner of Love Records: Alex Tony Okoroji. The debut release on the label is Alex Tony Okoroji’s own LP Super Sure (Love Records, 1976). Today, Chief Tony Okoroji is a legend of the Nigerian music scene, but back in 1976, just like Udu, he was just starting his recording career… Both the Udu and the Alex Tony Okoroji records where recorded at legendry Arc Studio in Lagos. A studio facility initiated by Cream drummer Ginger Baker in 1972, eventually opening in January 1973. The engineers who worked on the Udu recordings had previously worked on a number of Fela Kuti Records (No Bread, Expensive Shit, Everything Scatter); whilst production and writing duties were in the hands of Alex Tony Okoroji… All of the tracks have a fairly loose, almost conversational arrangement both in the music and the lyrical delivery… For the most part the pace is relatively laid back… it’s by no means chilled-out… there’s always an element of movement… Four of the six tracks have an unexpected and subtle dance floor air: “The Chant", "Sound Of The People", “Nwanyalubi” and "New Bride Song" all have a fairly distinct and uniquely hypnotic build that once you get is seriously foot friendly from a sunrise perspective. It would be easy to say the record is psychedelic, but at times that’s an overused term for a broad spectrum of music which suggests something, but doesn’t define anything in detail… it might be better in this instance to suggest the record has an other-worldly ambience, folk in essence and potentially devotional from a regional perspective; something possibly alluded to in the both the bands’ name and the title of the record… whatever musical genres the record crosses it’s a genuine shame that it’s taken just over 40 years to reach the ears of a wider audience outside of the few people who would have heard the record at the time… Answering the question as to why the record has remained so unknown until now… although the record was recorded at Arc Studios, it was released on a fledgling independent label… in addition, musically speaking, the record doesn’t fit easily to one of the popular genres of the period. It may have been too subtle for the time and the place… falling through the cracks between Afro-Rock and Afro-Funk… Dig This Way Records is happy to make sure this incredible album will be available for a large audience to hear and dance to the rhythm of the Udu
Springs Band, The - Disko Funk
Springs Band, The
Disko Funk
LP | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
21,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Preorder available from 22.01.2021
The record was produced by the twenty years old Alex Tony Okoroji at the legendary ARC Studios in Lagos, a facility set-up by Ginger Baker. This is the third production for the Alex Tony Okoroji’s fledgling independent label Love Records, the previous record was the pioneering release by Udu - Sound of the People (Love Records, Nigeria 1976) also reissued by Dig This Way in 2020. Musically these two records are poles apart but similar in as much as both the band and producer present a personal musical vision that sounds nothing like their piers’ at the time… The Springs Band formed in Ibadan (Oyo State) which is roughly 130km northeast of Lagos. The seven members met while training to be Reverend Fathers for the Catholic Church and come from both Nigeria and Sierra Leone… in retrospect as unlikely as this sounds (particularly when you hear the record) the band were the Seminaries event house band at the time… Musically, the record consists of five prime time dancefloor gems with two very subtle afterhours numbers to close - not a bad track on here - which at times in itself is unique for records from the region in the late 70s. The first five tracks are complex hypnotic afro funk with an almost mesmerizing organ groove, that is deep and raw at the same time which well represent the time, the place and the people involved in the recording... As odd as it may sound the spiritually of the bands chosen profession is reflected in the fluid deep funk of the groove ... not being there we can only guess how the live performances of this "band in full flight" must have been ... as luck would have it the recording captures all of those elements and that’s what the end result sounds like near unbeatable! Judge for yourself via this enlightening release!!! Reading the original hand written press release for the record it would be fair to say, at the time, the members of the band were potentially not entirely focused on their chosen vocation and, reading between the lines, were mildly concerned what their educators might think… years later it’s pleasing to discover that all of the survivors became as good as it gets in their original career choice… better still… for the Afro-Centric music collector… the very same set of individuals (in their wilder days) recorded one of the most forward thinking and dance floor friendly records of the period… little known until now… “This is our dream world cristalised in vibes. In a world of uniform hate where people experience death in a trance , it is through love's cry that we see through the eyes of wisdom that he needs somebody. Music is the message transmitted in this super disko funk for funky people, to tell the brandifield dad the truth or ask a music-minded-lass, introduce me to your loving. So, if you have anything to say, why not join us and say it...after all it's a happy world... We have a right to the good things of life.”
Abeng & The Co-Operators / Eeyun Purkins - The Moonlight Runner / Fugative Dub
Abeng & The Co-Operators / Eeyun Purkins
The Moonlight Runner / Fugative Dub
7" | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
10,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
In the last months we had the pleasure to open a connection with Eeyun Purkins, he helped us to mix some Abeng riddims and sent us some riddims to work with. February/March/April /May , the "lockdown months" have been very active and "Moonlight Runner" is one of the results of the collaboration we created during that period , Ian ‘Upsettah’ Burgess , Eeyun Purkins & Abeng worked independently on it so it's for us a pleasure to publish this music on our Dig This Way Records! We hope you enjoy this moody roots music... In the next months we will press more chunes born from this Roots-Heads meeting!
Abeng / Eeyun Purkins - Downtown Blues
Abeng / Eeyun Purkins
Downtown Blues
7" | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
10,44 €* 10,99 € -5%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
For us is a big pleasure to work together with Claudio AKA Abeng , other than a long time friend is a great musician with a deep Ska , Rocksteady & Roots Knowledge , we have been asking him a riddim which we could use for an instrumental and that's the 1st of the few we are working on right now (Yes we love instrumentals!)! It's always a pleasure to open new cooperations , have new musicians and studios playing together to create Roots Music! Rootikal Horns is the horn section of an historical Reggae Band from our area (Countryside of Milano) , Rootical Foundation , Gabri (Trombone) & Filippo (Sax) came to studio with us and we recorded few lines that will appear in a number of future releases. Obviously from this meeting , some more seeds has been planted and hopefully flowers will appear probably in the early 2021... Eeyun Purkins at Waggle Dance Studio, made a great job mixing the A side and Dubbing the B side! Many of you may already know this name ;) , founder of the Co-Operators and of the Waggle Dance Studio/Records have delivered a number of killer Roots productions in the last months and years , that's the 1st of a number of projects we have been working on during Lockdown Period , expect some Fyah Roots music from this Roots Heads meeting!
Keithus Dimts Selassie I & The Royal Horses - I Know / I Dub
Keithus Dimts Selassie I & The Royal Horses
I Know / I Dub
7" | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
10,79 €* 11,99 € -10%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
Time for the 5th Dig This Way Records singles release. One of those releases we are very proud of! Since the beginning of our Dtw adventure we have been working together with Greg Jata Illustrator who designed our logo and made some graphic works for us till to discover around a year ago, he also plays in a roots group: The Royal Horses! As a natural progression of our friendship and working cooperation we decided to try finalize together a couple of riddims they had ready! In the meantime, since around 2005/2006 we've been big fans of Keathus I Jah Dynasty (Milton Samuels) music, Red Hot have always been an hit in our selection. Since a few years we have gladly seen him joining the reggae community on Facebook , bringing on his own productions , sharing his love for Africa , Ethiopia and we thought could have been a great idea to have him singing on a riddim we got from Greg....a dream coming true to be able work together with a veteran artist involved in some of the best tracks that ever came out of Jamaica. So it was, Keithus I is a nice & easy person, a Talented singer with a deep sensibility to this music and the lyrics and interpretation for the riddim we got from's just perfect! We had the track finalized by Ian Prince Jamo Campbell who worked to Backing vocals and Roberto Sánchez at Lone Ark studios who took the whole raw idea and carved it to perfection on what you will hear impressed on the Dtws005 plastic! We still have a 2nd riddim by Royal Horses ,it's as good as this...and we are working to something special , so hold on! Much more to come out of Dtw stables!
Abeng & Med Tone All Stars / Manasseh - Grown In Captivity / Dub In Captivity
Abeng & Med Tone All Stars / Manasseh
Grown In Captivity / Dub In Captivity
7" | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
10,19 €* 11,99 € -15%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
Another international Cooperation , this track have been ready for years but due to some technical issues the riddim was not recorded with the needed quality , so we decided to cooperate with our friends from Med Tone All Star who re-interpretated it catching exactly the mood that we wanted to express and than was sang by Abeng which is now officially part of the DTW team! We are also very happy to begin work with Nick Manasseh who handled the Mix and the Dubwise.
Peter Abdul & The Abeng Musical Box / Russ D In Front Room Studio - Inflation / Inflation Dubwise
Peter Abdul & The Abeng Musical Box / Russ D In Front Room Studio
Inflation / Inflation Dubwise
7" | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
8,99 €* 11,99 € -25%
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Reggae / Dancehall
International co-operation , Nigeria (singer) , Italy (arrangements + production) , UK (Mix and Dubs) , it match the spirit of our label , bring together different realities with the intent to create proper Reggae Music.
Slow and Solfull Roots & Culture sang by Peter Abdul , a Nigerian singer who already worked with us to re-release his 1st album made on EMI Nigeria back in the mid 80's , we brought him back to Studio for his 2nd official release. Riddim is played by Abeng while Mix and Dubs are handled by Russ D.
I.S.C.A.C. Band / La Bruno - Igbo Nwe Egwu / Instant Reaction
I.S.C.A.C. Band / La Bruno
Igbo Nwe Egwu / Instant Reaction
12" | 2020 | EU | Original (Dig This Way)
16,99 €*
Release:2020 / EU – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
On Side A featured Soki Ohale with his I.S.C.A.C. Band : the track is call Igbo Nwe Egwu and is a blended mix of Highlife, Boogie and Electronic sound from 1986, sung in the Igbo language that shows a traditional village style melted together with modern rythim. It was pressed on a limited and raw LP sponsored by Imo State Council for Art And Culture. Strongly recommended for a powerful and no-limit dance floor.
On Side B featured La Bruno - Instant Reaction + Instant Rap an endearing disco boogie sound full of crazy synths. The original LP is literally impossible to be found, we have been lucky to locate a clean copy in our secon trip to Nigeria few years ago and even more lucky to meet Mr. La Bruno himself just walking around Owerri, the capital of Imo State, located in the east side of Nigeria!
Musical Breed - Save The Little Children
Musical Breed
Save The Little Children
LP | 2019 | EU | Reissue (Dig This Way)
18,89 €* 20,99 € -10%
Release:2019 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves, Reggae / Dancehall
The album was originally released in Nigeria by Tabansi Records and recorded at Afrodisia/Decca studio in Lagos. The Lp never really saw a commerical issue and was probably pressed in very few promotional copies for Radios and Djs making the original nearly impossible to be found nowdays.
Musically it comes with some dope , slow and one-a-way digital roots riddims filled with mad synths , deep conscious lyrics and a deep bassline, it's quite unique as the two main track comes with a raw Dub which is very hard to be found on any other African Reggae albums , the last track call “If I'm To Rule The World” is a very interesting blend of Reggae and Boogie.
We have been working together with the lead singer of the band , Sharon Escco Wilson that we met personally in Lagos, to finally make the album available worldwide.
The cover have been fully restored and the Audio remastered , in the LP we'll add an insert with Lyrics , original pictures from back in the days (and a few new ones) , a newspaper article from 1990 and an extensive interview by Sharon Escco Wilson.
Peter Abdul - Get Down With Me
Peter Abdul
Get Down With Me
LP | 1984 | EU | Reissue (Dig This Way)
19,99 €*
Release:1984 / EU – Reissue
Genre:Organic Grooves
Dig this way records is proud to present its first official reissue: a marvelous Nigerian disco boogie album by Peter Abdul - Get Down With Me.
Impossible to find on the original EMI press is now finally back into the market for everybody to enjoy it and make the hips move!
Originally released in 1984 it’s an outstanding experimentation of Nigerian disco boogie - heavily influenced by western artists –
played by talented musician that follows with their monster cosmic sounds the tiny and strong voice of Peter Abdul in his only officially released LP.
The luck of this work came from the collaboration with Nkono Teles at keyboards ; Sole at bass guitar; Ganiyu Bello , Emmanuel Akoko Jr. and Tolu Gayas as backup vocalists –
arranged and produced by Odion Iruoje and assisted by some good engineers like Bayo Aro, Monday Oki and Edward Jatto. All together they created this insane disco- boogie LP.
For the 2018 reissue, the audio was carefully restored by Colin Young - Liner notes that come with a interview and some unseen and raw original pictures of Peter Abdul back in the days-
these photos are printed separately on tick quality paper insert (from a small studio of Milano called Legno).
As Peter Abdul said:
“Music to me it's a pure natural instinct, a natural gift which i grew to love so much” -
I was lucky and pleased to collaborate with great artists like Nkono Teles, a Cameroon born multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Nigeria;
Ganiyu Bello, who came for a visit from London and joined me as a backup vocalist along with Emmanuel Akoko Jr.;
and Tolu Gay – the woman vocalist and romantic flavor on “Baby I Love You”.
Some great musicians played on the tracks, interested in making music with a talented teenager with a tiny voice – but one that sang to the beat and with a good sense of tonality.
It was like a great adventure, and from that symbiosis, “Get Down With Me” was born.
And fun: people started calling me the Michael Jackson of Nigeria at live shows, especially at the University of Ibadan, the Alfa Club and others.
So many pretty girls wanting to win my heart.
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