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Daniel Bachman - Grey-Black-Green
Daniel Bachman
LP | 2014 | US | Original (Feeding Tube)
23,99 €*
Release:2014 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
First vinylization of the 2011 CD-R release, with which DANIEL BACHMAN shucked the performing name he'd been using (SACRED HARP) and laid his naked ass on the line. Bachman already sounds like a wizened player here (an image that was solidified when his mug was plastered on the box for Tompkins Square's Obscure Giants of Acoustic Guitar trading cards), but he was actually still a babe of the Fredericksburg woods at the time this came out. Regardless, his technique is massive, and his approach to the material--based on a color-wheel tuning system developed by the late Robbie Basho--is intense. Recorded onto a boom-box, with a hi-fi quotient of nil, the material here reminds one of what Bill Orcutt might sound like if he decided to play in longer format time-chunks. There's a wonderful kind of containment to the music--suggesting deep investigation and improvisation with hermetic knowledge rather than anything constrictive--which gives this album a sense of spirituality one rarely finds outside the New Age bin. Bachman is a master player, and the evidence of this is apparent even at this relatively early stage of his trajectory. Through constant touring and wood-sheddding, Daniel's music has evolved in multiple directions over the intervening years, but Grey-Black-Green remains one of the true and unique high watermarks of his recordings. How great to have it on vinyl at long last. Includes a download code.
Michael Hurley - Blue Navigator
Michael Hurley
Blue Navigator
LP | 2021 | US | Original (Feeding Tube)
33,99 €*
Release:2021 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Preorder available from 05.02.2021
"Pleased as punch are we to be reissuing Michael Hurley's long-lost 1984 album, Blue Navigator. Admittedly, Secret Seven and Mississippi collaborated on a dandy 8-track version a decade ago, but the record has mostly been available as an obscure import CD—if at all—for many a year. The reason for this is that the Rooster Records HQ burned down in 1987, taking master tapes, extra covers and whatever else there was with it. This was a general bummer, but especially so for us Hurley fans, since his final LP with Rounder was Snockgrass in 1980, and he didn't hook up with Fundamental to do Watertower until 1987. The disappearance of Blue Navigator from this earth left a sizable hole. Which we'd now like to think has been plugged. Recorded with a cast of Northern Vermont hepcats including guitarist Jon Weber (of Dan Hicks' original Hot Licks), head Rooster William Wright on guitar and mandolin, Nancy Beavan on vocals, Gordon Stone on pedal steel and various other goners, all playing some sweet rural swing displaying exactly how Hurley became the toast of the snowmobile club circuit during his days in the North Country. A mix of old favorites—'Werewolf,' 'Open Up (Eternal Lips)'—new favorites—'Code of the Mountains,' 'Ghost Woman Blues'—and even a re-write—'Blue Navigator'—it's a great, very casual sounding session, revealing more layers the more you listen. The instrumentation varies a lot between tunes, but the music always flows with Snocky grace and assurance. For this reissue, Michael has written a set of illustrated liner notes that scoot around just the way his conversation does on a long car ride. Which makes me miss the open road as much as anything else today. Just close your eyes, sink back into the music on Blue Navigator and pretend you're drifting through the hills and valleys of the Green Mountain State on your way to a cold growler of beer. You'll soon feel like a million bucks. Promise!"—Byron Coley, 2020
Mozzaleum - Dark Ride
Dark Ride
LP | 2019 | US | Original (Feeding Tube)
33,14 €* 38,99 € -15%
Release:2019 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
The debut album by Western Mass trio, MOZZALEUM, is an unholy union of hot cheese pie, cool Italian prog, and wanton horror movie lust. One gets the feeling this's the sort of band that Roky Erickson dreams about after a few mugs of cocoa and a slasher flick watch-a-thon. The three tracks on the first side all take their names from actual films (none related to the films' music as far as I can tell), the five on the flip carry on in a more thematic manner. But the music on side two—keys, samples, effects, and Pinto's amplified bowed-saw—are more in line with the band's extremely visual live shows. With two lauded visual artists in the group ('CONDREAD' CAPISTRAN and 'TERRORICA' PINTO) that's to be expected. 'A DAMNED' PARKER is the third member, and a 'recording virgin' (as in Pinto). Capistran is a seasoned vet of such units as SUNBURNED, TARP, GALACTO FIDELITY UNIT and so on. There is also a 'ghost' fourth member in 'GERMZ' PISANI (aka RED FAVORITE), whose post production touches give Dark Ride the bizarre quality it maintains throughout, Mozzaleum's visual presence is so fucking strange it's easy to get hung up on when seeing them play. But on record, you get to appreciate their sheer sonic attack, and it's just amazing. Cinematic in all the cheesiest ways imaginable, the collage of elements manages to transcend any kind of ironic zone you might suspect it would inhabit, existing as a full throated and truly original roar. I can't wait until some smart film directors hear this shit, start having personal visions of carnage and enlist this troupe to do some actual soundtrack work. Get ahead of the curve. Shoot a movie in your own brain today. Call it Dark Ride."—Byron Coley, 2019. Pressed on cloudy orange/clear vinyl; edition of 200.
Mako Sica & Hamid Drake - Ronda
Mako Sica & Hamid Drake
2LP | 2018 | US | Original (Feeding Tube)
39,99 €*
Release:2018 / US – Original
Genre:Organic Grooves
Brilliant, inspired and somewhat surprising collaboration between Chicago’s premier free-rock trio and the truly legendary percussionist, Hamid Drake, who has played with everyone from Don Cherry to Peter Brotzmann to Lee Perry.

​ This collusion was precipitated by Matt Jackowiak, a mutual friend, who thought a merging of their sounds might make for an ecstatic explosion. This feeling became mutual after they played a show together at Constellation. The set mixed Mako Sica tunes with improvisations that took everyone to places they hadn’t expected, and the trip was deemed an utter success.

​ Ronda was done at two sessions, scheduled around Hamid’s insanely busy work schedule. The first was at Jamdek with Douglas Malone at the board, the second was at Electrical Audio with Taylor Hales. The Electrical session allowed the players access to a host of additional instruments, so the sonic palette on “Dance with Waves” and “Emanation” is wider and somehow more cosmic than usual.

​ But the whole album has an extraordinary depth and width of sound. Even the great songs Mako Sica has had in its set for a while like “The Old Book,” gain whole new levels of otherness here, and the material based in quartet improvisations, like “The Wu Wei,” explores wild new territory for the band.

​ Ronda (named after a town in southern Spain with a famous 18th Century bridge crossing a deep gorge) is the first span connecting the disparate musical worlds of Mako Sica and Hamid Drake. Let us hope it is but the first of many.

-Byron Coley, 2018
Michael Hurley - Redbirds At Folk City
Michael Hurley
Redbirds At Folk City
LP | 2017 | US | Original (Feeding Tube)
21,99 €*
Release:2017 / US – Original
Genre:Rock / Indie
Here's an expanded vinylization of a boss live show from Snock and his Vermont roustabouts, recorded at Folk City on July 17, 1976. Most of it was first issued back in '88, as side two of the Land of Lo Fi/Redbirds cassette on Bellemeade Phonics. But some new masters showed up subsequently, so there's an extra song and a half available for your listening pleasure. And pure pleasure is what it is. I always believed I had seen Hurley play somewhere in NYC before this. I thought maybe it was during the Unholy Modal Rounders' stint at Broadway Charly's, but Woodbill has continuously disabused me of this notion over the years. By his count, there were zero Manhattan Hurley shows until after the release of the acclaimed Have Moicy! album in 1976. And he oughta know. Consequently, this was probably the first time Hurley brought his band out of the hills. Guitar, bass, drums, piano and trumpet, all of them beautifully in sync and swinging like the rural hippie boogie band they were -- tested by long nights in halls filled with rowdy snowmobilers and the women who love them. Hurley & the Redbirds were more than ready to bowl over the city slickers who filled Folk City this hot mid-summer evening. Snock's voice is limber and strong, flipping easily into falsetto and yodels, and the music is faultless. Something like the Platonic ideal of what 'bar rock' can be. They only do one tune from Have Moicy!, but nobody could have minded. The music rolls out like the sweetest-ever guzzle of maple syrup laced with Mello Corn Whiskey. So loaded, so powerful, you're likely to shit the bed if you listen lying down. So hop right up, and let the music shuffle your feet around for you. You'll be glad you did. Besides the boss sounds, this issue includes liner notes by Snock recalling the scene around Fairfield Vermont back in the summer of '75. It's a very nice read. Count yourself lucky. Don't delay." --Byron Coley, 2017.
Alvaro - Drinkin My Own Sperm
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