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Plus Instruments - Dub Is Enough
Plus Instruments
Dub Is Enough
12" | 2016 | EU | Original ((Emotional) Especial)
12,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Following on from Plus Instruments’ Love Is Enough Remixes EP comes an accompanying Dubs EP, featuring deeper reversions by Jamie Paton, Luke Solomon, Khidja and joining them with a breaks meets dubwise, Alphonse.
Sfire - Timothy J Fairplay / Willie Burns Remixes
Timothy J Fairplay / Willie Burns Remixes
12" | 2016 | EU | Original ((Emotional) Especial)
11,99 €*
Release:2016 / EU – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Hot on the heels of the co-release between Especial and Cocktails d'Amore Music of the Sfire Remixes EP (EES023/CDA013) comes an accompanying release with a pair of deeper, stripped back remixes from the inimitable Timothy J Fairplay and Willie Burns. Well known as producers, DJs and label managers with their Crimes Of The Future and WT Records respectively, as well as appearing on a who's who of electronic labels including Pinkman, Unknown To The Unknown and L.I.E.S, they have appeared in various guises on both Emotional Response and Especial. Here then are 4 remixes - 2 each per side - that take the unique original to new dance floor extremes. Timothy steps up first with his take on Sfire 2 via differing vocal and instrumental versions. His trademark, echo laden rolling percussion and "Carpenter" key lines take the original Synth-pop homage to the dark room. Adding Arps, a lifting, hedonistic breakdown and the scatter-stepper drums and claps found on the Instrumental version and this is pure COTF territory and the better for it. Willie meanwhile has long followed his own path for his take on Sfire 3, offering one of his deepest remixes to date. Thudding kick, brooding pads and dark strings force the vocals to go down, way down for examination. The distorted vocals of Remix 1 are countered by Remix 2 letting the track shine via a seemingly endless 4/4 beat. Psychedelic, trance inducing, pulsating, this is an ever growing mind expanse. Presented in sparse Hand Stamped sleeves, this one off Limited Edition pressing is a unique EP, taking Sfire to a different sphere that warrants investigation. It was only
Hotel Lauer - Lauer & Lauer
Hotel Lauer
Lauer & Lauer
12" | 2016 | UK | Original ((Emotional) Especial)
13,99 €*
Release:2016 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Especial starts it's 3rd set of releases welcoming Frankfurt's Hotel Lauer for an EP of unadulterated uplifting club music. A meeting at the Garden festival finale in idyllic Croatia last summer along the lines of 'I love your records' / 'I love your label' came to the instant conclusion to bring Team Lauer to Especial. And so esteemed producer Philip Lauer (Beats In Space / Permanent Vacation) teams up again with younger sibling, Jacob, to release a hip-shaking EP as Hotel Lauer. Born out of Frankfurtis infamous Live At Robert Johnson club, the brothers have released 3 highly sought after EPs that take the solo iLauerî sound and give it some added punch. Fitting Especialis search for a link of past and future club music, a theme was formed of 303, AOD vocals and proto-dreams. Things starts with the most club friendly and definitely head-rushing track ever on Especial, in Tamzarian. Acid, tick. 909, tick. Piano, tick. The sound of the summer encapsulating in 6 and half pulsating minutes. Pacha terrace, free party dew covered fields, Barbaralles sunrises. The pace continues in S‰nger. A tougher beast, with a nod to Especial homeboys Mr Fairplay and Mr Sen, this is no pastiche, but takes classic Lauer production of water-tight percussion, snapped hats, layered loops, drops and lifts and brings it all together for the personal favourite of the EP. Perry Patch brings the 303 to the fore, arpeggios underpin, while trademark cut-up vocal stabs create a melody to swirl in your subconscious for days. Like a song you feel youive always known but never heard. Finally, the electro inspired Klutzny rounds this off. Kraftwerk keys, 1981 golden years TOTPs on the mind. Up, up and away. Ever tracks a winner (babe). A (real) family affair. Even Father joins for the front cover photo opp. He would be proud. We are. Welcome to Especial. Part 3.
Alphonse - Same For Me
Same For Me
12" | 2015 | UK | Original ((Emotional) Especial)
11,99 €*
Release:2015 / UK – Original
Genre:Electronic / Dance
Especial welcomes one Alphonse to the label. A true missing in action, last seen by his crew dancing atop a bus, here literally forced him to give up the tape of Same For Me. A peane to his life? Possi bly. Mixing techno beats and (proto) rave breaks, all under his own unique and heartfelt message. Discovered on the outskirts of Letchlade, down the bottom of an abandoned traveller site in a delapidated caravan with just the clothes he was in, while clutching an armful of reel-to-reels masters, a pack of 20 B&H and 1 can of Strongbow, Alphonse's story is one of party obsessive gone AWOL. Mumbling periodically, words deciphered and names dropped. Frome, Stroud and whisper it, Castlemorton, led to rehabitlation, a bath, shave and slowly enticing his musical knowledge to share. With a few scraps appearing here and there, including a micro(dot) of disco editing knowhow given, here though he finally is able to share his experiences by looking back through making music of the future. Same For Me starts with Sterns intent, all hats, kick and fx to the max, a Fantazia of expression, before toms and 808 snap and the sermon begins. But wait, where is the bass? Boom! Subs squeeze ribs while flute lifts minds skywards. "A valuable tool in life. Concentrate on something makes you happy..." To bring this in to fold, the Junior family member is given the tapes to show what he can do. The most subtle start lulls you in to a sense of is that it? There must be more. Building. Building. Break and...hands to the Sunrise. "...Thank you. Same For Me. Same For Me."
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